10 Best Harry Potter Toys in 2020

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First released in 1997, the Harry Potter books have been captivating children’s motivations for over two decades and have gone on to also become one of the largest film franchises in the world, grossing over $7.7 million. The international appeal of the stories about the boy who lived has resulted in a huge market for merchandise and toys that keep fans coming back for more.

If you are buying for a kid that loves Harry Potter, it can seem hard to navigate through the wide selection available to pick out the best gifts. There are construction sets, costumes and even magical accessories in the Harry Potter range, and they all come with different pros and cons. Luckily, we have done some of the research for you!

We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top 10 best Harry Potter toys available to buy online right now. We’ve also compiled a handy guide on the factors you should consider before making a purchase.

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Buyer’s Guide

Age Appropriateness

Though Harry Potter toys are generally just targeted to children, you want to make sure you buy one that is aimed at the specific age group. If a child is too young for a toy they may find it frustrating or it might even be unsafe in the case of toys with small parts. If a child is too old for a toy they will get bored of it quickly and it will be left to gather dust. Manufacturers often put age recommendations on their products but these should only be a suggested starting point.

Toys marketed for eight to 14-year-olds might be a bit too simple for 14-year-olds and often the realistic maximum age is a couple of years below the suggested one. Likewise, some toys that have wide age ranges might not be ideal for the younger ages in that range. Some sellers will treat this as a safety recommendation rather than a realistic age limit.


To get a good idea of what the appropriate age is, it is important that you check out the customer reviews. These are your best chance of getting a good idea of what age ranges usually use and enjoy the toy, and whether or not it is an age-appropriate purchase.

Safety and Durability

This is of utmost importance – especially when you are buying for children. If the toy is made out of plastics you want to make sure they are non-toxic and safe for children. They should also be somewhat flexible to prevent breakages, and moveable limbs on figurines should be well attached. If a product is made in the United States, Canada or EU it will definitely meet strict manufacturing standards and be safe for sale in the United States.

If it is made elsewhere it might still be safe, especially if it is sold by a US company or by Warner Bros themselves, but you should always double check the reviews. Customer reviews will let you know how long a product stays intact and if there are any safety concerns. This is your best chance to check that the manufacturers are living up to the claims they have made.

Officially licensed

Products in the Harry Potter range should be officially licensed by Warner Bros. This is not a general rule, as there are some great unlicensed products available (such as the Snowy Owl on this list), but products which have been officially licensed by Warner Bros will have to meet strict standards around manufacturing and marketing claims will be more likely to meet the reality of the product. If you are buying something that is unlicensed, make sure to check out customer reviews.

If it is a great replacement many customers will be more than happy to share their experience in the reviews section, and if there are any issues with durability or safety these will also be aired in the reviews section. The Snowy Owl featured here did not even claim to be a Harry Potter product, but many of the customer reviews compared it to a similar official product and said they preferred the unofficial version.



From the original book series by J.K. Rowling right through to the films and modern video games, Harry Potter has captivated children’s imaginations. There are many fantastic products available that would make a brilliant gift for Harry Potter fans who already have all of the books, DVDs and most popular merchandise items. The most important factor you need to consider is safety, and then you can have some more fun considering the other features.

It is also worth trying to figure out what their other interests are to see if you can align this with their love for Harry Potter to make a more extra special gift. Many Harry Potter toys also have educational value, and this is a fantastic way to help kids develop their skills and knowledge in a manner that will be fun to them and keep them entertained.

This list serves mostly as a guide. We genuinely believe these are the ten best products you can buy, but there are many other great Harry Potter products out there for you to check out – you just need to make sure you stick to our advice and we are sure you will find the right gift in no time at all.

Expert Tip

Sticking to a tight budget? Try to figure out what items they already have and see if you can find something to compliment them. They might already have the wand, but the costume to go along with it is very reasonably priced.