Best Choker Necklaces for 2018

There is a long and vibrant history behind the choker necklace dating back centuries. It was very popular amongst the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. It was also popular during the French Revolution. Chokers made their way back into fashion in the early to mid-’40’s and then again in the mid ‘90’s when a lot of celebrities started wearing chokers. The trend continues to this day with celebrities and the average Jane loving the style of necklace. So what is a Choker Necklace? Well, it is a necklace that fits snugly around the throat or neck. It can either be bejeweled with pearls, diamonds or other semiprecious or precious stones. A choker is made from different materials such as velvet, plastic, leather or metals such as silver or gold. Choker Necklaces are found in both thin and thick varieties depending on your style and fashion sense.

Choker Necklaces are both simple and elegant at the same time. They speak to stylishness without being ornate. The Choker necklace became popular again through its dominance on the runways of Paris and New York, in fact, fashion choker necklaces are all the rage right now in designers’ collections, as well as appearing regularly on the red carpet at Hollywood events.

The choker style necklace is, of course, the perfect necklace for the girl who likes to gym or do sport but can’t have the long necklaces interfering with their workout regime. There are lots of cool, fun, funky and of course elegant chokers available on the market now and of course, another appeal is that they are simple and easy to make your own at home if you like. There are plenty of sites on Google that you can read up on how to make a lace choker for one.

1. ‘Amelie’ Black Choker Necklace With Gym Dumbbell By VowStrength

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The Amelie black choker necklace is a popular accessory, created by VowStrength , amongst the ladies who frequently visit the gym. It is even styled with a dumbbell pendant. The choker is simple yet fashionable and will complement any gym outfit, lending even the sweatiest of ladies elegance. The Amelie is aimed at fitness and bodybuilding ladies, who like to keep active and live a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to provide inspiration during workouts, and is flattering to look at in the mirror.

Make no mistake though, even though it is fashioned for the gym, it is great to wear at home or out and about as well, it will add to your overall look. The Amelie, created by Jewelry Specialists VowStrength, features a silver gym dumbbell charm that is attached to a black lace choker. The choker necklace has a zinc alloy lobster clip so it is easy to put on or remove. The Amelie is only 34.5cm + 5cm long so it will not interfere with your workout.

Why We Like It

  • Silver dumbbell pendant
  • Lobster clip for ease of use
  • Short enough not to interfere with workouts
  • Stylish and elegant

If you needed the motivation to stay strong and go to the gym even if you are not feeling your best, the Amelie will remind you to keep to your regime and stay healthy and active. It will also look good on you when you go out on the town, letting everybody know you are an active person living a healthy lifestyle.

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2. Swarovski Elements Crystal Tennis Necklace Choker

premium choice ratingSwarovski Elements Crystal Tennis Necklace


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The Swarovski Elements is a classic style choker necklace with Swarovski Elements Crystals. It is a real fashion statement sporting 66 stones and 18k white gold plating. This is a box chain type choker necklace and will complement any outfit.

The length of the chain is adjustable from 15 inches to 24 inches which are an appealing feature of this choker necklace. The clasp is a silicon closure for ease of use. This stunning jeweled choker necklace will make you stand out in a crowd.

Why We Like It

  • Adjustable lengths
  • 66 stones
  • 18k white gold plating
  • Silicon closure

A crystal choker necklace will make you stand out in a crowd and add a touch of style and elegance to your outfit on date night. The 66 Swarovski Element Crystals will add a bit of glitter and glamor to your life.

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3. Jane Stone Choker Black Stretch Gothic Tattoo Henna Necklace

great value ratingJane Stone Choker Black Stretch Gothic Tattoo Henna


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A black choker necklace that is simple yet elegant. It is lightweight and stretchy, so it will suit any neck type. The Jane Stone Choker is very versatile, it can be worn out on the town or in the swimming pool with friends. Its black color makes it stand out around your neck, it blends in so as to look like a tattoo instead of a necklace at all.

The Jane Stone has no metal components so you could even sleep with this on with no problems. It is cute and funky with its intricate design which is appealing to the younger set. It is very well priced so you can get more than one and never be without it around your neck. This choker is a plain black choker that will complement any outfit and is great for any occasion.

Why We Like It

  • Lightweight and stretchy
  • Waterproof
  • Plain black design
  • Great price

A must have choker for every girl out there who loves or wants a henna tattoo without actually getting one. It is made from stretchy material so it will fit any neck line. Its plain black design will complement any outfit. A very well priced choker that is great for gifting too.

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4. Jane Stone Vintage Lace Sunflower Tattoo Gothic Necklace Choker

Jane Stone Vintage Black Lace Sunflower Tattoo Gothic


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A very cute, very trendy choker for the modern woman. This is not a stretchy choker but rather it has an extender chain if you need to make it a little bigger to fit your neckline. It is has a lobster clasp so it is easy to put on or take off.

The choker has a total length of 12.2 inches with an extender of 2.95 inches and weighs a mere 0.08oz. The Lace Sunflower is made for any occasion, whether it be a wedding or just a day out with friends.

Why We Like It

  • Lightweight
  • Has an extender chain
  • Cute and trendy
  • Lobster clasp for ease of use

A great accessory to match any outfit, the Vintage Lace Sunflower will serve you well from the elegance of a wedding to a casual day out. It is plain black in color so will match any outfit you choose to wear. The extender chain allows it to fit comfortably around your neck.

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5. ZYG Black Velvet Choker Necklace for Women Girls

ZYG Black Velvet


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A simple yet elegant black velvet choker necklace for women. The ZYG has a classic lace velvet tattoo design which will complement any outfit you choose to wear. A gothic style design though simple has a certain nobility about it.

The added bonus of this black velvet choker is that you can choose any pendant to attach to it to suit your mood or the occasion. It has a simple clasp which makes putting it on and taking it off an easy exercise.

The ZYG is not only suitable for women, but is much loved by teens and girls the world over. Suitable for any occasion, whether it is a wedding, a day at the beach or just an evening out to the movies.

Why We Like It

  • Simple gothic design
  • Easy to use clasp
  • Attach any pendant to it
  • Great price

A simple yet elegant design that will complement your outfit on any occasion. This choker is for women, young girls and teens, it will make a great gift and is very well priced.

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6. Yellow Daisy Flower Choker Necklace Vintage Gothic Collar Choker Necklace for Women

Yellow Daisy Flower Choker Necklace Vintage Sunflower Gothic Collar White Lace


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A step away from your black choker necklaces this is a very pretty, standout yellow and white choker. It is a perfect choker to wear on a fun night out on the town with friends. This choker appeals to girls and teens but mom can also wear it comfortably. It weighs a mere 0.3 ounces and is made from a resin material, so it is easy to clean ready to wear at any time.

The Yellow Daisy is adjustable so it can fit almost any neck size from the young girl to mom. It is a 12” choker with a chain extension of 2.5” and 1” wide.

Why We Like It

  • Made from resin material easy to clean
  • Adjustable chain
  • Clasp is easy to use
  • Very comfortable to wear

A great gift for your friends or family, from the youngest to the oldest. Its adjustable chain clasp gives you room so it will fit almost any size neck. Great choker to wear on a night out to a night club or if you are attending a party.

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7. Moon Style Gothic Multilayer Black Velvet Choker Necklace Pendant for Women Girls

Moon Style Gothic Multilayer Black Velvet Choker Necklace Pendant for Women Girls


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A choker necklace for women with a gold crescent moon pendant. The beautiful crescent moon is flat with a smooth surface that will lay nicely against your skin. The pendant is made from brass with an 18k gold plating. The choker necklace is made from velvet so has a lovely soft feel against your neck.

The chain length on this choker is 15” on the inner chain and 16” on the outer one. The choker has a 4” extender which will allow for almost any neck size. A very strong choker necklace that is suitable for both women and girls of any age.

Why We Like It

  • Velvet for soft feel
  • Extender chain
  • 18k gold plated pendant
  • Three layers

A stunning black and gold choker for women of all ages, mom, teen and tot. It has thin, but very strong chains and with three layers and its stunning crescent moon pendant, it is sure to catch the eye.

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8. Madison Kate Fashion Textured Bar Pendant Choker Necklace

Madison Kate Fashion Textured Bar Pendant


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A faux leather choker necklace will complete any evening dress for a night at the theater or a simple day out with friends. It has a gold plate in the front which breaks the traditional black choker style and gives it elegance and style.

The Madison Kate is 18 inches in length and does not have an adjustable chain. A black and gold choker necklace that has a lobster clasp and a link chain for easy fastening, it is a great fashion accessory. Young girls and teens love this choker. For the woman, this is a great accessory to any outfit for any occasion.

Why We Like It

  • Gold plate in front to lend style
  • 18 inches in length
  • Lobster clasp
  • Good price

Your evening out in your favorite little black number will be perfectly complemented by this plated gold and black, faux leather choker necklace. It is stylish and trendy and is very well priced for what you get.

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9. KnBoB Velvet Single Circle Round Choker Collar Necklace for Women

KnBoB Velvet Single Circle Round


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A velvet and stainless steel choker are soft but alluring. The stainless steel on this choker will give you the “bling” without the price tag. The knBoB can be worn for any occasion from a fun night out with the girls, to a formal dinner or the theater. It has a lobster claw clasp which makes it easy to put on or remove. The KnBoB is 32.5cm in length and 2.1cm in height and weighs a solid 5g.

This choker collar necklace offers an extender chain so you can adjust it to fit your neck.  Make it a tight necklace or a little looser depending on your mood or outfit. This also makes it suitable for teens or moms.

Why We Like It

  • Extender chain
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Solid weight so will lay flat on your skin
  • Soft velvet material

A metal choker that offers style and elegance and is suitable for any occasion. The adjustable chain makes it suitable for young girls, teens and women of all ages. The solid weight of the pendant will allow for a flawless look and the soft velvet material makes it comfortable to wear.

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10. Yunhan Handmade Freshwater Pearl Necklace Choker Jewelry Set on Leather Cord for Women

Yunhan Handmade Freshwater Single Blue Pearl Necklace


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A beautiful hand-woven genuine leather choker necklace with white pearl beads. This is a stunning and unique choker that will add a sense of style to any outfit.

The black leather cord measures 2mm in diameter and it has AA-grade white pearl beads. The Yunhan measures 46” which will comfortably fit any neck size.

At the top of the choker you will find three 10-1mm pearl beads and at the bottom, another 6 pearl beads altogether measuring 5-6mm each.

Why We Like It

  • Genuine leather band
  • AA- Grade Freshwater pearl beads
  • Great length
  • Unique and Hand-Woven

The Yunhan will make a wonderful gift for any lady. It is elegant and stylish. The size of the choker will fit most neck sizes. Will be a great accessory to use on any occasion whether in a formal or informal setting.

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Choker Necklace Buying Guide

What is a Choker necklace?

A choker necklace is a necklace that is worn around the neck. It is close fitting but comfortable and extremely versatile. Chokers are usually associated with high fashion. A choker can be made from various different materials and come in many styles.

Choker necklaces can be single or multi-levels, meaning has one or more straps. Most chokers will have clasps and some extendable chains, however, you do get the lace up chokers with no chain at all. You get chokers that are decorated in many different fashions, either with sequins, studs or a pendant. The more expensive chokers are made from gold or white gold with inlaid diamonds or other precious stones.

Some of the classic styles of chokers are Victorian, vintage, Gothic and tattoo. They are very popular with young and old and are a wonderful accessory to any outfit.

What are the origins of a Choker necklace?

The history of the choker necklace dates back as far as the first century A.D. Chokers are even mentioned in the Talmud as a common woman’s accessory of the time. You can also find examples of it in Chinese, Native American and Egyptian cultures.

During the French Revolution, women wore red chokers in sympathy with all those who lost their heads at the guillotine. They then went out of fashion for a while until they reappeared again in the late 1800’s early 1900’s when they became popular with ballerinas and other fashionable ladies of that era. The reason for this resurgence could possibly be traced back to Alexandra, the then Princess of Wales, who had a slight scar on her neck that she wanted to hide. The choker necklace was the ideal piece of jewelry to do that with. Royalty in those days set the trend for the people to follow, just as in today’s era celebrities make jewelry like the Choker Necklace fashionable to wear again.

The choker made a reappearance in the mid-1940’s with the baby boomers, and then again in the 1990’s when celebrities started wearing chokers, usually bejeweled one, to place like The Oscars and other prominent events. The trend has remained firm throughout the 90’s, 2000’s and until today.

In the 90’s trendy and fashionable shops stocked only choker jewelry. At this time is was the jeweled choker that took preference. All the Hollywood greats were wearing chokers adorned with diamonds and pearls.

The Gothic revival also added popularity to the choker in the mid 90’s. These were usually black lace chokers with a pendant of a pentagram or similar adorning them. The Goths referred the plain black tattoo style choker to the jewel-bedecked ones of the celebs and fashionable crowd.

The trend has continued to today with many an actress gracing the red carpet sporting a classic choker style jeweled necklace. All the celebrities through the late 90’s and early 2000’s were wearing them. From Rihanna to Christina Aguilera and Gwyneth Paltrow. Today in we can see chokers on the runways in Paris and New York and the trend is growing stronger for these style necklaces.

Are Choker necklaces dangerous to wear?

There are many concerns amongst people regarding the wearing of choker necklaces, not the least of which is does it hamper your breathing in any way?

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a choker is the tightness of fit. Most but not all chokers are stretchy and can conform to your neck size easily. Those that do not have definite lengths and you should always check that it is not going to be too tight for you to be comfortable wearing it.

The different styles of chokers present different risks.

Victorian: The Victorian style choker is usually bedecked with jewels of some description or the other, and is secured a clasp with an extended chain. The main risk here would be if you hooked the extended chain onto something constricting the choker around your neck.

Open Collar: This is perhaps the most hazardous choker to wear as it does not clasp around your neck but rather onto your neck. For the choker to remain on your neck it has to form a tight fit. They do not have a closed seam, however, which alleviates the danger because they are easy to remove and cannot get caught on anything.

Pendant: These choker necklaces need to be measured for the right fit, as they are often a set length and weighed down with gems or pendants. The heavy weight of these type of chokers pull the necklace down and away from your neck itself.

Tattoo: The most popular type of choker with the younger set. They fit snug against your neck but are incredibly stretchy so there is no danger of choking or any other problem. They are usually made out of lace or some other soft type of material so even sleeping with them is not hazardous. In fact, this is probably the safest choker necklace there is.

So the answer to the question is no, chokers are not dangerous to wear. It is obviously not recommended to either sleep or bathe with most types of chokers. You should be aware of certain aspects of each kind of choker, but as long as your purchase responsibly, they can be a great piece of jewelry to compliment your outfit safely.

Does wearing a Choker necklace mean anything?

There is no fixed meaning to the choker necklace. The choker has been around for such a long period of time and each time it comes back into fashion it has some other meaning assigned to it. The original meaning has long since been lost. It is a fashionable accessory to complement the outfit you are wearing.

Today the choker is simply a lovely piece of jewelry that does not reveal any intimate details about the wearer, nor classifies them into any particular group. It is simply a necklace.

How do you choose the best Choker necklace?

There are so many different types of chokers that it is difficult to know which one you should choose. You could simply choose the most popular choker necklace as there is no set formula when choosing a choker. You can go for the trendy choker, lace necklace choker, mesh choker or metal choker to name a few. Again there is no set formula, however, you should take into consideration a few things when choosing the right choker for you.

As with any jewelry, it is meant to compliment and accentuate your features. A choker does this to a greater extent. So shape and length of your neck will have some bearing on the choker you are going to choose to wear. You should also bear in mind what facial features will be enhanced by wearing the choker necklace.

It is important to be sure of your neck size before choosing a choker. Not only for safety but also for the comfortable wear. Chokers should fit your neck quite snugly without hindering your breathing. If you are looking for a very small choker necklace then you should be sure that you can accommodate it around your neck. The average to take is approximately 2 inches more than the circumference of your neck, this will ensure you get a well fitted, snug choker.

The length of your neck will make a difference to how the choker compliments you.  If you have a very long and slender neckline then a wider choker and one that is heavily adorned with jewelry and has more detail will suit you well. The shorter and thicker your neckline, the smaller and thinner the choker you would look to wear.

As we said the choker, like any necklace, is designed to accentuate your strongest features and bring them to the fore. So the color of the choker also plays a part in choosing the one you want. If you have a very pale complexion a black choker will serve you well.

The shape of your face is something to also take into consideration. If you have a very round face, then the choker will emphasize that roundness. A long slender face will appear softer and more rounded by wearing a choker.

Ultimately it is what you feel comfortable with that will determine which is the best choker necklace for you.


Top Pick

Amelie Black Choker by VowStrength‘Amelie’ Black Choker Necklace with Gym Dumbbell

For the ladies who enjoy a good workout this black choker necklace with a silver, dumbbell pendant is the ultimate piece of jewelry that will complement any gym outfit. It is short enough not to interfere with your workout.

It has a lobster clip for easy put on and takes off. Not only will it complement your gym outfit when working out but will enhance any outfit whether on a day out with friends or date night

Premium Choice

Swarovski Elements Crystal TennisSwarovski Elements Crystal Tennis Necklace Choker

A stunning Chrystal choker necklace with 18k white gold plating. The Swarovski is an adjustable choker so you change the length as your mood changes. It sports 66 Swarovski Element Chrystal’s which gives this choker necklace some elegance and glamor for your big night out. It has a silicon closure to make putting it on and taking it off easy. A great gift for Valentine’s Day, gift for your girlfriend (guys) or any other special occasion.

Great Value

Jane Stone Choker Black Stretch Gothic Tattoo Henna Necklace

A very versatile choker necklace that you can wear to any occasion including a pool party as this choker is waterproof. It is lightweight and stretchy, so can comfortably fit any neck size or shape. The plain black design will ensure that no matter what outfit you are wearing the choker will complement and enhance it. The Jane Stone Choker Black Stretch Gothic Tattoo Henna Necklace is very well priced, easy to put on and take off and offers great value for what you get. A great gift for any young girl, teen or woman for any occasion.


Choker Necklaces are elegant and stylish and very trendy. You can get choker necklaces in any material from metal to soft velvet. The choker will add pizazz to any outfit and are suitable for any occasion from the big night out, to a lazy day at home. Some are waterproof so you can even swim with them. Chokers are seen on most catwalks today and are an essential piece of fashion jewelry for any woman, no matter what her age.