10 Best Karaoke Machines For Kids In 2020

best overall rating
  • Fun disco lights
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Great sound quality
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  • Great deluxe option
  • Comes with a microphone stand
  • Also suitable for adults
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  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fun LED light feature

Karaoke machines are fantastic gift ideas for kids. Not only are they fun and entertaining, they can develop their music and even basic motor skills. Children love performing, and karaoke machines allow them to sing along to their favorite hits. There is a wide range of systems currently available on the market to fit a variety of needs. For more ideas, try our review on the top gifts for 7 year old girls or for 7 year old boys.

There are portable karaoke machines, systems with WiFi connectivity and a whole host of other fun additional features available to buy on amazon. We suggest thinking about the kind of child you are buying for, as well as what devices you have available for providing the music.

We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to compile this list of the ten best karaoke machines currently available to buy on Amazon. We have also included a buying guide to the main factors you should consider before making your purchase.

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Buyer’s Guide

When buying a semi professional karaoke machine you need to consider why you want it in the first place, that’s where our buyers guide comes in. Is it just to keep the little ones entertained, or will it be used for family gatherings too? The wide range of products available to buy on Amazon means you can tailor your purchase to your specific needs, and save money by purchasing a system that only has the features you require. Here are the main factors you should consider before you purchase.



Little ones love showing their favorite music toys for kids with friends, and it can be a good idea to look for a portable karaoke system. Consider the weight of the machine, and check if it has handy features like a handle for transportation. It is also worth considering how good the built-in speakers are if you are using it for outdoor family events. Check customer reviews to see what the comments are about sound quality – the more powerful the built-in speaker the better.


Many professional karaoke machines are now compatible with a range of devices. If it comes with a lyric display and plenty of favorite songs included, this will be less of a concern. You can buy a range of DVDs with karaoke hits and you can read the lyrics for machines with a DVD port, and most will also accept CDs for using your own music collection. If you want to connect with your phone, tablet or computer we suggest finding a music toy with Bluetooth speaker connectivity.

This way you can use a variety of streaming apps, as well as YouTube karaoke lyric videos giving you a wider range of music to access. Keep in mind that if the music toy requires an AUX connection it will not be compatible with newer iPhones, which might need an AUX adaptor. There are also machines which accept USB connections and SD Cards for compatibility with your digital music collection.

Lyrics display

If you plan on using DVDs and CDs, you should find a machine with a lyrics display which enables you to read the lyrics as you sing along. These are usually more expensive, but worth it as young children may not be able to pick out lyrics from their favorite songs yet. The lyrics display should be at least seven inches in size to be easily seen from a reasonable distance.


Age Appropriate

If it is just for use by children, you should look at the cheaper machines designed specifically for children. These will be made out of kid-friendly materials, are generally sturdier and are designed to be as easy to use as possible for small hands. If it is for use by the entire family, you should invest in a more general karaoke machine which can function with a variety of devices.

You should also make sure any included tracks are child-friendly. As fun as Kanye West might be for adults to perform, you do not want your child reciting lyrics full of swear words and adult references. If you are using a device with Bluetooth connectivity, you can generally use the child lock features on your phone or tablet.

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Fun Additional Features

Though not as important, these can certainly add to the experience. There are machines with LED flashing lights, disco balls and multicolored displays that can all add to the ambiance of the performance. For more serious singers you can also look at recording functions to save your most treasured performances, as well as voice effect and voice enhancement features for adjusting the odd off-note made by the performer.

On this note, there are also machines with fun voice effects like gender switching and pitch adjustment. Finally, also consider if you want a music toy that will work with multiple performers. These are great for duets, or for including background singers, and will go down well at children’s parties and sleepovers.


Karaoke machines can range from $20-200, and you should consider how much you are willing to spend. If it will be used frequently and you want to keep it for years to come then it is fine to splash out on the fancier machines – but if it is just for use by the little ones you should stick to a smaller budget.

There are plenty of great features available on some of the more expensive machines – but if you do not need them it does not make sense to spend money on having them available.



The range of karaoke machines on the market is vast and there are plenty of great features available in modern systems. Be sensible and have a think about what features you actually need before you commit to splashing out on a more expensive machine. Also, think about the kind of child you are buying for – if they are serious about singing then it might be worth getting a machine with cool additional features, but if it is just for social gatherings then you can save money and get a cheaper system.

If you want to use the machine with the whole family, we suggest looking for a mid-range machine with great connectivity features and the ability to connect to a TV. Portable karaoke machines and kids karaoke microphone systems are great if you want to take it along on family vacations or if you are brave enough to allow your child to use it in the car.

Expert Tip

Of all the features available, Bluetooth connectivity is the best investment. This gives you unlimited access to any favorite songs you can find online and reduces how much you need to spend on karaoke DVDs and CDs.