10 Best Desk Toys in 2020

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Office desks can be boring, and sometimes sitting at a blank workspace with nothing but yourself and a computer can make it harder to stay focused on a task. Desk toys are a great way to liven up your workspace as not only do they add something visually interesting, they can also fulfill other functions that boost productivity. From minimizing your urge to fidget to keep you entertained on breaks, desk toys are great and can provide a more positive distraction for times where you just need it.

They also make great gifts for the workaholic in your life. There is such a wide range of desk toys on the market that finding the best one can seem daunting, but never fear – we have done our research and are here to help you.

Psst! Squishy toys make great stress relievers if that colleague is getting on your nerves!

We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top 10 desk toys you can buy online right now. We’ve also included a short guide to the key factors you should be considering before making a purchase.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a desk toy. Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you do not want to splurge too much on something which is a simple toy. You should also consider the space where the desk is – as in, will it be in an open plan office, a private business office or a home office? Here are the main factors to consider.


Safety and Durability

Desk toys can often be a little flimsier than other items, so you need to check with the customer reviews to ensure it is a long-lasting product. You should also consider how safe it is. Anything made with wood should be treated to prevent splinters, and anything made out of metal should be designed in a way that prevents sharp edges. If you work in or giving to someone who works in, a home office you should also consider who else might be exposed to the toy.

If there are young children in the house it is best to avoid desk toys with small parts as these can be choking hazards. Anything with bright and flashing lights might also attract pets, who can potentially damage the desk toy or themselves by reacting to it.

Relaxing and Entertaining

Desk toys should fit one of these functions – or ideally both. Toys which can control fidgeting are great options for trying to find something that can help you release stress throughout the day. Simple desk games are also great for playing after the end of a stressful day, or on breaks, to take your mind off it. Toys which have gentle movements will also help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Entertaining toys are not just great for reducing stress during breaks, they also help to keep you in the mental zone for working. Try to find something that has a puzzle behind it, involves strategy or encourages you to use creativity.

This way, you can use them on a break to unwind without allowing your brain to be completely distracted from the task at hand. It will then be much easier to return to work after a short break than if you sat and done something banaler.


How it looks and size

Consider the space where you will be putting the toy. All desk toys should be quite small so they do not take up space and do not distract you too much. The overall aesthetic also needs to be considered, however. For open-plan offices and other styles of shared workspace, you need to think about how it fits in with the overall vibe of the room so it does not distract others. If it is for a private or home office you have more room to consider individual style.

Chrome items with sleek edges are great for modern offices, and certain colors evoke certain emotions. Cooler colors will be better for relaxation, whilst warmer colors are better for motivation. Think about the purpose of the desk toy, and consider how important to you how it looks is before you go ahead and purchase.


This will likely be one of the most important factors for you. Aside from any financial restrictions and budgets, you may have, desk toys really should not be too expensive. Certain toys, such as the miniature arcade games, are worth the money as they have additional functions, but other toys will come in at lower prices and can still have the intended effect.

Consider your budget straight away before even looking at the options. We suggest no more than $20 should be spent on something as simple as a desk toy. Keep in mind that electronic toys and scientific toys are usually more expensive – as are toys made out of more solid materials such as stainless steel.



Desk toys are a fantastic way to liven up your workspace and also come with a whole host of benefits. Some toys give you a distraction whilst on your break, some can make your workspace more relaxing and others can help with fidgeting. There are even desk toys that fulfill all three functions! Consider the purpose for the desk toy, and this will help you narrow down the best options. This list is by no means exhaustive.

There are hundreds of options out there for great desk toys, however, this is a good starting point to consider some of the best quality items available right now. As always, do double check customer reviews to ensure the manufacturers can live up to the claims made in the sales notes. These will also let you know the kind of person that enjoys the toys and if it is the right item for you.

Expert Tip

Science-based toys are a great way to keep the brain working whilst using them and have been shown to boost creativity as they get you to ponder how they function.