10 Best Gifts For Teenage Girls in 2020

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If you’re looking for cool Christmas gifts for teen girls, read on. Gift ideas for teenage girls range from top-of-the-line techs like tablets and headphones to a simple, relaxing gift box of bath bombs. Yes, the electronic gifts can be incredibly expensive, but they’re also quite popular with teenagers. That’s why we’ve provided a list of both electronic and low-tech gift ideas that could be perfect for the teen girl you’re shopping for.

In our research, we’ve found ten items that will appeal to many teenage girls. We’ve combed through all the customer reviews for these items, leaving for you a to-the-point review for each of them. Below are ten Christmas gifts for teenage girls that are sure to bring a smile to her face and check every box on her Christmas wish list.

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Buyer’s Guide

Gifts for teenagers can be hard to come by, especially when your teen doesn’t know what to ask for for Christmas. Finding your teen gifts that they won’t scoff at is a challenge. The “type” of product (tech, beauty, relaxation, productivity) can indicate whether or not she’ll enjoy their gift. Next, consider if the gift will become one that she will use on her own or one that could lead to her bonding with friends or family.

Some girls may prefer gifts like LEGO. If that’s the case you’re in luck! Check out this LEGO set review.


Lastly, ask if you’re getting your money’s worth. As in, how much does this cost and how much enjoyment will she get out of this? All these factors are covered below at length and may give you ideas on things to get for Christmas.

Product Type

The ten Christmas gift ideas for teens discussed above go into four basic categories: technology, productivity, relaxation, and beauty. All of them can be good Christmas gifts for girls. Sometimes the categories will overlap, being both tech and relaxation gifts, for example. It comes down to you to pick out good gifts your teen will connect with. Let’s talk about gift ideas for girls that incorporate technology first.

They can be quite expensive, costing $100 or more. A tiny camera like the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 has a high price bracket, but you have to consider all that it can do. This isn’t a camera from the 90s or even early 2000’s that has unfocused photos and grainy videos.  There’s a laundry list of high-tech functions that they’re capable of. Cameras are solid Christmas ideas for teens that will enthrall a recipient for weeks or more.

Likewise, the Fire HD 10 Tablet or the Echo Dot can be a bit pricey, but they are impressive. They might already be some of your teen’s Christmas wish list ideas. Teen girl gifts in the “productivity” category include the above Fire Tablet and Echo Dot. Those two are made for efficiency with their hands-free, voice-activated systems. These systems, run by a voice called Alexa, let the user play and pause music, turn TVs on and off, and make grocery or to-do lists.

There are thousands of other similar tasks that Alexa can accomplish without the user lifting a finger. A productive gift like Alexa can be perfect for a young teen girl in junior high or high school. There are plenty of cool presents for girls that contribute to relaxation. While the Fire Tablet and Echo Dot may help relaxation in their own way, they can also be overstimulating.

So to help your teen destress from school, we’d recommend something like the Bath Bomb Gift Set. Bath bombs are cool gifts for girls that can be used in a nice hot bath. Teens could also play relaxing music on the Dot, Fire Tablet, MRCOOL Lamp, or on the Beats Headphones. Just be careful of the bright, distracting screens. The same goes for if you bought them a Nintendo Switch.

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Sometimes video games can be overstimulating, other times they help with stress. It all depends on the game. When it comes down to it, helping a teenage girl relax might be easier, and less expensive, with a non-electronic gift! That brings us to one of the gifts girls love most: beauty products. These could also be called “self-care” products.

Whether they’re hygienic facial cleansers or makeup mirrors or a moisturizing bath bomb, these are good gifts for girls that help with beauty routines. Many teenage girls are invested in looking their very best. If you’re buying for a teen who loves makeup and general preening, looking for a beautifying product is a safe bet.

Solo or Group Activity

If you’re a parent/guardian looking for good Christmas gifts for teens, you may wish that your teens would spend more time with family. Some teen girl Christmas gifts may make it more likely that she’ll give you some attention. For example, the Nintendo Switch would be a great family bonding exercise if you set it up in the living room. You also may want to buy more Joy-Con controllers so you can add more players.

A camera like the Canon Powershot on our list will lead her to document memories with family and friends. Still, other tech Christmas gifts for teen girls might seclude her a bit if she gets sucked into the internet with them, so be aware of that possibility.


You already know that a lot of cool gifts for teen girls, particularly techy ones, will come at a big expense. With these pricey top gifts for teens, it’s important to note what can be done with them. Cameras today have dozens of features that older cameras never had. Products hooked up to Alexa (like the Fire Tablet and the Echo Dot) can do things we never dreamed of before. The Nintendo Switch has literally hundreds of games.

Many of these games can take hundreds of hours to beat. The point is, the best gifts for girls are going to last a bit longer than six baths worth of bath bombs. Though, to be fair, some girls might like bath bombs a lot more than they would be playing Super Smash Brothers on the Switch. That leads us to the most important point about value. That you should always ask, what does the gift recipient value in her life?

Lovers of drawing value art sets. Lovers of music value headphones. Lovers of reading value playing audiobooks. When all is said and done, it’s less up to you, the buyer, than it is up to her, the receiver. If you don’t know already, ask her what she does in her free time or what she wants to do.



With what you’ve learned from our list of teen gift ideas and our buyer’s guide, we hope you are that much closer to finding your teenage girl gifts she’ll love. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or any sort of celebration, there are lots of great ideas out there. But as we said above, it’s all about her in the end.

Putting a little thought into her hobbies is always beneficial. Researching her hobbies further online—whether you want to find her the latest video games, a new tablet, or the best bath bombs—is something that will help you out. We wish you luck in your search for the perfect gift.

Expert Tip

If you opt for a Nintendo Switch, look into what kinds of games the recipient likes to play. There’s a huge variety to choose from. There are lots of cool magazines on a lot of things teenagers are passionate about especially those wrapped around their interests (as this study suggests) be they horse riding (horse fans may like these My Little Pony toys), skating or just entertainment. Here, too, avoid the temptation to go too cliché. The magazine subscription should suit her hobbies or individual interests.

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