The Best Fidget Spinner on Amazon in 2020

Fidget Spinners are a craze that has come right out of the blue and has taken the world by storm. The combination of robust design, efficient bearings, and the great tactile response has made the adoption of these cool gadgets almost instant! This is because products like these appear to fall into the category of ‘satisfying’, which is a new trend that is developing on the web at present. With ‘most satisfying’ being a trending search item across many search platforms at the moment. So it is with these facts in mind that we must look to Amazon to see what exactly is on offer for our fidget spinning needs.

What are good characteristics that need to be present in one of these cool little devices? We will go through 9 of the best available spinners on the market and see what we can get for our money. We will be looking at several criteria, mainly build quality and tactile response, spinning time, additional fidget features such as texture definition, and multi-spin points. Additions such as LEDs can be found on some spinners as well, which means that we will be spoiled for choice in the roundup.

While it is a really cool little cool device and seems to be a trivial gimmick, this class of personal accessory actually has some additional beneficial properties for people that make use of them. For instance, children that suffer from conditions such as ADHD and autism find great relief from devices such as these. With high-quality components and durable materials used in the Fidget Spinner’s construction, it is easy to see why these hard working, long lasting spinners can withstand much punishment and can easily bear the brunt of a rigorous session of spinning, dropping and bumping.

Some have even made claims that they can help with curbing nasty habits such as smoking and fingernail biting. This means that it is a device that is a good item to keep on your person, for when the boredom of a long meeting or lecture kicks in, or the frustration of driving with your kids in the car or delayed in a long line at a store. This little hand spinning device is not only really beneficial but reasonably priced as well.

List of the Best Fidget Spinners Available on Amazon in 2020

best overall rating

1. Degbit Fidget Spinner Hand Spinner with Hybrid Ceramic Bearings and shatter resistant POM Frame, Tri Spinner Fidget Toy


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This is a really popular model on Amazon right now and has had some great reviews over the past few months. People are loving its great build quality, small size, and superior spinning characteristics. This spinner features 3 arms with bearings installed at the end and provides a multitude of ways to spin it. It is marketed as an EDC stress reducer and is just the right size to be carried around inside your pocket all day. Added to this is the fact that is is discreet to handle in public and won't draw any unnecessary attention to the operator.

This spinner is also effective for focus and deep thought and not only as a fidgety fix for sufferers of ADHD and other cognitive disruptors. The ceramic bearings are ABEC-9 rated, which offers incredible spinning performance in its class of bearing. It also features two caps on either side of the main bearing, and although not indented, the fingers still sit naturally and without any stress to the user.

This spinner has a premium set of bearings, it has a hybrid ceramic bearing and three hybrid counter bearings, which makes for some hassle free moving parts that require virtually zero maintenance and can spin for over two minutes when spun with sufficient force. It also features a durable frame which is made from POM plastic, a composite plastic that features high durability and light weight. The frame itself is rounded with complimentary spinner cap covers. The unit itself features a great finish and when it comes to spinning, it is really balanced and silent.

Being able to spin the fidget spinner in your hand is important, this allows you to perform tricks and pass the spinner between your hands. This makes it a great form of entertainment and can help you to focus when you are finding that your concentration levels are dropping. This means that having this small little device in your pocket can sometimes be the difference between having a productive spell at the office or losing your concentration during a lecture or class.

This is definitely a well priced and full featured spinner, with fantastic looks, great durability, and a really quick spinning action.

This EDC stress reducing fidget spinner is a great everyday companion item to carry around with you. There are no compromises when it comes to quality either, with a high-quality frame that offers longevity and durability, with a good spinning ability. So if you are looking for a reasonably priced spinner that offers superior spin times, mixed with a white frame and mixed tactile functionality, then this could be the spinner for you.

Why We Like It
  • EDC stress reducer
  • Premium bearings
  • Durable frame
  • Simple and fun
  • Comes with warranty
premium choice rating

2. Phoenix Spinners Tri Spinner Fidget Toy for ADHD – Stress and Anxiety Relief


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Available from Amazon, this spinner is a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of fidget spinner devices. It features a three-arm design, with the central bearing being covered by a cap. There are bearings at the end of each arm as well, for added spin possibilities. As with so many of the spinners that are available on the market, this model uses an injection molding system that is said to produce a stronger, more robust ABS plastic frame. The debate rages on about which characteristics are more desirable in a fidget spinner: precision balancing and craftsmanship, or increased strength and weight.

Luckily, there is not too much of a compromise here, as some people actually prefer a heavier spinner than a light weight one. The added weight can help with spin times, and while this spinner certainly does not break any speed records or any endurance runs, it certainly does do an adequate job, reaching and exceeding two minutes with ease.

The size and design offer a low key fidget spinning experience and will ensure that you can fidget spin in silence. The center cap is great and allows for easy finger placement for when balancing the spinner on the tip of your finger. Desk spinning is also there for the taking, and it operates at a smooth and consistent speed, void of any excess noise coming from the bearing in the middle while it spins away merrily, up to and passed the two-minute market.

This is a maintenance-free solution, and the bearing requires no lubrication and is ready to keep spinning time after time. The spinner has been designed to provide relief for people suffering from ADHD, Aspergers and even concentration issues. It can be used by anyone who wishes to have a tool to help them refocus, and is a conversation piece in its own right.

Spinners remain so very popular on Amazon, that many people are asking if this trend will continue on into the future. While it is impossible to give any accurate picture of where the scene of fidget spinning is headed, it is possible to note that of the millions of spinners that are currently available for sale, the Phoenix Spinners Tri Spinner Fidget Toy for ADHD - Stress and Anxiety Relief model is an excellent choice.

Why We Like It
  • Combats bad habits
  • Great spin times
  • Wide range of colors
  • Decorative center cap
  • Reduces stress
great value rating

3. Gorilla Spinners – Upgraded High Speed Fidget Spinner Toy

Gorilla Spinners - Upgraded Fidge


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This is an odd looking spinner at first. It ships in a cool metal tin, kind of like the old shoe polish tins from a million years ago. The tin is circular and features a printed gorilla on the lid. It gives this spinner a premium feel, and once out the box, we are greeted with a slightly curved three armed spinner. On each of these arms sits an embedded oversized steel ball bearing, and each is seated in really snug so that you can’t fish it out, it’s stuck in there real good. These steel bearings act as a texturally interesting experience for the hands, and as somebody plays with the spinner they will feel the bearings and that will yield a positive stimulation response for people with special requirements, such as people with autism.

The bearing itself is advertised as being a superior steel bearing, stating that it has some advantages over the ceramic bearings. I’m no engineer, but the steel bearing sure does spin really well, hitting the 2-minute mark with no problems. One thing to note about this spinner is that is kind of chunky but in a good way. It has a satisfying weight and it looks unique. Some may not like the fact that it is a bit flashy, as for some people, having a spinner that they can play with at any time is essential, and they may not want to make a spectacle of themselves while they do it.

This spinner is really quiet and is superbly made. It has a solid plastic body and it comes in a few color variations: Black, Red, and White. These colors of contrasted with a stainless steel pair of caps in the center, that are threaded so that they can easily be taken off if the need arises. Part of the desirability of this product is the fact that it feels quite chunky in the hand, and this added weight does offer somewhat of a premium feel.

Overall, this is a good choice for someone that wants to look a bit flashier than your standard fidget spinner, and the attention to detail on this unit is apparent, with no discernible flaws in the finish of the plastic casing.

The Gorilla Spinners - Upgraded High Speed Fidget Spinner Toy is a great fidget spinner for the money. It has six static bearings that have been implanted into the arms of the spinner, and this gives it an almost industrial look, without it being too serious. This is a great option for people who aren’t bothered about being noticed while fidgeting with their cool fidget spinner.

Why We Like It
  • 120 seconds of guaranteed spin
  • Unique design
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Handmade
  • Made in the USA

4. 2017 Best FIDGET Spinner Toy for relieving ADHD, Anxiety, Boredom

2018 Best FIDGET Spinner Toy


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This is perhaps one of the plainest looking spinners on our list and features a single bearing with flat bearing caps. This spinner is a bare-bones solution to anyone that seeks a spinner with minimal aesthetics and complexity. It has a rubberised matt finish and is available in a single color: black. This shouldn’t be much of a problem though, because the spinner itself offers a very strong frame that is made from injection moulded ABS plastic, which is supposed to be stronger than 3D printed spinners because of the head and pressure that is involved in injection moulded plastic products, which creates stronger bonds within the plastic.

The bearing on this unit is a low friction beauty and spins for as much as just over 3 minutes. The item is well balanced, even though the manufacturing process is less precise than 3D printing. The size and weight of this spinner are just big enough for spinning on the finger tip, and can comfortably fit inside the palm of the hand of inside your pocket.

The makers of this solid fidget spinner are so confident in the build quality of this unit that they offer a 1-year guarantee. That means that if you are not satisfied with the performance of your cool fidget spinner then you are welcome to send it back.

As a stress relief and focus driver, this is a great little unit. It spins silently and is quite grippy on its matt surface. This makes it much less likely that it will be dropped by sweaty hands. The removable bearing caps offer another dimension of fidget-ability, allowing for another level of tactile feedback and stimulation. For ADHD sufferers, this kind of spinner has been shown to help with concentration, and it is also a great time killing spinner to have with you when stuck in the line a the bank.

People looking for a no frills, gimmick-free spinner, will find this to be something that they could carry around with them on a day to day basis. Forget funny features like LED lights or extra heavy spin arms, if solid build quality and great balance, combined with a non-slip matte finish ABS plastic injection molded frame is what you’re after, then this is the spinner for your pocket.

Why We Like It
  • Assists with focus
  • Good stress reliever
  • Simple design
  • Matt finish for durability
  • Spins well

5. Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy Stress Reducer EDC Focus Toy Relieves ADHD Anxiety and Boredom

Holisouse Tri-Spinner


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This is another three point spinner that offers really good spin times. It has a color range that includes: black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow and is made from high quality, injection molded ABS plastic. It features high-quality steel bearings that require zero maintenance, and these units also have removable center caps that allow for an extra item that can be customized to provide a different feedback sensation when spinning the fidget spinner.

The Halisouse Tri-Spinner uses traditional injection molding as opposed to some of the other spinners in this round up that utilize alternative fabrication and manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and CNC carving. The spinners themselves are well balanced and have a healthy weight to them. They feel like high-quality spinners and can spin all the way past the three-minute mark if spun with sufficient force. Injection molding has some strength benefits over 3D printing, and as a result, these fidget spinners offer a shatterproof frame.

As with many of the fidget spinners that are on the market, the primary objective that they seek to accomplish is that of an anxiety relief device and a stress reducer. This is because of the inherently fun and mesmerizing nature of a spinning object, and having a mobile version of a spinning top that is made from high quality materials and is packaged in a small form factor that makes it a mobile and compact piece of portable inventory that you can keep in your pocket, and take out whenever the mood takes you.

In addition to this design’s high-quality materials and high-performance bearing system, it also features a no-nonsense, hassle free no maintenance system to keep your fidget spinner going for a very long time. All you need to do is make sure that your bearing caps are kept on and that no dirt or liquid gets into your bearings.

So, how does the Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner stack up on our list? It features a solid injection molded ABS plastic frame, stainless steel bearings and a set of removable bearing caps. This cool fidget spinner can be found on Amazon, along with all of these other spinners as well. The fact that there are many colors to chose from means that you can buy a few different colors and then choose the right color to compliment your look.

Why We Like It
  • Longer spin times
  • Offers high-performance spins
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Maintenance free
  • Portable

6. VAMDOO Longest Spinning Fidget Spinner Toy Spins Up to 3 Minutes. Effective Stress Reducer of Durable Stainless Steel


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This is a low friction spinner from BVAMDOO, and it really spins for a long time, for as long as three minutes in some cases. BVAMDOO challenged their design engineers with a clear task, to make one of the longest spinning fidget spinners on the market. Did they succeed? It certainly is a long spinning, high-quality oscillator, and it features a super durable and a super low friction bearing set that allows for some top notch spinning sessions.

The durability of the spinner lies with its heavy duty stainless steel bearings and rock hard, industrial-grade ABS plastic body, and its superior spinning abilities come from an unconventional source. Many people attribute a spinners long lasting spin sessions as coming from the steel bearings alone, however, there is another facet to this design, and that is the perfect balance. That comes from the exact precision construction of the ABS frames, which is achieved by 3D printing. This is a futuristic construction and fabrication technique, that allows 3D objects to be printed out from a computerized design station. This means that the tolerances are tiny and more precise. And when something is precision made, you know that it will be as close to perfect as is possible.

This perfect balance and long spinning fidget spinner, therefore, translates into a one of a kind stress relief solution. It works just as well to cure restlessness, and acts as an all-round sensory stimulator, to help you to get through your day with a fun little gadget. This is a perfect option for ADHD sufferers that need to have a physical object to help curb intrusive and distracting thoughts, and the fidget spinner can do just that if used in the right circumstances.

This is a perfect companion for anyone that needs to have a cool, fun little fidget spinner with them throughout the day, and can really help some people to concentrate and become more productive throughout their day.

For its price point, you will be hard pressed to out do this little spinner. It features a standard shape with three points and includes multiple bearings for added fidget functionality. It features a small size, durable frame and precision 3D printed elements that make this a well balanced, long spinning fidget spinner that will make a great addition to your personal inventory.

Why We Like It
  • Three points for added stability
  • 3D printed frame offers unparalleled precision
  • Rubberized exterior for grip
  • Hardened ABS plastic equal durability
  • Steel Beatings offer fast spin times

7. Raptor R1 Best Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Tri-Spinner for Anxiety and ADHD White

Raptor R1 Fidget


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Another premium spinner from Raptor R1 , and this time in a white color configuration. It features three arms with bearings on the tip of each, for additional stimulation and spinning action, and is another well-made offering from Raptor R1. The white exterior gives it a clinical, clean feeling that can be associated with many premium electronics gadgets that are on the market presently, like a smartphone or tablet. The quality of the bearings is also fantastic, with consistent, high RPM capabilities and long endurance spin being easily achievable for both novices and professional alike. The weight of this spinner is surprisingly minimal, yet there is a sturdiness to it that make it feel rigid and strong at the same time.

The packaging is the same as their previous offering and is a black textured cardboard featuring an embossed Raptor logo on the side. The packaging here is also top notch and will add that premium feel when unpacking your spinner. For tactile feedback, we have a mixture of rubber and aluminum that gives enough contrast between the two materials to provide a stimulating sensation when running your fingers over this unit.

Spinning this Raptor R1 produces an eerie, almost silent warble on counter tops and table tops, with the loudest noise coming only from the spinner losing its inertia and stopping. Due to it well-balanced construction and design, the spinner does not fall over, but rather it comes to rest on the indented finger groove that it spins n. Holding the spinner with your thumb and forefinger will produce a great spinning effect that you can hold onto, and will produce a satisfying, ghost-like vortex of movement once spinning at full RPM.

Keeping this fidget spinner in your pocket is no issue at all, as it's overall size and weight is negligible. You will be able to whip it out whenever you feel like it, and it is small and compact enough to not be a distraction to others if you find that you need to relieve a bit of unfocused thought or feelings of distraction from your mind. This gadget can also be very helpful when trying to gradually quit a bad habit, like smoking or biting your fingernails.

There is a lot to be happy about with this white Raptor R1. It has all of the comforting features required for a busy mind such as variable textures to feel and multiple areas of rotational capability, four, to be exact. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone that want a high-performance spinner, at a great price point.

Why We Like It
  • Attractively packaged
  • High-quality materials
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Looks great in white
  • High-performance bearings

8. Raptor R1 Best Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Tri-Spinner for Anxiety and ADHD Black

Raptor R1 Fidget Spinner


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The Raptor R1 is a very popular model in the fidget spinner market, and as such has seen a surge in demand of late. Not only is this a perfectly balanced hand spinner, but it looks fantastic as well. The the arms each terminate with another bearing at the end of each of their three arms. The addition of these bearings adds an extra dimension of tactile input for the user, and can provide relief for people suffering from ADHD or Autism.

It can help with concentration in ADHD sufferers and can also be a calming object for people that are prone to having panic attacks anxiety as well. This is achieved by a person subconsciously channelling negative thoughts and feelings into the spinning motion of the thus relieving stress and feelings of fear. It is also an excellent concentration tool, and can be played with whenever concentration levels seem to be dipping. This will allow for sharper focus and greater thought going into your daily tasks.

This product ships with great packaging which helps to deliver a premium feel, and the protective box inserts also ensure that this cool fidget spinner will arrive at your door step with no damage due to being handled incorrectly on its journey. The cardboard has a textured, rough feel with the Raptor logo embossed on the side. This forms a great contrast between the spinner and its packaging, as the spinner is constructed with smooth aluminium and rubber.

Spinning is obviously what this little gadget is all about, and it wouldn’t be much of a review if we didn’t go into its abilities in this regard. First of all, it needs to be said that this thing spins, a lot! It has an eerily quiet bearing system that makes it sub whisper quiet, and it appears so perfectly balanced that you may be forgiven for thinking that it is standing still once spun up to optimal RPMs. Doing tricks such as hand transfers work like a breeze as the balanced nature of this fidget spinner means that is remains in its upright state for a very long time. Balancing the spun up fidget spinner is also really easy, and oddly satisfying to watch as it oscillates on the tip of your finger or pen.

This is a premium device with additional spinner potential on its three other legs, providing more areas for you to get mobility out of it. All in all we think that the Raptor R1 Best Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Tri-Spinner for Anxiety and ADHD is a fantastic option for anyone that needs a distraction or additional stimulation during the day and night.

Whether you are an ADHD sufferer, or a bored adult trying to make it through the day without losing your cool, this little black spinner will help you through. Its tough build quality and expert craftsmanship make it a great choice for anyone looking to buy a top notch, high-quality spinner. Definitely recommended, and definitely our Top Pick.

Why We Like It
  • High quality materials
  • Fantastic bearings
  • Solid design
  • Perfect balance
  • Range of colours to choose from

Fidget Spinners Buying Guide

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A Fidget Spinner is a device that features a central ball bearing and allows a plastic body with protruding arms to spin when flicked by the user. This is a novelty toy for adults and children that is carried around by individuals a that need additional stimulation throughout the day. It is also of great value to people who suffer from conditions such as ADHD, Aspergers Disease, and Autism. This is because the stimulating features of the device have been shown to help people with these withdrawn ailments and concentration issues to help with focus. The spinning motion is something that helps individuals coordinate their efforts while trying to communicate or concentrate, and in some Fidget Spinners, there are additional features to help with these conditions. Additional click points and textured areas also have beneficial qualities as well, and these extra areas of stimulation are often credited with providing people with the relief that they so desperately need.

To read more about hand fidget spinner toys, click here to read our other review.

Girl holding fidget spinnerFor some, it is just a fun little gadget that they carry with them and use when they get bored. This has led to the invention of a few tricks that can be done with a spinner and has led to their surge in popularity, especially among younger adopters of this new craze. As a result, many different shapes and sizes have started to emerge over the last few months, with some even sporting multicolored LEDS and special glass inserts for reflective light. Other manufacturers chose to abandon the three armed spinners all together, and have come up with some really strange looking spinners, such as the circular spinners that are also becoming quite popular.

Different bearing technologies are also being utilized by the manufacturers, with some using hybrid ceramic bearings, and others opting for more traditional steel bearings. For the most part, these bearings require very little maintenance and do not need oil or any other lubricants to keep things running smoothly. The central caps on your spinner are usually removable so that you can clean out any grit or sand from the bearing assembly, but that is just about the extent of the cleaning that needs to happen with your spinner.

How does a Fidget Spinner relieve stress or ADHD?

People often get wound up internally when they are unable to process the external events that are unfolding around them. It can be stressful for people that suffer from stress or ADHD because in many cases these ailments manifest themselves as a result of the sufferers finding that they have no control over the situations that are causing them distress.

The Fidget Spinner, therefore, acts as a distraction from these situations, and as there are quite a few features on a spinner that can be manipulated and worked, the user can claim back a tiny bit of control from the situation. Likewise, for people that are having difficulty concentrating, a spinner can act a central point for them to concentrate on and regain their train of thought. For some people, spinners have also been very helpful as an anger management tool. When people start to lose their temper, channeling this frustration into a more positive activity such as fidget spinning can often be a life saver.

This is also another element to the Fidget Spinner’s stress relieving properties, and by avoiding conflict in unnecessary situations, many people have reported that having a Fidget Spinner close at hand has been a valuable tool in the day to day interactions with the people that feature in their lives.

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ADHD sufferers also find that when a line of thought tries to push into their current conversation, a metal Fidget Spinner can be employed to help and keep things running coherently within their minds. It can be a fantastic way for sufferers of ADHD to regain control of their thoughts and to continue on with whatever it was that they were doing, with minimal interruptions.

A Fidget Spinner can also help to diffuse tension is a situation that is leading to stress. If two parties were to find that they both had a Fidget Spinner about their person, it could be a great way to find commonalities between the two and allow for more meaningful dialogue to take place shortly thereafter. This has the potential to create a more harmonious work environment, and if the bearings on your spinner are really quiet (which almost all of them are) then it should not create any unnecessary distractions within the business or office where you find yourself utilizing your cool Fidget Spinner.

Are Fidget Spinners safe to use?

Fidget Spinners are rated as safe to use for children 8 years and older. This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on their own internal rating procedures and policies. But having said that, yes Fidget Spinners are definitely safe to use. Many have been made from touch plastic, which is lighter than metals and also a bit less punishing on the human body if accidentally dropped or thrown towards a person.

The only real hazard on a Fidget Spinner is the central bearing caps, which could be seen as a minor choking hazard, but these are removable and can be kept somewhere safe if you are concerned about your loved ones trying to swallow them. The bearings are also chemical free, and will not drip any toxic substances while you are using your spinner. This makes your Fidget Spinner extremely safe to use if you are looking to have a bit of relaxation with your stress relief tool.

Fidget Spinner safetyThe injectimoldedded ABS plastics are industrial specification compliant, which means that it is non toxic and non perishable, meaning that it will not flake and splinter over time, and that those flakes and splinters would not be toxic if a person were to come into contact with this material. Likewise, the 3D printed polymer Fidget Spinners are also made from a non toxic plastic type, however they are not as strong as their injection moulded counterparts, and can shatter if deliberately exposed to high intensity impacts. This would nullify your warranty, so make sure that your Fidget Spinner is always kept in a safe place and that you are aware of its location at all times.

Due to the devices small size and light weight, it is not a dangerous item at all. But as with all things in life, always make sure that you take the necessary precautions before using it. If you have any concerns about your Fidget Spinner, be sure to contact the manufacturer and ask them for assistance. If you have any medical concerns, be sure to consult your nearest health care practitioner, and discontinue use until you are satisfied that you can use your Fidget Spinner as intended.

Can you replace or upgrade the Fidget Spinner components?

This is dependent upon the type of Fidget Spinner that you have picked up for yourself. Some manufacturers will clearly state hat your Fidget Spinner is upgradable, and they will sometimes provide you with an accessory pack within your Fidget Spinners packaging. These are often small things such as arm extenders, additional bearing caps and even small decals.

Custom upgrades are also possible for your Fidget Spinner, but whether or not your Fidget Spinner manufacturer agrees with you is another matter entirely. This is because the weighting of a Fidget Spinner is so crucial to its success as a perfectly balance spinning object. You may find that by attaching additional components to your spinner that you have upset the true balance of your gadget, therefore killing its once symmetrical shape and balance, and giving it a lopsided quality that diminishes its spinning abilities.

Having said this, there are some people that do customize their Fidget Spinners with great success, and have lots of information to share with other enthusiasts. This information is available online and can be easily accessed on internet forums and groups on social media. There are tutorials with parts lists and information on how to upgrade your own. There are even some threads that show you how to design and 3D print your own Fidget Spinners, allowing for maximum customizability.

But it is always better to go with the professionally made solutions, so when it comes to Fidget Spinners and accessories, always try to stick with what your product’s manufacturer has specified. It is only in this way that you will find yourself getting the maximum pleasure and functionality from your Fidget Spinner.

Many people recommend buying multiple different coloured Fidget Spinners of the same type and from the same manufacturer, thereby allowing the user to interchange parts between the Fidget Spinners and get some cool colour combos and variations for themselves. This is a smart way to ensure that your spinner remains perfectly balanced and functional, with a cool new look.

Best Cool Fidget Spinner on Amazon

This is a tricky one, how would you choose the best Fidget Spinner on the whole of Amazon? Well it is actually much simpler than you think. When it comes down to choosing the best of the best, there is only one sure fired way to make sure that you will walk away happy after your purchase, and that is by following your own personal preferences and ensuring that the features that you want are the features that you get. That means that anything from shape, size, weight and colour all the way up to the colour, bearing type and frame textures, are all things that you should consider before purchasing your spinner.

Reading the Amazon comments is a great way to find out more about your next spinner, and looking at what the people have to say about their shipping experience also never hurt anyone either. Once you have a rough idea about the features that you would like your Fidget Spinner to exhibit, then you can start sorting through all the similar shapes and sizes in the same form factor as the one that you are after.Once you are certain of all of the product specifications you can go ahead and order.

Generally, you will want to order spinners that have exceptional spin times, are lightweight, feature attractive design elements, and that fit your personal dimensions. This ensures that the best spinner for you is the one that suits you the best. And once you have found out what your personal preferences are, then you will be free to experiment with any subsequent purchases that you make in the Fidget Spinner market, because as we all know, you can never have too many Fidget Spinners! They are great to have in your desk drawer, under your car seat for those tedious daily commutes, or in your pocket or laptop bag; they are an essential de-stressing tool for anyone that needs to have a bit of relief in front of them at all times.

Top Pick

Raptor R1 BlackOur Top Pick goes to the Raptor R1 Best Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Spinner Fidget Toy to relieve Anxiety and stress, and it is easy to see why. It features a tough, ultra durable frame that although made from plastic has a rubberised grip that will make you wonder how you ever dealt with a slippery spinner in the first place. It features additional spin points at the outer edge of its three arms, and has a black color them throughout.

Raptor makes a whole range of spinners that are worth looking at, and have certainly nailed the quality on this black version of the Raptor R1.

The bearing caps bear the Raptor insignia and this gives the spinner an overall air of quality about it. This is part of the reason as to why we feel that this spinner has earned top marks and we would not hesitate to tell friends, family, and loyal customers to go ahead and pick up one of these little beauties before they are all sold out.

You will be hard pressed to find another Fidget Spinner that offers this many high-quality features, mixed with a price that really highlights the value of this essential ADHD, Anxiety and stress relief tool.

Premium Choice

Raptor R1 WhiteWhen it comes to superior fit and finish characteristics on a Fidget Spinner, the smart money is bet on the Raptor R1 Best Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Tri-Spinner to relieve Anxiety and ADHD. This is a white version of the Raptor R1, and features the same great premium features as some of its other stablemates, but in a clean appliance toned white color, that makes it stand out like some kind of futuristic piece of hardware, like some kind of tool used aboard a UFO.

Added to its undeniably good looking aesthetics is the solid hardware components that make this device’s spin-ability legendary. It features high-performance bearings and a central bearing cap that allows users to place their finger into its indented cap with very little slippage.The added indentation is also said to provide additional stimulation to sufferers of Autism and Aspergers, as physical stimulation has been clinically proven to be an essential therapy to those that suffer from these afflictions.

All of these design elements come together to give the user a sublime, silent spinning experience that will have you dealing with ADHD concentration issues and even stress, in an effective and non intrusive manner. There are no gimmicks here, just steady functionality and great aesthetics, neatly tucked into a little package that you can carry around with you and use whenever the mood takes you. It has a solid frame construction, looks fantastic and works very well. This is an excellent product that will enhance your life if used correctly. It gets a premium thumbs up rating from us and you would do well to pick one up for yourself.

Great Value

DegbitOur great value award goes to the Degbit Fidget Spinner, which show us that in order to get the relief that we are after, we don’t need to break the bank, or our budgets. It features very similar functionality to our previous two contenders and trumps them in only one area: pricing.

The over all quality of this spinner is undeniable, and definitely sees this little device punching above its weight in our competition. So much so that you would expect to pay a lot more for a spinner of this weight and bearing configuration.

It is only let down during a side comparison with the top dogs of this review, but succeeds admirably when compared against the rest of the field. This spinner features one of the longest, most balanced spins of our feature, and was a real treat to test out.

It has a convenient size that is easily cupped in the palm of the hand, and is small enough to just slide into a pocket without taking up all the space, There is an undeniable premium quality about this spinner, and it offers fantastic physical stimulation for anyone that needs it.