The Best Hiking Backpacks for Hassle-Free Wilderness Adventures

Stylish and Quality Hiking Backpacks for Backcountry Adventures

Planning to go on some backpacking trip abroad? A crucial piece of gear that you will need to have with you is a reliable backpack. Careful thought as well as consideration must be put into choosing the best backpack for your requirements considering that you will be wearing this for several hours during your backpacking trip. We have made the process of choosing the best hiking backpacks easier for you by selecting the ones that are absolutely the best in the market.

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If any of you have seen the movie 127 Hours, then you will appreciate the importance of proper equipment when hiking and exploring, especially when you are on your own. Although in reality, the best backpack in the world is not going to stop you from getting stuck between two rocks like in the movie, however, the point is that if you are going to go hiking, it is important to make sure that you take a proper backpack with proper equipment. It could end up being the best purchase of your life. There are three main points you need to consider when shopping for a hiking backpack.

The Backpack Capacity

The capacity or size of the backpack that you need is going to depend on factors such as the bulk and amount of items you are planning to carry and the length of your trip.


What are some of the refinements in the backpack that will come in handy during your hiking? Some of the backpacks we have reviewed have features such as compression straps for storing extra luggage like sleeping bags, gear loops, rainfly, padded straps and water bladders amongst others.

Backpack Fit

When determining the right backpack fit, your torso length will matter the most and not your height as many might assume. Backpacks are available in a host of sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest. This can fit into a vast array of torso lengths. The size range depends on gender and the manufacturer. On most retailer websites, you can see product specs that can help you figure out the right size for your backpacks.

You can also work with the sales representative to figure out the right backpack size for your torso. If you are unsure about the length of your torso when making purchases online, you can go for the adjustable backpack which you can modify to fit your torso.

Waist Size

Apart from the torso length, another important consideration to look into when purchasing a backpack is the waist size. Keep in mind that most of the hiking backpack weight will be resting on your hips and there are various backpack hipbelts available for various hip sizes. If you have a narrower waist, the standard backpack hipbelt wouldn’t be tight enough to secure the backpack in place on your hips in which case you will need a smaller hipbelt for a more comfortable fit.

Price and Warranty

Check pricing and manufacturer warranty. There are some manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty on the product. This is simply unbeatable value. If a retailer places a lifetime warranty on a product, no matter what it takes, then they must be selling a quality product. All the hiking backpacks we have reviewed are also reasonably priced with all priced at under $100 with some costing as little as $20. Not all backpacks are made the same and the best that you could buy are not necessarily cheap.

That is why it is important to devote your time to finding the right one for your needs by researching and reading reviews on the top rated and reliable ones in the market. By purchasing any of the featured hiking backpacks, you will be ensuring that you can concentrate more on the actual hike or activity, and less on what is going on with your back.

Whether you require a backpack that focuses entirely on hydration or a backpack that can hold everything except the kitchen sink, or if you are a real adventurer that wants to use the single backpack for a wide range of activities, there will be the perfect backpack for you and your lifestyle.