10 Best Toy Ideas & Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

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Buying the perfect gift for any child can be challenging, especially for eight-year-old boys. It can seem like there are more gifts on the market for girls than boys, and he will also be old enough to have a clear idea of what he does and does not like. Luckily there has been a lot of development in the area of toys for boys over the past few years.

There is now a wide variety of options – from technology inspired gifts to traditional games that have been enjoyed by generations of children. Consider the tastes of the child you are buying for as there is something for everyone available on the market. Got an 8-year-old boy turning 9 soon? Try these gifts for 9-year-old boys!

We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top ten gifts for eight-year-old boys. We have also used this information to compile a list of the questions you should ask yourself before going ahead with the purchase.

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Buyer’s Guide

What are his Interests?

Eight-year-old boys will have a pretty clear idea of what they do and do not like. You can use your knowledge of the kid to help inform your decision. If you are struggling to think about what he might like, there is no shame in asking the parents for some advice on what he might like. At least this way you can put a little bit more thought into the gift, and it also means you do not risk getting him something he already has.

If you cannot find something within the area of his tastes that fits into all the other factors, you can also consider some more generic gifts like construction sets, remote control vehicles, and creativity based toys. These are universally enjoyed by young boys, and will likely go down a lot better than a more specific gift that is not compatible with his tastes or needs. Some kids may like specific franchises such as Lego, Star Wars, Pokemon gifts or other.


How do you know him?

If you are a close relative you can get away with spending a little bit more on the gift. This, however, is not a major expectation – especially if you have other reasons for sticking to a budget. What is more important is that you should put a little bit more thought into the gift. If you are a more distant relative, such as an aunt or uncle, you can get away with more general gifts, but you should stick to a budget of less than $50.

There are plenty of options within this price range, but as always if in doubt you should speak to the parents. If you are the parents, you have free reign over this – but do check to see if other gifters have already chosen a gift and find out what they are giving to make sure you do not waste money on something that he will already receive.

You might also simply be buying a gift for your own child to give at a birthday party. In this case, we strongly suggest you stick to less than $15, though you can go a little bit over this if they are best friends and the gift is thoughtful enough to merit the price tag.

What is his Background?

This is a much more important factor than you may think. You should consider cultural, religious and even economic factors before going ahead with your purchase. Certain religions and cultures may not approve of certain gifts – particularly toy guns or games that feature violent themes (try these PS4 games for kids instead). There are some great gift options within this category, but if you are unsure we suggest you either double check with the parents or avoid entirely.

You should also be careful if the child is being raised vegan or vegetarian, as even non-edible gifts can contain animal by-products as part of the construction. This is less likely in the modern age, but you can check this in the manufacturing description and in comments. If you want to be extra cautious, a quick online search will likely yield satisfactory results.

Is the Gift Safe?

This should be your main priority. If the gift is made of plastic it should be made using child-safe, non-toxic plastics. If it is wooden, it should be sanded as part of the manufacturing process to minimize the risk of splinters. You also need to consider how sturdy the item is.


Eight-year-old boys can play rough with new toys, so check customer reviews to see how long the product generally lasts and if it can withstand expected wear and tear. If the product comes with a warranty or guarantee, this is even better.

Is it Age Appropriate?

Most of the gifts you will be considering will have a suggested age range, but more general gifts might not. Check out the customer reviews to see what ages they recommend this product for and which age groups have already enjoyed the product. If the gift is recommended for girls up to eight years old, we suggest you steer clear.

Manufacturers can exaggerate age ranges, and depending on the boy you might find he has already outgrown the product. If it is from eight years up this is probably still a good option, but be aware they may need more supervision when using the product.

Does It have Educational Value?

This is less important for older children but still something worth considering. Fun toys are a great option, but toys that help them educationally or developmentally are even better.

There are plenty of games and toys that help to promote a variety of skills – in particular, STEM skills, motor functions, and creativity. If you are choosing between a number of options, we suggest going with the one with the most educational value as this will not only be well received by the child, but also by the parents.

In the same idea, gifts that promote active play are also a good option. These encourage kids to get outside and exercise more, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age. These are particularly important in the modern age where often gadgets are given precedence over more physical gifts such as bikes and scooters.


First and foremost you should make sure you get a gift that is safe for him to use, durable enough to last him for a few years and conforms to all US federal and state manufacturing regulations. If the gift is made in the US, Canada or the EU it probably fits within all these guidelines, but you should double check if it is manufactured elsewhere. When in doubt, speak to the parents to get a better idea of what the perfect gift may be.


You can go with something more general, but if you are a close relative it will be expected you put some thought into the gift. There is a great range of gifts available on the market for eight-year-old boys, and navigating through all of the options can be a time-consuming task.

This list is a great resource for you to use to give you a rough idea of the most popular gifts right now, and what kind of products you should be considering.

Expert tip

If you are really stuck you can speak to other people who are giving gifts to him. This lets you know what kind of areas others are looking within, as well as what gifts to avoid as he is already receiving them. You can also coordinate if you are thinking in terms of educational value, and choose a gift that fills an area that nobody else is covering. Read more on educational gifts.