20 Best Funko POP Figures in 2020

Want to know all about the best Funko Pop characters? You’ll want to find out all about these cool figurines whether you’re new to the world of buying Pops or already a seasoned collector. Funko Pop vinyl figures are just as popular today as they were ten years ago. And the list of favorite characters and collection sets just keeps growing! Every month Funko Pop is creating new Funko figures based on the current pop culture trends. But what Pops should you be buying on Amazon Prime?

It’s really all a matter of personal preference and what categories you’re interested in. You can choose from notorious Movie figures and Disney characters such as the Little Mermaid, Moana, Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, all the way to the Harry Potter series and Fantastic Beasts to Game Of Thrones characters such as Danaerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Let’s not forget to mention the DC and Marvel Superheroes like the Amazing Spider-Man, the strong hero Captain America, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman, Black Panther, Batman and more. Pssst! Batman fans will love these Batman-themed toys!

The list of available Funko Pop figures is endless! We’ve reviewed 20 Pops that cover a wide range of categories, each with their own unique details and iconic personalities. If you know of a little budding collector, they may be interested in these adorable collectible LOL Surprise Dolls. or perhaps some of these top-rated shopkins toys.

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Buyers Guide to Buying Funko POP Figures

Whether you’re buying these adorable little POP vinyl figures for fun or as a collector, there are a few things you need to know. One important buying tip is to collect only one version of a character. Once you start having too many different versions of a Funko Pop figure you’ll start running out of space to display them.

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Choosing a Theme

There are hundreds of Funko Pop vinyl figures to choose from. Where do you start? Do you randomly buy those Pops that catch your eye because they’re cute and quirky? Or do you have a favorite movie or game characters that you want to collect? A good idea is to start simply by buying Pops that mean something to you. If you’re an avid Star Wars fan, that might be a good place to start. Let’s narrow down your choices.

Random Funko Pop Characters vs Collector Sets

Perhaps you’re interested in buying your favorite characters that are unique and break the mold of ordinary. You know the ones. They have personalities that clearly come out in their design. Or they have an odd quirk to them that catches your eye, such as a Deadpool toy holding his panda. You can build your collection entirely with these random Funko Pop vinyl figures. Or you can get more specific with the characters you’re buying.

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Types of Funko Pop

Within the world of Pops, there are some variations in the types that you can buy.

  • Common – Pops that are found in most retail stores and will be available for a while
  • Flocked – Funko figures that are furry or fuzzy
  • Holy Grail – A rare, expensive, and highly desirable Pop
  • Mystery Mini – Random Pops that fit into a mystery series, such as horror villains
  • Black & White – Pops that are just that, black and white
  • Unmasked – Characters that wear masks are unveiled
  • Vaulted – These Pops are retired and no longer available in retail stores

Collecting Funko Pops

What type of a buyer and collector are you? The type of collector you are will make a difference in where you buy your Funko Pop vinyl figure, which ones you buy, and how you store them.


Buying for Fun

If you’re buying Funko Pops for fun or as a new toy for your 10-year-old, you’ll be able to buy them at lower prices than the serious collector since you won’t be quite as concerned with their condition. Retail stores and shopping online are good options. You’re probably not going to be too troubled if the Pop is out of its box or if there are some paint flaws. In other words, you’re buying Funko Pop vinyl figures for their appeal.

If you don’t find a new Funko Pop, you’ll be able to buy secondhand. Check out Amazon Prime for people selling their Pops at good prices. Some collectors find they just have too many and need to sell a few to make room for more. Most times these Funko figures and their matching box will be in mint condition

Decide what type of Funko Pop vinyl figures you want to buy and stick with your decision. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself checking each week to see what Pops are new and be tempted to buy them, adding characters that don’t fit into your collection theme.

Exclusive Funko Pops

Funko Pop vinyl figures that are called Exclusive has been created to commemorate a special event, such as a movie anniversary or a huge comic book convention. These Pops are highly sought after. Only a limited number of these Funko figures are released, each identified by a sticker on the box. Usually, an exclusive Pop will be different from its more common figure. It may be a different color or may have unique details, such as glitter or fur.

Serious Collectors

If you’re a serious Funko Pop collector, you care a lot about the mint condition of your Pops and the box it comes in. There may come a time when you want to sell them and cash in on their value. Most Pops have at least one paint flaw, so it may be hard to find one that you can call perfect. Many serious buyers leave the figurine in the box to keep it looking clean and new.

Even taking the Pop out of the box to have one look can make it difficult to put back without damaging the box a bit. It’s often best to shop for Funko Pops in stores so you can see firsthand what the quality and mint condition is.


If you’re buying online make sure there’s a warranty and return policy so you can return the character if it’s flawed and doesn’t meet your standards. Comic book conventions are also one of your best places for picking up those Pops that are new to the line.

To Box or not to Box

Among Funko Pop collectors is the question of whether to display in a box or not. The box your figurine comes in is an important part of the Funko Pop scene. Not only does it protect the character, it looks good by adding to the appearance. If you’re not a serious collector and don’t care too much about the pristine condition of the box, go ahead and take out the Pop. Enjoy and appreciate it, then put it back in the box.

Whether you’re buying random character sets for fun or are a serious collector, keeping your Funko Pop vinyl figure in the box is going to take up a lot of room as your collection starts to get bigger. If you’re taking your Pops out of the box for display you’ll still want to keep those Funko figures boxed that you know may go up in value, such as those rare, exclusive characters.

Good advice is to keep all the boxes even if you’re displaying the character on a shelf. You never know if one day you might want to sell or trade.

What is Funko Pop?

Funko Pops are small, collectible POP vinyl figures whose heads are bigger than their bodies. Some Pops have heads on a spring, so they can bobble when moved while others have heads that are firmly attached. They’re styled after well-known pop culture characters that are sorted into categories called “fandoms”. The list of fandoms is endless and includes collections such as the Muppets, Ghostbusters toys, and South Park.

When did Funko Pop Start?

Manufactured by the Funko company which is located in Washington state, Funko Pop was started in 1998 by Mike Becker. Becker decided to create a coin bank that depicted his favorite character, Big Boy of the same restaurant chain. After creating Big Boy, Becker couldn’t be stopped. He came up with other bobbleheads that were based on puppets and banks. Today, Funko Pop is the leading manufacturer of pop culture collectibles.

How Many Funko Pop Figures are There?

Believe it or not, as of August 2020 there are over 7,000 different Funko Pop figures. A good way to find out what Funko collectibles are available is by using the Funko catalog, found on their website.



A word of warning: Collecting Funko Pop is highly addictive! Once you’ve completed buying one themed set, you’ll quickly find yourself moving on to the next, and then the next. The thing is, there’s a Funko Pop out there for everyone, no matter what genre of pop culture you’re interested in. Our list of the best Funko Pops is a good guide to get you started. Now you know what you should be looking for in the Pops you want to collect, and where to buy them.

You might start out buying a few of these POP vinyl figures, but we’re certain that once you see how many categories are available, you’ll be hooked. And don’t forget that Funko Pop is always on the cutting edge of creating new Pops and fandoms. Whatever pop culture is going to throw at them, the Funko team is sure to come up with unique and memorable Pops.

Expert Tip

To avoid impulse buys, pick a Funko Pop category and stick to that lineup. Otherwise, you’ll quickly run out of space if you buy every Pop vinyl figure that catches your eye.

Did you Know

Some of the first Funko Pops were all about cereal! Funko created Pops based on cereal characters from General Mills. This included Count Chocula, Captain Crunch, and Franken Berry.