10 Best Hatchimals of 2020

best overall rating
  • Recommended for ages 5+
  • Powered by imagination
  • Each egg is approximately 2 inches high
premium choice rating
  • Recommended for ages 5+ years of age
  • Interactive with 2 CR123A Batteries included
  • Size - 5.8 x 8 x 12 inches
great value rating
  • Recommended for ages 5+
  • Powered by imagination, no batteries required
  • Set is 1.6 x 7 x 9.2 inches in size

The latest version of the newborn baby craze that seems to capture the imagination of small children everywhere, Hatchimals are just that – unique and colorful interactive animals that are hatched from an speckled egg. What makes Hatchimals special is their robotic quality that triggers the imagination and creates an immediate connection between toy and child. While not all Hatchimal products have this interactive quality, the concept is still creatively unique.

Following its initial success the Spin Master company has even introduced a line of collectible miniatures (called CollEGGtibles) which can be collected and traded. Playsets for these miniatures have been added and the inch high figures can be purchased separately or in sets.

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Now in its season two of production, there are over 100 new little Hatchimals to be collected. Here is a list of what might be the best options for finding all of these cute, sparkly miniatures.

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Buyer’s Guide

What are Hatchimals?

Characterized as electronic bird-like creature, this toy has been manufactured by Spin Master since 2016 and enjoyed immediate success. The soft plush style coupled with robotic skills and personality has been a winner for the company. What started as a 6 inch plush toy with sounds and movements that hatches out of an egg has morphed into different sizes and species of the toy and a new collectible version of miniature figures.

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Read the Directions

Hatchimals build on the technology lessons of past toys. While they are more interactive than their ancestors, there can still be problems. The best advice anyone can have is to READ THE DIRECTIONS before trying to use the product. A 10-page PDF (Yes, folks, 10 pages in multiple languages) is available from the Spin Master company. Reading in advance of the ‘birth’ might just minimize the frustration when technology does not follow the rules.


Instructions and cheat sheet are packaged with most models and are key to unlocking the secrets of getting your Hatchimal to interact as advertised. Movements are also included in what the toys can do. (http://download-instructions.spinmaster.com/HTCH/F16/Hatchimals_F16_IS_GBL.pdf)

Life Span Feature

Although it is unclear how all this works, the company states that Hatchimals will transition through certain life stages such as baby, toddler and kid. At each stage, the games and activities change to keep up with the toys apparent ‘growth’.

Age Range/ Gender

Hatchimals are recommended for boys and girls age 5 and older. ‘Hatching’ the egg does require a certain amount of patience and dexterity which is one reason they may not be rated for children age 3 and up. In practice, however, most consumers of Hatchimal products seem to be girls between the age of 5 and 10 years. Maturity levels can factor into their appeal since the figures have interactive personalities.

Younger children may be captivated by the hatching process but care should be taken to keep eggshell pieces and accessories from finding their way into small mouths.

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Choking Hazard

This product is considered a choking hazard due to the small parts that might come off as the hatchling is used. Recommended age for the product is age 5+.


Batteries or Not

All interactive Hatchimals require batteries to operate their robotic features. Different models of the product may have different battery requirements. Most playsets also require batteries for the sound and special effect features. However, the CollEGGtible miniature figures do not use batteries unless used as part of a playset. Here are a few questions that might come up.

  • What if my Hatchimal ‘dies? As cute as the toy is most children will find some way to interact with it but to make it fully functional the batteries should be replaced shortly after the ‘birth’. Directions for replacing batteries are included
  • Can my Hatchimal be given a bath? Soft and cuddly as they are, these toys are robotic in nature and ma short out or stop working altogether if they are exposed to water or even extended periods of high humidity. The best way to keep a Hatchimal in good health is to keep it warm and dry. Looking for bath toys? Try these awesome bath-time toys.
  • Where can I go to get help if I need it? Spin Master operates an information website for grownups and there is customer service for any product defect issues. All that information should be in the instructions that come with the product.

Blind Box Packaging

Like many other collectible and popular products, Hatchimals are packed by what is known as the Blind Box method. In short, consumers are not given all the details about what is in the package. HatchiBaby products can be either a boy or a girl. CollEGGtible sets have no listing as to the identity of the figures that are waiting to be hatched. While it is very excited to get the gender you want or to find an ultra rare colleggtible in the carton, it is just as likely that the figures will be similar to or even identical to hatchlings that already line the shelf.

The Talking Scandal

When these products first hit the shelves, some parents claimed that the sounds were inappropriate. Mimicking baby talk and baby sounds, a creative imagination could possibly here all manner of words


Product Website/ Parent Resources

Spin Master maintains a product website for its consumers. Located at http://www.hatchimals.com/en_us/ the site offers product information and ways to enhance the Hatchimal experience. Parents can join the Hatch Club for news and special deals on collectible or new release items. Videos and other activities are also available online.

Expert Tip

Hatchimals has developed and released a line of collectible miniatures known as CollEGGtibles. In just 2 years, nearly 400 different figures have been released. Each has a rating which tells how hard it will be to obtain the figure. Spin Master has created an app for the purpose of tracking and trading it collectible figures. Apps are available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Did you know?

If you have purchased one of the interactive models of Hatchimals, the company recommends replacing the batteries that come with the set soon after the animal’s hatch. Since there is no standard size of battery for these products, check the package for details and purchase those that are needed. In some cases a small screwdriver is needed to access the battery compartment.