The Top Non Slip Work Shoes for Restaurant Servers and Chefs

A pair of this style no slip shoe is a prerequisite when working in many different environments and are a good idea even if not specifically required. Today this types of the shoe are not only used for work, but for casual wear as well. So what are the best non slip shoes? They are a type of shoe that has a soft, pliable sole, the softer the sole the better the grip, so even when walking on wet, oily, greasy and generally slippery surfaces these footwear shoe items go a long way to help prevent slips, skids, and falls.

The sole is usually made from rubber, PVC or PU and has a fine, intricate tread which allows for better grip on any surface – click for grippy hiking footwear. These types of work shoes also have protective toes as well as oil resistant uppers. Slip Resistant slippers, as well as slip-on footwear, are the best benefit for seniors who struggle with lace-up varieties, and there are a lot of slip-resistant options some of which we have included on our list of the best offerings on the market.

We review a number of these shoe products for you, both for leisure and work purposes looking at materials they are made from, and the level of protection they will afford you in your work and home environments.

What are the most popular Slip Resistant Shoes for Women & Men?

Buyers Guide Questions

Having slip-resistant footwear when you work in the service industry such as servers, chefs, nurses, and the like, as well as working in factories or down at the docs is of vital importance, in fact in many types of work environments wearing this type of shoe is mandatory. In the past, a work shoe that was slip-resistant was heavy and ugly and did not fit well with those that work both in the office and have to navigate hazardous surfaces when out and about with clients. Now though things have changed and you can get a lightweight, best looking shoe, as well as cute and delicate slip-resistant shoes for women in particular.

If however, you cannot find a shoe that is resistant to slipping in the style that you require, you can always fit your own anti slip sole. A lot of women in industries such as journalists who need to have the executive look wearing heels to work, but also need to be able to traverse sometimes wet or oily surfaces to get the story, will add a slip avoiding sole to ensure their own safety and prevent trips, slips, and falls.

Remember when purchasing your pair of slip resistant shoe products that you are sure that they actually offer what they say they do.  Often manufacturers will simply state that their products are nonslip because they have a rubber sole with some traction on them, however they do not offer the nonslip qualities that you require in your footwear.

This can be very dangerous, especially if you are buying the product to use in your work environment where the underfoot conditions are perilous and without a proper nonslip shoe you could end up getting injured in an accidental fall. In this buyers guide, we answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding this type of shoe to give you more insight as to what they are, what materials are used to make them and how they function.

What is Slip Resistant?

What is Slip Resistant?Nonslip shoes are rated by a dry static coefficient, which is the ratio of the force of friction between two objects, in this case, the ground and the sole of your foot, and the force that presses them together. The material that is used is soft rubber that is able to “grab” the surface that you are standing or walking on. This material, along with their tread patterns, is what makes them resistant to you non-slipping or non-skidding on wet, oily surfaces.

Nonslip products will ensure that no matter what the conditions underfoot you are able to walk with confidence and avoid nasty falls, trips or slips that can occur when you encounter water, oil or grease on the surface. It is vital to have nonslip soles when working in kitchens, hospitals, as servers and in factories to name just a few work places that require these types of footwear.

Also consider applying nonslip options to your high heels and other dress footwear that do not come with them, estate agents and others who are not in the office daily could benefit from a nonslip sole when working in areas with hazardous underfoot conditions.

How do Slip Resistant Shoes Work?

The basic premise of slip-resistant footwear is that they offer a soft flexible rubber sole that has a fine tread pattern this will allow the sole of your footwear to “grip” the surface on which you are walking. The sole of this style of footwear is also designed to push liquid away from the bottom of your feet, this prevents you from slipping in water, oil or grease.

What are the most useful non slip shoes for Servers at a Restaurant?

Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant ServersServers not only need shoes that are comfortable for the long hours they spend on their feet, they also require shoes that will help prevent them from falling, tripping or slipping when working in the kitchen. Accidents in a restaurant and kitchens are common. Often servers have to negate floors that are covered in water, oil or grease and they need to be able to keep sure-footed as they thread their way through the tables carrying a load of plates, glasses and more.

Working in a kitchen where there is often oil or water on the floors is also hazardous if you are not wearing a pair of nonslip or oil and slip-resistant shoes. The most appropriate shoe therefore for a server to use is a good pair of nonslip shoes that will keep them securely on their feet during their shifts and keep their feet comfortable, this is very important as they spend all day on their feet.

What kind of Shoes are Considered Nonslip?

Any footwear that gives you the best traction is considered nonslip. Shoes that have a better traction than others are those that have deep tread grooves which provide for better friction between you and the ground. They are also made from a softer material that allows you to “grip” the ground as you walk. The finer the tread pattern then more slip-resistant the product is.

What Kind of Shoes are Slip Resistant?The tread on the sole moves water, oil or any other substances away from the base or sole of your shoe, this is one of the ways that a slip-resistant style will ensure that you maintain your grip on the ground you are walking on. These soles are often made out of high-grade rubber, which provides solid, strong traction and is proven in its efficiency as a nonslip sole.

The shape of the tread on the outsole of your footwear will influence the kind of grip you can expect your product to offer. The finer the tread pattern the better the grip of the sole. This is essential to have, especially if you are going to be walking on either oily or wet floor. If you want to determine if the sole will offer you slip resistance you need to have a look at the bottom of the shoe.

If the sole is pliable and flexible, made of soft rubber or similar material and also offers a fine traction design, then you more than likely will have a slip-resistant shoes. This allows the sole to have more grip especially if you are walking on slippery, wet, greasy or oily floors. Many work shoes on the market offer nonslip qualities. These are usually in the style of heavy work shoes that also have protection for the toe of the foot for when working in a factory or kitchen.

However, there are those that are designed to be nonslip but have a more classic style so that they can be worn in any environment, including casual wear or even smart casual wear. Nonslip shoes are vital when working in areas where the conditions under foot can be dangerous, so make sure that you select a proper nonslip shoe and not just say they are but don’t offer you what you need.

What Brand of Shoes is Non Slip?

Non Slip NikesThere are a number of the best brands on the market that offer no slip or non-skid shoes. Skechers, in particular, specialize in these types of work shoes and are well known for their quality no slip shoes. Other brands that offer slip-resistant or non-skid shoes are Vans, Crocs, Birkenstock and Mozo. Shoes for Crews also offer a wide range of slip-resistant work shoes. Merrel, Keens, Fila, Adidas, and Nike all produce non-skid shoes, of which some are specifically aimed at athletes, you can read more about this here.

These type of non-skid or non-skid shoes, that are made by Nike, Adidas and the like, are meant for keeping your feet in a game situation and will not necessarily protect you from slipping or falling when walking on wet or oily surfaces. There are many other brands that offer this type of footwear both for leisure and for work purposes.

You must be very careful when buying though as many manufacturers put a stamp of declaring that these shoes are nonslip, however they are not at all no slip. The best thing to do would be to do a little test with the shoe in store to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Buying a nonslip shoe that does not have the qualities that you desire can be dangerous, so stick to the brands that are known for their nonslip qualities just to be on the safe side.


Having a great pair of no slip shoe footwear can not only save you from an embarrassing and sometimes painful fall whilst at work or when out and about with friends or family. They are an essential part of your work outfit if you work in the service industry such as restaurants, hospitals and other areas where the surfaces you will be working on are often covered in slippery substances such as oil or water.

Nonslip products are also one of the best options for the seniors to use as they are prone to falls, trips and slips and can do themselves an injury if they do not have secure footing. Nonslip slippers or slip-ons go a long way in preventing these incidents from occurring.

Top Pick

The fact that a Skechers brand of footwear is our best choice should come as no surprise. Skechers have long been a well-known brand of work shoe that specialize in slip-resistant shoes. The Skechers Men’s Rockland Systemic Shoe is a casual design lace-up shoe that offers you slip-resistant outsoles (click to read the study), these shoes have exceptional traction on any surface and are particularly good for restaurant workers.

They meet the Mark II standards for this style of footwear as well as the EH standards for safety – no slip shoes are great for older people, see the study on how they can reduce risks.. The low profile, thin rubberized outsole offers superb grip due to the fact that the grips extend up the heel to the perimeter or the sole. These are not only safe shoes to wear, they are also good looking and can be worn in any work environment, from the office to the kitchen or factory floor.

The leather upper, stitching and leather overlay are stylish and the inner sole is ultra-comfortable, best for people who spend all day on their feet.

Premium Choice

Again we turn to Skechers to provide our premium choice nonslip shoe. This time we have selected the Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Sneaker. This makes a fantastic alternative shoe to the standard athletic shoe that offers slip-resistance but for smooth surfaces like the basketball courts, but not for surfaces that are waterlogged or covered in oil or grease.

These durable, best looking shoes offer a leather upper that combines with a mesh and synthetic fabric to offer both flexibility and breathability. The insole of these shoes contain gel infused memory foam, so no matter how long a day on your feet you have to brave, you know you will do it in comfort. Not only that, but the insole is removable so you can replace it with an orthopedic insole of your choice.

The outsole of the shoe is made from rubber and contain a superb thread pattern to ensure that no matter what kind of surface you have to traverse you will remain sure-footed and prevent accidental trips, slips, and falls. The grip offered by these great shoes are among the best products and are best for restaurant and hospital workers amongst others.

Great Value

If you are women working in a service environment such as a server or nurse, having the best pair of nonslip shoes is a prerequisite. However, you do not want to spend a fortune on buying a pair. Well, the AVIA Women’s Avi Union Service Shoe is the shoe you need. This is our best value choice for obvious reasons. It is incredibly well priced as well as offering great no slip qualities.

The sole of this shoe is designed to push away the liquid from the sole of your foot and its outsole is oil and non-skid with a rubber tread pattern. This shoe is sure to keep you on your feet no matter what surface you have to walk on. Not only is it slip-resistant it is lightweight, breathable and comfortable.

It is sure to keep your hardworking feet in comfort with the EVA soft gel heel which offers maximum shock absorption. The removable and replaceable sock-liner is made from molded EVA. The tongue and collar are padded to ensure even more comfort and the Avia’s Cantilever System makes for a lightweight heel with exceptional stability and cushioning.