17 Best LOL Dolls in 2020

premium choice rating
  • Over 85 surprises
  • Working pool
  • Working elevator
great value rating
  • 3 surprises
  • About $10 or less
  • Can be used with other Eye Spy Series toys

LOL Surprise Dolls take the fun of those crazy popular toy unboxing videos your kids can’t get enough of and let your child experience the thrill of unboxing with their own two hands. We all know that children are naturally curious, and letting them unwrap a LOL Surprise toy helps them feel like they’re making a discovery with each “surprise” that these toys give them. The average LOL Surprise Doll has 7 surprises taking the form of stickers, secret messages, Doll clothes, dolls, and accessories.

Others have 15 surprises, while the biggest and best have 50 or more. In most cases, all of these surprises are wrapped in a ball, in layers around the Doll itself, and there are dozens of collectible figures to collect. Whether you’re getting a Doll, a LOL Pet, or a Lil Sister (a miniature version of a LOL Doll), we’ll guide you through some of the most popular items you can find. And where do you get LOL Surprise Dolls?

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Below are 17 of the best LOL Dolls toys available. For each of the LOL balls, we detailed how many surprises are inside, what they are, and more.

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Buyer’s Guide

What do you have to look out for when searching for the perfect LOL Doll? To begin with, it might be easiest to focus on the number of surprises the LOL toy has. Bigger is always better, and kids always want more fun from their hottest toys. Yet tied to the number of surprises is how much the LOL Doll costs. Are you really getting your money’s worth if you’re buying a toy that has only 3 surprises for your child to unbox? So below are comprehensive reviews of the number of surprises many LOL Dolls provide and the best ways to save your money while giving your child what they want.

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Number of Surprises

When it comes to LOL STEM toys, not all of them are created equal. On one hand is the LOL Surprise Fashion Crush that only has 3 surprises. This would be great for a very little kid who is bound to have a shorter attention span, but older kids will still have a ton of energy and focus after only 3 surprises. These kids will want something that has double the amount of surprises, even triple that. And the standard LOL Dolls have just the right amount: the Series 1 and 2 collectible Dolls, the Series 1 Pets, the Series 4 Pets, and the Glam Glitter Dolls all have 7 surprises each.

If you’re still looking for a little more, the Under Wraps and Biggie Pet Dalmatian toys have about 15 surprises each. That’s 5 times the surprises (without the price multiplying too much in the process). If money is no object, you can choose to go really, really big. The L.O.L. Surprise! House has about 85 surprises, most of them being furniture that you can unload from a cardboard moving truck. For both the Doll House and the Pop-Up store, you’re not getting a layered ball, but they’re more like places to display or store your child’s Doll collection.

The House also comes with several extras like another Doll, a Lil Sister, a pet, a pool and hot tub you can fill with water, and a working elevator for the house’s three floors. But if you want an actual ball that’s filled to the brim with surprises, look no further than the L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise ball that comes with exactly 50 new surprises. These new surprises include the dolls and accessories as well as clothes for a brand new Doll that sits at the center. Topping this is the upcoming Bigger Surprise that holds over 60 surprises (it hits stores on September 25th).

While the Big Surprise ball has unique surprises and the Bigger Surprise ball’s secrets aren’t even revealed yet, there are many surprises in the smaller toys that are pretty common. First is a sticker with a secret message on it, then a sheet of collectible stickers. Next are shoes, an outfit, and a fashion accessory for the Doll.

Coming last is, of course, the Doll itself, which is a random Doll that you won’t see on the outside of the box. This means you’re going in “blind” every time you buy, and you could get a repeat if you buy more than one. A lot of the time there’s a little bottle charm that comes as a surprise. You can fill it with water so the Doll can drink it, or you can put the Doll in a sink, dish, or tub filled with water. This will do a few things, depending on which Doll you got. When the Doll fills with water it could either cry, spit water, “tinkle,” or even change colors.

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This means that the Dolls are safe for bath time, right down to the plastic carrier they came in. There’s another special water-type surprise that comes with the L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl (Style 2) Doll. It’s called a rainbow fizz shell. When this shell is put in water, it fizzes and dissolves, changes the color of the water, and reveals a new Doll and a Lil Sister. Also, some of these toys are marked as “Eye Spy Series” toys. These have a spy glass that can reveal messages hidden in some other surprises and packaging.

The backstory to the Eye Spy toys is that the Dolls are trying to solve the mystery of a missing pet. With the “Under Wraps” version of the Eye Spy Series, your child gets a wrapped capsule and a spyglass that will reveal where to start unwrapping. Then the capsule has a Doll inside, but before it’s opened, your child will uncover some of the Doll’s accessories on the outside of the capsule. Then the Doll can be unwrapped (it’s covered in colored rubber that comes off in parts at the eyes, head, and body).

Here’s a fair warning that some surprises turn into surprising household cleanup for a parent who doesn’t want confetti from the LOL Confetti Pop series all over their carpet. The water surprise Dolls will squirt water everywhere. And there’s a messy blob of jelly-like stuff that encases the outfit your child will find in the LOL Surprise Fashion Crush toy. Parents complain that the gel sticks to the clothes and doesn’t come off easily, even with water.

You’ll have to judge if you want to spend some extra time cleaning up after the LOL Doll toys. Kids really do have a lot of fun with confetti that gets everywhere. You? Maybe not so much.




Still, mixing and matching the dolls and accessories with outfits that come with the collectible Dolls can be a lot of fun. But this requires something else: more LOL Dolls. So are you willing to invest in more toys? There are 45 different Dolls to collect from Series 1. In LOL Surprise Series 2, there are over 35. It’s the same for LOL Surprise Series 3. And remember that you’re going into this blind figure set. The Doll you get is totally random, and no child wants the same Doll twice.

You could get lucky and never get a repeat, or your child can trade repeats with a friend if that’s possible. In the end, you have to hope for the best or set aside some emergency funds for a child very upset over a duplicate Doll. Unfortunately, there’s one more thing to worry about. It’s that LOL Dolls are selling so well that there are businesses that profit off of selling cheap counterfeit Dolls.

A popular phony brand is the “LQL Doll.” And in general, if the outer packaging does not say “MGA Entertainment, Inc,” or “MGA” or “L.O.L. Surprise!” then you more than likely have a badly made toy that you paid too much for. These toys are badly painted and break down rapidly, which could upset your child. But besides being poorly constructed, counterfeit toys are also a safety hazard.


When some of the LQL Dolls were discovered, they contained phthalates which can cause real damage to a child’s lungs, kidneys, and reproductive systems. So a package that isn’t properly labeled should be disposed of before any harm can be done.

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Expert Tip

If you find a counterfeit toy, it’s best to alert other consumers about the fakes so they don’t circulate further.

Did you Know

With 4 series of collectible Dolls now, there are over a hundred Dolls that you can collect.