Top 9 Best Crossfit Shoes & Sneakers


We all have a deep seeded desire to be able to do the things we want to do when we want to do them. Sometimes we let things slip and our fitness is not where we want it to be. What do we do when our fitness needs a tweak? We exercise. Of all the ways we can find our way back on the road to that fit glow, Crossfit training is one of the most effective.

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So we dust off our trusty sneakers, get dressed and get started on that first mile to fitness glory. All of a sudden you feel pins and needles tingling in your feet. Your mind flits back to the last time you wore these shoes and you remember why you descended into immobility in the first place. Your brand new sneakers had hurt your feet and you were just too busy to return them. Don’t let your shoes steal your glory, choose the right pair from our review of the best Crossfit shoes & sneakers below .

Our Top 3 at a Glance
  • Crossfit-inspired trainer with anatomical design built for lifting and quick cuts
  • Durable Kevlar-infused upper for support and protection
  • Nano shell hard TPU mid-sole shell for medial/lateral support
  • Polyurethane-coated leather upper with breathable air mesh
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop instep strap for rear-foot integrity
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Shaft measures approximately 2.98" from arch
  • Low-profile CrossFit shoe featuring mesh insets and logo overlays at upper
  • DuraGrip toe cap

The Best Crossfit Shoes & Sneakers in 2018

Kick off the piranhas that are intently chewing on your feet, lie back and decide whether to: Stay in the war-torn soles of your current sneakers or flee to the welcoming arms of a brand new set of Reebok Men's R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoes. Find a place where “No pain, no gain” becomes a distant memory. A place where your shoes are extensions of your feet, not blocks of cement that hinder your progress. Why plod along begrudging every rep when you can bounce around in these lightweight foot clouds?

Work out as if you’re strolling in your slippers with a Polyurethane NanoShell for added mid-sole support and defense against inevitable chafing. You’ll feel protected when you slip your feet into the DuPont Kevlar infused mesh upper. You’re guaranteed superior aeration and utmost endurance with these workout warriors - Kevlar is the same stuff they use in bicycle tires, racing sails and body armor which theoretically makes these shoes 5 times stronger than steel. Elevated outsole lug patterns for better surface area contact and improved grip. RopePro carbon rubber to hold out against rigorous CrossFit maneuvers. You also have the added stability of a 3mm toe to heel drop platform which keeps you flat on your feet during workout day.

If you are color conscious you’ll be awestruck by the selection. Lifting your feet shouldn’t be strenuous unless you’ve just exercised your legs. Even then, why would you want to add insult to injury with a pair of shoes that hurt your foot the same way when you put them down as those building muscles do when you pick them up. Find a new ally in Crossfit training that motivates you with every step. Turn the drudgery of putting one foot in front of the other into a walk in the park.

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So you step up to the bar, lift the weight onto your traps and you focus. You have a glint in your eyes as you prepare to sculpt your legs into statuesque pillars of power. You push up hard. You are half way up when your right foot falters. The bar clangs on the safety stops and your focus are weakened. Suddenly you remember these words on your screen “ Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

If these shoes were a character in a hero movie about martial artist turtles fighting crime there name would be Rocksteady. Not only are they sturdy on the ground, but they are as robust as a rhino. You may be worried about how solid this shoe is when you first put them on, but rest assured you will be demolishing sets of squats with the stability of the Eiffel tower as if these trainers were your old ones - minus the instability - in no time. The 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) effective heal height will have you leaning into the battle against the bulge. Grind the glutes, and make your quads quake in the best Crossfit shoes for weightlifting, you’ll be forgetting about balancing and concentrating on rising to the challenge. The sleek design and classic Adidas stylish form are available in four colossal colors namely Core Black, Light Scarlet, Tech Grey and Metallic S.

Why risk foot stability distracting you and detracting from the perfect weightlifting session? Why risk a perfect weightlifting session by pulling a dark cloud over the rest of your Crossfit session? If you’re looking for the best Adidas CrossFit shoes, you’ve found them. If you’re aiming for weightlifting wins then you should have bought these titans by the time you’ve finished reading this article, but you don’t need me to tell you that, you already know it.

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You walk over to the rope climb and stare intently at the rope. You clutch the rope in one hand and psyche yourself up. “You can do this, You can do this” You recite in your thoughts before a mental rendition of Queen’s classic: We are the champions. You put one hand over the other, climbing your way up the rope of Crossfit success. You are half way up when the inconceivable happens, your left foot slips and you are left dangling from the rope like salami.

All those memories of physical ed could have been avoided if you had invested in a pair of Nano 2.0 ’s.

The 4mm toe to heel drop makes the Nano 5’s stable, flat treading little brother a strong contender for best Crossfit shoes and the DuraGrip toe cap boosts it way up in the rope climbing division. They may not be designed for cardio, but a treadmill session will not be too uncomfortable.

The days of struggling to make it to the top will be left gazing at you in disbelief as you hoist yourself to new heights. Don’t count the Nano 2.0 out of the style, comfort or flexibility categories either. They are flexible enough to provide agility for sprinting and jumping yet also Stable enough with their flat base for weight lifting with enough lateral support to prevent side blowout.

The Nano 2.0 is the perfect all rounder CrossFit shoe that provides a versatile service. Be prepared for anything in these multitasking shoes. The ultimate in oxymoron these shoes are the mighty minis, you’d struggle to find shoes that answer “hell yeah!” to any Crossfit call in the way that these do. If you’re on your feet all day these are the Crossfit shoes that will leave your feet asking when the workout is starting when you’re climbing in the car to go home.

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For a crossfit shoe that provides great cushioning and feel like your feet have been tucked into a warm cozy bed. These shoes provide a great price alternative to some of the more pricey models. The shoes have decent arch support and provide extra stability for weight lifting. New Balance is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals by providing the best quality shoes that they can provide.

These unbelievably light weight cross trainer shoes showcase a breathable mesh and thin Thermoplastic Polyurethane upper materials for respiration and air conditioning. The no-sew material application ensures that no seam will tear apart and leave you with a two piece shoe. The design also reduces the probability of chafing on the inside of the shoes. The Cush + sole will provide you with tons of comfort and impact absorption without affecting the shoes permanence.

Lace up New Balance’s MX713V1 and feel the comfort provided by the padded tongue and collar.

If you need to get rid of a few workouts worth of sweat or want to customize the feel of your shoe simply remove the foam insole. It might take a little getting used to the heel to toe drop of 6 mm which is on the higher end of the scale, but you’ll be happy to have those extra millimeters when getting started on the running cycle or warm up sprints.

What these shoes lack in brand power they make up for in comfort. You don’t need an uncomfortable shoe turning each rep into a lashing from a jailers whip. Glide to Crossfit endurance with these lightweight marvels . These shoes are also a great way to transition to lower heel-toe drops if you have your eyes set on the lower profile.

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Although slightly heavier than what you would expect CrossFit footwear to be, it soon becomes evident why these shoes are labeled by fans as “The shoe that everybody wants”. A high-quality insole and hyper-fused material toe box are the first features that will catch your eyes as you pull them out of the box.

The Metcon 1 is durable and has a lightweight mesh covering that helps the breath and keeps your feet cool. The collar of the shoes is a soft material that provides extra comfort for a variety of CrossFit exercises. The unique flywire lacing system literally pulls the sole of the shoes up to the foot of the wearer, reducing that feeling of separation between your foot and the shoe.

The inch (2.5 cm) thick insole provides support and comfort during each intense CrossFit training cycle. The sticky rubber hybrid outer sole of the shoe provides excellent grip on interior surfaces and will keep you from sliding into an embarrassing and unplanned split in front of the class. The hexagonal rubber nodes on either side of the shoes make them a great choice for rope climbing and gripping exercise apparatus with your feet.

A wide toe box and slight curve at the front promise a comfort and space that few other shoes provide. The sizing is accurate and won’t have you ordering a size only to be squeezing your feet into a pair of iron maidens. The 4mm heel to toe drop is average for CrossFit shoes. These shoes are great for weight lifters and rope climbers, and also have the features to meet any demands that Crossfit training might throw your way.

A sleek task master that won’t leave you in the lurch when you need it most the Metcon 1 is what you want when you want it in an indoor environment.

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“Created by CrossFitters, For CrossFitters” is the catch phrase that brings you to what might be the best Nike shoes for Crossfit. The Nano 7.0 keeps its natural shape and provides the stability that athletes crave. A NanoWeave tech upper supplies excellent respiration and comfort on top, an anatomically designed Powerlaunch toe box for improved power, fit, and stability, and low-cut design gives a natural feel and ankle mobility around your foot and an Ortholite sock liner for cushion gives your foot recliner-like comfort throughout your workout.

What would a good Crossfit shoe be without a 360° Thermo Polyurethane heel wrap for a feeling that your shoes have got your back (or more accurately, your feet)? A Crystallized rubber outsole - with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop - flexes naturally for balance and stability. A reinforced heel clip provides extra stability while a performance sole ensures you’ll never be swept off your feet. A vinyl cover on the sides of each shoe protects the shoe from rope damage, protecting your investment

A contoured footbed gives you that made-for-my-foot feel, that often eludes footwear, providing extra comfort and stability. The Nano 7.0 has superior traction and the RopePro technology makes you feel safe enough to try climbing walls instead of ropes, but leave that to Spidey. They are sized from 6.5 to 14 US sizes and come in Blue Beam/Horizon Blue/Black/White/Lead so you are spoiled for choice. Spring off to your Crossfit experience in the next generation in Reebok Nanotechnology, designed to be the ultimate in Crossfit training shoes by the CrossFitters who know the demands of every workout. Solidify your stance when power lifting in these masters of stability and feel the spring in your step as you sprint to your goal with the Nano 7.0 driving your feet to Crossfit glory.

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If you’re looking for a weight lifting, running master these are the shoes for you. They’ll have you racing and jumping like a jackrabbit. They may be the ultimate in hybrid running shoes, providing you with the best of cardio CrossFit workouts without draining the power in your power lifts. Burpees and box jumps will be no match for these sleek gliders.

The heat-activated U-form wrap warms up and takes the form of your unique contours to provide a foot-hugging comfort that rivals your favorite pair of loafers. Designed with the activities of a CrossFitter in mind with the help of athletes there shoes are ready for the most strenuous workout routine that includes rowing, jumping and sprinting with the Pebax propulsion plate infused into the sole you’ll go from strong and stable to full momentum in a snap.

The mid-sole out-sole was designed with a MetaSplit construction to allow the foot to spread naturally for supreme comfort and an out-sole pattern that supplies superior grip. Complete your squat cycle, put the weight down and break into an all out sprint easily without losing a step. The duracage upper with MonoMesh supplies lightweight strength and durability in the shoes to keep you CrossFitting with almost unshakable peace of mind.

What the Pebax propulsion plate supplies in momentum, the Heel-To-Toe Drop of 3mm supplies instability. You also won’t be trudging into the gym dreading the next hour or two with an approximate wispy weight of 255 grams on your feet. An anti-friction lining helps reduce heat and moisture build-up while you punish your muscles for being out of shape. Running, Jumping and lifting - the power to perform to your peak starts in the soles of the Nano 2.0. You can exercise with the knowledge that Reebok used knowledge from top athletes to cater to your needs

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In 2015 the Nano 4.0 was hailed as one of the most used CrossFit shoes on the market and it is easy to see why. With RopePro protection wrap, a front Lace-up for a snug fit and a cushioned footbed for added comfort who wouldn’t want these shoes on their feet. The shoes’ Multi-surface outsole provides superior traction while forefoot and heel pods provide cushioning and shock absorption. The shoes also have the standard 4mm heel to toe drop and a dual-density foam padded heel for power lifting stability.

The shoes still feature lightweight upper protection in the form of a re-imagined multi-density duracage mesh. The Nano 4.0 is not a running shoe, but it’s great for the short sprints associated with CrossFit sessions. Like a number of other shoes in the Nano range, the shoe is infused with Kevlar fiber for lightweight durability and strength. What better shoe can there be for CrossFit exercises than a shoe designed specifically for Cross training.

The Nano 4.0 is designed to give amazing support and much-needed stability in the middle of a CrossFit session. The shoes sport an HDP mesh design and a lining that combats friction and moisture to keep your feet cool while you burn. Maximum grip is a must and the Nano 4.0 delivers by means of a grooved rubber sole. At 260 grams they are only slightly heavier that the Sprint 2.0. The superior grip is versatile and will have you using them in a number of other arenas.

For the image-conscious athlete, there is even the option to design your own and choose from a number of variables to make them your own. The slightly higher price is offset by the high-quality materials and the protective elements that contribute to maximum durability that will keep these shoes going longer than other CrossFit shoes.

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Intensity is almost synonymous with the Metcon 2 from Nike. A year after the release of the Metcon 1 Nike had seen room for improvement. Designed with the weightlifter in mind a flat, dense rubber sole maximizes force transfer to the ground without altering your body's natural form when doing power lifts. These shoes are the roots that hold your weightlifting trunk flat on terra firma.

The toe box is wide enough for your toes to spread into a naturally stable position as they take on the pressure of the power lift. As in most good CrossFit shoes the upper consists of a lightweight, breathable material that sports Flywire cables to lock your foot into the shoe and eradicate unstable movement.Wear from activities such as rope climbing is reduced by strategically placed rubber on the mid-sole which addresses any issues with their predecessor.

The brains at Nike also added more mesh to the forefoot to increase the shoes’ flexibility and respiration to keep your feet extra cool when you can’t be. You’ll feel more stable during the heavy lifts without added discomfort. The Metcon 2 also offers you the opportunity to build your own shoe to make you the envy of the CrossFit class with your own one-of-a-kind CrossFit Trainer. Don’t worry about friction when doing handstand push-ups either, They added a little protruding plastic plate to get you gliding up and down the wall.The heel is also a lot denser than it used to be, reducing weight dispersion and providing you with a rock solid foundation during power lifts.

If you need to run in the shoes, don’t feel left out the brainiacs have padded the heel so that you will be running as well as lifting without stopping to change your shoes. Made for lifters worn by runners.

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Crossfit Shoes Buying Guide

What are CrossFit shoes?

A CrossFit shoe is a type of sneaker with:

  1. A low “drop” for even weight distribution – usually 4mm (The difference between the height of the heel and the height of the fore foot).
  2. A hard sole for stability on WOD
  3. A durable outer shoe to take on the heavy demands of CrossFit training.

How to choose the best CrossFit shoes?

The best CrossFit shoes will satisfy the above criteria in the best way. The lowest possible “drop” will provide a more even weight distribution. The harder the sole the less chance of instability while pushing your body to the maximum. The more durable your shoe, the less chance of the sole coming adrift while you are on a trail run.

Are CrossFit shoes good for running?

Running shoes are lighter than CrossFit shoes but less durable. CrossFit shoes are not specifically designed for running, but provide a protection against injuries that running shoes don’t. So if you are willing to compromise the CrossFit shoe is acceptable albeit not specifically designed for it. Click here for the best xmas presents for runners.

CrossFit for beginners

CrossFit, by definition, is a high-intensity workout program that incorporates different elements from several sports and exercises. It is best to start off with a warm up like an 800m treadmill run or a 500m row. Whatever you do don’t try to be a workout legend in one day. Push yourself to your limit, not your friend’s.

CrossFit works the body as a whole and does away with stasis inducing patterns. As with all types of workout you need to have a desire, a desire to be an improved version of yourself. Desire is the motivation to get up and get to the gym. Once desire has lifted you out of your chair, got you dressed, driven you to the gym and walked inside and signed up for a class with you; half the battle is complete.

You see the new you waiting in the mirror. All you have to do is start. The coach will start with a dynamic warm-up – to make sure you don’t injure yourself. You’re there and you want the best version of you that there can be. Working out is like cooking, what you put in determines what you get out. Put focus and determination in and you will reap the benefits.

Every Workout of the Day will start off with a warm up divided into rounds or sets of exercises which are like a group of one movement. Some exercises are time specific and will be referred to as Every Minute On the Minute or 2 rounds for time. It’s a good idea to invest in a stopwatch pocket book and pen so that you can keep track of your time, the repetitions (How many movements you made of the exercise) and the weight you used. This helps you to see your progress which in turn will motivate you as you see the future you getting clearer in the mirror.

The CrossFit cycle is 3 days on 1 day off, your program starts on day 1 and ends on day 28 and then you start back on day 1 again. This ensures that whenever you reach day one your increased fitness level will be obvious to you. When your fitness feels like it’s moving to the next level you’ll want to kick it up a notch.

When asking yourself the question “What is the best shoe for CrossFit training?” always remember the words of famed biomechanist Benno Nigg – “Let the body’s preferred path of movement choose your shoe.”