10 Best Dragon Toys in 2020

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Dragons have been capturing the human imagination for millennia. From old mythology to modern stories like Harry Potter, dragons have long mystified humans and have held a strong place in the world of fantasy constructed by our stories. Children love dragons, and there are many animal toys out there to help kids that really like dragons stay entertained.

From amazing LEGO kits to robotic plush animal toys, there are thousands of options out there for good quality dragon toys. Trying to find the right one can seem challenging, but once you have considered a few factors it can help you narrow it down to that perfect gift.

We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top 10 best dragon toys currently available online, and a small guide to the factors you should be considering.

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Buyer’s Guide

Safety and durability

This is, of course, the most important factor to consider when buying any gift for a child. The perfect dragon toy will have to conform to all safety standards. Soft toys should be made out of child-safe fibers, and likewise, any plastics and paints used should be non-toxic. If you come across wooden toys these need to be sanded and varnished to prevent splinters, and metal toys should be rounded to prevent damage caused by sharp edges.

If a toy is made in the US, Canada or EU it will conform to high manufacturing standards, ensuring it will be safe to use. It is also worth checking out if it conforms to state-specific standards, which are usually higher than federal standards and ensure an even better product.

If it is made elsewhere, it likely will also still conform to a certain level of manufacturing standards in order to allow it to be imported into the US, but these can sometimes be more relaxed. Customer reviews will let you know about any major problems that can sometimes arise.


Age Appropriateness

The age of the child will have a big influence on what the perfect gift will be, and you should aim to get something that will keep them entertained but also will not cause them frustration if it is too old for them. The dragon toys on this list are all in quite varied age ranges, so you are sure to find the perfect dragon gift for the child you are buying for.

Keep in mind that sometimes manufacturers overstate the ideal age range. A toy recommended for three to seven-year-olds is often ideal for kids from four to six years old. To get a real idea of what the best age range is, check out the reviews at the bottom of the page. This will let you know what age range of kids is typically enjoying the item.

Other Features

You should consider what the most important additional features are. Kids that love dragons will appreciate anything you give them related to the mythological beasts, but it is also wise to have a think about what toys will realistically be more fulfilling for them both educationally and entertainment wise.

Construction based toys, such as LEGO sets, are great for developing early STEM understanding, whilst action figures are great for using during imaginative play which enhances their creativity and social awareness. Consider what kind of development will best aid the child before picking the ideal gift.


You can also consider their other interests.  They might be interested in a TV show that features dragons or has a growing plush toy collection. Get to know the kid a little bit more before committing to a purchase and we are sure you will be able to find the perfect dragon related gift.

If you are really struggling, run your ideas by the parents – this also reduces the risk of the child receiving multiples of the same item.


You also need to consider the cost of the item against the true value. Consider some of the options available – cheaper items with more educational value will always be better than more expensive items with little actual value to the child’s development. Though your budget will mostly depend on your own financial circumstance, there are also some social rules to be aware of.

Closer family members can get away with a higher budget, however, they should also put more thought into the gift. It is much better to get a considerate gift for $20 than to spend $80 on something generic. If you are a more distant relative or family friend, you will likely be limited to no more than $50.

You can also get away with a more general gift that will still be appreciated by the child if they love dragons anyway. If you are giving as a gift from your own child at a kid’s party, try to stick to less than $20.



Dragon toys are a great way to get kids involved in the world of fantasy and can develop a lot of skills in them through imaginative play or other forms of entertainment. The wide range available can be overwhelming, but hopefully, this list serves as a great guide to the kind of items you should be considering and what to look out for.

As always, safety should come first – but after then you can also try to consider how well you know the child and what age range they would best fit into. Through considering these steps, we are sure you will find the perfect dragon toy that they will love.

Expert Tip

When looking at safety standards, state regulations are usually stricter than federal regulations. California has some of the strictest standards in the country, so if a toy conforms to these it will be as safe as possible.