10 Best Hot Wheels Tracks in 2020

best overall rating
  • More than 16 feet of track
  • Motorized booster
  • Car feeder ramp
premium choice rating
  • Motorized Elevator
  • Stands 3+ foot tall
  • Parking for 140 cars
great value rating
  • Includes three great loops
  • Ten feet of track
  • Two built-in scoring buckets

What little kid does not love playing with their Hot Wheels? These little hot wheels cars are universally loved. Having a great hot wheels track will just enhance the fun. Getting down with friends or siblings and racing your hot wheels around the track is great fun. It is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. Building your hot wheels tracks will also help improve your child’s motor skills. Kids learn as they play.

Playing with hot wheels improves their hand-eye coordination, cognitive thinking and more. It is also a great way to spend time with your kids. You can build the track together and then watch as the hot wheels speed around. We have done a lot of research and found the best hot wheels tracks on the market for your kids to enjoy.

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Consider size. The durability. Also, the age appropriateness when selecting your hot wheels track. Let’s have a look at our top ten list of available tracks on the market.

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Buyer’s Guide

Kids love to play with cars and hot wheels have been a favorite since 1968. They will love muscle cars. But what is a racing car without a racing track? Your kids will love the challenge of keeping their hot wheels on the track. They can race each other head-to-head or take on any number of obstacles such as snakes, oil spills and more. Race around the tracks and do the stunts these great hot wheels are known for. Taking on loops, curves, and traps and try to get through crash zones unscathed.

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It is a great way for your kids to improve their cognitive thinking, problem-solving and motor skills. Pretend play also the imagination and leads to creative thinking. You can buy your hot wheels tracks at Walmart on online at Amazon. Wherever you choose to buy from there are some things you need to take into consideration when selecting your hot wheels track. Selecting the perfect track will enhance your kids play. It will make playing with their hot wheels exciting and keep them entertained for hours.

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Size & Dimensions

The size of the track you choose is important. If your child only has a small area in which to play then having a large hot wheels track will not serve any purpose and they can be very expensive. Some of the small tracks also offer a lot more challenge than the larger tracks. No matter how big or small the track you choose is you should make sure they have some challenging aspects to them. Building the track can be a bonding experience for you and your child.

It also encourages creativity, especially if your tracks offer different ways of connecting them. If your track is simply an oval then your child will bore of it quite quickly. However, like the hot wheel tracks we have reviewed, there are many out there that offer a number of challenges to your kids as they play. Launchers add speed to the cars. Hazards such as crash zones and more will make your kids think as they play, developing their cognitive abilities.

Smaller tracks also help develop fine and gross motor skills as they steer their cars around the track. On the other hand, larger tracks are perfect for those kids with larger play areas. They also allow for multi-play which is good for sportsmanship and competition.

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Age Appropriateness

This is very important when selecting toys for your kids. Having very small toys for toddlers can be choking hazards. Also, tracks need some form of skill for the kids to be able to control the cars as they speed around the track. This is especially true when you are dealing with the motorized tracks. It is important when dealing with high-tech tracks as well. Hot wheels car track sets come in different sizes and different skill abilities are needed when playing.


Simple round tracks are good for the younger kids where the cars are pushed along slowly on the tracks. However, when dealing with the high speed tracks a higher level of skill is required to be able to master it. The tracks that have small pieces as accessories are also not great for the younger children to play with. However, the more intricate the tracks are the better as your kids grow.

They will present a challenge and encourage learning. Cognitive skills, language skills as they make up stories to go with their games. Motor skills and problem-solving skills are also part and parcel of the hot wheel tracks toys.


When you consider which track to purchase you should consider if the track needs batteries to operate or not. If you choose a track that requires a battery or other power operation then you need to make sure you know whether they are included in the box or not. There is nothing worse than giving your child a wonderful gift only to find that they cannot play with it until you get to the shops to pick up batteries. Selecting one that is not operated by batteries is much easier.

Although not as high-tech and maybe with less spectacular stunts, they are easier to play with. They are also easy to take with you when you travel. Many of the tracks available have sling launchers so you can get the speed you need without having to have a motorized launcher.



Playing with cars has been a favorite of kids the world over for generations. Playing with hot wheels has been a favorite since 1968. However, having a hot wheels car without having some tracks to race them on can be a little disappointing. Luckily there are a number of different tracks on the market that will enhance your child’s play when playing with their hot wheels. These hot wheels playsets add another dimension to your kids’ play.

The best hot wheels play tracks will encourage cognitive thinking. It also encourages motor skills as they build their tracks. Play through learning is what kids do best and the tracks for hot wheels give your kids the opportunity to do that in many different ways. Pretend play encourages the development of creativity and language skills.

Multi-play racing allows your child to learn about sportsmanship and helps develop social skills. All in all hot wheels tracks are a great gift for any child to receive especially those that love playing with their little cars.

Expert Tip

Always select an age-appropriate toy for your child. This will avoid any injuries from choking or other hazards. Especially true if you have a toddler or younger children.

Did you know?

Some hot wheels tracks can get your hot wheel car going up to 300mph down the ramp and speeding around the track.