12 Best Minecraft Toys in 2020

best overall rating
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Pop-up Iron Golem feature
  • Overall size is 3”x 7”x 5”
premium choice rating
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Including 644 pieces
  • Includes Creeper and 2 silverfish
great value rating
  • Recommended for ages 5+
  • Easy clean vinyl construction
  • Small size (less than 4”) for on-the-go use

Since 2009 when it was first released, the video game, Minecraft, has gained global acceptance for its unique 3D building block concept. As the game grew more popular, different versions were released to appeal to a wider audience. Now, children everywhere recognize the mobs, villagers, animals, skeletons, creatures, and tools that help the player overcome the challenges of the game. Minecraft toys will make great gifts for a brother or sister.

It is no surprise that the characters and storylines from the game would be welcomed into other toy venues. From clothing to videos to books and action sets, Minecraft merchandise is more available than ever. Now the play does not need to stop when offline.

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Many companies, such as LEGO, Mattel, ThinkGeek and Jinx,  have added  Minecraft themed products to their collections. Here are a few of the best options currently on the market.

View the Best Minecraft Toys, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

Minecraft Toys are now available through many well-known manufacturers. To make sure the toy with the Minecraft label is a quality product consider these factors before buying.

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Age Appropriate

Now that Minecraft has expanded to include a wide range of ages and ability levels, toys are also available for a wider audience. Each manufacturer typically designates a recommended age range for use. Look for this information and make sure it matches the child who will be using it. This age may also like toys from the PJ Masks franchise.

Choking Hazard

Often, households have children of different ages who have access to all toys. Check your selection for the possibility of small parts that could come off and pose a choking hazard to young children. Follow the age recommendation for each toy and consider all children who may be in the play area at the time of use.

Interests and Sensitivity

The Minecraft game is ultimately a life lesson of good vs. evil. However, at some stages and with some storylines, the characters can frighten sensitive personalities. Consider the environment in which the toy will be used (indoor vs. outdoor) and if the child is a more active participant or a thinker and builder. Minecraft themed products are diverse enough to find the right toy for the child’s individual personality.


In the same way that online game participation should be supervised, so should the action with these offline versions. Minecraft is often considered far less violent than other games, and yet, the weapons in the game are still weapons. Supervision is the best way to see that the imaginative play that is so beneficial to young minds remains in the world of make-believe and does not cross over into real life. If you’re into your gaming, you may wish to grab a suitable gaming keyboard.

Gender and Diversity

Although there is a great deal of online discussion about a “Girls Only” option for a Minecraft version, for now, these toys represent a largely male-dominated and fictional character base. This section only serves to point out the lack of female counterparts for the main characters of Steve and Alex. This is not to say young girls cannot play and excel at the video game or in recreating its concept through play with toys bearing the Minecraft logo.

Materials and Allergies

As diverse as the products themselves, the materials of which the toys are made are just as varied. While most are made of plastic, there are soft stuffed toys and vinyl action figures that are also available. Some toys have metal pieces. Care should be given to see that the child is not allergic to any materials before purchasing



For the products here, batteries are not generally required. However, occasionally a special feature such as a wall torch or remote requires batteries for operation. See package for more details.

Assembly/ Working Parts

With the Minecraft game based on block graphics and ever changing environments, it is logical to expect toys to mimic that capability. Popular LEGO sets, of course, require assembly but other toys may have working parts that enhance the way the product is used. Care should be given to match the child’s dexterity to the skills needed to play successfully.

Space Requirements and Storage

Dimensions given in this account are typically the space that is needed for storage of the toy and not necessarily the play area that is optimal. Sets that feature modular construction could take up far more room than the stated dimensions. In the same way, a costume or play action set (i.e. weapon) could require free space for movement.

As selections are made, consideration should include space for play as well as storage space. Many toys can be displayed as a method of storage but some system of confinement is best for sets with small pieces.

License/ Permission

Manufacturers who wish to use the Minecraft logo and concept are required to obtain a license or permission from Mojang prior to producing such a toy. In order to obtain such licensure, products must meet certain quality standards. The best way to ensure the product is of high quality is to check that it is a product sanctioned by Mojang.

Where to Buy

These toys, as well as other Minecraft products, are available through most big-box retailers and online retailers such as Amazon.com. Individual toys can generally be purchased from the manufacturer’s own online store. Lego.com and Mattel.com are two such examples.

Buyers Guide Questions

What are Minecraft Toys?

Minecraft toys are based on the popular Minecraft video game released in 2009. Designed by Swedish programmer Markus Persson, the game was developed by Mojang, the company he co-founded, Microsoft acquired Mojang in September 2014 and with it the rights to the Minecraft game.


Who Makes Minecraft Toys?

Mojang partners with Jinx, an online game merchandise store, for some products. Typically, any toy company can create and market toys labeled Minecraft as long as it has permission or license to do so. LEGO, Jinx, Mattel, and Funko are some of the most popular sources.

Expert Tip

Minecraft supports an official wiki website for fans who want to know everything there is about the game and its developer. Located at (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki) it has over 4,000 articles and 13,000 files that are searchable. A tab on the main page takes the reader to a list of recent changes and additions to the game concept.

Did you know?

Minecraft is considered a ‘sandbox’ game. In other words, the game style is more open in its play than other games. Consider the difference between the way children play in a sandbox as opposed to playing organized sports and one can understand the primary difference. In this way, Minecraft lends itself to more creative engagement of the player.