The 10 Best Dinosaur Toys

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  • Great for kids who like Jurassic World
  • Encourages imaginative play
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Looking for a great gift for a child in your life? Dinosaur toys are an excellent way to captivate imaginations and often provide a host of other educational benefits. From The Land Before Time and Barney the Dinosaur to Jurassic World, dinosaurs have long attracted the attention of kids from across the world. As well as the obvious benefits to imagination and creativity, dinosaur toys can teach kids more about science, history and even STEM subjects. With gifts to suit all ages such as toddlers, gifts for 3 year old boys or girls, gift ideas for 6 year old boys and girls, present ideas for 8 year old girls and boys, as well as older kids and even great Christmas gift ideas for young boys and girls – we hope to help you with the ultimate guide.

Though plastic dinosaur figurines are still a great gift for any child, there have been major developments in the world of toys to create a full variety of dinosaur gifts for kids. Dinosaurs are so universally popular that even some adults enjoy these toys! Fans of the dino series Jurassic Park will love these Jurassic World Toys.

We consulted bloggers, experts and customer reviews to give you an idea of what you should look for when buying dinosaur toys for boys and girls. We have also used all of this information to curate a list of the our favorite dinosaur toys for dinosaur lovers that are currently on the market.

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Buyer’s Guide

Dinosaur toys for boys and girls are great for a variety of reasons, but first, you should check that the kid you are buying for will appreciate it. Though many of you who loved dinosaurs as a kid may be surprised at the idea that some kids do not like dinosaurs, they can be seen as scary – especially by younger children. Younger kids may prefer one of these great train sets for toddlers.


This can be overcome with some of the cool toys more geared towards younger children, but it is still worth checking with the parents. Here are some other factors you should consider when buying dinosaur toys for a child who is also a dinosaur lover.


Lots of dinosaur toys are made out of plastic so you should make sure they are made out of non-toxic materials. If you are buying for younger children you should also make sure not to buy a toy that has a lot of small parts. Always check the customer reviews to confirm the safety of the toys.

Educational Value

Many of the toys have various types of educational value. Construction based dinosaur toys help to develop early STEM skills; dinosaur figure toys encourage educational play and develop brain power and creativity, and many of the cool toys for toddlers and kids come with instruction or information booklets that help teach kids about prehistoric life.

The toy does not need to be educated to be a good gift – but it will certainly help win you points with the parents and further enrich the life of the kid receiving the gift.

Relationship with the Child

Are you a family friend of the child? It is best not to go too overboard and limit your budget to something suitable. If you are a grandparent or even, in some cases, an aunt or uncle you can get away with spending a little bit more if you want to.


Your relationship with the child will also impact how well you know them. If in doubt, ask the parents for advice before you go ahead and purchase.

We think dinosaur fans will love these Dinotrux toys.

Age of the child

As suggested above, you need to make sure you are buying a toy that is safe for the age of the child you are buying for. You should, however, also consider some other factors related to the child’s age. Simple construction toys for kids are unlikely to stimulate the minds of older children, whereas LEGO toys your kids loves might. If you are buying a book you should also check the reading level is appropriate for the kid. Kids of this age may also have an interest in toys such as the PJ Mask brand.

Quality of Materials

The toys should be sturdy to make sure they can go through the immense wear and tear kids often give to their belongings. Have a look at customer reviews to gain an idea of how well the toys have lasted with other children before pressing ahead. If you are gifting to an older child this may not be as much of an issue.

For books, make sure they are made out of a thick cardboard before giving to young children, and for electronic toys for kids, you should also consider how well the components work after time.


Dinosaur toys are a great way to activate children’s imaginations. They teach kids about the world, history and can develop other core skills. Simple dinosaur figure toys for kids are timeless, but there are many great new options borne out of modern technology and culture on the market for kids who are serious about dinosaurs. You should consider the quality and safety of the toys, as well as what you know about the child receiving the gift, before making your purchase.


If you want a fun, educational gift that will keep kids entertained for hours and spark their imaginations, heading back to prehistoric times for inspiration is a great idea to get that perfect gift that will please the kid as well as their family.

Expert Tip

If you’re really unsure about what to get the child, try to consult the parents beforehand. Not only does this keep you better informed – but it also minimizes the risk of buying the kid something they already have.

Did you know?

The first toy made in space was a soft dinosaur toy. It was created by an astronaut onboard the International Space Station from spare velcro straps so she could take a gift back for her son.