Best Custom Pro Scooters in 2020

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No matter what age you are, having a pro scooter is a great way to travel. Children, teenagers, and adults alike can all enjoy and benefit from this economical way of traveling short distances. They are incredibly easy and a convenient way to get around – not to mention fun. There is nothing more freeing than whizzing around the local park on your pro scooter.

As they are growing in popularity, there are so many different kinds of pro scooters available. Although this is great as there is certain to be a model out there for you, it can be quite hard to find it with this much choice.

We have researched the most popular models using customer reviews to find the ten best pro scooters in 2020.

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Pro Scooters Buying Guide

In the driveway, on the roads, at the pavement or around the park, these pro scooters are not a rare sight these days. You may see extremely young children or avid teenage riders, and even the elderly few, getting the most out of their lives and having a great time on these scooters. The rise of this latest trend has taken over the entire globe, just over the last decade. If you want to join in too, here are a few guidelines to go through first, before leaving for the markets and finding the perfect one to go for a ride on.

As the fun begins, you can gradually make a transition towards the professional types. There are those with stronger decks, large wheels, and high-quality built models. There’s no one right type of scooters; you may have a larger frame or physique and so, should go for the wider deck, large wheels, and large T-bars. These are made for a rougher ride, can bear much more load than the traditional ones and also, enable better performance. You can also make your own custom pro scooters.

You can either build these from a scratch or just buy various parts of the scooter from all the part suppliers. There are great quality suppliers for this to help you make a pro scooter of your choice. Suppliers like Lucky and Covenant, Madd Gear, etc. are the most known sellers of such parts. Many of these pro scooters come readily assembled, but some may have parts like bars, and clamp as unassembled and may require fixing.

  • Stunt Scooter: A special type of these scooters is the ‘stunt scooter’. It is the best to be used by the professionals for various tricks or around the skate parks.
  • Traditional Scooter: Whereas a simple ‘traditional’ type of scooter just takes you from one place to another with ease and convenience.

Special Features of the Traditional Scooter

  • Adjustable Height: The handlebar is flexible enough to be adjusted at just the right height for you.
  • Comfortable Deck: The deck is usually made of aluminum, wood, or fiberglass, to give you the right bounce for riding around the concrete roads or parks.
  • Wheels: The size of the wheels vary per type and model of these scooters. These days, there is a greater variety of the larger sized ones; these enable you to go as fast as you like.

Special Features of the Stunt Scooter

  • Steel Deck: The stunt scooter has a much heavier and stronger deck, made from solid steel to give you the best performance. It can bear a lot more weight and pressure and give you great maneuverability, which will help you in performing the most specialized stunts.
  • Wheel Size: The wheels of a stunt scooter are much smaller and made to give you the short bursts you need to perform great stunts and tricks.

Stunt Scooter Attributes

  • Designed for people more inclined towards experimenting with certain tricks and other stunts.
  • High quality to let you perform various tricks without hurting yourself or damaging the scooter.
  • A range of color options to choose from.

Parts of a Pro Scooter

  • Handlebars: The handles, which the rider holds for support. These also let you navigate and steer the scooter as you go about on your journey.
  • Deck: The base; the part of the scooter which bears the weight of the rider and gives you standing space.
  • Grip Tape: As the name suggests, this gives you the perfect grip and a safety cushion to prevent slipping or sliding off.
  • Bar End: The plastic part at the end of handlebars; keeps you safe and prevents injuries.

You can shop from for over hundreds of scooters available widely, each comes with distinct product features and strengths. Some of the best pro scooter brands, for instance, the pro scooters by Lucky, Grit, Madd Gear, Sacrifice, and Envy, etc. have gained huge popularity over the years due to their high-quality parts and wheels. Another great gift to buy your child is a remote control car to speed around the driveway.

Price of Best Pro Scooters

The pro scooters are made for the masses; and hence, available in a wide price bracket of $100 – $500. You can go for the lower priced models if you are a beginner, for advanced users, there are multiple scooters with various other features too, but they are on the upper side of the price spectrum.

Basic Components of a Pro Scooter

Basically, a scooter is made from eight main parts. Here, we have discussed these in a bit of detail for your ease.

The Deck

Available in various colors, sizes, and design styles, this is the base of the scooter. Not just crucial for weight handling, it is the most important for the whole scooter and the entire scooter is designed around the deck.

This component is responsible for giving you the best riding experience, by aiding you in overcoming the rough road conditions and driving around curves. It gives you a balanced performance and lets you take off in most style with the most confidence.

The Bars

Most of these bars are made from the strong steel material, but some may have aluminum as their main manufacturing material. As a benchmark, the bar’s diameter is taken to be 1 ¼ inch, however, many of these scooters use a larger bar. In both cases, a superb compression system, as well as a nice fitting clamp, is a major requirement to make sure it fits the base securely.

The size, type, design, of the bar, is all dependent on your personal preference. It also gives a unique personal touch to your scooter, especially if you are making your own custom pro scooter.


The compression keeps the fork, bars and the deck aligned and together. This way the stronger the compression, the lesser the chances of fall and injury. There are different types and levels of compressions available in the markets for these scooters.

The Fork

This is the main connector of the deck, bars, and wheels. This is one critical factor of the scooter assembling. The wheels are also made as per the fork size and type; if you are assembling your own scooter, you need to choose the right fitting wheels for your scooter.

So, in case you want to make your pro scooter, a stunt scooter, you need to look for a fork that incorporates a smaller wheel size. While, if you want to go faster, you need one which lets you fix the larger wheels.


A crucial element especially if you are into performing stunts and tricks with your scooter. It allows you to maneuver your scooter with ease and gives you the ever quiet ride, wherever you desire.


Not just for the looks of your scooter, these wheels play a very tricky role. They determine the speed as well as the reliability of the scooter. The wheels have two of the intrinsic components. These are the ‘urethane’ and the ‘core compound’. Almost all these scooters are distinguished on the basis of these two factors.

For starters, you may choose the ones with the plastic cores. They may belong to the cheap pro scooters category but are good enough to serve the purpose. However, for the experts and advanced users, there are metal core wheels which give you the support required and much more durable than the common scooters.


This is basically the adhesive stuff or glue as you may call it. Secured between the bars and fork, it holds these components to make them work together in harmony. For a high-performing, durable pro scooter, you need to have a high-grade quality clamp to give your scooter the right support and functioning.


A major feature of the pro scooter. Usually fixed at the bottom of the scooter, it may be either a:

  • Spring brake
  • Or a flex brake.

The flex brake is more suited for the stunt scooters and gives you the right support and the ability to just stop whenever you want.


Most of these scooters are fit for all ages and weights. However, that doesn’t guarantee fun and adventure and most importantly, that absolutely does not mean that the scooter is suited for your body type. However, never think that larger is good, or that it would be best for everyone ultimately. It may become much hard to handle scooter and could lead to more chances of injuries or falls.

Are These Pro Scooters Safe?

These scooters are basically a ‘cool’ way to get from one place to another economically and also, making you look as cool as ever when doing so! When you learn to ride one, you get to have a better balance, grip and gradually go towards the expert stunts.

This is also rather exciting for children and not to forget, rather healthy too! It gets them just the right daily exercise they need and actually gets them to leave the house for a bit and have fun with their friends.

However, the major concern of all parents when getting this for their kids is safety. There are several precautions you can take, before letting your child out on the streets. Make sure he or she wears a helmet every time; this will help prevent any head injuries (they can be the worst!). Amongst other key measures that may be taken, the following are a few basics:

  • Get your child some elbow and knee pads for protection.
  • Teach them to ride only on the plane, smooth areas, away from the roads.
  • Go for the best quality to get your children the protection they need. Remember, a cheaper pro scooter could cost you less, but it could be really dangerous and cause injuries and accidents if it breaks unexpectedly in the midst of the road.
  • Do not let them ride around during rain or snow; this may cause slipping and injury to the little ones.
  • If the scooter shows damage or wear and tear, replace the parts immediately to avoid any near future accidents.

Alternatively, you could buy your child one of the best self-balancing scooters, or a motorized car for them to blitz around the street on.

How to Maintain These Scooters?

Proper maintenance of a pro scooter enables it to last longer, go faster and stay safer for everyone. To ensure its safety, keep a periodic check on the following parts:

  • Check your grip tape; it should be dry and clean.
  • Lubricate the bearings and remove any dirt particles in between them.
  • Ensure the compression system is secured firmly for your protection.
  • Ensure that the clamp is tight enough.

The Grips work by giving you a safe cushion from shocks, bumps, and fall. After a certain time, these too start wearing and tearing. You may have to replace them periodically to ensure the scooter gives you the same performance and safety, every time. You can easily do this with the help of an air compressor.

First, remove the old grips; they easily loosen up once the compressor creates a certain space between the bars and the grip itself and slides off. Replace the grips and use the compressor to fix them to their new place in the same manner.

Tighten It Up

Keep a check on the scooter’s overall sturdiness. If it ever seems a bit shaky, check out all parts like the brakes, clamps, axles or compression which may need some tightening to resolve the issue.


The bearings need to be properly lubricated at all times to ensure that your scooter runs ever smoothly and gives you the maximum performance. Just a drop of a commonly available lubricant on the sides of the wheel, in the bearing, gives your scooter the right maintenance it needs.

This enables the wheels to rotate freely and smoothly whenever you go for a ride. Also, oil your headset bearing every week or so to keep the scooter safer and longer lasting for you and your children.

How Should Scooter Grips be Installed?

To ensure that the grips are installed the correct way, go through the following points:

  • Clean the bar and remove all the dust. Make sure the bar is dry at all times.
  • Use hairspray/ sanitizer for the inside of the grip.
  • Make sure you completely remove all traces of the spray or sanitizer once you are done.
  • Place the new grips and use hairspray to slide them all the way down. Use more sanitizer or spray to get them to their exact place.
  • Leave for a couple of hours to dry completely.

You may even use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry out the scooter and let your impatient little ones to ride it without having to wait. It may seem a bit of a tough job when you begin the installation, but it gets pretty easy once you do it right. The air compressor works best and lets you do this with much ease.

The old grips may have to be cut at times to ensure proper removal. However, make sure the chrome handle isn’t scratched or affected in any way when doing so. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your scooter! Enjoy your ride!


Technology keeps going the notch up and all these inventions keep getting better and better. The same has happened to these pro scooters; the design, features, parts like the wheels, deck, etc. have changed and better options have been made available to suit literally everyone on the planet!

It doesn’t matter if you are petite or of a heavy built, an enthusiastic kid or an eager grandpa, a safe rider or a great stunt performer, there is a scooter just designed for you! With all such designs available in the markets, nothing can keep you from having a great time on a pro scooter, just made for you!