11 Best LEGO Technic Sets in 2020

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LEGO is a much loved toy by both adults and kids and has been a classic gift option for decades. The simple, clickable bricks have endless opportunities for imaginative play and creating impressive models. Building on this, LEGO has released their Technic series which uses a slightly different set of construction items to create incredibly detailed models of real-life trucks, boats, and machines. Got a console? You might like these top-rated LEGO games.

The range of LEGO technic sets available out there is vast, and these kits are a great option for both adults and children to keep them occupied for hours on end. The age range does tend to be a little bit older than regular LEGO kits, and they can be a lot more expensive. Younger kids may want to start out with Playmobil. Star Wars fans may be interested in our review of the top LEGO Star Wars sets!

But the models they build will have the user feeling proud every time they look at it. What’s more, most of the models have working parts and some of them even have power parts that allow movable parts to work hands-free.

We consulted bloggers, experts and customer reviews to bring you the top 11 Best LEGO Technic sets available for purchase online, currently. We’ve also compiled a small buyer guide to how you can make sure you buy the perfect LEGO kit.

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LEGO Technic Sets Buyer’s Guide

What LEGO Technic set you choose to buy depends largely on the kind of person you are buying for. The beauty of LEGO Technic kits is that there isn’t really an upper age limit – they can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. That being said, some of the kits do have a lower age limit and these should be adhered to unless you are looking to buy a Technic LEGO building kit to build together.


These kits are great for building solo and will keep most people occupied for a few days – but they are also an excellent way to bond with kids if you are supervising them with the build. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before going ahead with the purchase.

What is the Person I’m Buying for Interested In?

It goes without saying that if they love racing cars – particularly a specific brand of car – you should buy them a Technic LEGO building kit that corresponds with this. If they are older, the model kits will be great but for young children, you should look at the racing cars that have pullback or even RC motors so they can play with their creations upon completion.

LEGO Technic has also built plenty of other kits for other interests. Is the person a budding sailor? There are boat kits. Do they like stunt shows? You can buy stunt bikes and monster truck style kits that often have moveable parts.

Have they Built Similar Models in the Past?

LEGO Technic kits are a lot more detailed than regular LEGO kits, so the larger kits will require a certain level of skill that regular LEGO kits do not. What’s more – they tend to cost a lot more, and you do not want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t be built.

If they are keen on building model kit sets already, then you should get them a more advanced building kit to challenge them further. If this is their first set, get one with less pieces. You can also check customer reviews to see how much effort it has taken others.


What is a Reasonable Budget?

If you’re buying for a young child, it makes sense to get the smaller kits not just because they are easier but because they are more cost appropriate. Some of the kits can cost hundreds of dollars and are a big investment. These kits are best reserved for adult fans and collectors who will appreciate the set a lot more and be more careful with the finished product.

How Customizable does the set need to Be?

All LEGO kits are somewhat customizable with other sets available on the market, but you may want to get something with more options if buying for a child. The 2-in-1 sets for kids are great as they allow kids to try building two different models, and usually the parts can also be repurposed into more imaginative projects more easily. You can also get kits which can be customized with electronic parts.

These are called power parts by LEGO Technic, and they help make the models move and increase the interactivity. These are great options for young children as they can play more with the construction toy after it is finished. Check out customer reviews and videos, as often people will comment if they were able to add these kinds of parts in after building and will give instruction booklets on how you can do it too.


LEGO Technic kits are a great step up from regular LEGO sets for kids. They are more detailed, are based on real-life building projects and can teach the user how the world works in terms of mechanics. When finding the perfect LEGO building kit you should first and foremost consider their age and construction ability.


There are kits for all skills levels, and regular LEGO builders will be best off starting with one of the more basic kits no matter what their age is. Other than that, consider their interests and then you can make the perfect purchase.

From Ferrari and Bugatti to yachts and garbage trucks – there’s something for everyone in the LEGO Technic range. This is a gift that is sure to put a smile on the recipients face, be they an adult or a child.

Expert Tip

A lot of the static models can be customized with the LEGO Technic Power pieces, even if the official description does not say so. Check out the reviews and online videos to see how doable this is.