The Best Body Vibration Platform Machines To Help You Keep Fit

Get Your Groove Back and Stay Healthy With the Trendiest Body Vibration Machines

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017 @ 5:43 pm

Body vibration machines are fitness machines used to help you exercise. These machines create high-frequency vibrations, which cause you to contract your muscles involuntarily.Do you hate pounding out the miles in the morning running or jogging? Are you tired of waiting for, and using, every sweaty weight machine in the gym? Then these are the machines for you!

This means you work out without working out. You can buy just a platform, or a full-body version with handholds so you dont fall off. Just 10 minutes on a vibrating machine is the equivalent of 60 minutes of weight lifting, jogging, or other conventional exercise. Now you really don’t have an excuse not to get fit! Here is a look at some of the finest body vibration platform machines in the market.

Buying Guide For Body Vibration Platform Machines

What is a vibration machine?

A vibration machine is a flat plate exercise machine that oscillates between 30 and 60 times per second. You can sit, lie, or stand on the machine and perform exercises. Your muscles are then exposed to forces from several directions as you move them. You can do stretching, relaxation, or strengthening machines that work the chest, feet, back, arms, and legs. Be sure to see a doctor before starting any exercise program.

Flat Plates

Some full body vibration platform machines are just a plate. This forces you to balance on the machine without being shaken off. Since this machine vibrates, you can vibrate off! Once you learn balance and your muscles get stronger, this wont happen as much, or at all. So, it is recommended that you start out with low power and work your way up. So, you need one with a lot of vibration settings, at least 5.


Handles stop you from vibrating off. Some are on either side of the control panel, like wings, or they can be part of the body. Some even have a plate to measure heart rate and/or body mass index (BMI) embedded in them. Be sure they are padded. You will have to wipe them off from time to time to keep them clean.

Yoga Bands

Yoga bands can provide resistance to arm muscles and allow you to do more exercises while vibrating. Yoga bands are good for toning and building muscles, and for stretching.

Other Exercises

To work the legs, lower back, and abdominal muscles, you can do light squats, keeping your back straight. You can make leg exercises more difficult by using free weights, or by strapping on arm or ankle weights.

To work the arms, use weights or yoga bands. There are an astonishing array of arm exercises you can use, like bent over rows, standard lifts, overhead lifts, deadlifts, and much more. You can even do pushups, but do that exercise only on its lowest setting until you get used to the vibration.

To work the abs, there are many standing abs exercises, such as high knee raises, leg lifts, and side leg lifts. Then, sit holding your feet out in front of you and lift both legs up, holding them steady with your back straight.

YouTube has lots of videos to help you use various exercises on the machine. Only use very light hand weights with a vibration machine until you are used to the vibration. You would not want to drop a heavy weight on your foot! Never, ever do exercises that are actually painful. Lift a weight until it becomes easy before switching to a heavier one. There are always ways to make exercises easier or harder, with weight or posture. Use proper form for safety, and ensure you are targeting the right muscle in the right way. It is better to do only one of something with perfect form rather than 20 with bad form.


Dont ever use bare feet. Do not use shoes with flat or leather soles. Use trainers instead with athletic socks. To keep the machine clean, use trainers that you only use when exercising at home. It also saves wear and tear on your exercise shoes! Work on it away from anything you can step on or fall on if you fall off. You can even start with one foot on, the other off, and switch feet. Then move to putting your whole body on. Be sure there is an anti-skid plate.

Make sure you have talked to your doctor if you have a medical condition to be cleared for strength or cardiovascular training before using this machine. We also recommend trying out these brilliant compression socks to help with DVT whilst travelling. Dont use the machine if your are pregnant. Elderly people can use the machine, but they should use one with handles, and stay on the low settings until they have enough balance to use higher ones. Children should be 12 years old to use the machine and under proper supervision, for less than 10 minutes two to three times a week. If you have ear or eye issues, try out the machine before you buy, and if you can tolerate the vibration, be sure you get a machine with a handlebar.

You should drink water before and after exercising to keep yourself hydrated. It is suggested that you vary your exercises–stretch, relaxation, and massage your feet–to work all the muscles in the body. Be extremely careful if using dumbbells to do exercises on the machine. It may be better to use ankle and wrist weights you strap on.

Side Effects

Some people get itchy skin if they have had poor circulation. The increased circulation improves the transport of waste products out of the body. Use a good moisturizer and cortisone lotion to help with the itching, and drink a lot of water to get the waste products out of the body quickly. Some people may get severe redding of the skin, called erythema, especially on the legs. For most people, this is temporary. If it persists, stop using the machine and see a physician. For simple soreness, use a topical pain reliever directly on the muscle that hurts. Stop immediately if you feel pain, and take a day or two off to allow the muscles time to rest. See a doctor immediately if the pain is severe or if it persists.

Cleaning Your Machine

Use a soft cloth to wipe down the machine to remove dirt and sweat. Once a week, spray warm water and use a soft bristle brush like a back brush to loosen surface dirt on the nonskid surface. Use an absorbent chamois towel to wipe off the water, and be sure to thoroughly dry the machine.

Features to Look For

Decide if you want to use a flat plate, or one with handles. The ones with handles cost more, but are much safer to use. Decide if you want yoga straps or not. You can always get them, and use them later. Decide how many levels you want–the more the better–and if you want to a heart rate or BMI sensor. Get a spray bottle with water, a soft bristle brush, and a chamois to clean it. Dont get a machine with dual motors and use both motors at once except on the lowest setting.

Is it safe to use body vibration platform machines?

People with normal health should be perfectly fine. If you have balance problems, you may want to use a whole-body machine with a handrail rather than a flat machine. If you have joint problems or a heart condition or pacemaker, see a doctor first before using a vibration platform machine. It is recommended that you start with 30 seconds a day three times a week on a very low setting, then add 30 seconds a day, until you get up to 10 minutes 1-3 times a day. Then work up in vibration strength slowly over time.

Will I lose weight if I use a body vibration platform machine?

If you want to lose weight, you need to be on a limited calorie diet. You cant eat a box of cookies every day, stand on a platform, and expect to lose weight! That being said, muscle is denser than fat. You may see a weight gain and looser clothes as you switch from fat to muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so more muscle means you burn calories even while resting. Body vibration platform machines build muscles without high-impact running or jumping. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Can I use this machine every single day?

It is suggested you do full body workouts 2-3 times a week, and take 1-2 days off to give the body time to rest. You should also rest right after using. You can do stretching or massage on the days off. Even those with foot problems can use it every other day. People have said the machine helps them feel refreshed and relaxed. Many find their clothes fit better, they have better sleep with these masks, and improved balance and strength. Ten minutes a day is a small price to pay to receive these benefits.

Some people cant run and jump due to ankle, leg, and other problems. Traditional workouts can be excruciatingly painful or even dangerous for them. Weight loss is difficult for people who cannot do high-impact aerobics or weightlifting. So, body vibration platform machines are wonderful to help them lose weight–the very weight which often causes ankle, leg, and back pain in the first place. Some people have also had surgery or have medical conditions that prevent them from exercising, or they may be recovering from surgery. People with stress, depression, or mood disorders often feel much better after using body vibration platform machines.

You can use the vibrating machine for 10 minutes a day 3 days a week. Some people use the machine for up to 10 minutes 2 to 3 times a day 2 or 3 day a week for maximum weight loss, if that is the goal. If you are using the machine several times a week, be sure you rest by completely laying down on a yoga mat, bed, or couch for at least 10 minutes after every 10 minutes of use. This will cut down on the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. It is also a good idea to take hot baths or showers after you use the machine.

People who use body vibration platform machines say they have much better balance, far more energy, greater relaxation, and much more toned muscles. Some also say they feel a lot better overall. Even people who cant use traditional exercise say they lose weight, if they are also making healthy food choices. These machines are a workout and massage all in one. You are sure to love one of these machines–if you use it!

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