11 of The Best Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirrors Reviewed

Apply your make-up flawlessly with the perfect lighted make-up mirror!

Good lighting is essential for applying make-up effectively, as is a high-quality vanity mirror with adequate magnification. Thankfully, lighted makeup mirrors are a thing, and you can make your daily life a whole lot easier with one of these fantastic illuminated vanity mirrors! Choose from cute and useful travel mirrors, classic and feminine counter-top vanity mirrors, wall mounted mirrors, and more!

Read on to find out which vanity mirror will suit your needs.

Comparison of The Top 11 Lighted Vanity Mirrors

MirrorProductMount TypeMaterialBrandPriceOur Rating
Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted MirrorCountertopOiled bronze finishConair$4.5
10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup MirrorTravelMoulded plasticUpper West Collection$5
SimpleHuman 8 inch Wall Mount RechargeableWallBrushed chromeSimpleHuman$4.75
Sanheshun 10X Magnifying Travel Makeup MirrorTravelMoulded plasticSanheshun$4.85
Mair Production Dimmable Magnification MirrorCountertopSatin nickel finishMair Production$$$5
Home Travel Folding Lighted Cosmetic MirrorCountertopMoulded plasticFloxite$$4.75
Zadro LED Swivel Wall Mount Makeup MirrorWallBlack metalZadro$$$5
Conair Illumina Collection 3 Panel MirrorTravelMoulded plasticConair$4.85
Jerdon JS811W 11" Rectangular LED MirrorCountertopMoulded plasticJerdon$4.75
Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio MirrorCountertopWoodImpressions Vanity$$$5
Zadro LED Lighted Travel MirrorTravelTaupe finishZadro$4.95

All You Need To Know About Lighted Vanity Mirrors:

Lighted vanity makeup mirrors are a must-have for anyone who practices regular facial grooming and/or makeup application. These awesome mirrors will banish the struggle to find the right light as you squint into your large bathroom mirror, trying to avoid stabbing yourself with your eyeliner pencil. Gone are the days of hoping for the best as you step out of your house with your face fully made up! You might be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of vanity mirrors available, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you out.

What is a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

Woman doing makeup with lighted vanity mirror

A lighted makeup mirror is a medium-sized vanity mirror with lights built in to the outside edges of the mirrored glass. The combination of perfect natural lighting and an accurate reflection of your face makes a lighted makeup mirror the ideal companion for eye-brow plucking and makeup application, whether for daily use or for a special night out.

As you probably already know, for the best possible results, you should have good natural lighting when applying makeup – otherwise you run the risk of applying makeup inaccurately (a sneaky mascara smudge or mismatching eye shadow) or too generously (the dreaded accidental clown look). Lighted mirrors are the perfect solution to this problem, as they combine a clear reflection with the perfect natural lighting for personal grooming and the easy application of makeup.

With a lighted vanity mirror, you don’t need to struggle with sub-par lighting in your home or when travelling – the perfect illumination is right there, in your mirror! These handy mirrors give you an accurate look at your face and your makeup, so that you can always leave the house with the confidence that you will look as great outdoors and on the go as you did whilst sitting in front of your mirror.

If you’re shopping for a lighted vanity mirror, you may find product specification that mention “lux” units. What does this mean? In short, a lux unit is a measure of illuminance and luminous emmitance, or light output (not exactly, but the full scientific explanation is nearly incoherent for laypeople!). Natural lighting in the shade is between 300-1000 lux, with full daylight (noon) being around 10,000 lux! About 400-600 lux is perfect for mirror lighting, as you don’t want blinding light, and not dim light either.

What are the Different Types of Mirrors?

Modern lighted vanity mirror with standThere are several different types of mirrors that fulfil different needs, and serve different functions. For example, there are many mirrors used for interior decoration and wardrobe needs, but our focus is on the smaller mirrors that one uses for personal grooming and beauty.

So, how many different kind of mirror can one choose from for these particular, specialised activities? Is there a better way to apply your makeup than using the full-length mirror on the back of your bedroom door? And, how do you choose the right mirror for your unique needs?

We have chosen 4 different types of mirror to review, based on their overwhelming popularity and great functional design. Read on to learn about the difference between a vanity mirror, wall mounted mirrors, magnifying mirrors, and lighted mirrors.

  • Vanity Mirror

Classic countertop vanity mirror

    A vanity mirror is a mirror designed for beauty-related use, such as the application of makeup. These types of mirror are usually counter top mirrors that come with a stand, and they are placed on dressing tables in the bedroom or on a bathroom counter top. They are also usually able to tilt upwards and downwards so you can find the perfect angle to see exactly what you are doing for the task at hand. Better visibility means better results!
      If you have a small vanity table or dresser in your bedroom that has a surface for keeping all your makeup and beauty products, you will probably have a vanity mirror at hand for applying your makeup and for personal grooming.
  • Wall Mounted

Wall mounted vanity mirror with lightWall mounted mirrors are great space-savers if you don’t have a clear surface on which to stand a standard counter top vanity mirror. A wall mounted mirror is either fixed to the wall via manual installation (a bracket or screws), or it can be mounted to your bathroom / bedroom mirror with a clever suction mount. The latter is fantastic as you can move the mirror around as you see fit!

Most wall mounted mirrors come with a telescopic arm a few inches long, and this enables you to move the mirror closer to your face, and then fold the mirror away, back against the wall. These mirrors can also tilt so you can see your face from every angle. A wall mounted vanity mirror is a great investment for any master bathroom, as it makes a huge difference to anyone who has cosmetic needs. No more leaning precariously close to the mirror in front of your sink!

  • Magnifying

Magnifying vanity mirror with lightMagnifying mirrors are essential for precise, detailed facial work such as tweezing eyebrows and applying eye makeup. Normal mirrors have a standard magnification of 1x, and you can get mirrors up to 10x magnification for amazing visibility and precision.

If you’ve ever seen your face with 10x magnification – whether perfectly made up or not – you’ll know that this degree of magnification is unforgiving, but it certainly does help to correct any makeup mishaps and ensures as perfect and flawless a look as is humanly possible.

  • Lighted

Lighted travel vanity mirrorA lighted mirror is simply any of the above mirrors that has a built in light or lights. Round lighted mirrors usually have a “halo” light configuration, where the light is built in to the outside edge of the mirror, right next to the glass. This enables even lighting and a more accurate view of your face.

Some lighted mirrors need batteries – such as lighted travel mirrors or suction-mounted mirrors – and others work via outlet power and a cord, or occasional recharging from an adaptor. Good lighted mirrors produce a natural, soft white light that mimics sunlight as closely as possible. This is to ensure that colours are not distorted by the light, and that your makeup will look as amazing in daylight as it did in your bedroom.

Where Can I Buy a Vanity Mirror With Lights?

Hollywood style vanity mirror with globe lightsThe easiest place to find and buy a vanity mirror with lights is on Amazon.com and other online marketplaces that sell electronics. You can search specific electronics websites and lighting stores with online shops to find what you are looking for, but Amazon.com is by far the best choice as it has a large range of excellent products that have been reviewed by real customers. Each of our chosen products is linked directly to Amazon.com, to save you time and money!

If you’re up for a challenge, you could even make your own vanity mirror with lights. This is a time-consuming DIY project, but if you like to make things with your own hands and you have a knack for construction, then you will love making your very own Hollywood-style vanity mirror with lights! A DIY vanity mirror can work out to be a lot less expensive than one you might purchase online, provided you plan carefully and follow instructions to the letter. Before you head out to the local hardware store, take note of these helpful tips for successful DIY projects:

  • Safety first! When working with construction and electrical components, it’s always recommended to take every safety precaution to reduce your chances of accidental injury. Wear safety goggles when drilling, always unplug all electrical devices before working on them, and if in doubt, ask a professional for help.
  • Plan your time. Before you start, find out approximately how long the entire project will take, and set aside enough time each day for you to finish each step. Some steps may require waiting for glue or paint to dry, so take these intervals into account. Timing is especially important if you are making a lighted vanity mirror for a friend or significant other, so give yourself more than enough time to complete the project. Life happens, and delays or mistakes may creep in, so leave some room for error. You don’t want to have an unfinished gift on a birthday or anniversary because your time management was bad!
  • Stick to your budget. If you are hoping to save money with a DIY project, then it is essential that you stick to a strict budget. It is very easy to get carried away when shopping for bits and pieces for your project, so try to work out a budget beforehand so that you can minimise costs. Material costs can add up unbelievably quickly, so try to limit your purchases to necessities, with a tiny budget set aside for luxuries (we all need something special, after all).

Need inspiration? Check out the video below for one fabulous DIY Hollywood vanity mirror project!

Can I Take a Makeup Mirror On a Plane?

Yes, you can take a makeup mirror on a plane, including lighted makeup mirrors. You can travel with your mirror in your checked-in luggage (the luggage that is stored in the hold of the plane), or in your carry-on luggage provided you wrap any cords up safely and store it carefully. If you are still unsure, it’s best to contact the particular airline that you are flying with and confirm with them before your flight. Waiting until airport security is a bad idea, as your lovely little travel mirror might be confiscated, never to be seen again.

Travel mirrors are a great investment for anyone who travels frequently, whether you are a travel blogger or a businessperson or simply a tourist! Anyone who travels often will know the woes of poorly lit hostel and hotel rooms, and tiny, ill-placed mirrors in cramped bathrooms. Trying to put on your makeup in bad lighting can be incredibly frustrating, and so a handy lighted vanity mirror will be your best friend when you’re off travelling! Most lighted travel mirrors are battery operated and use LED lights to save energy, which means that you can use them even when there is other power source around.

Features to look for in a good travel mirror include folding capability, compact design and optimal size, LED lighting, and battery power (cordless energy). A storage compartment and suction cup / stand for mounting are not essential, but they do make your life a lot easier! Your choice of travel mirror will depend on the kind of traveller you are. If you’re backpacking and only need a small mirror for the occasional night out, choose one that can fold closed / collapse and one that is small enough to fit into a tote bag easily.

Alternatively, if you’re a businessperson who needs to look flawless for meetings and conferences, a slighter bigger and better lighted vanity mirror would serve you well when you’re applying makeup or keeping your beard neat and tidy. A hard-cased carry on suitcase is perfect for keeping a slightly larger vanity mirror safe – some travel mirrors are slightly more on the luxury end of the spectrum, and are therefore a bit more fragile. Whatever your travel style, there’s a travel-friendly vanity mirror available to suit your beauty and personal grooming needs.

We highly recommend the following lighted vanity mirrors (found in our review list above) for the discerning traveller:

Do I Need a Makeup Mirror?

A lighted mirror isn’t only useful for applying makeup – in fact, it’s excellent for any kind of facial grooming, for both women and men! It can be used for plucking eyebrows and other facial hair with precision, for shaving and trimming a beard, and for any other close-up facial work. You might think that your 1x magnification, standard bathroom mirror is good enough for your needs, but a lighted, magnified mirror is a fantastic tool that will fulfil many functions.

Here are a few examples of when and why you need a makeup / vanity mirror:

  • For the application of makeup, whether daily application of makeup in the mornings before work, or as a specialised mirror to use to get ready for big occasions. Lighted vanity mirrors are superior as they provide soft, natural lighting that is essential for getting the correct colours when doing your makeup. Mirrors that are used in bad ambient lighting may distort the colour of foundation and bronzer, making you look more orange and less flawless! Therefore, a lighted mirror with even illumination will give you an accurate view of how your makeup will look in daylight, which reduces the risk of going out with unexpected results.
  • If you are a makeup artist, a small lighted mirror is invaluable as it will give your clients a look at what you are doing as you pause during your work. You may be working with good lighting, but giving your client the added reassurance of a small lighted mirror for looking at detail will give you an extra professional edge. Some clients prefer to apply certain makeup themselves (mascara, etc) and so this kind of mirror will be perfect for that kind of makeup work.
  • If you are doing your own bridal makeup as part of your DIY wedding, then a lighted vanity mirror is an absolute must-have! All you need is the right mirror, some high quality makeup products, and a few tips and tricks that you can learn from friends or from YouTube tutorial videos.
  • Men can also benefit from owning a magnified vanity mirror! Don’t let the name put you off – specialist cosmetic mirrors are perfect for precision shaving and beard-trimming. The magnification gives you a close-up look whilst you do your personal grooming, and you will never have to leave the house with a whisker out of place. You can share the mirror with your significant other, or treat yourself with a mirror for your own bathroom.
  • Are you a frequent traveller? If so, then a lighted travel vanity mirror may just be the travel accessory you are missing! This handy gadget is perfect for eye-brow tweezing (you’d be surprised how time flies when you’re travelling, and all of a sudden you have a unibrow…), makeup application, and cosmetic treatments. Buy yourself a special travel-friendly vanity mirror for a beauty companion that will help you to look flawless no matter where you are. You can choose between a tiny, compact travel mirror and a slightly larger, more functional travel mirror depending on your needs.

Beautify your bedroom with a lighted vanity mirror and dressing table

One lovely way to make your home more functional and beautiful is to set aside a corner of your bedroom to be your dressing area! All you need is a small table, a vanity mirror, and a chair. You can buy one of the featured vanity mirrors (see above!), or you can make your own DIY lighted vanity mirror. Own your space by organising your makeup according to a system that makes sense to you – whether that be tidy and colour colour coded, or messy and approximate – and treat yourself to a great mirror for expert makeup application!

Dimmed ambient bedroom light might be cosy and / or romantic, but you definitely need a good light source for applying makeup and doing your personal grooming. Once you’ve used a lighted makeup mirror, you’ll never go back to the guesswork of a dimly lit bathroom – you’ll be able to do your makeup quickly and accurately, and look fabulous every time you step outside the door!

So, that’s about it when it comes to a quick guide to lighted vanity mirrors! Have questions, comments, or additional recommendations? Pop them in the comments below! We hope you have learned something from this list of reviews, and that your new lighted vanity mirror is now in the mail!