10 Best Disney Doorables of 2020

best overall rating
  • Includes one stand to display character
  • Great detailing
  • Bright and colorful
premium choice rating
  • Sturdy and well make
  • Includes 3 playsets
  • Includes 3 mini figures
great value rating
  • Includes Mickey and mystery figure
  • Classic Disney collectible
  • Includes themed accessories

You might not have heard of Disney Doorables, but your kids most certainly have. Doorables are a toy line with the Disney license behind them. They’re little. They’re cute. And they’re totally collectible. Once your kids have a few of these little figures they’ll be clamoring to get them all. And there are a lot of them – over 80! From all sorts of Disney movies, such as Frozen, Tangled, and Moana. Just to name a few.

With their adorable little faces and big glittery eyes, these mini action figurines are hard to resist. And kids can’t seem to get enough of them. So how do you possibly decide on which set of Doorables to buy for your kids?

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With so many Disney Doorables to choose from, your head will soon be spinning when you want the perfect one for your child. We’ve reviewed what we think are the best of the best.

View the Best Disney Doorables Below.

Buyers Guide to Disney Doorables

Doorables are exclusive to the Disney license. And there’s certainly no shortage of Disney characters and storylines for these unique toys to follow. In the toy market today, there are a lot of toys based on famous and well-known characters. These Doorable collectibles are a bit different from the others – they have cool, glittery eyes, and the playsets can be mixed and matched so that kids can stack them up on top of each other.

The design of each Doorable is cool and unique, with their individual personalities popping right out at you. The door of each playset is completely different from any other and is connected in some way to each character’s own little world.

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And then there’s the bright, bold colors. No detail is left out, with colors that are exciting and inspiring. Your kids can’t help but be in love with this new toy line. If you’re not sold on Disney Doorables, you soon will be!

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Why Kids Love Disney Doorables

Each of the playsets follows a theme and includes characters from that story. Most of these you and your kids will instantly recognize, such as Peter Pan, Zootopia, Pinocchio, and Tangled. But why are kids so in love with these adorable little mini characters? It the appeal of the packaging combined with the excitement of not knowing for sure what’s behind the door.

There’s a lot of magic in Doorables. It’s almost like opening your stocking on Christmas morning – kids are thrilled to open a door and find out what character is there waiting for them to play with.

Open-Ended Toys

Some of the best toys you can buy for your children are ones that are open-ended. This means that there’s no limit to how kids play with these toys. Even if there are no toys available, you’ll find your kids making a game out of almost anything. So, when you buy toys, why not purchase those that let your kids use their imagination in any way they want. Disney Doorables do just that.

They provide the foundation for kids to start making up stories and games about their little characters, taking them on adventures of their own making. They may act out some of the scenes they know well from movies and television, but they’re the ones in control. And you can be sure that what your kids are playacting is always going to deviate in wonderful ways from the original!

The Thrill of Collecting

Disney Doorables are priced just right. That and their compact size make them a great collectible. There’s something about having a collection of favorite toys that is extremely appealing to both kids and adults. Just remember some of your own toys that you collected – and how much you enjoyed the thrill of the chase each time you added to your collection. Doorables are designed to do pretty much the same thing.

One playset is fun but it’s just the start. Two playsets, well you’re on the way to a lot of pretend play. Three playsets…now you’re talking. The more playsets you buy for your children the bigger their world of creativity becomes.


The World of Fantasy

Perhaps the one thing that Disney Doorables does best is letting your kids enter the world of fantasy. A world where anything and everything is completely doable. Take some time and enter this fantasy realm with your kids. Take the time to talk to them about what they love best when they’re watching a Disney movie.

Talking will give you some real insight into the things that interest them. And when you know what their interests are, it’s that much easier for you to buy toys that you know they’re going to play with.

Likeable and Loveable Characters

Parents can breathe a little easier when their kids love playing with toys like the Disney Doorables. It’s refreshing that there are still toys that can capture the innocence of childhood. As a parent, you’ve probably been avoiding buying toys for your kids that promote violence or lack of respect for others. The Doorables are wholesome and whimsical characters. They face challenges that kids can relate to, with the underdog often coming out on top and seizing the day.

You’re most likely not going to be able to take electronics and television out of your child’s life. Encouraging them to play with toy characters from their favorite movies is fun and constructive at the same time. With cute and delightful Doorables, it’s all about your child directing the play.

Value of Toys

What makes a toy a valuable toy? As well as having fun, what other skills do you want your kids to develop when they’re playing and using their imagination? Most likely developing their creativity is at the top of your list. And it’s through creativity that kids learn how to socially interact with others in a positive way. Doorables are the prefect platform for your kids to be creative, getting their characters to interact with one another.

Roleplay is how children practice dealing with some of the real-life situations they might one day find themselves in. Get your child one of the Doorable playsets and just watch what they’re going to do with those little mini figures! And if they have more than one playset, the action is going to get even more interesting, as characters from one Disney theme interact with those of others. There are no limits…and soon Alice in Wonderland will be having a tea party with the characters from Monsters, Inc!


Buying Disney Doorables

You’ll be able to find Disney Doorables at most toy stores. But keep in mind that these little figures are a hot commodity. Don’t be surprised to find the shelves empty. Shopping for Doorables online gives you more selection and a better price. You’ll be able to find the toys featured on our list of top 10 Disney Doorables online.


Once you start buying Disney Doorables for your kids, you won’t be able to stop. These little characters are just as appealing to adults as they are to children. Start your child’s collection with familiar characters from Disney that they recognize. Then build up their collection with each new playset. The nice thing about the Disney Doorables is that all the sets are compatible and can be mixed and matched.

It’s great fun for kids, stacking one playset on top of the other, building a city of Doorable characters to play with. And don’t worry if there’s a duplicate Doorable in one of the playsets – your kids will have an exciting time collecting and trading with their friends. When you know what your child’s favorite characters are, you can narrow down you search for just the right gift.

These Disney character playsets make a great gift idea for Christmas and Birthdays. And as affordable as they are, they’re perfect when you just want to surprise your child with a new toy. Our top 10 Disney Doorables are sure to get you started!

Expert Tip

Buy more than one Disney Doorable playset at time so your kids have more characters to play with. The more characters your kids have, the more they can let their imagination run wild.

Did You Know?

The top ranking Disney film for kids in 2017 was Beauty and Beast. The live-action remake of the classic grossed 1.26 billion dollars.