The Best Fidget Cubes on Amazon

If you’ve ever been caught chewing on your nails, rigorously clicking a pen, or flicking your foot in dire stress, you are not alone! No matter how embarrassing or uncontrollable the situation is, ‘fidgeting’ is actually quite healthy for stress relief.  Usually, the common fidgeting habits may be seen as annoying or irritating to fellow colleagues and friends. The good news is that the latest additions to these fidgeting toys are seen as simple ‘cool’ devices that have literally taken the world by storm!

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Initially designed to help increase the focus and attention span, and also for those with ADD, ADHD, autism and OCD related issues, these cubes and spinners are now one of the most popular toys on the markets. Every kid has them or wants them more than anything! So, what are these fidgeting cubes? Let’s have a look at the top nine best fidget cubes and the guide that follows with all you need to know about this latest frenzy!

Fidget cubes, typically designed to help those who fidget or have sensory issues, are now more than just a tool for help. They have become more of a toy and an interesting new gadget everyone wants to own! The fidget Cube is a compact and light weighted device that can easily be tossed in your pocket or purse and taken anywhere you wish. Let’s have a look at the basic features of a Fidgeting cube:

Best Fidget Cube on Amazon for 2020

Fidget Cube Buying Guide

Features of a Fidgeting Cube

A common fidgeting cube usually has the following key features on each of the six sides:

  • Click

There are five buttons on one side. Three of which give an audible clicking sound, while two are completely silent.

  • Flip

There’s a switch you can flip on and off –without any light bulb that could go off. A stress reliever and a favorite childhood pastime for most of us.

  • Glide

A small joystick that you can move forward and back or all around as you please.

  • Spin

There are one or more wheels you can spin with your thumb.

  • Rub

The worry stone side. Named so after the traditional worry stones, you just rub your hands onto the smoothened area and you will find it strangely satisfying, particularly in stressful situations.

  • Roll

There’s also a silver ball you can roll or click. This one is usually the most favorite of all.

Factors to Consider in a Fidget Cube

  • Portability

The size, weight and comfortable feel are very important. Usually all cubes are small, however, slight size variations make these suitable for the kids or adults or the larger or smaller hand types. Make sure to access the size, as per your hand to have a comfortable experience with it.

  • Price

Often there are huge price differences between brands. The cubes might seem similar on the first look, but one could be priced twice as high as the other.

If this difference is justified by the quality, smoothness of actions and any additional feature, then it’s quite alright. However, if you can avoid the excessive prices, then those which provide the best value would make the right choice.

  • Fidgetiness

The right product only serves as an alternative to fidgeting actions. It must under no circumstances become the prime action of importance. If it takes the mind away – for more than just a while –from the task at hand, then it’s doing much more than allowing you to fidget.

Hence, may often be a major undesired distraction at work or school.

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  • Actions

How long does it last? Depending on the number of options you get on a cube, answers this question. The right cube must have enough of the features to keep you hooked on for some time. The more the features and the better the quality of the actions, the longer it will last.

  • Place

Consider the place you want to use the cube at. The colors and types can be chosen as per the environment, for instance, the vibrant yellows and reds may be more suitable for the kids. The subtle blacks and grays, more for the office desks.

However, this, in any case, is not binding for the user. Personal preference often plays a major role in determining these design features of the cube.

The Right Place to Buy the Fidget Cube

You may find these cubes being sold at various stores and shops and almost all online marketplaces. While they may be quite cheap, the quality is often the most compromised feature. Always make sure to buy from a trusted place, such as Amazon.

Amazon enlists the genuine products and sellers, and most of these cubes are backed by a total refund or year’s warranty. So, in case there’s a fault in the product, you will find a replacement or get your money back.

The chances of fraudulent selling and rip-offs are minimal at Amazon. You will find a quality product there, so shop with full confidence on the site.

To make things easier for you, we have also listed the best fidget cubes on Amazon in this article above.

What’s the difference between fidget cubes and spinners?

Although both the toys are designed for fidgeting, each is unique and different in its own respect. The Spinner, as the name says, simply, spins. It may have additional features such as LED lights, faster or slower spinning action or different and uniquely shaped designs.

The fidgeting cubes, on the other hand, provide more than a simple spinning action. You can spin, glide, click, flick or even roll the buttons, balls, joysticks, on different sides of the cube. It may also have a dedicated worry stone side for rubbing, to reduce anxiety and stress.

How do fidget cubes work?

The fidget cube comes with a different set of action on each of the six sides. These actions are there to keep you occupied, and to provide a better alternative to pen clicking, spinning, rolling, or all sorts of fidgeting you may be accustomed to.

A typical fidgeting cube gives you five buttons on a side, three of which make a clicking noise when pressed and two are silent. One side is often the worry stone that helps you relax simply by rubbing your thumb against it.

Then there’s a movable joystick too, that can be moved to and fro or all around as long as it helps. The flicking switch works like the click of the pen and can be flicked, plus the ball can be rolled and there are dials for spinning.

It gives you complete action, and multiple activities to help take your mind off stress and release it in a healthy way.

This way, you can relax, and return to work with more concentration and a peaceful mindset. Watch this video, to know more about these actions.

What Makes Them So Addictive?

With SO many actions, this is bound to become addictive, but in a good way of course! Instead of clicking the pen, or biting your nails, why not use something that is not destructive or annoying for those around you?

The cube is designed keeping in mind all the fidgeting actions normally people engage in when stressed, so it’s not hard to get hooked onto it.

Can Fidget Cubes Help For Stress?

The fidget cube is designed FOR the relief of stress and for giving you an alternative to fidgeting. The construction is small and provides a number of actions for stress relief. It was made for all kinds of settings, including the office and school to help the young and old alike.

This article explains the concept of fidgeting and how it’s actually beneficial at work.

The cube works by distracting the mind of the anxious, stressed, those with ADD/ADHD, autism, extra energy or even OCD and soothes the senses.

However, the effectiveness of the cube has not yet been completely established. Here’s an interesting article on the very topic.

Which One to Go for?

Top Pick

The Wedual Fidget Cube is our top pick and the best fidget cube on Amazon. There are thirteen colors you can select from and also give this as a gift to your colleagues and friends, whoever you wish to please. It comes neatly packed in a gift box.

Plus there are complete instruction about its usage, so if you are a beginner, you needn’t worry about a thing.

A few clicks and spins will get you glued to the toy in no time. Also, another point worth noting is that it’s made from silicon that makes it soft and comfortable to the touch.

Premium Choice

The premium choice of the lot is the LEDeng Fidget cube. This one is made from the high-grade material, that makes it very long lasting and a quality product. LEDeng ensures complete product satisfaction and the customer support is very active in ensuring to provide you the same.

It is backed by a lifetime warranty and has twenty-one designs to go with all kinds of surroundings and customer choices. The size of the cube makes it most comfortable to be handled by adults or people with slightly larger hands. A wonder toy and a must have. Highly recommended for fidgeters, ADD, ADHD, and autism.

Great Value

EpochAir Fidget Cube gives you the most value for money. We recommend this one for all of its functions, high quality, and the satisfaction guarantee. The price is quite an attractive feature of this one, you may buy one for the office and one to simply keep in your pocket when outside or at home.

It has the joystick, the clicking buttons, and the rolling ball and about everything you may be looking for in a fidget cube. A must have for the home, office, school, to deal with stressful situations, better.


While fidgeting cannot be entirely controlled – not that it HAS to be – there are ways to let that extra energy out and distract the mind and take it towards a more constructive thought process. The fidget cube is designed just to do THAT.

It’s an entertaining, fun and trendy way to fidget without anyone despising the fact. While the actual effects of the cube on helping with concentrating and focus are still being evaluated, it’s one timeless piece of art to keep the young and old all over the globe entertained and happy.