Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

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Your little girl is now in her tweens and finding the best gifts for 12 year old girls is not as easy as you would think. She is blossoming into a young lady and moving away from being that little girl. Her interests are also changing. She is very clear on what her likes and dislikes are. Great gift ideas for this age vary from jewelry, bedroom décor, art supplies, fashion and of course technology. For younger girls, consider these gifts for girls aged 11, or presents for 10 year old little ladies!

Preteens are often considered one of the most difficult age groups to shop for when it comes to Christmas presents. We have done some intensive research and come up with a list of the top Christmas or Birthday gifts for 12 year old girls. No matter what your 12 year old is into, we have something on our list for them.

Your tween will love any one of the great gifts we have listed on our top ten gifts for 12 year old girls. Let’s have a look at what we have selected as our top gifts.

View the Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

12 year old girls are going through a lot of changes. Trapped in the phase between becoming a teenager and being a child. Their emotional, cognitive and physical development is progressing at high speed. They may become clumsy as they go through growth spurts. Their emotions are all over the map. She is starting to plan ahead, want later bedtimes and want a lot more independence. Puberty also starts to kick in at this time.

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She will be taking more notice of her own appearance and that of others. Finding the perfect gift for your 12 year old daughter, niece, granddaughter or family friend can be exceptionally difficult. However, if you know what to look for you can make it a lot easier. Some kids like to play on their own and some love to socialize getting the right present depends on your own child’s likes and dislikes.

Let’s have a look at some of the options that 12 year old girls would love to get for Christmas and birthdays as well as any other special occasion.


This is always a winner with preteens from the age of 10 to 12. They are very attuned to the latest and greatest on the market. Many kids like to read from their tablet instead of paper books as this is just easier to carry around with them. They also like to be able to play games and do work on the same device as they read from. They also like to stream YouTube videos and the like.

However, like with all technology when you are purchasing these kinds of gifts you need to be aware of what they are doing and protect them from seeing age-inappropriate images or videos. The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet is a perfect example of this kind of gift for 12 year olds. If the child is a techie, they may enjoy these walkie-talkie toys for kids, or perhaps a kid-friendly smartwatch!


Fashion, make-up and making themselves look great is a big part of their lives at this stage. They want to look more grown up, experimenting with make-up and nail art is one of the ways they do this. Your 12 year old is creative and knows what look they like. They also like to impress their friends with their talents.

A fashion kit or nail kit are two of the top Christmas gift ideas for 12 year olds. Two excellent examples of this kind of gift are the Fashion Angels Sketch Portfolio and the Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit.


Arts & Crafts

Creativity abounds in your 12 year old and she needs an outlet for all of her creative ideas. Drawing, painting, and crafting are all activities that will stimulate her imagination and get her creative juices flowing. She may also like to build things, models, LEGO, and puzzles could also be great gifts for 12 year old girls that love to great things. Painting, drawing, and sculpting is ways to allow her to express herself. A Spirograph would be the perfect gift for a crafty girl.

She will take pride in her creations and will usually keep a portfolio even if it is just for herself. LEGO Architecture New York City 21028 is a great example of a gift for 12 year olds who love to build something and are interested in architecture. Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set is the perfect birthday gifts for tween girls who love to draw or paint.


Science is fascinating. Kids love to experiment. Giving them a way to experiment safely at home if one of the best gifts you can give a 12 year old. If you can combine science with creativity you have the perfect gift. Being able to make something and have something to show for their efforts will inspire them to learn, and then to create something special and unique. Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit is one of the best examples of a 12 year olds gift idea.


12 year old girls, like all other children, need time to unwind. Getting a game that is not only great fun to play but also educational in some way is a great gift to give. Games that advance memory or help to develop their ability to concentrate. Puzzles, card games and similar are all great gift ideas for 12 year old for their birthdays or for Christmas.

A great example of this kind of gift is the Game Development Group Stare! Junior Board Game. Also See some awesome Nintendo Switch video games.

Home décor

12 year olds love to decorate their own space. They enjoy giving their environment their own special touch. Getting them a gift that allows them to make their space unique is a great gift idea.


This is another option for you when selecting the perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for 12 year olds. Some girls will shy away from dolls and other girly things and prefer to be outdoors playing sports, riding a bike or skating to name a few. Sporting equipment, scooters, and bicycles are just some of the top Christmas gifts for 12yr old girls to enjoy.



Finding the perfect gift for 12 year old girls can be difficult. If you know your 12 year old well, you will know what her likes and dislikes are. Maybe she is a budding artist or an aspiring architect. Perhaps she loves to be outside and participating in sports. Perhaps she is a socialite and enjoys spending time with friends. Whatever her preferences there are a lot of gifts for 12 year olds on the market for you to choose from.

Tweens can be difficult, but when you ask what do 12 year old want for Christmas it is simple. Something that captures their imagination and allows them to express themselves, whether it be through sport, arts, and crafts or taking photos.  If you know a 7-year-old girl, why not get her a gift for girls aged 7.

Expert Tip

Twelve year olds are very sensitive to criticism. Whatever your child likes to do encourage her wholeheartedly, she will discover what she is good at and what not in her own time.

Did you know?

Puberty in girls starts between the ages of 10 and 12. This will explain the mood swings and the behavior of many 12 year old girls at this stage of their lives.