9 Best HEXBUG Toys of 2020

best overall rating
  • Gravity Defying
  • Special Edition
  • Fully Automated
premium choice rating
  • 100 configurations
  • Foldable arena
  • Interactable playing time
great value rating
  • Glow in the dark
  • Removable exoskeleton
  • Can flip over from its back

As technology takes the world by storm, one toy has combined the innovations of the robotics industry with the fun that inspires kids to learn: the HEXBUG. It is important to start exposing children to technology at a young age. By the time they are grown, the world we live in today will have completely changed, and it will be up to them to engineer the latest products. HEXBUG focuses on creating toys that encourage kids to be comfortable around robotics and engineering.

The remote-controlled robots promote the development of hand-eye coordination while being just plain fun at the same time. Having robot toys in the house will introduce a curiosity in young children that will be important to the future of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) education.

With the huge selection of HEXBUG products on the market, you will undoubtedly find a toy your child will love. To get started, below is a review of the 10 best robotics toys currently available.

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best overall rating

1. HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy

HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy


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If you have a young child over the age of three who loves to play with bugs, this is the toy for them. Without the dirt and germs that playing with real insects includes, this HEXBUG will introduce your kids to and help them become more comfortable around robotics.

The HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy pack includes five autonomous bugs that scurry across the floor, up tubes, and around the house, acting just like a real bug. Inside this special edition pack, you get four different colored HEX BUGs, one limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark bug, and batteries are included!

With no assembly required and its more-than realistic movements, this toy is easy entertainment and provides an early introduction to the possibilities of technology to your growing children. To top it off, these packages are Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Certified.

Why We Like It
  • Gravity Defying
  • Special Edition
  • Fully Automated
  • Upgraded Speed
  • Adapts to Environment
premium choice rating

2. BattleBots Arena Pro

HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro


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The BattleBots Arena Pro is perfect for older kids who love to be creative and fight robots. This set comes with two completely remote-controlled and customizable BattleBots as well as a foldable arena. After they have designed their own machine, children can compete against a friend or family member to see who engineered the best bot.

Kids aged eight and up will get to experience the beginnings of engineering and can decide which combination of battle armor and weapons will make the best competitor. Designed after the hit television show BattleBots, this toy brings to life a miniature simulation of what it’s like to be a real robot fighter.

The endless options for designs that this toy brings will keep your children occupied for hours. Made from durable materials, these robots will last the beating taken from all the battles that the kids will love staging!

Why We Like It
  • 100 configurations
  • Foldable arena
  • Interactable playing time
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Compliant with the CPSIA
great value rating

3. HEXBUG Nano Mutant Zombie

HEXBUG Nano Mutant Zombie, Brown


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This collectible HEXBUG Nano is propelled by the vibration that its small motor gives off. With twelve legs, the robotic bug is able to maneuver around whatever you put in front of it. Whether you put it in a maze or let it roam around the room, its lifelike movements are extremely realistic.

The HEXBUG NANO Mutant Zombie comes inside a randomly selected orange or black coffin and has a removable exoskeleton. The outer casing glows in the dark, making it perfect for play at night or during the day. With the exoskeleton removed, it can even get flipped over on its back and figure its way right side up.

The unique design and extra accessory make the imagination come alive with this Nano bug. The glow in the dark back ensures your kids will be able to play with it at night without losing it.

Why We Like It
  • Glow in the dark
  • Removable exoskeleton
  • Can flip over from its back
  • Day and night play
  • Fun for all ages over three

4. Nano V2 Neon Infinity Loop

HEXBUG nano V2 Neon Infinity Loop


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The HEXBUG Nano V2 Neon Infinity Loop is the perfect fit for a younger child as a starter kit to building tracks. With simple assembly, you can watch your kids learn to follow directions and put together a toy themselves. It comes with a Nano bug and a double loop track that has an open play area in the middle, too.

The HEXBUG can crawl on its back or on its legs through the tubes, navigating them with no problem. You can even put multiple bugs in the same tubes, and they can pass each other with ease. You’ll never have to worry about them getting stuck behind one another.

As you and your kids watch this robotic insect defy gravity through the tubes, you’ll experience its true potential. These bugs automatically propel themselves, providing you with a robotic show.

Why We Like It
  • Minimal assembly required, good for experience
  • HEXBUG Nano included
  • Vibrant neon colors
  • Compatible with all Nano V2 sets
  • Multiple bugs can play inside

5. HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy

HEXBUG Deluxe nano Cat Toy Pack Plus Remote Control


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HEXBUG does not just make toys for humans – they make a cat toy, too! This interactive HEXBUG Nano scurries away from your kitty, tricking it into thinking it’s a real bug. No matter if your furry friend backs the robot into a corner or flips it over, it can always find its way out of trouble, so your cat has endless fun.

The cat toy comes with a furry tail attached to the back that follows it around with every move. It comes packaged in a randomly selected color and is guaranteed to catch the attention of your cat with its fast pace.

As busy as life can be, cat owners might not have all the time in the world to play with a handheld toy with their cat. The HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy provides continuous lifelike entertainment for your cat.

Why We Like It
  • Lifelike bug movements
  • Can navigate away from corners
  • Attached tail
  • No controls required
  • Fast moving

6. BattleBots Remote Control Beta

HEXBUG BattleBots Remote Control Beta


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Designed to replicate a popular robot from BattleBots, Beta, this machine is equipped with a swinging hammer that comes crashing down from the top. This powerful weapon is used to smash opponents to pieces in the arena. It will be your go-to Battlebot to put in the ring against the strongest competitors.

This BattleBot comes with remote control and is completely assembled. The remote uses infrared technology in order to respond immediately to the controls the player makes. It will undoubtedly destroy any other robot that comes in its way.

With the fan-favorite design and high-quality weapon, this BattleBot is fun to use for all ages. You can use your imagination and pretend as if you’re competing on TV with the best of the best.

Why We Like It
  • No assembly required
  • Attached hammer weapon
  • Remote included
  • Collectable Item
  • Modeled after a fan favorite

7. Battle Spider 2.0 Dual Pack

HEXBUG Battle Spider 2.0 Dual Pack


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The Battle Spider 2.0 Dual Pack takes HEXBUG battles to a whole other level. With sensors in each spider, they can detect and measure every hit to determine a winner of the round. The remote controls also have the ability to switch between maneuvering just one spider or multiple robots at the same time.

This pack contains one orange and one blue spider. It also comes with a two-channel remote for each of the spiders. With its six legs and LED forward eye, it can travel in any direction and has better ability to get around objects and attempted hits.

With the specific sensors for each Battle Spider, there can be a real winner for every match. You can even put more than two in the arena and fight with multiple spiders, switching between them to catch your opponents off guard.

Why We Like It
  • Control single or multiple spiders
  • Damage sensors
  • 360-degree mobility
  • Sound effects
  • Two pack at a good value

8. HEXBUG Nano Space Discovery Station

HEXBUG Nano Space Discovery Station


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The HEXBUG Nano Space Discovery Station combines the robotic aspect of the usual HEXBUGs with the exploration of space. Designed to encourage kids’ curiosity about space, this interactive set allows kids to dress up the Nanos and have them perform different space-related tasks.

This set comes with two Nanos, an ion cannon, a satellite that can be positioned, and even a space suit to dress your bug in. It will even be able to access an airlock passage and drive a space rover. With all these accessories, kids can create a scenario for their Nano to discover space as they please.

The HEXBUG Nano Space Discovery Station offers a platform for young kids to really let their imagination run free. They have the chance to learn about space equipment and robotics with the same set of toys.

Why We Like It
  • Multiple Nanos
  • Costume for the Nano
  • Interactive
  • Endless possibilities of narratives
  • Dual learning experience

9. HEXBUG Spider

Hexbug Spider, Random Color


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Rounding up our list at number ten is the HEXBUG Spider . This is the single version of the same spiders in the dual pack. This spider has a head that can turn a complete 360 degrees. With its LED forward eye, it can move in any direction you want it to.

In this package, you get a two-channel remote and one HEXBUG Spider. They come in four different colors: red, orange, green, blue and light blue. With the ability to control multiple spiders with one remote, why not collect them all?

Incorporating the ability for the spider to turn its head around completely gives this spider an extreme advantage in competitive situations. With the two-channel remote, a child can exercise their brain by focusing on moving two different robots.

Why We Like It
  • Moves in any direction
  • Variety of colors
  • Infrared technology
  • Rotating head
  • Two-channel remote

HEXBUG Buyers Guide

When searching for the best presents to buy for your kids, you want to make sure to buy the right one. There might be questions that come to mind like, what are they made of? What is safe? The following factors are some you might consider before purchasing.

Automated vs Remote Controlled Toys

A main difference between the various HEXBUGs is whether you are buying an autonomous or remote-controlled product.


If you are buying for younger kids or a pet, it is better to buy the motor-run robots. These products turn on and propel themselves with a simple flip of a switch. They are less complicated but still offer the same amount of educational benefit as the remote-controlled bots. These robots still respond to environmental stimuli with their ability to turn around when they feel a blockage in front of them or hear a loud noise.

Younger kids will be more satisfied with this bug because it provides a toy that is interactive enough but does not require extensive skill that they might not have.


Remote Controlled

The remote-controlled HEXBUGs are great for kids starting at the age of eight. This is when hand-eye coordination skills start to develop. Using these robots is like a real-life video game that any kid would have a blast with. With these remotes, you can control up to four robots at a time. This increases the difficulty of fights when you are trying to handle multiple robots at one time.

It is important that kids this age learn to be comfortable with the idea of robots, especially as they are now being introduced into real life. One big problem with technology now is that the older generations do not understand new innovations like the younger generations do.

We can avoid this happening in the future by having our kids grow up around what is coming. Remote-controlled HEXBUGs let your kids test out what it feels like to play with and control a robot, starting from a young age.

Ease of Remote Controls

You may be wondering if this is something that your child can figure out when it comes to the robots that operate by remote controls. Luckily, the remotes only have a few buttons on them and don’t present too much difficulty. All products come with instructions to help the user figure out the products. The only potential challenge with the controls is figuring out how to pair the multichannel HEX BUGS.

The official HEXBUG website has tutorials made on YouTube just in case you find the instructions unclear or need a visual representation. All you need to do is make sure everyone goes one at a time. That way, the only person pressing buttons is the one channeling their BattleBot.

First, you pick a channel on the remote and then turn on your choice of bot.

Aim the remote at it, press any button, and you’ll be paired! Repeat until everyone has a robot connected to their controller.



Along with most toys, all the HEXBUG toys have a minimum age requirement of three. The small pieces these toys are comprised of could present a choking hazard to any child that puts them in their mouth. If a piece breaks off or the toy requires assembly of small parts, it would be a disaster, especially if a baby somehow got ahold of it. It is imperative as a parent to keep young children away from any toy that has a choking hazard.

Understandably, safety should be a top priority on a list of things to know about a product. Every toy on this list is guaranteed safe for children three and up, and every product that the HEXBUG company produces is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This ensures the products they use in the manufacturing of their toys are safe, and the packaging they come in is child-resistant.

Age Recommendations

It is highly recommended that parents follow the age recommendations. Even if the age recommendation might be higher because of the level of thinking, you cannot be too safe in assuming it might also contain dangerous products for younger children.

If you are buying these products for one of your kids that is of age, but you also have a younger child, it is important you store the toys in a place where the youngest will not have access to them. Going in the opposite direction, you may not want to buy a toy meant for a younger age than your child because they may not enjoy it.

What are HEXBUGs?

HEXBUGs are miniature collectible robots that mimic the motions of real bugs. The help of a small motor allows these bots to use vibration to propel themselves forward; they are autonomous creatures. They range in size and have anywhere between six and twelve legs that they use to maneuver around objects that get in their way.


These robotic insects respond to touch on their antenna and sound, making them immediately reverse direction. They can even be flipped on their backs, only for the intelligent toy to make its way back onto its legs.


HEXBUGs are great toys to keep your kids occupied and learning about new technology for hours at a time. These robotic bugs are so lifelike with their movements and maneuvers, they will even trick your cat into thinking they are real. Buying an educational product for your children to enjoy is a pro-parenting move. With options for your kids to use both their creativity and imagination, these toys are great for exercising the brain and for having fun at the same time.

With products available for children as young as three, HEXBUGS have found a way to promote a curiosity of physics and robotics, so that children are inspired to learn about it for a lifetime. Knowing this generation will be the inventors and engineers for the future, it is important that they are up to speed with developing the technology. Your kids will have no idea they are learning while having the time of their lives!

Expert Tip

Since most of these products are constantly running a motor, always have extra batteries laying around. The batteries included will probably only last 4 hours, but are very easy to change.

Did You Know?

HEXBUGs won the iParenting Media Award for Best Products in 2009. Just some of the categories for which they were judged: educational nature, product quality, and fun value.