The Greatest iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector in 2017

Best IPhone X Screen Protector

The iPhone X is one of the most advanced smartphones ever released, so if you bought one, it makes sense that youre looking for the best iPhone X screen protector that you can buy. As Apples new top-of-the-line model, the iPhone X features a lightning quick A11 Bionic processor, a state-of-the-art facial recognition system, and dual rear cameras. Its the most advanced, and expensive, smartphone that Apple has ever released.

So if youve spent the money on one of these smartphones, it makes sense that you want to protect your investment. Especially if you’re taking it around with you all day, travelling and taking selfies – click here for the best selfie sticks! While Apples new flagship smartphone is rated IP67 for water and dust-resistance, that doesnt mean that this newly designed models glass front and back can withstand being dropped on a concrete or tile floor.

The Highest Rated Partial & Full Cover Tempered Glass iPhone X Screen Protectors in 2017

But thats where purchasing a durable screen protector comes in. These accessories will help protect your new iPhone X from cracks and scratches. But with so many accessory manufacturers out there, finding the right iPhone X screen protector can be tough. How do you know if the product youre buying is reliable enough to protect your new device?

We took a look at all of the iPhone X screen protectors offered on the market and came up with our list of the top 10 products available. After reading through our reviews, youll be able to find the right screen protection for you.

Our Top 3 at a Glance
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  • Worlds thinnest tempered glass screen protector is only 0.25mm thick
  • Resistant to fingerprint smudges, dirt, and sweat
  • Provides reliable protection against drops and scratches
  • Lifetime warranty ensures you can count on this tempered glass
Editor Rating:
  • Incredibly clear glass that doesnt impact your phones resolution
  • Effortless touch screen use
  • High-quality design specifically for the curves of the iPhone X
Editor Rating:
  • Clear tempered glass that wont interfere with touch or 3D touch sense
  • Incredible high resolution that wont affect the clarity of your device
  • Resistant to drops, impacts, dust, fingerprints, and sweat
  • One of the most affordable options on the market

The Maxboost Screen Protector is one of the top options for your iPhone X on the market today. At only 0.25mm thick, its touted as the worlds thinnest tempered glass screen cover available. This case-friendly product will fit with most cases on the market and offers 100% touch-accurate performance while protecting your device from scratches and accidental impact.

Coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, this screen protector is resistant to sweat and the oil residue from fingerprints, keeping your screens glass clear all day long. Its easy to install with the provided wipes, tools, and instructions and is backed by a no-hassle lifetime warranty.

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The Aslanda Tempered Glass Screen Protector is one of the smartest ways to protect your iPhone X. With 9H hardness, this high-quality model is 0.26mm thick and features rounded edges specifically designed for the Apple iPhone X screen.

Crafted with the worlds clearest tempered glass, Aslanda Screen Protectors are coated with a high-definition hydrophobic and oleophobic coating which protects screens from sweat, dust, and fingerprints.

Incredibly easy to install, these covers will protect your new smartphone screen from drops, impacts, scratches, and cracks.

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The Malzaha Tempered Glass is a great, affordable product that is perfect for protecting your iPhone X screen without hurting your wallet. While they are less expensive than some other products on the market, they are incredibly well-made and offer an impressive 99.9% high definition for maximum screen clarity. These 0.33mm thick protectors passed the 9H hardness test and are resistant to scratches, cracks, and impacts.

And with an oleophobic coating, they also reduce fingerprints, dust, and oil residue so you have a crystal clear screen all day long. This cover also allows for 100% accurate touch and wont interfere with the iPhone Xs 3D touch sense. And with the included wipes, squeeze card, and dust removal stickers, precise installation takes less than a minute.

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Incredibly thin and durable, the Qurance Screen Protector is one of the leading tempered glass products on the market for the iPhone X. This full-size protector covers the entire screen including the arc edges of the phone, delivering maximum protection for your device. And with its thin 0.3mm profile, it is 100% touch accurate, delivers true clarity, and wont interfere with your screens 3D touch.

This product from Qurance is backed by a lifetime warranty and is coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic layers that protect your glass screen from sweat and fingerprint residue. And its shatterproof, scratch-resistant 9H hardness offers twice the protection of non-tempered products on the market, allowing iPhone X screens to withstand impacts, drops, and cracks.

With all of the required accessories included, installing the tempered glass protector on a screen is a breeze and once this transparent glass is in place, screens are so clear that you wont even know its there.

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The Triennium Tempered Glass Screen Protector is one of the top products out there to protect iPhone X glass screens from accidental damage and normal wear and tear. The ultra-thin 0.25mm tempered glass is perfect for delivering the most natural viewing experience and impressive protection. With impressive clarity, these screen covers offer crystal clear viewing while protecting iPhone X screens against scuffs scratches, drops, and impacts.

Its hydrophobic and oleophobic coating protects your smartphone against dirt, smudges, and fingerprint oil residue. And with full touch screen sensitivity, this tempered glass will never interfere with your iPhone Xs high responsiveness or 3D Touch technology and allow screens to offer crystal clear definition.

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The TOCOL Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone X is one of the leading options on the market. Made from shatterproof 9H tempered glass, they provide superior protection from scratches, bumps, and accidental drops. And its oleophobic coating helps prevent fingerprints and smudges off your screen and wipes crystal clear with a cloth. Laser cut to the size of the iPhone Xs screen for a perfect fit, this tempered glass fits precisely and offers HD clarity of 99.9% for optimum transparency.

And made from touch sensitive material, it wont interfere with the high-responsiveness, feel, or performance that the iPhone X offers. TOCOL offers this tempered glass with a lifetime replacement warranty and its easy application means that youll have it mounted securely on your iPhone X in a matter of seconds.

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Precisely-cut and designed specifically for the iPhone X, the Spigen Screen Protector is one of the most durable options out there for keeping your smartphone safe from scratches, cracks, and other damage. Built with 9H screen hardness, this tempered glass product is scratch resistant and incredibly tough. Coated with a shatterproof film, even if the cover does break, it will never shatter, and the glass screen of your iPhone X will escape unscathed.

Designed to fit securely with your iPhone X case, this durable tempered glass is coated for resistance to oily fingerprint residue and sweat and can be wiped clean with a cloth. It offers impressive clarity and is so thin that you wont even know its on your screen. And since it was designed from touch sensitive materials, it will never slow down the performance of your iPhone X or its lightning-fast responsiveness.

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The Tempered Glass Protector from MaxTeck is one of the top screen protectors for the iPhone X and made our review of the top 10 options to protect your iPhone due to its high-quality, affordability, and durability. An incredibly thin 0.26mm tempered glass with a surface hardness rating of 9H makes this product capable of providing your iPhone X with maximum protection from high-impact drops, scratches, bumps, and scrapes.

These shatterproof covers allow screens to resist normal wear and tear and, with an oleophobic coating, these real glass screens are also resistant to fingerprints, oils, and dust. With high-transparency and an ultra-clear material, they allow 100% accurate use of the iPhone Xs touch screen and wont hinder the 3D function of the Apples newest offering.

Thanks to the silicon adhesive used on these screens, applying one to your iPhone X is effortless, provides a tighter seal than other products on the market, and prevents unsightly bubbles from forming. And backed by MaxTecks Lifetime Warranty, these screen protectors are guaranteed to deliver exceptional protection to your iPhone device.

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One of the most popular screen protectors out there to protect your iPhone X is the Anker KARAPAX Screen Protector. These tempered glass screens are reinforced to offer twice as much strength and protection to your iPhone X as non-tempered alternatives. And with a 9H hardness rating and an oleophobic coating layer, these screens provide superior scratch resistance and effective resistance against fingerprints.

Since this product is designed with a shatterproof membrane, even if the tempered glass breaks or chips along the edges, the glass will stick together for added safety. And while these screen protectors are fantastic at keeping your iPhone X safe and damage-free, they also preserve your iPhones vivid colors, high resolution, and excellent touch sensitivity. Plus, they work great with the iPhone Xs 3D Touch technology.

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The final product to make our list is the Pleson iPhone X Screen Protector. This product is incredibly easy to install and, thanks to its silicon adhesive, it can be installed on your iPhone X in seconds without making any annoying bubbles that could interfere with your devices performance. Contoured to the iPhone X screen, these tempered pieces of glass fit snugly on your smartphones glass and will fit correctly with any iPhone case on the market.

With ultra-thin 0.33mm thick tempered glass design, they deliver HD Retina Clarity and full capability with touchscreen sensitivity and Apples 3D Touch technology. And with a hydrophobic, oleophobic coating, they are great at resisting fingerprints, smudges, and can easily be wiped clean.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Does The iPhone X Need A Screen Protector?

Does iPhone X Need A Screen ProtectorSince the best smartphones like the iPhone X can cost close to $1,000, its obvious that protecting them from unnecessary damage is important. iPhones are designed to be rather durable but one of their most vulnerable areas is their glass screen. A screen protector is designed to protect this part of your iPhone X from scratches, cracks, debris, and dust. These screen protectors are made from a paper-thin sheet of clear plastic or tempered glass.

This material is so thin that it doesnt affect the intended use of your device and is so transparent that most users wont even know that its on their iPhones glass. Modern options on the market are cut specifically to fit the type of smartphone you are using and offer an additional layer of screen protection to your investment.

These screens are placed directly on the glass front of your smartphone and offer added scratch and crack protection in the event that you accidentally drop or bang your phone as well as providing them with an anti-glare, fingerprint proof coating that can be easily wiped down with a cloth for optimum visibility.

In the event that you drop your phone, the screen protector takes the brunt of the impact, preventing the glass on your iPhone X from shattering. And thanks to a thin membrane coating, even if it cracks, the cracks will stay held together until you remove the film. This provides an added element of safety for both you and your Apple iPhone.

How Do I Put a Screen Protector On My Phone Without Bubbles?

Bubbles are a common complaint when it comes to the application of a screen protector. Not only are they unsightly, but these gaps between the surface of your iPhone X and your protector can have a negative effect on your touchscreens performance. Luckily, preventing these bubbles is incredibly easy. The first thing to do is ensure that the glass on your iPhone X is clean. Most products come with wet and dry wipes.

Use the wet wipe to remove any dirt and dust and dry it with the dry cloth. Then use the included dust sticker, or a piece of scotch tape, to remove any stray dust particles, making sure that you dont touch the actual glass with your fingers. Once clean, remove the backing of your screen protector to expose the adhesive side and align it perfectly with the surface of your iPhone X.

Most products come with sticker tabs or wings that allow you to hold the screen protector while positioning it accurately. Place the adhesive side on your iPhones glass and press lightly on the center. The silicon adhesive should spread over the surface of your iPhone X, sealing the screen protector to your device.

Since youve already cleaned the surface of dust and debris, the chance of bubbles is slim. But removing any stray bubbles is easy. Simply use a cloth to press on them and push the bubbles out towards the edges of your device.

How Do I Remove a Broken Glass Screen Protector?

Removing A Broken Glass Screen ProtectorIf your tempered glass screen protector is cracked or shattered, it means it has done its job and has protected the actual display of your iPhone X. But it also means that its time to replace it. Thankfully, removing one of these protective screen covers is just as easy as installing one. First, try to lift the tempered glass from each corner with your fingernail. One corner is likely to peel up.

If you cant remove it this way, try using the tip of a toothpick to pry up a corner, avoiding digging the tip into the actual surface of your iPhone X. Once you peel up a corner, stop pulling from the corner and move further up along the protector as it peels off.

This will keep the screen protector intact and prevent it from splintering. Pull slowly and evenly along all of the edges until the tempered glass comes right off of the surface of your iPhone X. Once the tempered glass is removed, simply clean the surface glass of your iPhone X and follow the directions to install a new one.

What is the Meaning of 9H Tempered Glass?

Youll often see that tempered glass iPhone X protector covers have a hardness rating of 9H. This simply means that this glass was treated to be hard enough to resist scratches from almost any material except for corundum, which is a very hard aluminum oxide, and topaz.

What this means is that the surface of this glass is tougher than most materials out there so if you accidentally scape something along its surface, its not going to scratch it. This hardness also affects the ability of the tempered glass to absorb impact. While these protectors arent shatterproof, they are incredible tough.

So even if you drop your iPhone X on concrete, the tempered glass normally absorbs most of the impact, meaning that the actual display of your iPhone X will escape undamaged. This means that, in the event of a serious drop, youll only have to pay for a new screen protector instead of a new glass screen for your iPhone X.

Do Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Really Work?

There are several options when it comes to a screen protector for your iPhone X. These include a plastic film called PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, a chemically-treated plastic called TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, and tempered glass. Out of these options, only tempered glass offers the most reliable protector available for your iPhone X. Tempered glass offers the highest protection that you can buy for the glass display of your iPhone X (click here for the study).

These products are multi-layered for optimal protection. From the bottom layer to the top, these protectors consist of a shock-absorbent silicon layer followed by a PET film, then a clear adhesive to secure the two previous layers with the final two, which are tempered glass and an oleophobic coating. What does all of this mean? Tempered glass offers superior protection.

It is scratch-proof, shock-proof, and can withstand the impact of a serious drop or bang, preventing your iPhone Xs actual glass from breaking. The oleophobic coating allows the cover to reduce fingerprints, smudges, and be wiped down to crystal clear easily. The glass is better at transmitting light meaning that you can enjoy a clearer display on your iPhone X with less glare and reflection.

Plus, this scratch, shock, impact, and oil-resistant protector comes in a thin glass film that is just as easy to apply as the flimsy PET and TPU protectors on the market. If youre looking to ensure that you never have to deal with a shattered display on your iPhone X, a tempered glass screen protector is the smartest investment you can make.


Top Pick

The Maxboost Screen Protector is our choice for the best pick of 2017. This tempered glass protector is the thinnest one the market but offers impressive 9H hardness. This means that not only will you barely notice it but it will absorb almost any drop or impact and is impervious to scratches.

With a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, youll never have to worry about smudges or fingerprints. And this tempered glass product was designed to specifically fit the iPhone X and work with any case on the market. Plus, at only $8.95 for a 3-pack of these durable protectors, theyre one of the best deals around.


Premium Choice

The Aslanda Tempered Glass Screen Protector is our recommendation for the best premium choice of 2017. At only 0.26mm thick, youll hardly know its there. But with a 9H hardness rating and oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings, its capable of resisting scratches, absorbing strong drops and impacts, is resistant to fingerprints, and can be wiped down easily.

Precisely cut for the iPhone X, the tempered glass screen protector fits the device perfectly for optimum protection. And once its on, it is truly crystal clear and will never slow down the performance of your touchscreen.

With impressive transparency and touch-sensitivity, its one of the most popular screen protectors on the market and at only $19.99 for a 2-pack of these durable protectors, its a great way to protect your valuable smartphone.


Great Value

Just because youre looking for a bargain doesnt mean you have to sacrifice quality. Thats why the Malzaha Tempered Glass iPhone X Screen Protector is our choice for best value today. These 0.33mm thick protectors are 9H hardness rated for impressive resistance to scratches, drops, bumps, and cracks.

And they are also remarkably clear, allowing the stunning resolution of your devices HD Retina display to really shine through. Besides offering 99.9% optical clarity, these screen protectors also are oleophobic coated for reduced fingerprints, oil residue, and dust, meaning you get crystal clear performance all day long.

They can be precisely installed in seconds and at less than $7 for a 2-pack, these tempered glass screen protectors are truly best value.

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