10 Best FurReal Friends in 2020

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  • Interactive
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Playtoy included
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  • Very interactive
  • Poops like a real dog
  • Can be taught tricks
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  • Great budget option
  • Batteries included
  • Cute design

Kids love animals, and though many of them want pets this can often be impossible. A great way to make up for this is to consider a toy animal which allows them to create imaginative situations where they take care of the pet. It is also a great opportunity to teach kids more about the animal kingdom and how to look after real animals. Even if you can get a pet, toy animals can be a great stepping stone for them to understand the basics before having to look after a real living creature.

FurReal Friends are much more advanced than many other toy animals. Using basic robotics, they can react to a variety of things including hand motions, sounds, and accessories. There are even some FurReal friend that poop. These give kids a much more hands-on experience with learning how to take care of an animal than regular animal toys, but can also be a lot more fun. There is such a wide range, however, that it can be difficult to pick out the right one.

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We consulted experts, bloggers and customer review to bring you this list of the top 10 FurReal friends you can buy online right now, as well as a short guide to what factors you should consider before making a purchase.

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FurReal Friends Buyer’s Guide

How Safe and Durable is It?

Most FurReal friends are designed to be safe for children and very durable, but you want to make sure you are getting a legitimate product. Double check it is from the official FurReal range before going ahead with your purchase. Some FurReal toys that are designed for younger children are designed to be very safe and soft but are not as durable as the other toys aimed for all children.

If you want something that will last for a long time, consider one of the more expensive options as these are packed with features that will make them well appreciated for years to come.

Is it Cuddly?

Not all FurReal friends are cuddly – but not all children want their toys to be cuddly anyway. You can read the manufacturer’s description to get a good idea of how cuddly the toy is. Fluffy materials, of course, make it cuddlier, and you want an animal toy that is well stuffed so it has a little bit of pushback and feels more like a real animal. This also prevents kids from being able to feel the electrical components.


Some of the more advanced toys have plastic parts on the outside, and hard rods running through the limbs. These are of course not as cuddly, but usually, the features are necessary for some of the interactive functions these toys have.

You can double check customer reviews too. This ensures the manufacturers live up to their claims, and also gives you a good indication of whether or not the child who received the toy found it cuddly enough.

What Animals Does the Child you are Buying for Like?

This should go without saying, but if they are always fawning over dogs you should get them one of the dog toys. There is, however, a great selection of a variety of animals – including more exotic animals like tigers – available to choose from if they have particular interests in these areas. You can also consider if they have more unusual tastes how you can cater to these.

If they really like fantasy films and books, you can look into getting them one of the fantasy animals available such as dragons and unicorns. Horse lovers would love these horsie toys, though! You can also look at the color schemes available and find something more aligned with fantasy worlds. There are even dinosaurs available for kids who are obsessed with all things prehistoric!

The dog and cat toys are also good for kids who want a pet but cannot get one for whatever reason. They have functions that still require the kids to look after them, but there’s no risk of actually harming the pet and they will not break any rules imposed by landlords.

What Interactive Features are Included?

All of the FurReal friends have some level of interactivity, but in general, the more you spend the more features the FurReal friend will have. Most of them will be able to interact with hand gestures, such as waving, and petting. Waves will be able to activate the toy whenever the child is ready to play with it, and petting usually elicits a reaction of satisfaction, happiness or excitability in the toy, depending on what personality it has been programmed with.

Some of them also come with accessories which the toys can interact with. These can include toy food items, feeding bottles and even tiny fake poops with a collection bag. These help kids learn about how to look after animals and allow them to foster a true bond with the toy.


Buyer’s Guide Questions

What are FurReal Friends?

FurReal friends are robotic animal toys that come in a variety of styles – from cats and dogs to dinosaurs and dragons. They also come in a variety of sizes, and with a variety of different functions. Some FurReal friends can be handheld, whilst some can even be ridden. They all have a cute design and mimic real animals in some way.

Kids can train them, pet them and play with them just like they would with a real pet. The range is now bigger than ever, and the movements are now more advanced in many of the toys – which can even walk and react to the speech.


FurReal Friends make excellent gifts for children who love animals or fantasy creatures. The range is so wide now that we are sure the perfect friends are out there waiting for them. With a wide variety of features and price points, it is important to consider what they would like out of the toy before you go ahead and purchase. Some are good for hugging, others are great for interacting with kids in a variety of ways.

As always, you should double check customer reviews before buying the item. These will give away any issues other customers have had, and give you a good idea about what the pros and cons of each toy may be. You should always go for an official FurReal Friends product, as these are higher quality and safer to use. With all these factors considered, we are sure you will find the best FurReal friend in no time.

Expert Tip

Most FurReal friends are suggested for kids from four years old and up, but you should double check this in both the description from the seller as well as the customer reviews. Some toys are very appealing to younger children, whereas others – though technically suitable for young kids – are better suited for older children.