10 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys To Make Them Laugh and Learn

Four-year-olds are more than capable of understanding their own individual tastes, and this can add an extra challenge when buying them perfect gifts. Little boys, in particular, are hard to buy for when it seems like there are far more gifts for 4-year-old girls on the market. Thankfully that is not really the case, and by having a look online you can see a great variety of products – from classic children’s toys to gifts that utilize modern technology.

There is sure to be something the four-year-old boy you are buying for will love. As always, consider safety and sturdiness first to make sure the play toy will last and is safe for him to use. Afterward, have a little think about what his interests might be. If you’re not sure, speak with the parents. If you still have no idea, this list is a great idea of the kind of gifts that are great for this age group.

We consulted to experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top ten best gifts for 4-year-old boys currently available online – as well as a short gift guide to what questions you should ask yourself before buying.

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Buyer’s Gift Guide

Though safety is your first and foremost concern, there are a few factors you need to consider before buying the gift. Four-year-old boys will start to have a sense of what they do and do not like, so this makes it a little harder to buy them gifts than it may be for younger toddlers and babies. See our reviews for gifts for boys aged 3, or toddler gifts for 2-year-old boys.


Thankfully there is a great variety of gifts for 4-year-old boys already out there, and you can always ask the parents for help with this issue. Here are some of the main factors you should consider before making a purchase.

What does the Child like?

Though toddler’s tastes can change quickly, at the age of four he will probably have a few things he really likes. Common themes with little boys include dinosaur toys like these Jurassic World toys & games, cars, and construction – but they might be just as likely to like baking, Disney movies (fans will love these cute Disney doorables toys.), and video games for kids. If you are in doubt, speak to the parents to get a rough idea of what kids play with already and go from there.

You can also speak directly with the child to figure out what topics they think about a lot and build upon that. If you are really struggling, there are a few ideas that are universally loved by little ones. Construction toys, creative outlets, and children’s toys and gift sets that keep them active are all great ideas as these can instill an early interest in them for these kinds of items. If your boy is over 4, it may be worth checking out these gifts for 5-year-old little boys or even these present ideas for boys aged 6.

What is your Relationship with the Child?

Your budget will be influenced heavily by how well you know the child. If you are a close relative, such as a grandparent, you can get away with a higher budget and some bigger items. You will also, however, be expected to know the child a bit better so should put a little bit of thought into the item if you can.

If you are a distant relative or family friend, you can get away with more generic gifts for 4-year-old boys and girls but you really should stick to a smaller budget and avoid big impact items like bikes. If you live far away from the boy, also think about how you will get it to him.


Amazon has great gift postage options, but if buying from elsewhere think about whether you will be able to post it and how much this will cost. Of course, if you are the parents and buying for your own child you are free to set your own limits depending on the occasion and what they need.

What is the kid’s Background?

If you’re buying books, DVDs or games for kids you should consider the cultural and religious background of the child you are buying for, and be aware of the political sensitivities of the parents. For most children’s toys and gift sets, this will not be a big concern, but it is worth having a brief think about anything that involves media or culture.

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Is the Gift Safe and Durable?

You want to make sure the gift is safe for the child to use. Plastic baby toys should be non-toxic, wooden toys should be sanded and metal toys should be designed to prevent physical accidents. This also applies to durability – steel and wooden toys will generally last longer than plastic toys, but not always.

Have a look at the customer rating reviews to get a good idea of whether or not the play toy is long-lasting. By the age of four, you can start to consider baby toys that will last them throughout their childhood, so durability is a much more important factor.  As always, make sure the gift conforms to federal and state regulations which are set to ensure safety for toddler and baby products sold in the US.

If the gift is manufactured in the US, Canada or EU it will more than likely conform to these standards, but double check specifications and customer rating reviews for baby product toys manufactured elsewhere.

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What is the Educational and Developmental Value of the Gift?

It is important, particularly for young children, to try and find perfect gifts for 4-year-old boys and girls that will be mentally stimulating. Loads of children’s toys targeted for this age group are packed with educational value. Construction toys for kids develop early STEM development as well as other STEM toys, bikes encourage fitness awareness and adventure based toddler toys teach kids about the outdoors and the wider world around them.


As with their personal tastes, consult the parents to know where the child is at and what kind of children’s toys will benefit them. At this age, most skills can continue to be developed in some way – but some kids may be better at skills like numeracy and literacy than others depending on their education so far.

Always double check this to make sure you get educational toys that will keep them entertained as well as help them developmentally.

Is the Gift Age Appropriate?

Most manufacturers give a recommended age range for toys for kids, but we suggest you double check with customer reviews. Sometimes recommended ages give a wider range than what is actually appropriate, and many reviews let you know how well the item kept the child entertained.

If a toy is recommended for “up to four years old” we recommend you steer clear. It is better to get them something that will last for a few years, and there is every chance they might already have outgrown it as they are at the end of the recommended age range.

What Other Gifts are they Likely to Receive?

Of course, giving them a gift they already have can be embarrassing, but most parents are understanding of how difficult it can be to find something unique. To avoid this we suggest speaking to others who you know are giving gifts to the child. Not only will this prevent multiples, you can also coordinate the gifts to help with different aspects of educational development.

It can also give you a good idea of price ranges, and what kind of interests other gift givers are aware of. In many cases, this can be just as valuable as consulting the parents, and the four-year-old boy will love getting such a wide variety of toys for kids.


Once you’ve got a good idea of the tastes of the four-year-old boy you are buying for and the best quality products currently available on the market, it should be a lot easier for you to select the perfect gift. No matter your budget restrictions, relationship to the child or interests of the giftee, there will be something available online right now that will be an excellent option.

Always make sure the gift is safe and conforms to current regulations. For four-year-olds, durability is also important to make sure it will last through rough play times – if it is a good enough gift, it might even last them their entire childhood!


If you are truly stuck, this list is a great starting point for ideas – even if none of these seem perfect, it is a good idea of the kinds of gifts for 4-year-old boys, that are ideal for this age range. When in doubt, get something general that caters to most little ones of this age – construction and creativity based toys for kids are always excellent.

Expert Tip

Always speak to the parents if you are stuck – and if you are still uncertain, coordinate with others who are buying gifts for the same boy to get an idea of interests and gaps you can fill with your gift. Check out some of the documents on the guidelines for toy safety in the EU right here if you want to be completely sure you’ve got this covered.