The Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls That Are Fun and Educational

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  • Promotes language skills
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  • Develops both motor and language skills
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A first birthday is an achievement in the life of both parent and baby. Figuring out what the best gifts for 1-year old girls is important for your little angel. At this stage, they may not know what you are all celebrating, but they are growing and fast. Their development is moving fast. They are sitting up, crawling and even starting to pull themselves up or walking. Their language skills are blossoming and they are can hold and pick items up. As your baby grows older, she will need suitable gifts such as these presents for 3-year-old girls.

Developing language, fine and gross motor skills and unlocking creativity and imagination are all aspects of a really good gift. We have done a lot of research on the different toddler toys and presents on the market. We have spent time reading reviews from parents and others, and we have come up with a list of the top ten age appropriate gifts for your one-year-old baby girl. For older girls, try this review on the top gift ideas for 10 year old ladies.

A gift that helps your child’s development and allows them to have a lot of fun makes for the perfect present. Let’s see what’s on the market for your little one.

View the Best Toys for 1 year Old Girls, Below.

Buyers Guide

Your child at one year of age is starting to explore their world. They are crawling, sitting and standing and even walking at this age. This is when they start to learn to use their leg and arm muscles. They start building their strength. This is also when they move from making baby noises to developing their language skills. Gross and fine motor skills are also starting to develop.


Toddler toys such as building blocks, pushing and pulling toys, shape sorters and more are perfect for your one-year-old. Educational toys are the order of the day. Let’s look at some of the more popular gifts for one-year-olds to enjoy at Christmas, on their birthday or any special occasion. Read on for our toys for kids gift guide!

Push and Pull Toys

These are some of the best types of toys for your one-year-old. They allow your child to develop their motor skills and teach them balance. A baby walker, pull along puppy and other such toys and gift sets make the perfect gift for 1-year-old boys or girls to enjoy.

These types of toddler toys and gift sets also help them develop their confidence as they learn to walk, stand and move around. The VTech Pull and Sing Puppy and the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker are two of the best gifts in this category.


Balance bikes, trikes, and other ride-on toy products not only boost your toddler’s confidence, but they also encourage independence and help them improve their balance. Racing around the house in their walking ring was fun, but on their own bike will delight them.

There are a number of bikes on the market for toddlers that are safe and secure for them to use. The Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike is one of the top kids’ gifts for 1-year-olds on the market in this type of toy.

The Building, Sorting, and Stacking

Building blocks are always a winner with one-year-olds. At this age, they are starting to learn to find things. This concept only develops at around this age. An infant will not look for something that falls but a one-year-old will start to understand that when things vanish they can be found.

This is an important developmental stage for them. A shape shorter, stacker and building blocks are key in this developmental phase. At this stage they are also developing gross and fine motor skills and packing, stacking and sorting helps them to develop these skills through play.


These are great for toddlers. They love toddler toys and gift sets that make noise and this surely qualifies. Music stimulates areas of the brain such as language development and gross motor skills. They like to move and dance to the sound of music and thereby discover the way they can move and their own body’s abilities.

Musical instruments give them the chance to improve their gross and fine motor skills. Microphones allow them to voice their reactions to the music. Learning color, numbers and other things through music comes naturally to toddlers.

If you are considering what to get your one-year-old for Christmas this type of toy is one to consider. The Hape Pound & Tap Bench Xylophone and the VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone are both great examples of the perfect gift for a one year old in this category.


Role-Play and Creativity

Drawing, coloring and similar activities are key during this stage of development. Letting your toddler express themselves and develop their imaginations and creativity is what this type of toy does. Play-doh, crayons, paints and the like allow them to do exactly this. This type of activity play also develops their fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Learning how to hold a crayon and how to manipulate objects is developed through this kind of toy. Role play is also important at this stage. Role-play allows their social and language skills to develop. Dollhouses, adorable baby dolls, microphones and other gifts that allow them to express themselves through pretend play is very important.

A tea set lets them develop not only language and social skills but also fine motor skills. Through this type of present, they can also learn colors, shapes, counting and more. The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set and one of our top kids gift recommendations the Fisher-Price Little People home are perfect gifts in this category.

Bath Toys and Nap Time Toys

Bath time and night time rituals will differ from child to child. Having toddler toys that can be used in or out of the bathtub is perfect for this age group. They love to play in the water, so bath building blocks that float, bath toys such as bath books and crayons and such are the perfect gifts for this age group. The B. children’s toys by Battat Building Blocks is a great example of this category of gifts for 1-year-olds for great bath-time fun!

Night time cuddling toys are always a hit with 1-year-olds. Snuggling up with a soft and cuddly toy, especially animal type children’s toys are the perfect companion gift for your little one. If they double as learning toys all the better. These type of gifts are often cherished for years by your child and carry fond memories.

They are also great for taking with when traveling as your child will feel comfortable and safe when hugging them.  This is one of the top gifts for one-year-olds for Christmas or birthdays. The KLEEGER Talking Jungle Animals Toy Set is a great example of this type of gift.

Are These toys safe for a 1 year Old?

Most if not all babies toys do have a warning label on them stipulating at what age they can play with them, it is always good to keep an eye on your child when they play, especially at such a young age. Remembering that everything at this age tends to end up in the mouth so children’s toys with small parts or that are constructed from toxic materials are never a good idea.

In saying that all of the children’s toys on our list are age appropriate for 12 years and up. They are designed to a very high quality and are engineered with the one year old in mind. So you will not find small pieces that can easily be swallowed accidentally.

None of them are made with toxic materials and they are not easily broken. If you are still concerned, you can take a look at the guidelines on the guidelines from the United States CPSC website. This website gives you an insight into toy safety.

The best way to ensure your child’s safety as they play is to play with them, sit with them and watch them play or participate, they will love your attention and you will cherish those special moments.



The perfect babies toys for one-year-old girls are those that are not only durable but also multifunctional. The gift should stimulate your little one allowing them to explore and develop new skills. Walking, crawling, sitting and standing are all new skills your toddler will start to master at this age. Language skills, motor skills, and mental skills should be developed through play.

Getting a toy that will stimulate your one-year-old is what you are looking for. Always check the age appropriateness of the gift. Check if you will require to purchase batteries with your gift or not. Be sure to get a gift that can take the bashing it will undoubtedly get from your toddler who is still learning to control their body and movements.

Remember that a toddler’s attention span is short, so get a toy that will hold their attention with sounds, lights, and bright colors.

Expert Tip

Children at one year are like sponges. They soak up language and other skills. An educational toy that encourages this learning is the perfect gift for 1-year-olds.

Did you know?

A study has found that one-year-old babies can not only distinguish between larger and smaller amounts but can also do simple subtraction. In fact, babies count before they even learn to talk.