10 Best Disney Car Toys in 2020

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Disney Pixar has produced the majority of our best-loved family-friendly movies for decades. These movies normally provide important life lessons and teach valuable morals to children and adults alike. Their latest series, Cars, continues to provide these heart-warming themes and life lessons. Cars 3 is the latest installment in this animated adventure comedy series and was released in theatres during the summer of 2017.

Children of all ages and genders love the action-packed and exciting adventures of this group of anthroponotic vehicles. As with many other Disney franchises, Cars 3 has a wide range of disney toys available for your little racers to enjoy. Fans of all ages of this comedy adventure series can expect to find something they’ll love in this exclusive range.

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A franchise like Cars can be overwhelming to search through for the best gift. We’ve scoured the internet for the best reviews to narrow it down for you.

View the Best Disney Car Toys, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

Cars 3 is the third movie in the Disney Pixar Cars franchise. In a world ruled by anthropomorphic vehicles, Cars covers the stories of a handful of specific vehicles from race cars to tow trucks. Lightning McQueen is a powerful, bright red, race car who is the protagonist in these three movies and spin-off animated TV series. He is in no doubt one of Disney Pixar’s most iconic characters nowadays and it is easy to imagine how much your children adore this friendly, hard-working car.

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Although we have recommended our top ten toy picks from this franchise, you may want to explore more in the future. When looking for the best gifts for your children from this Disney Pixar Cars range there are some things you need to be mindful of and consider. Wading through a mass amount of merchandise can be overwhelming. In order to ensure that you are getting the highest quality, most suitable merchandise for your loved ones you should consider:

Age Recommendations

Many of the toys in our recommendations come with small parts due to the nature of the franchise. Disney Pixar’s Cars deals with all elements of being a motor vehicle, including the garage work and pit adjustments that are required for even the most everyday transport. A lot of the gifts we have recommended in this list come with small accessories to encourage your children to get immersed in this magical world. The playsets come with small tools to get your children to work on and manufacture their vehicles.


In some cases, the cars themselves can be a hazard too – particularly to young children as they are quite small in order to fit on the race tracks. When looking for the perfect gift for your little Cars fan consider their age and capabilities very carefully and stick to gifts that are age appropriate. If you are buying for a child under three, stay away from toys that have small compartments and stick to large playsets or brands aimed specifically at toddlers like Lego Junior.


As Disney Pixar’s Cars is such a huge franchise, the range of merchandise available is increasing every day. The issue here is not only how overwhelming your gift searches can be but how secure these products are. Some merchandise, if bought from an unknown seller and are not licensed, could be potentially harmful to your young children. All of the toys recommended on this list have been licensed and approved by the producers of Cars 3, Disney Pixar.

This means that they approve of the merchandise, they believe it represents their brand well and it has been securely checked to ensure it is safe for the recommended age group. The concern when buying unlicensed products online is the fact they will be of a low quality and may not have been through these secure security check the brands warrant.

A History of Disney Pixar’s Cars

In order to get a better idea about what kinds of gifts would be best for you little racing fans, we thought it would be beneficial to give you a brief history into the franchise. Cars is a compelling, comedy-adventure series of movies, TV shows and shorts that is based on friendship, teamwork, and courage. The franchise began in 2006 with the release of Disney Pixar’s Cars, the first American computer-animated film in this soon-to-be series.

The popularity of this first release resulted in the production of two more direct sequels, Cars 2 and 3, as well as a variety of spin-off movies, like Planes which is set in the same world, Disney Channel television series and shorts. This franchise is set in a world that is entirely occupied by talking vehicles who can express emotions and deal with everyday ‘ human’s struggles’.

The original release by Disney Pixar, Cars received incredible commercial success and was nominated for 2 Academy Awards and won the Golden Globe for the Best Animation in the year of its release. Cars 3 is the most recent installment into this series and was released during the summer of 2017. It is a 3D-computer animated comedy adventure film suitable for all the family.


This particular addition to the Disney Pixar world was highly praised for its emotional storyline and quality animation. The plot of Cars 3 continues to follow protagonist Lightnigh McQueen in his racing career. However, after years of success, McQueen is starting to fade. Cars 3 follows McQueen and his racing veterans as they try to compete against the newer models on the scene.

They discover that they can no longer beat these modern vehicles, with their impressive technology and new training routines. In the true style of a Walt Disney production Cars 3 is a heartwarming and emotional story about friendship, acceptance, and bravery that certainly will move and inspire both you and your little ones.

Meet The Cast

When shopping for gifts for fans of Disney Pixar’s Cars there are a handful of characters you should keep an eye out for. We are certain that your children will be so excited to see any of these underneath the tree at Christmas or wrapped up for a birthday treat.

Lightning McQueen

The main character in the Disney Pixar’s Cars franchise. Lightning McQueen is a bright red racecar with yellow flames going across his sides to represent his speed. He is a one-of-a-kind model car and is very proud of it! When he races, he races under the number 95.

Tow Mater

Sir Tow Mater (KBE) has been present in all three of the Cars movies and is so popular he even afforded his own spin-off animation series, Car Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales. He is a rusty brown tow truck, faded green and blue in most places, and has the biggest goofiest grin.

Jackson Storm

The main antagonist of Cars 3, Jackosn Storm is a sleek, fast, modern car who is always ready to race. He is a slick racecar, blue and black in color with an arrogant demeanor.

Cruz Ramirez

A young car model who supports Lightning McQueen in his conflict again Jackson Storm’s modern tactics throughout the plot of Cars 3. Cruz is a lifelong fan of Lightning and very supportive in everything he does. Her bright yellow exterior perfectly represents her sunny and optimistic personality.


Miss Fritter

This intimidating-appearing school bus couldn’t be further from frightening! Miss Fritter is a star of the demolition derbies and works alongside Cruz and Lightning in Cars 3 to help them get their racing titles back. Disney Pixar has created some of the world’s best-loved animation adventures and continues to move children and adults alike. Their unique and adorable animation style, both 3D computer-formed and the classic 2D line drawings, has captured the heart of millions with their loveable characters.


Cars 3 follows the same pattern as every other successful animation from Disney Pixar as it is heartwarming and emotional while providing important life lessons to young children. Their messages surrounding friendship, originality and bravery are something our children will adore forever and will help them develop into a kind and fulfilled adults.

Hopefully, through our work with this review, you can easily find the best gifts to give to the Disney-loving children in your lives and make an impact on their development. The imagination and story-telling skills required to play with these toys will provide your children with essential life skills that will aid them for years to come.

Expert Tip

Most of these playsets can be easily stored and help make tidy up time a game for your little ones!

Did you know?

The Cars franchise is so popular that Disney Pixar has expanded into other transport types. Planes were released in 2013.