10 Best Hot Wheels Cars in 2020

best overall rating
  • Plenty of cars at a great price.
  • Comes in a box that is also a storage unit.
  • Great selection of cars.
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  • 50 cars for a great value for money price.
  • Makes an ideal gift.
  • Ideal starter pack for a newcomer to Hot Wheels
great value rating
  • Highly collectible.
  • Superbly priced.
  • A way to get your hands on some older models.

As Christmas comes at us faster than, well, a racing car, we take a look at the top ten Hot Wheels cars that will thrill any child on any day of the year but will make ideal gifts for the big day in December. 2020 is the 50th anniversary of the Hot Wheels car and even after half a century they still remain as popular in modern times as they were all those years ago.

Cars and hot wheels tracks may have become a little more sophisticated in their build, but the idea behind them is still the same as it was all those years ago: go faster than your opponent and have loads of fun as you try!

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Whether buying for a newcomer to the Hot Wheels world or to expand the garage of an experienced old hand, there is sure to be a winner in the list below of the top 10 Hot Wheels cars and vehicles.

View the Best Hot Wheels Cars, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to purchasing Hot Wheels merchandise it really comes down to who you are buying it for which is not a strange a statement as it seems. Such is the popularity of Hot Wheels toy cars and tracks they are enjoyed by both young and old and as mentioned, have been so appreciated for fifty years. Over those years the cars and tracks have remained basically the same in how they operate but have naturally followed the trends of the day.

As cars develop and change style and shape then so do those in the Hot Wheels sets. What used to be fairly straightforward Hot Wheels tracks are now much more complicated and intricate with more and more features being developed every year. Another development has been tie-ins to movies and characters and this has opened up Hot Wheels cars to a whole new audience. So when you make your Hot Wheels purchase what should you consider?

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Collectors Item or Toy?

As you can see in the top ten list there are some pretty amazing Hot Wheels car sets out there. If you are buying a gift for an older person who collects Hot Wheels rare cars, then you perhaps may be best looking for the item that stands to be highly collectible in years to come. The Star Wars set is a perfect example that if kept in pristine condition, and of course remains in its packaging, could be a rare Hot Wheels car in years to come.

Indeed, because of its tie-in with such a beloved movie franchise, it could become one of the most valuable Hot Wheels cars of its day. Other potential Hot Wheels cars in our list that may one day top the Hot Wheels Collectors price guide are the Marvel comic link ups – anything that little bit different and with a link to something in our popular culture always has the potential to become a rare Hot Wheels car.

That said, there are Hot Wheels collections out there that are rare and valuable simply because at the time of release they didn’t sell well so were discontinued. That means any Hot Wheels car has the potential to be worth money in the future so even a model from the twenty-car pack could one day be one on the Hot wheels collectors checklist.

Kids on the other hand simply love to just play with Hot Wheels cars and will definitely put them through their paces and give them a thorough work out. Cars thundering through the air and clattering into doors and floors not to mention animals and people is the order of the day when it comes to Hot Wheel cars. Which sets to buy for kids really depends on their Hot Wheels experience.


A starter needs a basic track and a few cars. This can be built on over time and if the child really develops a taste for Hot Wheels cars then Christmas and Birthdays become that much easier as there are so many Hot Wheels products that can add to and enhance a Hot Wheels collection.

Naturally as the child grows older its interest may head off down the collector’s route and hopefully, at some point, he will have come across the odd rare Hot Wheels car that is still in pretty good condition amongst those he owns and so his Hot Wheels collection is up and running.

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Tips For Hot Wheels Collectors.

  • Firstly, and most importantly, NEVER OPEN THE BOX! Sorry for shouting but this cannot be stressed enough. As with anything collectible, it is worth so much more unopened. This is a cardinal rule of collecting Hot Wheels cars and anything else for that matter.
  • Car boot sales and garage sales are always a good source of Hot Wheels collector sets.
  • There are Hot Wheels checklists of newer cars so if you are just taking up collecting you can keep a good inventory of more recent releases.
  • Make sure you keep up to date with news of special Hot Wheels collector days and product launches at stores and conventions.
  • Search eBay or collector’s websites for cars you need to complete your Hot Wheels collection.
  • Try to scour specialist hobbyist magazines, especially the for sale ads and event calendars.
  • There are a dozen Hot Wheels Final Run retiring models each year; these will be very difficult to find though but you never know!
  • If you buy from eBay check out the seller and their selling history. This goes for any online purchase, not just when it comes to buying and selling Hot Wheels cars.
  • Planet Micro vehicles sets are well worth collecting. These micro car sets are a series of six.
  • Don’t get so caught up in it all that you spend money you cannot afford to spend. Whether as toys or as a hobby collecting, Hot Wheels cars are fundamentally about having fun!



For fifty years Mattel has been producing top quality toys in the shape of Hot Wheels cars, tracks, and sundries. It is a testament to the popularity of Hot Wheels cars that they are still as widely played with today as they ever were, despite us living in this technological age of the phone and computer screen which vast swathes of people seem to pull themselves away from. Perhaps sometimes there is no substitute for sheer fun and excitement and what could be more exciting as a kid than racing cars that actually do really move extremely quickly?

Not only do Hot Wheels cars appeal to the child but many adults are also extremely fond of them and Hot Wheels collectors and their love of rare Hot Wheels cars are in abundance. Hot Wheels products make excellent gifts and with the holiday season nearly upon us will be flying off the shelves.

So maybe you had better get out there and do some shopping before this year’s models become a rarity! Such is the demand for Hot Wheels cars even after all of this time, it is a heartening thought that in fifty years time, people might still be enjoying them in one form or another.