The Best Travel Compression Socks for Healthy Legs

Maintain healthy legs on Long Haul flights with the Best Travel Compression Socks. If you are a frequent flier, especially a frequent long haul flier, one of the more serious risks that you might face is deep vein thrombosis or DVT. It is a medical term for blood clotting in the deep veins, commonly in the legs. Some people are more susceptible to DVT, especially pregnant women, obese or overweight people, those who have been through prolonged periods of inactivity, people with a medical history of blood clots amongst many other at-risk groups.

There are various compression socks for air travel that can reduce the chance of such problems. There are a variety of sizes, designs, and patterns on heated socks for travel that you can choose from. Some of these compression socks for flying are ultra-stylish.

Choose compression socks for women and men, for use on long haul flights that can exert pressure ranging from 14-20mmHg compression ratings. Here is our buyers guide to some of the best flight socks for long-haul flights that you can buy for your next long flight, say goodbye to painful swelling! Read on for the benefits of compression socks, and how they can prevent swelling…

Best Flight Compression Socks for Air Travel

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1. Wanderlust Air Travel Socks

Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks


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If you are worried about DVT, numbness or even fatigue during your next long haul flight, try out Wanderlust compression socks. It is an Amazon Bestseller and has plenty of excellent design features which make it perfect for prolonged sitting. Apart from the comfort and the warmth that they exude, they are built with a medical-grade graduated compression with 25-30mm Hg at the ankle, 15-20mmHg in the middle leg, and 10-15mmHg close to the bottom of the knee to prevent DVT. Meticulous design allows for perfect fit so there is no risk of these rolling down your legs. The Wanderlust compression socks give a cozy feel thanks to the toe box, extra padding, ventilation and good arch support. Very durable travel socks to luxuriate your feet and ensure you are in perfect health, and help to reduce painful swelling, shin splints, and the chance of DVT when travelling.

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2. Travelsox TSS6000 Compression Performance Travel Socks

Travelsox TSS6000 Compression Travel Socks


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These ultra thin graduated Travelsox compression socks do a marvellous job in massaging your lower extremities and ensuring you have cozy feet for the duration of your flight. Manufactured by one of the most trusted compression socks brands in the world, Travelsox, they offer you excellent compression, ventilation and good wicking capabilities for maximum comfort. The Travelsox TSS6000 are very easy to maintain and do not require any special cleaning routines. The Travelsox Compression socks are comfortable enough that you will wear them for entire journey while at the same time applying sufficient pressure to keep the blood following. A must-have for the health conscious long-haul traveler. They are great at reducing the risk of DVT when travelling.

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3. Travelon Compression Travel Socks

Travelon Compression Travel Socks


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If you are a frequent flier who likes having the best of travel items and accessories, then you are obviously familiar with the Travelon brand and unique array of travel products. These compression socks certainly live up to Travelons reputation for quality and some of the most comfortable and most reasonably priced travel compression socks that you will ever wear for your long haul flights.

They are Unisex and manufactured using durable elastane material to stimulate blood circulation and prevent the swelling of legs or DVT. These can be used not only for the long haul flights but also for sports or if you are simply going to sit somewhere for an extended period of time.

They will provide an effective graduated compression for the duration of your inactivity. The best part is that they are not made out of any harmful dyes or materials. They apply a medium to mild pressure on your feet and will simply do the trick, without much discomfort during your flights. We also think the price is quite a steal!

4. Vitalsox VT1211 Graduated Compression

Vitalsox Italy -Patented Graduated Compression VT1211 Running, Training, Race, and Recovery Socks with Odor Resistant


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With a price range of $19.99 to $35.00, they might seem a bit pricey but these are amongst the most comfortable and effective compression socks in the market currently. They are made from nylon and are available in a variety of colors including black, fuchsia, orange, white, royal blue, grey and blue, lime green and black and neon to suit personal color preferences. Good moisture wicking prevents build up of bacteria and it utilized a graduated compression of 12 to 20mmHG that ensures optimal boost to your blood circulation. Uses exclusive Dry Stat fiber for optimal moisture control ensuring a healthy environment around your feet.

5. Fytto Style 1020 Women’s Comfy Compression Socks

Fytto 1020 Graduated Compression Knee High Socks for Women,Travel Hosiery


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We chose Flytto Style Women's compression socks because of its popularity amongst users, excellent customer reviews and affordable pricing. These flight compression socks for the ladies, who are generally more susceptible to DVT, are fit for both formal as well as casual wear. The design of these flight compression socks is knee high and they come with a graduated compression of 15-20mmHg which is the standard recommended compression levels for flight socks.

These flight socks features a roomier toe area design and the leg openings are non-binding which will prevent the skin from getting irritated if you have worn them for a long time. The feet area of the Flytto Style compression socks also features extra thickness assuring you of extra comfort and support even with long wear times during your flights. There are a variety of colors to choose from depending on your kind of wear including gray, brown as well as black colors.

6. Compression Support Socks for Men & Women by AprilTex

Recovery & Support Compression Travel Socks For Men & Women


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These are good quality travel compression socks which are good for any traveler. They fit and snug well around the calves and are tight enough to boost circulation during the long haul flights. Get 17-22mmHG of compression with quality fabric construction that does not lose its shape even after repeated washing. They are quite sporty, too.

7. Compression Socks (1 Pair) 20-30mmHg Graduated

CompressionZ Below Knee High Compression Socks, 20-30mmHg


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20-30mmHG of compression graduation assures you of optimal circulation with the strongest compression at the ankles. These travel socks by CompressionZ A great choice if you are looking for quick muscle recovery or simply something that will protect you from DVT during the long haul flights. The silver antibacterial yarn used comes with excellent temperature regulation. It also has excellent anti-static and anti-odor quality. Deodorizes and luxuriates your feet even after extended use.

8. SnugFx Compression Socks (1 Pair)

Compression Stockings for Men & Women - Flight Travel


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The SnugFX compression socks are unisex long air travel socks with graduated compression of 20-30mmHg, nice ultra stretch and a padded foot bed that gives a super soft feeling. They perfect flight compression socks for long flights but they are also recommended for people with a variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, varicose veins or shin splints. Very impressive travel socks that snug softly on your ankles with a one size fits most design. Great compression socks to wear on plane!

9. Graduated Compression Socks By Kunto Fitness

Graduated Compression & Flight Socks By Kunto Fitness


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The Graduated Compression Socks by Kunto Fitness are simply amazing with their sporty and stylish design. They have extra cushy padding around the heels, bottoms, toes and edges for maximum comfort and the quality material used means that you can use and reuse before you ever need a replacement. Get superior support and protection during your long haul flights with these medium priced compression sock marvels.

If you are worried about deep vein thrombosis, pain in the legs or a tingling feeling during your long travel flights, then any of these should help you alleviate the pain or discomfort. They have excellent graduated compression, snug in softly, have extra padding and are long lasting. Best of all, the pricing is just perfect. They are also fantastic at reducing the risk of swikkeb feet, varicose veins and Deep Vain Thrombosis DVT when travelling.

Not sure if you should wear compression socks, check out the video below to learn more.

Buyers Guide – What to look for when buying Compression Socks for Travel

If you are going to sit for a extended periods, or a longer duration of time in situations such as long haul flights, you could suffer from deep vein thrombosis during the flight. It is generally recommended that you wear long flight compression socks for air travel to reduce the chance of DVT and reducing the risk of swollen feet.

Compression socks for travel are not just for cozy feet. Compression stockings gently apply pressure at your ankles thus facilitating blood flow. You can select from different kinds of compression stockings that can offer you various levels of compression. It is vital that they fit snugly into your feet to ensure that you are comfortable for the duration of the flight.

If you are worried about deep vein thrombosis DVT when travelling, pain in the legs or a tingling feeling during your long travel flights, then any of these compression socks for travel should help you alleviate the pain or discomfort, with different levels of compression. They have excellent graduated compression, snug in softly, have extra padding and are long lasting. Best of all, the pricing of these pain relief travel necessities is on point. Check prices and compression ratings in our top 10 review! If you are a keen traveller, check out the top travel bags for women here.

Without these products, you could feel your legs getting heavy and slightly numb, this is when you know you need to use these DVT flight socks (check the study here). When you feel this sensation, you should stand up and walk around the airplane cabin to get the blood flow going again.

It is recommended to get up from sitting when flying every hour or so, to keep the blood flow to your healthy legs and feet active. Simple things can help too. If you’re short, try putting something under your feet, to raise them up slightly so the blood doesn’t get cut off at the back of your legs. This in combination with wearing airplane socks can really help with comfort.

Do You Need Compression Socks?

Not sure if you should wear compression socks, check out the video below to learn more.

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