15 Top Rated Walking Shoes for Men in 2018

If you’re a walker, hiker or just generally active, having the best pair of men’s walking shoes is important for keeping good posture, reducing strain on your ligaments and generally feeling comfortable when you take a long walk. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best men’s walking shoes, just for you. They would also make great gifts for Christmas for any walker or hiker you know. If you like to walk through rougher terrain like forest pathways, any off-road areas, or just to pop to the store, you definitely require good support for your feet to reduce calluses.

If you’re looking for shoes for your Crossfit training, check out our reviews of the best Crossfit shoes & sneakers.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a more casual look or a seriously tough pair of off-road trainers, we’ve got a diverse range of footwear for you to find exactly what you’re looking for down below. From men’s shoes made of leather & rubber to breathable mesh material, as well shoes with a thicker sole, we have selected the very best men’s walkings shoes on offer. These top 9 best walking shoes for men are all examples of the perfect blend of function and fashion, and you can pick up a pair from this list from $30 – $140. Find yourself a comfy pair of new walking shoes for men right here.

This lace-up sneaker style shoe, featuring mesh upper with a padded collar and cushioned mesh tongue makes it to the top of our best walking shoes for men list. It provides you with optimal comfort and protection for your feet, exactly what you need from a walking shoe. The rubber sole, textile finish, a 2 heel, and the easy on loop heel allows you to immediately and effortlessly slip these on when going for a walk, for optimal pleasure on any trail which you take. A very comfortable and stylish pair of walking shoes created and designed by Skechers

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Dr. Comfort is a leader in safe and comfortable walking shoes for men, as exemplified by theEndurance Mens Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe. The upper of the shoe is made with leather for durability and mesh for breathability, both of which are seamless and lined with padding. The ventilation provided by the mesh helps you to keep your foot cool and dry, and you will not get too much sweat odor coming through even when you walk for longer periods. A great feature of this pair of walking shoes is the extra depth, which gives you some good ankle support and keeps your foot safe from twisting or bending too far.

You also are guaranteed not to trip on your own laces, as these men’s shoes have a Velcro strap to secure them and prevent them from getting snagged on anything. The shoe is easy to put on even if you have swelling or oedema, as the straps allow for the upper to be opened quite wide for your foot to enter the shoe. It is lightweight and will serve you well as an athletic shoe as well as a causal walking shoe, so you will not need to overextend your budget on extra footwear. Included in your purchase is a gel insert to further increase the luxurious feel of the shoe in all conditions. While this product may seem pricey the value and quality you get from Dr. Comfort is guaranteed, You can order this one in black or white, depending on your preference.

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The Performance X BlackGrey Diabetic WalkingShoes for Men are another great product in the “double depth” range by Dr. Comfort. They are designed for safety and durability, and they are made from a blend of high quality leather and mesh. The lightweight design reduces fatigue that you may incur with a heavier shoe, and there is also a protective toe-box which shields the foot from injuries like toe stubbing. These are great shoes for playing Tennis also if you are into other sports. The midsole has a few flex grooves to help ease the bending and twisting of the foot without over-extending your ligaments.

There is protection for your ankle with a long and firm heel counter, and the extra depth in the toe-box is intended to reduce stress on the foot by being spacious enough for toe movement. You can also fit and remove the shoe with ease, as the tongue and heel both have loops that you can grip to help get the shoe on and off of your foot. The quick-tie lacing system saves you time by turning the laborious task of tying and untying your laces into a one-pull solution, and the laces can be easily locked in place and stowed in a small pocket that is on the tongue of the shoe. If you don’t like the quick tie lacing system, the shoe also comes with a set of regular laces.

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The New Balance MW 577 is a leather finish with synthetic sole provides you optimal control and comfort when walking on any trail. These walking shoes for men are assembled in the US, and they feature a 1 heel, which gives you more traction, support, and provides you with an added bounce so that you can get past tough patches on any walking trail.

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ASICS GEL-Tech Walker shoe, a textile, and synthetic finish allow your feet all day in style, comfort, protection, and allow your feet to breath even in hot conditions when you go walking. A rubber sole and a removable insole will provide all day comfort, for those who like taking on longer hiking or walking trails with their shoes.

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These Merrell hiking and walking shoes for men are uniquely made with a leather& synthetic exterior, vibram sole. This walking shoe also features an air cushion midsole allowing you to land softly on your feet, and gives additional interior comfort and support and control for longer use. Merrell Moab also offers more control, and allows your feet to stay in place, so your grip is improved when using these on walking tracks. The endurance rubber outsole is thicker and gives traction control on your feet.

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The imported Barecove Park Mudguard Walking Shoe from Rockport is a tough Men’s walking shoe for all kinds of terrain. The upper of these shoes is made from leather which makes it water resistant and easy to clean, but it also has some ventilation areas that allow your foot to breathe and stay cool in warmer climates. It has polyurethane cushioning in its midsole for a comfortable wear, and a stronger adiprene (by adidas) shock absorbing cushion in the heelto keep your foot safe from hard collisions.

It features a removable memory foam insole that shapes exactly to your foot, so you will need to wear the shoe in for a while until it forms perfectly to the contours of your foot. It also helps to keep your feet smelling fresh and dry with an antimicrobial fabric lining. The slip resistant outsole is made entirely from rubber, and the tread will not easily fade or deteriorate. You can also wear this shoe with most outfits as it is simple but classy, and it comes in three colours.

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The Mens La Cruz Casual Shoes by Roy Hayes Studio is a walking shoe for the more fashion conscious men out there – it looks stylish and sleek, but it also has some great technology up its sleeve to protect your feet from the dangers associated with frequent walking. These shoes are made from high quality “A Grade” water-resistant suede leather, which means that you can look and feel like the King of Pop himself while getting great support for your feet. The Vibram high abrasion rubber outsole has some flex grooves in it that will help you to handle minor terrain changes, and there is shock absorbing foam along the entire length of the shoe to ensure that you don’t take too much of a jolt if you jump or step over anything.

The leather upper is Strobel stitched, which means that the upper and sole are force fused together to make sure that they do not separate from one another, even when they are put under pressure. The footbed is removable for easy cleaning, and the forefoot is adjustable to create extra room for your toes if needed. The high quality of this product means it is certainly a contender for a long-term purchase.These shoes also comes in more than 10 different colors, so there is a good chance that you will find the right fashion fit just for you!

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The Euro Walking Boot by Timberland may look bulky, but they're one of the most reliable pairs of walking boots on our list. The shoe is textile lined with a cushioned tongue and collar, as well as a lightweight dual density EVA midsole for support. It has a steel arch along the length of the midsole which provides extra shock absorption when you are climbing more hilly or rocky terrain, and the lugged rubber outsole not only helps to keep water out of the shoe, but it is made from 42% recycled rubber to reduce its carbon footprint.

You will never stub your toes in these shoes, because they have a special toe bumper to absorb any knocks you might take. The metal clamps for your laces are rust-proof to give your shoes the longest life they can possibly have. You can use this shoe for everyday walking as well as hiking, because they have a strong and comfortable interior that will never leave your feet aching. This shoe will take you wherever you need to be, and it wont look half bad when you're there either: you can order this particular hiking boot in six different colors.

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The New Balance Men’s MW659 Country Walking Shoe initially made just for you. This shoes is a man made sole, a synthetic and leather exterior finish, and absorb cushioning provide more security, comfort and confidence than other walking shoes do. An n-durance rubber cap outsole ensures these shoes will last for several years providing you more traction and stability on rough walking grounds.

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The “Daily Cushion 3.0 RS Walking Shoe” by Reebok is another fantastic find for us, as it is a great price for the functionality you get. While Reebok usually make shoes for athletes, their range of walking shoes uses some of the very same technologies for shock absorption and cushioning, which makes them rather special. The shoe is made from a composite of synthetic and leather materials, and the sole is made up of 100% rubber.

The heel features a bevelled construction to give you a confident walking stride, and there are flex grooves added to the forefoot in order to add flexibility to your step. The memory foam insert is great for keeping a consistent comfort, and the steel shank will keep the shoe rigid when you’re walking. The padded collar and tongue give you additional ankle support and comfort, If you work in retail or have to spend a lot of time on your feet, these shoes are great for long-term support.

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The RC Men’s Runners Walking Shoe from Aetrex Men features a stable and safe design, based on both the harder wear of a running shoe and the superior comfort of a walking shoe. It has rear foot stability as well as a special mid-sole plate which ensures torsional rigidity. This prevents your feet from twisting further than they should, and keeps the stress on your ligaments at a minimum.

The cushioning technology includes a 10mm long Fat Pad Gel insert in the heel to absorb shock, and a firm EVA midsole to control your foot motion and prevent it from rolling forward too much. The Aeoromax mesh on the upper is breathable, and there is extra padding on the collar and tongue. The Mosiac Performance insole is removable for quick and easy washing, and you can buy another insole for these shoes if and when the original insole starts to wear out.

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Patagonia Mens Maui Larry has been around for quite a while, but having stood the test of time this lightweight ankle boot is certainly not to be overlooked. The shoe is made from 100% Mono Tweed Wool, and it is fitted with a synthetic rubber sole. The material wrap on the upper goes all the way around the shoe, with a raised stitching along the toe box. It has a stretchable collar that will help you to pull the shoe on or off, and the inner is silky soft.

The supportive midsole is made from recycled EVA which gives unrivalled flexibility and a good amount of shock absorption.The environmental friendliness of this product is matched by its simple but comfortable design. If you prefer to purchase an after-market inner for your walking shoes, the insole pops out easily for cleaning or replacement. Apart from this espresso model, it also comes in black.

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This fantastic Skechers Performance Go Walk 2 Flash Walking Shoe is made of leather and textile finish along with a man made sole provides optimal comfort, and curvature to fit your feet perfectly. These men’s shoes have a1.5 heel and v-stride provides more control, and improved gait, to help eliminate injuries, and help keep you walking straight on any trail you take on. With a solid rubber exterior, you have more control on your feet.

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Synthetic sole makes these Reebok Men’s Daily walking shoes weather proof, and leather finish provides you a reliable construction with these shoes. These shoeshave a long-lasting rubber sole is not only more protection with traction control and stability but will also provide more comfort when you are on your feet for extended periods of time during a walk.

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An ortho-lite and anti-odor finish provides you with optimal comfort and protection for your feet. These men’s walking shoes have a rubber sole, textile finish, a 1.5 heel, and the easy on loop heel allows you to immediately and effortlessly slip these on when going for a walk, for optimal comfort on any trail which you take. A very comfortable and stylish walking shoe for men created and design by Skechers.

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The New Balance MW 983 men’s walking shoes are dedicated to helping people achieving their goals. And their mission for more many years is to focus on study and development. It’s why they don’t design products to fit an image. They design shoes to fit. New Balance is inspired to make the finest shoes for the same reason athletes lace them up: to achieve the very best just like the MW 983, this shoes is leather finish, with a rubber outsole, and c cap midsole gives optimal comfort when walking longer distances. The molded absorb liner will retain your feet cushioned when walking on different trails, and weather resistant finish ensures your shoes wont get damaged in various weather conditions.

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These men’s walking shoes have a synthetic leather exterior, a rubber outsole, and slip-resistant sole provide more traction security than other shoes. A beveled heel will help give you an added bounce, for more traction on hills, and a supportive, stylish, and flexible sole will provide you with all-day comfort for extended periods of use with these shoes.

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Walking Shoes – Why They’re Important? Shoes are we think an essential piece of athletic gear that you require. You can do without most other things, but if you own a good quality pair of comfortable walking shoes, then you are assured of protecting your feet and getting the most out of your efforts.

Walking shoes have also been carefully designed to help improve the way we walk and also to contribute to improving our posture when walking (click here for a study on this). They help take the strain out of muscles and also help support the joints. That is why we believe  men’s walking shoes are an excellent investment.

Like any other sport or activity you do, you need the right equipment to avoid injuries and ensure you get the most out of that activity. With the best walking shoes, not only do you avoid possible injuries, but also have the comfort and support for any trail. With these shoes, not only are you going to feel the balance, but you are also going to find it easier for you to complete any walking trail, despite the challenges or the challenges you will cross while on the trail.

Those who are overweight and would struggle with more demanding activities can still walk, and from there build up their levels of fitness. Likewise, people who love the great outdoors can enjoy a nice walk. If you have reached a stage where you can no longer put pressure on your joints, then walking can be a great form of exercise.

We then have of course what are termed “power walkers,” and they use walking to stay very fit and active, and also to help them control their weight and body shape. At the end of the day all you require is the motivation to get started, your legs and some good footwear.

Like what other people say; You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. So take good care of them always, buy a pair of comfortable men’s walking shoes that are right for you.

Comfortable Shoe Buying Guide

Having a good pair of walking shoes will guarantee that you are comfortable and healthy when you go out for a Sunday stroll or even a trip into nature. However, not all shoes are made equal, and you must always weigh the pros and cons of any pair of shoes before buying them. Here are a few things to look out for when buying a new pair of walking shoes:

Ankle / Heel Support

To prevent yourself from injury or excessive strains, you will need to find a pair of shoes that have support for your ankle and your heel. If you are walking along tough surfaces that have the potential to suddenly bend your foot in a different direction or give it quite a large shock on impact, you will definitely want the shoe to take this strain for you. Some shoes will have extra shock absorption or a rigid heel which will limit the effects of hard impact, and these are going to be much better for more strenuous types of walking. Even if you are simply purchasing a new pair of walking shoes to replace a cheaper pair, it is always good to know you will be safe from spraining your ankle if and when you do take a fall.

Sufficient Cushioning

Along with the harder rigid supports that can be placed in the heel and ankle regions, the overall cushioning of any shoe is what determines how much pressure your feet receive from walking. Some shoes will quickly become uncomfortable because their inner cushioning is made from an inferior foam or material base, and this can not only wear out the lifespan of the shoe, but also reduce its shock absorption. You will want to find shoes that have a good amount of inner cushioning to make sure that your feet stay comfortable and supported, and many shoe companies on our list have developed their own technologies for this exact purpose.

This video will help you make a decision on diabetic footwear by Dr. Comfort via their Youtube channel.

Need some inspiration what where to take your next hike or walk? Check out this incredible video shot by a number of YouTube stars.

Durable Outsole

The first thing to wear out on a pair of shoes is often the outsole, and when the outsole it is too thin it will wear out within a matter of months. In order to make sure your purchase lasts longer, you should look for walking shoes with solid outsoles made from rubber or a rubber-synthetic compound, as they will keep you walking for longer. You may even consider a heavier shoe for daily use if you are particularly hard on your shoes, and there is no problem with taking a cross trainer or a hiking shoe as your go-to walking footwear. The outsole is also where the traction of the shoe comes from, so be sure to check what type of traction options there are available in the selection you are looking at – if your shoes have bad grip it will likely not serve you very well in wet weather conditions or on slippery surfaces like rocks or muddy pathways – click to read our top picks for non slip footwear.

Comfortable Fit

Last but not least, you must have full comfort when you fit your walking shoes – this can be helped by finding the fit for your feet, which is really important when shopping online. Know the size of your walking shoes and how to convert it if needed. If you require extra width or depth, make sure that you check the product dimensions and specifications; some of the products on this list have extra depth and others have more standard designs. Some of the extras that are offered may also be of interest, so be sure to read the details for each product carefully so that you will make the best choice possible. Some shoes have Velcro straps for ease of access, others have thick laces which you may need to double knot. Always try to find the shoe that accommodates your needs, because there is nothing worse than having to put up with a design that doesn’t do what you require it to. Above we have reviewed the top 9 men’s shoes that can be used for comfy walking, hunting in boots, sprinting, running (click here for runners gift guide), driving, or just wandering around Disney all day.

If you keep these things in mind you are sure to find a great shoe that won’t let you down any time soon!

For brilliant mountain walk adventures, be sure to check out FunForLouis on YouTube below.

Since we created the initial review, guys from all over the world have contacted us asking to review more walking shoes for men, so we have done just that! Walking is something that most of us do every day, and most often in a very casual way However, if you take it just a little more seriously, it can burn some serious calories. For us, though, we think one of the key advantages of walking is that it is accessible to, and can be done as an exercise, by almost anyone.

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