Nootrone, The Best Natural Testosterone Booster

Did you know that, by age 80, men on average will be producing about twenty percent of the testosterone they produced when they were young? Neither did we!

In fact, testosterone production peaks in our late twenties and early thirties – once we get into our mid-thirties it starts a slow decline leading to a number of changes in our bodies. I’m not just talking about the obvious changes, like lower levels of energy, decreased libido and increased weight gain– there are other health effects linked to lower testosterone that don’t make the headlines as much.

There’s a higher risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease, for example, but then there are hidden conditions like energy loss or depression. People don’t talk about that stuff. So, as we get older, what exactly can we do about it? There are common strategies like removing sugar from your diet, or going in for more strength training, but sometimes we need a bit of a natural supplement boost.

When people start talking about testosterone supplements, I know I used to get a little wary. Should I really be altering my body’s chemical composition in that way? How strong are they? What could the side effects be? Do I really need more testosterone? Am I going to be forking out my hard-earned cash just for a couple ‘miracle’ pills that don’t really work?

The first step always takes the same shape: getting informed. There are a lot of products out there that claim to boost testosterone, so how can I cut through the white noise and find the information I need? I obviously assumed natural testosterone boosters would be different to the artificial lab creations, in the same way as herbal supplements are, but how exactly? If you’re in the same place, don’t worry – I’ve been doing a bit of research and can lay out what I’ve found.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

First thing to know: there are two main ways to boost testosterone, the first one being hormone replacement. If you have a trusted doctor who has experience in this kind of treatment, that’s one thing, but there are dozens of clinics that pass themselves off as a go-to while not actually having the necessary expertise. What they’re usually offering comes in the form of injections, patches or gels- not a natural way to achieve the desired results at all. Sometimes the results from these are more immediate, but side effects can include hair loss, vomiting, headaches and, in extreme cases, prostate cancer. Which is why a lot of guys are opting for natural testosterone boosters instead.

Take me straight to the best natural testosterone booster.

Natural treatments usually involve a change of diet and herbal supplements you can take every day. As a lot of us are busy with work and family, overhauling our diet (and convincing our kids we’re not crazy) sometimes isn’t something we can do right away, so natural supplements are a popular bet. Rather than replace the body’s natural producers, the supplements just add to what’s there so as not to shut down your regular hormone production.

Some side effects of natural boosters might include sleep apnoea, skin reactions (especially on your back), infrequent urination, or higher PSA levels, but most of these happen when you’re on a particular supplement for too long. The major risks, like prostate cancer, aggressive behaviour and muscle imbalance usually happen when you’re mixing treatments and not treating yourself right. Common sense always comes first.

Once I had a better idea of the different types of supplementation and the potential side effects, I was able to start looking into what makes some boosters different from others.

What are Nootropics?

Dig enough into the different types of supplements and you’re bound to run into something called ‘nootropics.’ What does that mean? The word usually refers to a supplement that increases cognitive ability, or brain power. Think, for example, about the supplements students take to help with concentration, or treatments for conditions like ADHD. They basically help your brain run better. Which was why it was interesting to find a product like Nootrone, which combines nootropics with natural testosterone boosters.

Introducing Nootrone,
The Best Natural Testosterone Booster

Best natural testosterone booster

With the Nootrone testosterone supplement, you’re prolonging the aging process and helping your body maintain the levels of testosterone that you had when you were in your twenties. Better sleep and increased energy are common results, as well as a higher libido and reduced depression. Increased strength is a major factor, which helps you get into a better groove at the gym and increase your muscle mass at a faster rate. But, of course, balance is key here, as testosterone doesn’t help build up your ligaments and tendons. Moderation is important for not damaging your body.

So what does this have to do with nootropics? Why is Nootrone a better pick than a more conventional supplement?

Again, it all has to do with balance. Just like with how you have to build at a balanced pace so as not to damage your tendons and ligaments, it’s good to keep your brain in the loop. If you’re not paying attention to you mental stamina and capacities, you’ll be left behind in a brain fog even as you bulk up. You’re not going to be keeping up a rigorous regimen at the gym if your brain gets exhausted. The idea and science behind a supplement like Nootrone is bringing balance to our entire self – body and mind. Having this natural testosterone booster to hand is much easier and safer than risking injections and uncontrolled sources of pure testosterone.

What’s in Nootrone

The great thing about a product like Nootrone is that it combines a proven formula with natural ingredients – you’re not going to be finding any manufactured chemicals in their supplements. Everything is taken from extracts that occur in nature. If you’re vegetarian, it even helps you support your lifestyle – most capsules are made from beef gelatin, but Nootrone doesn’t use any animal products.

Bulbine Natalensis: Used traditionally as an aphrodisiac, bulbine natalensis has been known in Southeastern Africa for some time now. With studies linking it with testosterone production, it’s an ideal component in any natural supplement. While not proven conclusively, there’s a growing amount of evidence suggesting it has positive impacts on cognition and sexuality.

Vitamin D: Ever wonder why you feel drained after a day at the office? It’s because, while our grandfathers were working outside, we’re stuck in rooms with artificial light – we don’t have regular access to Vitamin D, which our body processes from the sunlight. It also happens to be a major player in testosterone production and is one of the best sold natural supplements.

Fenugreek: Hailing from India, Fenugreek has been used to increase libido and regulate sugar-related metabolism issues, decreasing the risk of diabetes. While it’s not a direct testosterone producer, its observed effects work well with other ingredients to produce the desired results.

Caffeine and L-Theanine: While caffeine has been linked to spikes and crashes with cognitive ability, when combined with L-Theanine there’s a balancing effect that works against the jitters and gives a lasting sense of mental clarity. The L-Theanine also helps with reducing stress and improving attention.

D-Aspartic Acid: With a history of boosting testosterone with infertile men, D-Aspartic acid also works in the brain to regulate chemicals and helps with hair loss.

Taken together, each of these ingredients build off each other and pack a punch when it comes to testosterone regulation and boosting.

Why You Should Try It

Natural supplements, when you’re trying to go for a balanced build-up of your body’s testosterone levels, are always better than short-cut style hormonal treatments, but only a supplement like Nootrone includes the vital components that help men keep focused and present in their goals.

While looking great is always a bonus, we’re entering a time where we’re more and more aware of how to build up our minds and bodies together. Whether you’re looking to make some major lifestyle changes or simply increase your quality of life, finding supplements, like Nootrone, that work double-time at improving your whole well-being is more than a good investment.