10 Best Toy Ideas & Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

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Finding the best gift for 11-year old girls can be a daunting task. Tweens are at a difficult age, they are discovering their talents and interests and are very set on what type of gifts they would like to get, from arts and craft kits to technology, and there are a lot of cool gift ideas for little ladies of this age that are age appropriate. We take a look at what is available out there for parents, siblings, grandparents and of course aunts and uncles to buy for those special occasions.

We look at gifts that appeal to the creative side of your child, educational toys, books, camera’s, bikes and everything in between. We consider gifts that can be enjoyed playing with friends or family as well as those that are perfect for your little angle to play on her own. Baking, sewing, drawing or more physical activities such as riding a bike are all considered. We have scoured the internet to discover the perfect gift for your little tween. For younger girls, check out our guide on the top gifts for 6-year-old girls. or our 7-year-old girl gift guide.

View the Best Gifts for 11 year old Girls, Below.

What to Look for When Buying toys for 11 Year old Girls

Tweens have a thirst for knowledge. They are discovering themselves and the world around them. They are very in tune with the trends of the day, and these trends tend to pass quickly changing from year to year. Gadgets are a great hit with this age group, but today’s great gadget may not be as super cool tomorrow, so getting this type of gift can be limited in their lifespan. There are however some things that never change.

The need to explore their world, develop her own opinions and be accepted into her friendship groups. At this age, she will have a strong desire to learn about life in general and yearns to fit into the adult world. Exploring new interests, developing their social life and discovering new and interesting things is what she will love. At this age, the preteen or tween girl is on the verge of puberty and becoming a woman.

Type of Gift

The popular gifts for 11year old tween girls are kids toys that allow her to unleash her creativity, to explore and indulge her curiosity and explore the world that she finds herself in. There are many different popular gifts that allow this. Books, art and craft equipment, science and technology as well as creative gifts such as baking and gardening tools, for creativity for kids day to day Allowing her to have some independence by giving her a bike on which she can explore her neighborhood is also a gift she will enjoy.

A camera to document her adventures with and immortalize the moment. Technology that allows her to discover her world, educational toys that feed her hunger for knowledge. Considering the type of girl gifts you are looking for is the first step to selecting the correct one for your little princess. Eleven-year-old girls are smart, they are full of energy and they are curious about their world and desperate to find their own place in it.

There are the popular gifts for the tween girl who loves to play with outdoor toys, the active sporty kind of girl. Bikes are not only great for exercise but also offers some independence. Riding around the neighborhood with friends, or riding through the park with the family is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Sporting goods are also a great option here.

If your child loves to play hockey, soccer or basketball, then getting them something in the line of sporting goods. Board games, music, art gifts and crafts and other types of fun activities also hold great appeal for little american girls of all ages, but especially to tween girls. Some children love to play alone and some want to be social, enjoying spending time with friends.

Knowing your child and her interests will enable you to purchase the perfect gift for them. However if you are buying for an 11 year old you do not know well, such as a friend or the child of a friend, then there are perennial gifts that are always welcomed. You could go for lip balms, hair chalk, nail polish and nail art for girly girls, the classic bracelet, art kits and coloring pages, plush toys, glow in the dark toys, journal kits, design kit idea, video games, and more toys for kids. There are many gift ideas for any occasion, such as a birthday party, christmas toys, outdoor toys, holiday gift ideas and much more. Whether you are looking for a gift for your girl on her 11th birthday, or for christmas gift ideas – we can help with this buying guide!

Gifts enjoyed solo or with friends

Whether your child enjoys being alone and playing alone or whether they enjoy being social or sharing their games with friends, there is a gift on our list for them. A camera is a way to let them record their adventures for prosperity, share their adventures with friends and family and to let them explore their creativity. A board game on the other hands depends on being social, it requires friends or family gatherings and sharing laughter and fun with others.

Art gifts and craft kits are a great way to let them explore their creativity, and it can also be shared or used solo. Allowing them to create and explore such as a science lab to develop and create their own perfumes will appeal to both the little scientist or fashionista as well. Allowing creativity to blossom also contributes to their development, not only physical activities, but emotionally and socially. This is a great way to introduce creativity for kids.

Books are a great way to give them knowledge of their world, and to discover that what they are going through and experiencing, is not unique to them. Books such as the Dork Diaries enable them to see that what they are going through and to realize that there are others going through the same thing.

Whether the books are fictional or non-fiction it is a great way to encourage your child’s development. Finding the perfect gift for your 11 year old tween girl does not have to be as hard as you think. Read our reviews, follow the current trends and listen to your daughter, niece or granddaughter and you will know what it is that she most wants.