Special & Indulgent Gifts For Grandmas For Christmas

Get her a wonderful gift to show just how much you care

Treat your grandma to a special gift this Christmas!

If your grandma has always been a source of comfort, wisdom, and unconditional love, why not show her how invaluable she is with a thoughtful gift? Give her something useful that is related toone of her hobbies, such as a new set of gardening tools, or spoil her with a lovely pair of earrings or a silk scarf. Choose something special that shows that you understand what she likes. Stuck for ideas? Our list of the Best Gifts For Grandmas will give you some inspiration and great gift ideas for Christmas!

Best Gifts For Grandmas

PictureProduct NamePractical / PamperingPriceOur Rating
Kate Spade New York Stacy WalletPampering$$$5
Pink Freshwater Pearl EarringsPampering$$$5
Cottage BirdhousePractical$$4.75
Vince Camuto Floral WrapPampering$$5
Treasured Passages Letter BookPractical$$4.5
Pop Dot Tech GlovePractical$$4
Handbag/Purse LightPractical$4.95
Herbal Neck Pain Relief PillowPampering$5
Foldable Garden KneelerPractical$4

A Quick Guide to Buying the Best Gifts for Grandmas

Stuck for ideas for a Christmas gift for grandma? We can help! With a few careful considerations and some creativity, you will be able to show grandma just how much you care with a sentimental and indulgent Christmas gift.

What are the best gifts for grandmas for Christmas 2016?

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate the special bonds between family members, with family gatherings, dinners, outings, and gift-giving. Part of the preparation for Christmas is buying gifts, and deciding what to get for each of your loved ones. So, what do you get for grandma for Christmas 2016?

  • Something sentimental & personal. A gift that shows attention to detail and an emotional connection is always a good choice. The Treasured Passages Letter Book is a gift that offers the preservation of memories as well as valuable time spent sharing stories with your grandma. Personalized jewellery makes a lovely gift, such as an engraved bracelet or a locket with pictures of her grandchildren set safely inside. Monogrammed accessories, like a scarf or pair of gloves with her initials embroidered on them, will make her feel special. Similarly, choose gifts that you know she will love, by choosing an item according to her interests. Perhaps she is a bird enthusiast who would enjoy a bird book or a cute new birdhouse (like the Cottage Birdhouse), or a subscription to her favourite magazine.
  • Organize an experience. Time spent with your grandma is the most valuable gift of all, so you can organize something special for the two of you to enjoy together, as a unique Christmas gift. An outing to a museum, theatre show, dinner out, or lunch at a botanical garden are all great ways to spend some quality time with your grandma. Make sure that you cover all expenses, especially if you that her pension or savings don’t quite cover luxury activities! She may insist on contributing financially, but simply be firm and insist that it’s your treat.
  • Pamper her with a luxury gift. Your grandma might not buy special things for herself, so why not spoil her with a high quality, luxury gift such as a silk scarf or pearl earrings? You needn’t go overboard if she doesn’t really like luxury goods, but if she appreciates a good quality accessoryor piece of jewellery, make her day with something special! Make sure you choose something that she likes – for example, you wouldn’t get her a designer handbag if she enjoys collecting beautiful earrings!
  • Create a DIY gift for grandma with your kids. If your young children want to give grandma a Christmas gift that they have created themselves, you can help them to make a cute and sentimental gift! The easiest idea is to make a painting or a print, where each grandchild can add a bit of creativity. Some fun prompts include getting the grandchildren to draw themselves with their grandparents, making “art” for grandma, drawing her cats or other pets, or her favourite things. Get each child to sign their names – however they are able – and put a date on the artwork. You can frame it for her, and the kids can present grandma with the wrapped gift on Christmas.

How do I choose an appropriate gift for a grandma who livesa nursing home?

You may be perplexed when trying to choose a gift for your grandma if she lives in a nursing home, especially seeing as she probably has a smaller personal living space, and limited mobility and cognitive abilities. However, you can still get her a suitable and thoughtful gift, if you take a few things into consideration:

  • Do some research.If you’re not sure what the nursing home allows when it comes to safety etc, give them a call and make sure that your gift will be appropriate. For example, they may not allow pets (in case you were thinking about getting her a canary for company!) or some kinds of high-maintenance potted plants. If you are not able to visit your grandma as often as you’d like, and you’re not sure what she needs or what the nursing home offers, phone a relative whovisits your grandma regularly and ask for their advice.
  • Make her feel at home. If she has had to sell or move most of her belongings from her previous home, try to get her something the will make her feel more comfortable in her new room/suite. If she used to have comfy old furniture, look into getting her a second-hand, beautifully designed chair for her room, or a lovely new bed quilt that has a similar pattern to her old decor. If she had a large garden before moving that she loved tending to, why not get her a few small, easy-to-care-for potted plants? That way, she can enjoy having flowers and greenery in her room, no matter her mobility or how small her living space.
  • Know her ailments and limits. Getting older and frailer can be extremely difficult for your grandma, so it’s best to be sensitive and conscientious when it comes to gift choices. If she has deteriorating eyesight, a large-print version of her favourite book would be a better choice than a thick novel with fine print. Likewise, fiddly jigsaw puzzles may just frustrate her if her fine motor skills are not as good as they used to be. You want her to feel understood and cared for, so choosing a gift that suits her current abilities is essential.

What kind of gifts can I get for an active grandma?

If your are fortunate enough to have a grandma who is still very much healthy, active, and social, then you have a few more gift options available to you! Find out if she wants to try a new hobby, or whether she is interested in getting new tools or materials for an existing hobby, and get her something unique to enhance her leisure time activities! Keeping active is essential for the elderly, and you can help to keep your grandma healthy and happy with a practical and thoughtful gift.

  • If your grandma loves gardening but can’t bend over quite as easily to reach her beloved flowerbeds, get her a handy Foldable Garden Kneeler! The supportive foam will cushion her knees, and the device can be turned over to form a sturdy bench. No more sore back from stooping! Gardening together with your grandma is also a wonderful bonding activity, as you can chat and joke in a relaxed setting, whilst enjoying the outdoors. You might even learn a thing or two that you can pass on to your own grandchildren.
  • Most grandmas like to keep up with the lives of their children and grandchildren via social media, and you can support her interest by keeping her socially connected. You could get her a new smart phone or tablet if she isn’t able to afford one by herself, or a cosy pair of Pop Dot Tech Gloves that will let her use her smart devices whilst still keeping her hands warm in winter. You can spend some time with grandma as you teach her to use her new device, and even take a few selfies to mark the occasion! She will love feeling closer to her family, especially if you are separated by living across the country.
  • If she’s a fan of cultural events, why not get her a season/yearly pass to the theatre or her favourite museum? You can also set up several fun outings where you can go together and enjoy some cake and coffee afterwards. She will enjoy getting out and about, and having your company. You could also sign both your grandparents up to a dinner club or a skills class, so that they can have fun learning new things together.

In general, it’s good to avoid typical cliched Christmas gifts, and to choose personalized, sentimental gifts that are tailored to the personality and circumstances of your grandma. She will adore a gift that shows how much careful thought and love was put into it!

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