Want the Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs for the Perfect Cocktail?

Original Copper Moscow mule mugs are the traditional choice for serving up a professional Moscow Mule cocktail, and not just because they look fancy – the metal cools the drink down rapidly for a unique and characteristic taste. Whether you buy 100% pure solid copper mugs, hammered or more affordable copper-plated mugs, you will enjoy this vodka-based cocktail all the more in a special hammered Moscow Mule mug!

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We’ve put together a list of the best moscow mule mugs you can buy. So, whether it be the frosty temperature, uniquely tart taste, or the whole experience you are after, you will no doubt love the great tradition of sipping a cold Moscow Mule from an authentic, classy copper mug cup. Get ready for some cocktail-mixing (and cocktail-drinking!) fun with our Top 9 Best Copper Moscow Mule Mugs!

Our Top Picks Include Original, Hammered & Solid Copper Mule Mugs

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1. A29 Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Mug

A29 Moscow Mule 100 % Solid Pure Copper Unlined Mug/Cup


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Impress your friends with these stylish, hand-crafted copper mugs! This beautiful set of four 16-ounce hammered copper mugs is made for the best Moscow Mule recipe, the coldest beer, or your favorite iced beverage. The set comes with a free copper shot glass and a free recipe booklet. Your new Moscow Mule mug is made from 100% copper without any lining.

Don’t drink from a cheap imitation – you deserve better. Drink like a KING!

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2. Double-Wall Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Double-Wall Copper Moscow Mule Mug


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Never had a Moscow Mule ? Well, get ready to meet your new favourite cocktail! Make your own at home and enjoy itin this handsome copper-plated stainless steel mug. The Double-Wall Moscow Mule Mug is insulated to prevent any condensation – even if it’s hot out there, your mule won’t break a sweat or leave rings on your table!

Squeeze the lime juice into your Double-Wall Moscow Mule Mug and drop in the rind. Toss in some ice cubes and pour in the vodka. Fill with cold ginger beer, add a fresh sprig of mint (optional, but delicious), and enjoy! A taste of the 1940s in 2016 – undeniably fantastic, isn’t it?

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3. Cocktail Kingdom Moscow Mule Mug

Cocktail Kingdom Moscow Mule Mug


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Looking for an incredible gift for your best man in the world? Look no further! This classic Moscow Mule mug is engraved with a kicking mule logo, and is made from aluminium for affordability. You will save money whilst also showing your man that you see him as your king.

Kidding aside, these sturdy mugs chill drinks (or keep them hot) and look great doing it, and for a fraction of the cost of a classic copper mug.

4. Old Dutch Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set

Old Dutch 16-Ounce Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set


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What better way to serve the timeless Moscow Mule, than in an Old Dutch Moscow Mule Mug? This fabulous four-mug set is made from 100% pure copper, and each mug isbuilt to last with a lacquered coating to prevent tarnishing, and a nickel lining for easy maintenance.

This sturdy and stunning mug provides the perfect vessel for any vodka cocktail or mint julep.

5. STREET CRAFT 100% Copper Mug

Inspired Basics Solid Copper Moscow Mule No Tin or Nickel Lining Mug Hammered Type Copper Mug 16 Oz Capacity


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I love this mug! There’s just something cool about drinking from a metal cup! This faux-copper mug by Inspired Basics is molded and hammered by experienced artisans from solid copper, then polished to perfection.

The solid double wall construction keeps your drinks cold, and round upper lip makes it spill proof.

6. Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mugs with Brass Handles

Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mugs with Brass Handles


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These classic handcrafted Moscow Mule mugs are slightly larger than your standard mugs, coming in at 18 ounces. Buy this set of 4 for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or just for your family to enjoy. No sweat! – these copper mugs will keep your drinks cold, and they have the perfect handle.

They are beautiful and durable, and you will get compliments on them all the time! You and your loved ones will enjoy an extra-special and refreshing Moscow Mule at Happy Hour, that’s for sure.

7. Old Dutch Monogrammed Moscow Mule Mug

Old Dutch International Solid Moscow Mule Mug, 16-Ounce


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This Monogrammed Moscow Mule Mug is a great luxury gift! Personalize your drinking experience by monogramming your name or initials into this copper mug with a solid brass handle.

No matter what you’re whipping up behind the bar, these solid copper mugs are sure to be a hit. Buying the set of four also means you’ll never have to drink alone again!

8. A29 Moscow Mule Mug Set with Copper Shot Glass

Premium Moscow Mule Copper Unlined Gift Pack Mug


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These A29 Moscow Mule copper-finished mugs have a solid brass handle and tarnish-resistant coating to preserve their beauty and lustre. Designed specifically for a Moscow Mule cocktail – that delightful mix of ginger beer, vodka, and lime – this mug is ideal for entertaining.

The tarnish-resistant coating helps preserve the mug’s beauty, lustre, and character with each use. So express your personal style with these unique products to give your friends, guest, or customers a memorable experience.

9. Oggi Modern Moscow Mule Mug Set

Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug, 20-Ounce, Set of 4


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It may be a new cocktail craze here in the United States, but the Moscow Mule has a long history! It isa traditional Russian-inspired vodka and ginger beer drink served in a frosty copper mug. The Oggi copper-plated Moscow Mule drinking mug set comprises of 4 thick stainless steel mugs with copper-plated exteriors that keep these mugs durable and shiny for the long haul.

The contoured solid brass handle makes these mugs easy to hold. This mug is perfect for Friday night after work!

Our Useful Buyers Guide To Buying The Perfect Moscow Mule Mugs

A great cocktail is more than just a fancy glass of alcohol swished together with your favourite mixer – ideally, it should be a delightful sensory and social experience! Cocktails should heighten the senses with exquisite flavors, aromas, and a fun and unique presentation. Additionally, the act of drinking alcohol, in and of itself, is a practice of camaraderie, bringing people together to laugh, share stories, and have fun – there’s no doubt about that! So any cocktail worth sipping should have its very own personality and story. The Moscow Mule certainly has a unique history to match its unique taste, which is worth exploring so you can fully appreciate this famous cocktail every time you drink it.

Why is the Moscow Mule cocktail so famous?

The legend of the Moscow Mule, a standout among vodka drinks made with fizzy ginger beer, tangy lime juice, and served in handsome copper mugs, fits on the list of a classic American cocktail like few others. Although the finely tuned ingredients of the Moscow Mule recipe are certainly appealing, the real signature of this mixed drink is the copper mug cup. So, how did this cocktail become intrinsically linked to the mug it is served in?

The Moscow Mule cocktail first appeared in the USA, at bars in Manhattan and Hollywood in the early 1940s. Strangely, the drink was not invented in Moscow, and it was never a popular Russian drink – in fact, it was a purely American creation that came about due to the genius innovation of several struggling businessmen. In the 1940s, vodka was relatively unknown outside of Russia, and Americans joked that “vodka was the Russian word for horrible”. So, how did such an unpopular spirit enter the mainstream American consumer market? It turns out that a vodka salesman teamed up with a ginger-beer salesman and a businessman with an excess of copper mugs, and with a novel idea, the Moscow Mule was born.

Why the name Moscow Mule? Nobody really knows for sure, but the inclusion of vodka from Russia and the flavour of the spicy ginger beer being “as strong as the kick of a mule” may make sense to anyone who has tasted the cocktail. In order to give the drink a unique look, the originators used copper mugs to serve them in, and took Poloroid pictures of patrons drinking them. The Poloroid camera was a cutting edge invention of the day, and advertising the new cocktail with this trendy new technology rapidly popularised the Moscow Mule. The photographs began to circulate, and the status of drinking a zesty Moscow Mule from a sleek, shiny copper mug found its place in American cocktail culture. Hugely popular in the mid 20th century, recent 21st century hipster trends have solidified the timeless nature of this zesty mixed drink. Seventy years after its invention, the Moscow Mule is making a major comeback as a classic, trendy drink in bars across the world.

Why are 100% copper mugs better than plated copper mugs?

Why does a genuine Moscow Mule cocktail absolutely have to be served in a copper mug? Why copper, instead of a cocktail glass, or a mug made from another metal? Is a copper plated / nickel lined mug good enough? Is a 100% copper metal mug safe to drink from? For some traditionalists, even asking the question, “Why is a Moscow Mule served in a copper mug?” is blasphemous, since decades of ceremony insist that they are used. For the discerning drinker, it’s important to know the facts. So we must look beyond the ingredients of ginger beer and vodka to investigate the actual benefits of Moscow Mule mugs.

  • Temperature

Copper is the perfect material for keeping a Moscow Mule cocktail crisp and icy cold for as long as possible. The metal rapidly takes on the frigid temperature of the drink, and it insulates a cold drink even on sweltering summertime days, as it effectively deflects the heat of the sun. The rim of a copper mug cools down immediately once the cocktail has been poured into it, giving the cocktail a special “frozen kiss” sensation that enhances the drinking experience. The copper mug handle helps to maintain a chilly drink temperature by drawing heat from your hand away from the mug. Simple glass cannot create this effect, and so a pure copper hammered moscow mule mug cup is the ideal vessel for serving up the Moscow Mule cocktail! If you’re planning a summer wedding or engagement party, consider choosing the Moscow Mule as your signature cocktail, for its frosty, fresh character and unique taste. Serve it to your guests in highly polished copper mugs for a stylish and enjoyable cocktail experience on your special day!

  • Taste

Copper mugs are said to enhance the unique flavour of the Moscow Mule, due to the chemical reactions between the metal and the ingredients. Admittedly, the taste will vary according to the recipe you use, and the experience of taste is, of course, entirely subjective, but there are clear indications that using copper mugs for Moscow Mules enhances the individual flavors of the ginger beer, vodka, and lime. Some experts say that when vodka touches the copper walls of the mug, the copper begins to oxidize, slightly boosting the aroma, and enhancing the taste of the vodka. Cold copper also increases the amount of bubbles in the carbonated ginger beer, bringing maximum fizziness to the Moscow Mule, when compared to the cocktail being served in a plastic or glass container. The flavour of the lime juice is also enhanced by the extra-cold copper – the chilled metal mug heightens the tangy citrus notes and reduces the acidity to better complement the spicy ginger beer. When the Moscow Mule cocktail is served in a 100% copper mug, these three signature flavours reach their maximum potential, working together to create a unique, exceptional taste.

  • Aesthetics

There is no doubt that a robust, warm-hued, polished copper mug is an attractive vessel in which to serve a refreshing cocktail to guests.  But why do we love the look of copper mugs? One theory is that copper drinking mugs are reminiscent of traditional copper-ware one would find in kitchens 50 years ago (your grandparents might have had some!), which attaches a friendly nostalgia to these beautifully crafted drinking vessels. Also, similar to the classic Martini glass, the copper mug is now so closely associated with the Moscow Mule that serving it in any other glass would be seen as odd or incorrect! Copper does look especially good with a pop of green – such as a slice of lime and a sprig of mint – which makes the Moscow Mule a match made in heaven for a copper mug.

Do copper-plated mugs have the same beneficial characteristics as 100% pure copper mugs? 

One of the biggest debates regarding copper mugs is the issue of 100% pure copper vs. copper plated / nickel lined. Most modern Moscow Mule mugs are copper-plated and lined with nickel, a metal which protects the copper mug from damage, because it has similar temperature conduction benefits to pure copper. Some say that the taste of a cocktail served in a nickel-lined copper mug is inferior to that of a cocktail served in a pure, 100% copper mug, but taste is incredibly subjective and this taste difference is not necessarily always true. If you are a purist and want the traditional, original copper mugs taste experience, then a 100% copper mug gift set is what you’re after. Alternatively, nickel lined mugs are cheaper and more durable, which makes them a great option if you have a budget and want a large drinking mug set (6 or more mugs) to use regularly when entertaining.

Stainless steel, copper-plated drinking mugs look great, but unfortunately they lack the temperature conducting properties of 100% copper or nickel-plated mugs. Tin-lined copper mugs have the same benefits as nickel-lined mugs, as well as preventing any possible leaching of copper into your beverages. Some believe that drinking from copper mugs and glasses has health benefits, whereas others think it might be toxic if tiny amounts are ingested over time, but at present there is no conclusive evidence for either claim. We only know that ingesting large amounts of copper causes illness, so as long as you don’t actually eat your mugs, you should be fine! Occasional use of copper mugs is highly unlikely to be dangerous, so it is worth buying 100% copper mugs if you can afford it. Worried about the safety of 100% copper mugs? Check reputable sources online for information regarding copper and its properties, and make a fully informed decision!

What other cocktails / drinks can I serve in my copper Moscow Mule mugs?

You may be thinking, it’s all well and good that I have the perfect drinking mugs for serving Moscow Mule cocktails, but can I use these copper mules for anything else? The answer is – absolutely! Copper mugs insulate both hot and cold drinks, which means that almost any drink can be enjoyed from your newly purchased Moscow Mule mugs. Here’s a handy list of copper-mug-compatible cocktails and drinks to inspire you:

  • Beer. If you loathe warm beer, then a copper mug is your new best friend! Once you’ve poured your beer into your new copper mug, it will stay icy cold, even in direct sunlight on a sweltering hot day. This is a major advantage over beer glasses, although sadly you won’t have the aesthetics of a golden glass of beer blinking in the sunlight. Sometimes all you want is a cold beer, though, so in those cases, copper is king.
  • Vodka-based cocktails. Seeing that vodka has a good chemical reaction to copper – the metal oxidises and enhances the flavour of the alcohol – any vodka cocktail will pair nicely with a copper mug. These include: Cosmopolitan, Chicago Martini, Vodka Tonic, Blue Lagoon, Black Russian, Bloody Mary, and many more. Vodka, tonic, and lime is especially good due to the exceptional taste of the vodka and lime in a copper cup.
  • Gin-based cocktails. Gin is said to have a similar chemical reaction to copper that enhances the taste of the alcohol, so be sure to try out gin-based cocktails such as a Gin Martini, Gin & Tonic, Tom Collins, Negroni, and Gimlet. A copper mug will keep your gin cocktail chilled and tasty! Gin cocktails are great for summer parties, and your copper mugs will keep them chilled and tasty for hours.
  • Hot alcoholic drinks. Mulled wine and hot cider will stay piping warm in a copper mug, and the cheery copper colour will brighten up even the chilliest evening. Copper may also enhance the flavour of spices used in these hot, comforting winter drinks, as well as keeping your drink warm from the inside out.

Feeling creative? You can experiment with brand new cocktails with your copper Moscow Mug, and then decide which ingredients are enhanced by your experiments. Let us know what you’ve found out, in the comments below!

Moscow Mule Recipe & Method

Keen to break in your brand new copper Moscow Mule mugs? Here’s the basic, traditional method with ingredients served in, of course, the all-important copper mug.

  • 2 oz. Smirnoff Vodka
  • 4 oz. Premium Ginger Beer
  • 1/2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice (or squeeze half of a lime)
  • Garnish: Wedge of Lime
  • Ice (optional)
  • Copper Mug

Add ice cubes to the copper mug, followed by the chilled vodka and then a slight squeeze of the lime wedge. Top with premium ginger beer and garnish with a fresh lime wedge. Enjoy with friends and family!


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