13 Best LEGO Games in 2020

best overall rating
  • Lots of puzzles to solve
  • Funny graphics
  • Huge map to explore
premium choice rating
  • Lots of items to discover and unlock
  • Great LEGO visuals
  • Numerous characters to unlock
great value rating
  • New puzzles
  • Characters that fly
  • Extra gameplay

No matter what gaming console you own, there’s a LEGO game out there for you and your kids. LEGO games are just as in demand as when they were first launched. Kids like the gaming action and parents like the non-violence of the game. All LEGO games are designed to bring together the familiarity of LEGO toys with the comic, film, and TV characters all kids know. Own an Xbox? Check out these awesome Xbox ONE games! Got a PS4? Try these great PS4 games for kids. Alternatively, Nintendo Switch players will love these games.

But buying a LEGO game isn’t as easy as picking up the first one your kids ask for. You want to base your decision on what the game has to offer, and not just popularity. And you want LEGO video games that meet your approval, so you can feel confident that gaming time isn’t just time wasted in front of the screen.

Want to build real LEGO? Try these awesome LEGO Sets available online. How do you decide which LEGO game to buy that is going to be a hit for you and your kids? We’ve reviewed what we think are the best games to help you decide.

View the Best Lego Games, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

With so many different types of LEGO video games available, it can be hard to decide which one to buy next. You can choose a hit-or-miss game and hope that your kids will like playing without getting bored after a few hours. Or you can look for some of the gaming qualities of top LEGO games we’ve listed here. Young kids may prefer to start out using Playmobil toys.


A good place to start is by asking yourself why you like your favorite games. Is it the graphics or the gaming play? Or maybe a combination of both.

A Good Storyline

Some of the best LEGO titles have a storyline that makes you feel like you are part of the game. You like the characters and care about what happens to them. The story doesn’t need to be complex. But it should give you a reason to play and keep playing.

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Controls That Make Sense

It may seem like a minor thing, but the best games have controls that are easy for kids to learn how to use. They should also be challenging so that after kids know the basics, there is still more to master. Look for games where the camera view lets the characters see what you want to see.

Great Visuals

Look for LEGO games that have really good graphics. You want the game to show you the story by using the latest and greatest graphics tricks. It’s these graphics that will capture your kid’s attention. And kids love when their cute little characters come to life in front of them!

Super Audio

Any music doesn’t mean super audio. And half-hearted sound effects can ruin the realism of a game. Find LEGO games with audio that creates a mood. The sounds of the game are just as important as the visual effects.


Goal Playing

LEGO games that have a goal make your kids want to keep playing until they reach that goal. You don’t want to buy a game only to have it collect dust when no one is interested in playing. Watch out for open world LEGO games where characters spend too much time just “wandering” around with no purpose.

Open game concepts are good choices, but there needs to be a purpose to it, such as letting kids collect items to further them in the game.

Replay Value

One of the key points of every LEGO game is to knock down bricks and build things. The best LEGO games let kids play over and over again…and get different results each time. Games with one outcome are quickly finished and never played again.

Entertainment Value

Every gamer has their own preferences, even the youngest players. Look for games that you and your kids enjoy playing for entertainment. A game can have perfect graphics, audio, and puzzles to solve. But if it doesn’t entertain, no one wants to play.


Picking the right LEGO game for your kids isn’t always easy. With so many good LEGO games to choose from it can be confusing to decide. Parents love that LEGO offers a mix of games that combine great gaming action with strategy and puzzles. Kids love getting to play with all their favorite characters. Before deciding on a game, narrow down your choices by talking to your kids.


What are their interests – do they love Harry Potter and magic or are Super Heroes more their thing? Remember those different kids like different types of games. Superhero fans may also enjoy these Funko POP figures! Prefer soft toys? Try these top-rated PJ mask gifts. Not everyone likes games for the storyline. Sometimes the most appealing LEGO game is one that just lets kids knock down LEGO pieces without having to think too much about building them back up again.

Our list of top LEGO games highlights some of the best of the best games out there. After reading our reviews, you’ll be ready to start gaming with your kids.

Expert Tip

Kids love games that have challenging maps, mazes, and puzzles. To keep your kids interested in playing a game over and over, look for games that require some strategy.

Did you Know

LEGO Island, launched in 1997, was the first LEGO video game. It was developed for a PC gaming platform.