10 Best Mario Toys in 2020

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Mario made his first appearance in a Donkey Kong game in 1981 and has only become more of a global phenomenon since. From an original series of video games started by Nintendo in the 80s, there is now a wide range of products, TV shows, and cultural products available out there all showcasing Mario and his friends. Kids and adults alike have found connections with the franchise, and finding a Mario related gift for a fan of the series is an excellent option.

Now that Mario is a cultural icon, though, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift among the thousands of options available. There are costumes, board games, and even ride-along vehicles to choose from as well as a whole host of other Super Mario Bros. related gifts that you can give.

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Luckily, we have done a little bit of research to help you out! We’ve consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top 10 Mario toys you can currently buy online, as well as a short guide to what factors you should consider before making a purchase.

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Mario Toy Buyer’s Guide

Age Appropriateness

Before making your purchase you want to make sure the gift is age appropriate. Super Mario Brothers is a long-running franchise and products can be suitable for anyone from six months to 40 years old. You should always check the suggested age range before making your purchase. Even then, we suggest erring on the side of caution – manufacturers will make the age range as wide as possible. A gift suggested for eight to 14 years olds might only really be suitable up to 12 years old.

Likewise, some gifts may not be as suitable for younger children as they are claimed to be. Some of the collectible items are large enough that kids could safely use them, but they might also be much more easily damaged by children than items designed specifically for kids. Have a little look at the customer reviews before pushing ahead with your purchase to see what age ranges typically use the item.

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Officially Licensed

Where possible, you always want to get an item that has been officially licensed by Nintendo. A variety of companies make Super Mario products, but those who have received permission from Nintendo to do so will have to stick to strict quality and durability standards. You should also consider with collectibles that officially licensed products will hold onto their collector’s value much better than knock-offs from unlicensed companies.

Most licensed products will mention this in the description, however, if it is not there you can check customer reviews to see if anyone mentions it. If a product is consistently rated as being poor quality, easily damaged and different to the pictures it is likely that it is unlicensed and you should avoid for the very reasons people have complained about.

Safety and Durability

If you are buying for a child you want to make sure the product is both safe and durable. Safety is a must with children, who are still developing and more vulnerable to harmful products. Durability is also important if you want the gift to last long and reduce the risk of the giftee getting overly upset over the toy breaking. Plastic toys should be made with child-safe plastics. They should also be somewhat flexible to prevent snapping.


Products made in the United States, Canada and EU will definitely conform to strict manufacturing standards, and individual states also have even stricter regulations which will be listed in the seller’s description. For durability, you can also check customer reviews. If it regularly breaks after short periods of time we seriously suggest you avoid it. Kids can become upset very easily if one of their favorite toys breaks, so try to find something sturdy.

Also, keep in mind that items which are sold as collectibles are often more fragile as they are intended mostly for display purposes rather than actual use.

Other Features

Most Mario themed toys have some other functions and these can be fun to consider when buying for a child. You can take a look at some of the toys that have educational value. The K’Nex set, for example, develops STEM skills whereas the board games build sportsmanship and team playing skills. For a kid that is already really interested in Mario, these toys can really enhance their educational development as they will encourage them to learn more in a way that is fun for them.

You can also consider what their other interests are. If they are interested in dress-up and cosplay, a costume gift like the hat will be right up their street. If they like racing, one of the Mario Kart based toys will be more appealing to them. By considering their other interests you can make sure the gift is even more thoughtful to them and it will really stand out as an extra special gift.



Super Mario Brothers toys make fantastic gifts for children and adults alike who have found connections with the game. There is such a great variety out there – from collectibles and figurines to board games and racing sets – that you are sure to find the perfect gift for the lucky receiver. Safety should be your main priority to start with, but of course, you can have a little bit of fun considering what other interests and needs might be fulfilled by certain toys.

These toys appeal to a wide age range, so narrowing it down by interests is a great way of doing it. This list serves as a suggestion of some of the best gifts out there, but there are also some other great sets and you can use this information to help narrow down your choices and make a more informed purchase.

As always, check customer reviews and try to stick with products which have been officially licensed by Nintendo. This way you can be sure to receive an item that is high quality, great value for money and enjoyed by a wide range of people.

Expert Tip

Still stuck? Check with family members (and friends in the case of adults) to get an idea of what they already have and what kind of toys will interest them. Most will be more than happy to help out, and it will also give them an idea of what gifts their loved one will already be receiving.