Reviews Of The 9 Best Henes Broon Electric Cars

The Best of Henes Broon Electric Cars for Kids

Want your preschoolers to travel in style? Give your child the best luxury for his age and get him one of the world class Henes Broon cars today. Designed for the kids who love to experiment and test their driving skills, these cars give the actual experience and fun – for both the adults and kids – with all the essentials of a real car. Environment-friendly, stylish and safe, these vehicles will definitely keep your little one busy and happy. Alternatively, if you are looking for the best power wheels for your kid, click here.

Here we have selected the top nine Henes Broons for our review. Check out our list below and pick one for your kid right away!

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Buying Guide for Henes Broon Electric Cars

All of these Henes Broons are manufactured with the highest standards to give your child the safety he/she needs.

They are known to manufacture the best four wheel cars for children, in fact, it’s more of a specialized field for Henes Broon. All these cars are manufactured with precision and provide the ultimate joy and excitement to kids, worldwide.

So, what factors should you look for as you decide on the right car for your child?

Here are a few of the major considerations to make before choosing and buying the right model.

  • Safety Features

As with all other cycles, cars or riding toys, there are chances that the child may fall or tip over or accidently bump into other things. So you need to look for the safety first for these cars. First, comes the speed. Most of these cars move at a slower speed to minimize the chances of the child taking it far from reach and to dangerous areas beyond the range of adult supervision.

Next, comes the battery box; although manufactured to meet the safety standards, it is always better to buy one model, where the battery box is either not visible or hidden somewhere underneath the car, away from the sight of the curious kids.

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Another feature to look for is the seat-belt. Always ensure that the child wears the seatbelt; this is not just important for their solo drive, but will also make them aware of the need and safety it provides in an actual car. A helmet, as an accessory, although not entirely mandatory, but will be really good to use when the child experiments with his driving skills outdoors.

  • Be Wary Of The Age-Limit

These cars offer a real life experience of driving. It is always advised to check the age limits as well as your child’s motor skills before getting him on board. Adult supervision during usage is a must at all times, be it indoors or outside the house.

  • Choose The Car Which Grows With Your Child

These cars are not a toy you will buy every day. So, always look for one which lasts a few years for your child. As he or she grows, they will enjoy it all the more as they learn more about the traffic basics and make up their own games around the block.

Let’s look a bit into the functions of these cars. Not manufactured like other toys, these cars have SO many features, that it really is hard to get into the complete details and functions of all. We’ll discuss the major features and functions to look for when making the purchase; here’s out list of the top ones:

  • Smart System – Mounted Tablet

These cars come with a unique safety system and have a mounted 7” android tablet on their dashboards. This serves the dual purpose of providing ease of navigation to your kids as well as a source of entertainment when the car is not being driven.

This tablet is Wi-Fi network enabled and in a case of any issues the tablet lets you know about the problem through its smart testing. This way you will know the exact part that is damaged or need a replacement and will save up a considerable time in diagnosing the problem.

  • Remote Control

This is a very important feature of these cars. This gives remote access and control to the parents and ensures that the car and children stay safe and within range. If in case the car is about to get out of the range, the controller starts vibrating to let you know and in case, the car happens to go completely out of range, it will come to a dead stop.

This inbuilt mechanism helps in minimizing all unforeseeable accidents that could take place and makes the ride much safer.

  • The Exterior

These cars have been designed just like the actual adult-sized sports cars, and made with the highest quality and style, to give your child a feel of his ‘own car’.

The doors, hood, and trunk work and open/close just like the actual cars, the head/tail, and brake lights work alongside too just as realistically. There are many models which allow the users to change the exterior when desired. Just remove and insert the new exterior to the platform and give your child’s car a brand new, beautiful look whenever you want. Read more about the top car jacks for rides like these.

  • Controls

These vehicles contain a button to start-up the ‘engine’ and have a working steering, brakes, as well as an accelerator. There are automatic working indicator lights for a right or left turn and high-quality polyurethane tires.

The wheels are strongly supported by a spoke and wheel fastener and connected with the suspensions and steering. It employs the independent suspensions which provide maximum support to the wheels and make the ride ever safer for the young drivers.

  • Car Interior

The interior of the car is very much like an actual car. It has an accelerator as well as a paddle for brake; the most excellent part is the actual working gear box!

  • Assembly

These cars require minimum assembling from the user’s end. Just follow the manual and fix the disc brakes, wheels, and a few other parts and your child is good to go.

  • Speed Settings

There are over three or usually five settings for the speed; the driver can also control the speed by hitting the brakes or the parent can keep the full control in their hands with the Bluetooth remote controller.

Other functionalities of the car include:

  • An android tablet with the mount to place on the dashboard for navigation or entertainment.
  • Speakers for listening to music while driving.
  • Remote control for parental supervision and control.
  • A variety of vibrant as well as sober colors.
  • A leather covered comfortable seat.
  • Lead acid battery (rechargeable).
  • Storage space in the trunk.
  • Speed control modes.
  • Tail, brake and backup lights.
  • MP3 players in some of the models.
  • Polyurethane tires.
  • Stylish wheel rims.

For more tips on buying the right model, read on here.

Where to Buy Henes Broon?

As with all other products, there are a variety of places you can get these cars. The local toy stores, online stores, etc. with less time on hand, you can avail the services offered by

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The top most concern of online buyers usually is, if the delivered product would be just as described both in looks and quality? This question is best answered by the customer reviews; these inform you about the actual customer experiences with the product. The star rating is the biggest determinant of the product quality too.

If you have any questions about the car, its usage, battery life, etc. that is, ANY question in the world about the Henes Broons, you can just post it there and will find your answer in a short time or you may even find it already posted and answered there!

Now you don’t have to travel all the way up to a physical store and go through all the models and decide on one when you can just conveniently do all that sitting at home.

Just imagine, the cheeky smile on your child’s face, when the big amazon carton reaches your doorstep!


So, if you want to get your kids all the luxury for their age, you should invest in a Henes Broon car. It’s not just fun, enjoyable for both the parents as well as the kids, but also helps them learn the basic driving skills, and gain an actual driving experience.

Although quite more expensive than the other toys, these cars are much safer and reliable for your kids. Let them have fun, and make them learn about the basic traffic guidelines and road safety rules alongside and enjoy watching these tiny people take another step towards adulthood.