The Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls Who Have Everything

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  • Good for imagination, imitative play
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills
  • Well-made materials
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  • Burns energy
  • Improves balance and gross motor skills
  • Durable training wheels and tires
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  • Unique unboxing of figurines
  • Develops caring and imagination
  • Collectible

The best gift for a 4-year-old girl is a fun toy that entertains her for hours on end while also strengthening her budding skills. There’s a lot that’s going on in the development of a 4-year-old. Her gross motor skills are increasing rapidly. She’s been walking, running, and jumping better than ever. Toddler toys for girls that engage her physically, like bikes or scooters, will help her move even faster. This is also a time where she’s beginning to mature socially.

Some girls’ toys for 4-year-olds (like these top-rated baby dolls or cute LOL dolls) help a child with role playing and imagine various situations that will help them interact with the kids and adults around them. We’ve researched all the popular gifts for 4-year-old girls by going through countless videos, articles, and real customer reviews. In exploring the current market, we’ve found many toddler toys and gift ideas that will help set a little girl up developmentally.

Here’s a list of the ten top gifts for 4-year-old girls. Whether they’re baby dolls, superhero gadgets, or trampolines, these are the perfect gifts 4-year-olds can’t get enough of.

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Buyer’s Gift Guide

Toys are very important in any child’s formative years. When they’re around 4 years old, they need all sorts of stimulation, whether its educational toys, or gets them active, or simply stokes their imagination in a positive way with imaginative play. Below we’ll discuss the benefits that the best presents for a 4-year-old girl can bring to a to her development. If your little girl is already 4, it may be worth considering some of these popular gifts for 5-year-old girls. or perhaps even these gift ideas for girls aged 6 years old.


We’ll also go into how durable a given toy might be, which ties into a toy’s overall value: how much does this fun toy cost, will it last, and will your child be entertained by it for a long time? Read on to learn about the developmental benefits, durability, and value you should look for in toys for girls.

Developmental Benefits

A small child’s life needs constant enrichment. Many of the gift ideas for 4-year-olds on our list are simple baby dolls or action figures, but they represent much more in a 4-year old’s mind. A little kid learns a lot about perspective and empathy when they play with dolls that represent something other than themselves. By putting herself in another’s shoes, a young girl can think about what it’s like to be someone else.

Role playing is also a great way to learn how to solve problems by thinking outside the box, so to speak. So all of this imagining can be great for a kid socially, even if they’re spending hours alone with just their toddler toys. Especially with toys like the Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctor Playset and the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, a little girl can learn a lot about nurturing and caring.

Taking care of her stuffed animal patients or hatching CollEGGtible eggs are surefire ways for her to grow up to be more empathetic in real life. A 4-year-old is also in the process of developing fine and gross motor skills with the help of STEM toys. With toys like the Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline and the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike, a 4-year-old girl will use her whole body.

In addition to this, she’s exercising while having fun. With her energy thoroughly exhausted by jumping on the trampoline or riding her bike for hours every day, she’ll fall asleep quickly at night, leading to a productive REM sleep that will only help her more.

4-year-old girls will love these waterproof raincoats for kids.


If you’re searching for a birthday party present for a 4-year-old girl and want it to last, you should know that most of the products we listed are made plastic. And it’s really a toss-up game as to whether the plastic can withstand scrapes against the floor. Or your 4-year-old lovingly chucking the toy across the room. It’s not easy to tell from an Amazon page if the plastic and metal Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline will withstand hours of abuse or if the Paw Patrol Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile is well-made.


You’ll have a better chance of figuring this out if you scroll down to Amazon’s customer reviews. With the trampoline, it has a strong elastic webbing and hardy plastic and metal. The only problem is the foam on the handlebars that some children might pick at. With the Paw Patrol toys such as the Snowmobile, customers haven’t said much about durability, which should lead you to assume that no news is good news!

On the other hand, multiple parents say that the Vtech PJ Masks Super Owlette Watch slipped off their child’s wrist a lot or needed new batteries. In that case, you may have to weigh the possible lack of durability against how much your child loves PJ Masks toys.


Durability is a good way to determine value if you don’t want a fun toy that will immediately fall apart. Still, there are other questions you’ll have to ask about what makes a toy worth your money. How about, what makes the toy worth your child’s time? For example, $20 for the Little Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup Signature Play Set isn’t bad at all. But if the 4-year-old you’re buying for doesn’t care about makeup kit, you’ve wasted your $20. Carico critter toys are great for value and are super cute!

If she’s more of a tomboy, spending $100 on the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike would be a much better investment (even though it costs 5 times more than the makeup kit). There are gifts for a 4-year-old girl that go a long way if they strike the right chord with her. She could have a love of all things animals that leads her to adore her PAW Patrol toy, Peppa Pig Deluxe House, or Hatchimals CollEGGtibles.

Or she could be someone who has daydreams about fantastic creatures (like the Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Mermaid) or superheroes (like Owlette from PJ Masks). So this is all about knowing your 4-year-old well. Does she like to collect things? Get her some of the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. Does she enjoy playing house?

The Peppa Pig Deluxe House, the Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctor’s Bag Play Set, or the Baby Alive Ready For School Baby will allow her to engage her caring nature. Similarly, a lot of little girls love to spend hours dreaming up situations for their stuffed animals and dolls. A child with a very active imagination would love the majority of the toys for girls we’ve selected. Alternatively, you can find a toy for boy’s aged 4 here.

Then there’s television. Peppa Pig, PAW Patrol, PJ Masks, and Doc McStuffins are all shows that have merchandise featuring their main characters. When a child identifies with a beloved TV character, you can bet they’ll love to have their very own Peppa Pig toy. Springboarding off of episodes they’ve seen on TV, 4-year-old girls can create their own episodes in their playroom.



Gift ideas for a 4-year-old girl can be tough to come by sometimes, but now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to decide on something she’ll love. You already know what she likes about her favorite TV shows and her hobbies. But if our list doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, it would help you to create a list of your 4-year-old’s interests. What are her favorite toys now? Could you get some variation on that?

Or maybe she already has the start to a collection of girls’ toys like the Hatchimals, or a few toys for kids from Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, or PAW Patrol. That would be an easy gift which would expand the little world she’s built with them in her head. Otherwise, asking your 4-year-old her gift ideas (or asking her parents if you’re not her parent) is a good way to go. She might just surprise you with what she wants.

Expert Tip

Pretend play with dolls acts as a foundation for a child’s future social interactions, so find them ones that they really feel connected to on an emotional level.

Did you Know

Mattel has been making variations of the Mermaid Barbie for decades. There’s even one that transforms from a mermaid into a human.