The Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls & Toy Ideas

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Toddler girls can be notoriously difficult to buy for, but luckily by the age of three years old most girls have a solid understanding of what they do and do not like. You can use this information to help to better inform your purchase. Not sure about what they like? Speak to the parents to get a good idea of what kinds of gifts for 3-year-old girls you should be considering.

There is a huge selection of special toys for three-year-old girls out there to fit a variety of needs. You should make sure the toys for toddlers are safe first and foremost, and also consider the educational value. By the age of three, you can start considering more general toys for toddlers that are popular with most little girls such as creativity based gifts and role playing sets. You may be interested in some gifts for 3-year-old boys.

3-year-old girls are loving these Carico critters at the moment!

We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top ten best gifts for three-year-old girls reviewed that are currently available online. We have also included a short gift guide to what factors you should be considering before making your purchase. For slightly older girls, try these great gifts for girls aged 4.

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Buyer’s Gift Guide

At three years old, the child receiving the gift will have a well-developed sense of what they do and do not like, which can help you narrow down the options available. Safety is the most important factor when buying any little girls’ toy, but we suggest you also get to know the child’s interests before going ahead with the purchase. If in doubt, speak to the parents to get to know what kind of things they like, and what they already have.


For toddler girls, it is also a good idea to speak to others who are giving a gift to the child so you can coordinate your gifts for 3-year-old girls to fulfill the wide variety of developmental needs she will have. You want to make sure they have a good variety of baby toys to keep them entertained and nurture their development.

If you are really stuck, consider something that is generally popular with all little girls as this will likely be well received. Here are some other things you should consider.

Safety and Durability

First and foremost you want to make sure the gift is made out of child-friendly materials. Plastic toys should be non-toxic and BPA free, and wooden doll toys should be sanded to prevent splinters. You also want to make sure it conforms to manufacturing regulations. If the toy is made in the US or EU it will most likely conform to regulations, however, if it is made elsewhere you should check the product descriptions and customer reviews.

Also consider it against state-level regulations, which are often stricter than federal standards. Toddlers can also play quite rough, so you want to make sure the toy is sturdy. At this stage, the toy does not necessarily need to last for a long time as their tastes will change as they grow, but you want it to be able to last for at least a year or two and ensure that it won’t cause unnecessary frustration by breaking whilst being used.

Age and Development Appropriate

Toddlers can develop in different areas at different rates, so speak to the parents to know what toys for toddlers are most appropriate for where the child is at in terms of cognitive and physical abilities. You want to make sure the toy is mentally stimulating, and you can consider special toys that are a little bit more complex to help challenge the kid and keep her entertained.


By the age of three, she will probably have well-developed motor skills such as walking and jumping so you can look for some more active toys to help develop these further. Toddlers at this age are usually starting to develop their balance and ride on toys for toddler girls which keep them active will go a long way to promoting a healthy lifestyle for them.

Find items that help them develop their core such as the Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper because their core will need to be strong for when they start their formal education. For older girls, consider these gift ideas for girls aged 7 years.

Educational Value

It is important at this stage that the toy has at least some educational value, especially STEM toys. This does not need to be the obvious skills such as literacy and numeracy – educational toys can also help build physical skills such as hand-eye coordination as well as creative play skills such as imaginative play/pretend play and role playing. like the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register Assorted Playset.

The more educationally valuable the toy is, the happier the parents will be. It also means it will be more likely to keep the kid engaged as young toddlers are naturally drawn to STEM toys that help with their development needs.

Price and Size

As with any gifts, you will face some price restrictions based on your relationship with the three-year-old girl you are buying a gift for. If you are a close family member – like a grandparent – you can get away with spending a bit more but it is always important to not upstage the parents. If you are a more distant family member or family friend you should stick to a low budget of less than $50.

If you are buying a gift for your own child to give at a birthday party the budget will be even lower at around $30. You also need to consider sizing restrictions. Speak with the parents to get an idea of how much space they have. Again, if in doubt go with a more generic toy as these are usually easy to store.


Three-year-old little girls will already have a good sense of what they do and do not like, so this gives you an opportunity to put a little bit of thought into the gift if you know the child well. If not, speak to the parents as they will likely have a good idea of the kind of gifts for 3-year-old girls she will like.


First and foremost you should make sure the toy is safe to use, and then you should also consider how it fulfills her educational and developmental needs. If you are really stuck, generic gifts for 3-year-old girls such as creative and role playing baby toys are always a great option.

Finally, we really do recommend reading customer reviews on products. This allows you to get a firm idea of how good the quality of the item is and whether or not the manufacturer lives up to their claims in the product description.

Expert Tip

Already consulted the parents and still stuck? Speak to others who are giving gifts to the child. This way you can figure out what needs and wants are already being met and try to find something a bit more unique. Sometimes giving just a little something can be a meaningful gesture, and even better that it is educational and fun at the same time.