9 Best Beard Grooming Kits of 2019

best overall rating
  • WV Timber Scent Oil
  • Magic Balm
  • Quality military-style oval brush
premium choice rating
  • Wooden Handled Natural Boar Hair Brush
  • OneDTQ formula oils
  • Pine scented shampoo
great value rating
  • Wooden Thick Fine Tooth Comb
  • 100% Boar Hair brush
  • Luxury and durable gift box

Having the best beard grooming kit you can afford will make you stand out in a crowd and attract the ladies. Beards are back in fashion. But a beard that is not well groomed and looks shabby is never well received. Choosing one of these beard care products is not easy as there are many on the market. We reviewed the best beard maintenance kits on the market today to give you a rundown on which one will be right for you.

In this beard care buyers guide, we will give you a good idea of what you would expect to find in a quality beard maintenance kits such as natural lubricants, and lotions. We will also cover what shampoo’s you can use to ensure you look good at all times.

Gentlemen we know you love to take care of you, so we have you covered with a selection of good beard care kits for any budget. Ladies if you are looking to purchase a gift for your husband, son, father or granddad we will give you an insight as to which are the best, and what they offer.

The Best Beard Grooming Kit of 2019

best overall rating

1. Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit


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The Mountaineer brands are the best and they use only all natural products. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting to grow their beards, or somebody who wants to keep their established whiskers looking good, the Mountaineer has everything you need.

In the beard kit you get 2oz oil, a tin of Magic Balm, 4oz wash and an oval military-style brush. Everything you get in your product is 100% natural and is crafted using quality ingredients.

The WV Timber Scent Oil is scented with Cedarwood and Fir Needle is widely considered some of the best lubricants on the market and gives you a woodsy, clean smelling scent that is not overpowering. Pairing seamlessly with the Oil is the grapefruit, lime and fir needle scented magic balm. The timber wash has the same scented essential oils. It lathers very well and is made with a mild Castile soap. Lastly you get a high quality oval military-style brush to get rid of those nasty tangles and knots. The kit comes in a burlap bag so is easy to travel with.

The Mountaineer Brand will give your beard a shine and softness that will be the envy of others. The balm and oil pair to create a lovely scent that will have your whiskers smelling clean and fresh.

Why We Like It
  • WV Timber Scent Oil
  • Magic Balm
  • Quality military-style oval brush
  • Good lathering soap
premium choice rating

2. Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

Big Forest Beard Gift Set


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The Big Forest has everything you need to keep your beard looking healthy and well cared for. Using the original OneDTQ formula’s this pine infused, 100% natural and organic and will make any beard –wearing man very happy.

Keeping your beard clean and fresh and growing to its full potential has never been easier. The shampoo gives off a wonderful fresh pine scent. The beard oil will ensure a full thick beard that looks healthy and well cared for, it soaks in quickly and leaves no residue. The fresh scent will invigorate and revive your beard, leaving it shiny and soft.

Just like the hair on your head, beards can also be otherwise, with some hair refusing to cooperate. The leave-in-conditioner with light hold from Big Forest will help you get that rogue hair under control. The wood handled Military style brush that is made from natural board’s hair will ensure that your whiskers cleaned out of all residue that may cling to your beard. Its bristles are short and soft, so will not pull any hair out, but firm enough to ensure that your beard gets the brushing it needs to remove any knots or tangles and look good.

One of the best beard grooming products on the market the Big Forest will ensure that any beards – man is the talk of the town. You will never again have to worry about that out of place whisker with the leave-in-conditioner with slight hold and magic balm. An excellent gift for your beard – wearing family member or friend, it even comes in a lovely beard grooming gift box. Or if you feel like spoiling yourself to some quality beard maintenance, then the Big Forest will not disappoint.

Why We Like It
  • Wooden Handled Natural Boar Hair Brush
  • OneDTQ formula oils
  • Pine scented shampoo
  • Leave-in-conditioner with slight hold
great value rating

3. Repsol Care Beard Brush and Beard Comb Kit

Repsol Care Beard/Comb Kit


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If you have a partial beard, full beard or just a mustache, you need something to keep it neat and tidy. Tools with which to shape your whiskers are essentials in keeping your beard looking healthy and neat. It is a good beard and mustache grooming product.

It is made from 100% board bristle and will ensure any facial hair whether it be long, short, thin, thick, firm, tangled or coarse gets the brushing that it needs. A good one will help you to distribute your oil throughout your beard and thereby smoothing out the beard and improving on the styling. It is also essential to remove any tangles or knots in your beard. It also brushes out all the dead hair that may be lodged in your stubble, allowing it to grow fuller.

It is a thick fine tooth finished comb that is anti-static. A beautifully handmade item that is absolutely perfect for maintaining your mustache. It comes in a gift box that is durable and has magnetic closing clasps. It also gives you a travel option of a cotton bag.

Keeping your beard or mustache well combed and looked after no longer has to be a challenge with this offering. 100% Boar hair brush and thick fine tooth comb will ensure that you give your beard or mustache the best grooming you can.

Why We Like It
  • Wooden Thick Fine Tooth Comb
  • 100% Boar Hair brush
  • Luxury and durable gift box
  • Value for money

4. Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit

Percy Nobleman Set


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The Percy Nobleman brand is one of Europe’s leading beard grooming brands. A great product for gentlemen who are either starting to grow a beard or needs to maintain an established beard.

With your Percy Nobleman you will get 30ml of wash. This will keep you whiskers clean and fresh smelling. The 20ml of balm helps you to control those whiskers in place. And the 30ml of oil keep your beard moisturized and hydrated, and look after your skin at the same time, keeping it looking great. The trusted pocket mustache comb will work on either long or short ones, as well as your mustache. It will help distribute the lubricants through your beard and clear any tangles or knots.

A great comprehensive product for men. The Percy Nobleman Bundle will make the perfect gift for your bearded husband, father or friend. Any beards – man who likes to keep their beard looking good at all times will appreciate this offering.

Why We Like It
  • Pocket Comb for beard and mustache
  • 30ml wash
  • 20ml balm
  • 30ml oil

5. The Beard Legacy Beard Grooming for Men Care


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Keeping your beard or mustache in great shape is easy with the Beard Care Kit from Beard Legacy. Made in the USA, this product contains everything you will need to groom and maintain your beard.

Our oil and unscented leave-in-conditioner will smooth and tame even the wildest of beards. The all-natural lubricants are not only good for beards but mustaches, and is guaranteed to keep your beard and skin soft and smooth. Itching is always a problem with beards, but our Jojoba Argan Oil helps to alleviate that problem, softening your whiskers and soothing your skin beneath it.

The Bamboo Boar Bristle brush will ensure that you get a good brushing experience that will also stimulate the skin beneath. Not only will it rid you of any excess residue but also eliminate any dandruff while shaping your beard at the same time. The anti-static wooden comb will allow you to avoid split-end and ensure your beard does not end up looking scraggly. Knots and tangles will be a thing of the past when using this product.

An all in one offering that will keep your beard, mustache or goatee looking its best. The all natural lubricants soften your beard giving it a healthy shine, while the unscented leave-in-conditioner will help you tame even the wildest of whiskers. The Luxury Gift Box offering is the perfect gift for any beards – man in 2019.

Why We Like It
  • Bamboo Boar Bristle Brush
  • Anti-static comb
  • Jojoba Argan Oil
  • Unscented leave-in-conditioner

6. Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

Jack Black Comb set


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The Jack Black beard grooming kit is a comprehensive set for not only for the beard, but body as well. Jack Black takes into consideration that most men do not like spending a lot of time on grooming and like to have everything they need at hand. The Jack Black beard groom kit offers just that.

The all-over wash is made from wheat protein and panthenol, it lathers well, and will not drain your beard of essential moisture. It ensures not only your beard but your face and body get a good cleaning too. The beard lube and conditioning shave enables you to make sure your beard is neatly trimmed and styled to perfection. The lube contains jojoba and eucalyptus oils to reduce irritation from razor burn. To ensure your beard has a healthy shine Jack Black’s oil contains vitamin E and Kalahari melon oil which sooths irritation of the skin from dryness and ingrown hairs. Also included in your grooming kit is a handcrafted beard grooming comb. It is designed to not only keep your whiskers neat, but also to distribute your natural lubricants and Jack Blacks beard oil evenly throughout, moisturizing and conditioning your beard.

The Jack Black beard grooming kit is made from all natural ingredients, it has no artificial colourings and has no fragrance. So even men with very sensitive skin can use Jack Blacks grooming kit with confidence.

If you are looking for a complete grooming kit then the Jack Black is for you. In Jack Black’s grooming kit you not only get beard oil, lube and conditioning shave and handcrafted comb, but also an all-over wash for body, face and beard. A great gifting idea for the man who likes to have all his beard grooming products in one convenient pack.

Why We Like It
  • All in one grooming kit for body and beard
  • Handcrafted and travel friendly grooming comb
  • Lube and conditioning shave
  • Fragrance free

7. Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Gift Set

Beardsley and Company In The Box


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Beardsley has long been known as a good beard brand, caring for your beard and mustache has never been simpler. The Beardsley Beard - In The Box Care Gift Set comprises everything you will to keep your whiskers in shape. Best of all you get full size bottles of each and two different scented washes.

The Beardsley beard care kit is designed to keep you beard clean, neat and attractive. It is concerned exclusively with the cleaning and hygiene of your beard and skin.

As we said you get two different scented washes. A wild berry ultra-shampoo and a cantaloupe ultra-shampoo. Both of these are especially formulated and work equally well on beards and mustaches. The conditioner will leave your beard soft to the touch and your skin smooth. The lotion has a bay rum scent and the oil is lightweight and designed to be used daily to keep your beard manageable.

A great beard care kit for your beard or mustache. The Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Gift Set contains the perfect combination of products to ensure that your beard is always looking clean, shiny and healthy. The full size bottles are an added bonus that will last you a long time. An excellent gifting idea for any beard wearing man.

Why We Like It
  • Two different scented shampoos
  • Full sized bottles of all products
  • Specially formulated lotion
  • Works on mustaches and beards equally well

8. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit


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The Ultimate Beard Kit from Maison Lambert is a complete beard care kit that comes in a stunning wood cigar box, perfect for gifting. This beard care kit has no artificial fragrances and toxins. It contains organic beard oil, beard balm, beard wash and body soap. As it contains no artificial products this beard care kit is also hypoallergenic and creates a lovely natural woody smell that is not overwhelming. Even the most sensitive of skins will not be irritated by the all-natural products.

There is also no animal testing done with this beard care kit and it contains none of the parabens, sulfates, dyes or toxins that are bad for your skin and hair.

In your pack you get a handmade beard soap. This soap is made from shea butter and beer. The beer contains natural ingredients which not only soothe irritated skin but is also a natural anti-bacterial agent. You also receive a cleanser that contains Argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and cocoa butter. It gives you a good lather and leaves you with a great smelling softer beard.

The Ultimate Beard Kit’s beard balm is 99% organic. It is easy to apply and controls not only beard itch but dandruff too. The beard oil includes tocopherol, and antioxidant. It gives off a woody scent and absorbs into your beard quickly. As an added benefit you get a complimentary organic body soap included in your grooming kit.

A product that is fashioned in the French tradition of quality and class. The all natural fragrances and natural oils will make your beard the envy of others. This great offering makes a perfect gifting idea for any beardsman.

Why We Like It
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free
  • All natural ingredients
  • All products hand crafted
  • Complimentary organic body soap included

9. Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Zeus Deluxe


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The Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men is a fully comprehensive offering that includes everything you will ever need in one place.

The Zeus Deluxe beard wash will enable you to get rid of the excess that build up in your beard. It is specially formulated for both beards and mustaches. With Dragon’s Blood to reduce inflammation, green tea which helps control dandruff and chamomile to strengthen and give your beard a good shine, you cannot go wrong with this beard soap.

Once you have washed out your beard with the Zeus deluxe beard wash, you add the conditioner which will moisturize your whiskers using the pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera to make them feel soft and luxurious. The Zeus beard oil will save you from itchiness caused by your facial hair as well as control dandruff. It comes in three different scents for you to choose from Verbena Lime, Sandalwood and Vanilla Rum. Lastly you get a 100% boar bristle brush with this Zeus Beard kit, that is firm and will help you grow a fuller, thicker and more luxurious beard.

If you are looking for a comprehensive offering for the best looking beard around then the Zeus is the one you need. Keeping your beard well maintained and with a healthy shine is no easy task, however the Zeus Deluxe for Men makes it simple and effortless. The Zeus grooming kit also makes an excellent gifting idea for any beard loving man.

Why We Like It
  • 3 different oil scents
  • Quality 100% boar bristle brush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

Beard Grooming Kit Buyers Guide

What is Usually Contained in a Beard Grooming Kit?

Beard hair is a lot different than the scalp and needs dedicated products and a specific grooming regime.  Every offering, even your cheap kits, will have some essentials in them. These will include:

Beard Oils: These contain the vital oils and minerals that are used to moisturize your beard and the skin beneath it. Using these beard oils from the beginning when your beard is in its infancy will allow your skin to remain moisturized and avoid a lot of itchiness that comes with beard growing.

Beard Balms: The beard balm is used to control your beard and shape it the way you want it to look. These offer an extra hold so that you can style your beard in the manner you wish it to be, as there are plenty of exciting beard styles out there!

Beard Shampoo: Essential for keeping your beard looking and smelling clean and healthy. You will need to clean your beard on a daily basis when it is established. In the beginning you do not need to use a shampoo just a soft soap, but as your beard grows a good beard shampoo is indispensable.

Brush or Comb Kit: Not all of the offerings contain both items. In order to keep your beard looking good you will need these tools. They help to disperse the essential oils throughout your beard as well as aids growth in your beard. You also to groom your beard out regularly to avoid knotting and tangling of the beard. An essential item in your set.

A few of these will also contain additional items to help you manage and control your beard, or goatee. These are not essential however they will aid you in having the best beard you can possibly have and help you to control your beard better growth and styling better:

Beard Conditioner: This will help you to keep your beard feeling softer and more luxurious to the touch. Some beard conditioners are stay-in-conditioners with soft hold that also help to keep your beard in a certain style.

Man with Beard

Body wash: A top and highly premium beard groom kit includes body wash, usually. For the man who wants everything together in one handy grooming kit.

Beard Wax: A good beard balm or wax will allow you to shape your beard. A beard wax will either have a medium or strong hold depending on the weight and length of your beard.

Beard Trimmer: Especially for men who are growing goatees or mustaches, keeping them neatly trimmed will add to the overall look.  However even those with longer beards will need to trim off the errant hairs that grow out of place or shape their beards in the way they want them to grow. Click to see the top beard hair trimmers on the market.

If you are looking to make your beard stand out even more, consider a teeth whitening kit for your pearly whites! They are, after all, the center of attention!

Are Beard Grooming Kits only for long beards?

Every man looking to grow a beard, or maintain an established beard, will require a good product. When you are starting to grow your beard you will need one of these in order ensure that your beard will grow to its maximum potential. Once your beard has grown out, whether you have a long or short or starter beard, a goatee or just a full bush, you will need to maintain your beard. A great one will allow your beard or mustache to look its best, smell great and enhance your overall appearance.

Starting out with growing your beard can be very difficult. Making sure that your beard is well nourished and maintained will help you to grow your beard fuller and have a healthy well groomed appearance, even at the beginning stages. Beards are generally measured in months. From a 1 month, 3 month to a yeard which is a year-long worth of beard growth.

Finally of course the terminal beard which will be the longest you can possibly grow you beard. Each of these stages or lengths bring with them different challenges. Itchiness, patchy and generally shaggy beards are common in the beginning stages and this is where this type of product comes into play. The use of the different products in your kits will help alleviate the itchiness and make your new beard look less scraggly.

Ensuring your beard is clean and smells good, no matter what length it is or at what stage of growth, is the main aim of using a grooming kit. If your beard is not well maintained, moisturized and clean, your skin will suffer and your beard will not look good. Eventually you may give up and shave your beard off due to the unflattering look.

Combing or brushing it will also stimulate growth in newer beards and help to make longer more established beards healthier and tidier. It also allows for you to get all the knots and tangles out of your beard and rid it of any beard dandruff that may be present.

In order to ensure that your beard is properly maintained it is essential to have a good one that will give you all the products needed to not only maintain your beard but help you grow it longer and thicker than ever.

What Should be Considered when Buying a Beard Grooming Kit?

There are a number of things you should consider before buying one. It is obvious that you need to have a one of these products that gives you all the tools you will need to maintain and grow your beard successfully.

There are however added considerations such as your skin type and hair type. If you have sensitive skin, you need to make sure that the kit you select contains all natural ingredients that will not aggravate your skin in any way.

Another factor to take into consideration is how the products smell. Just like choosing the right aftershave or deodorant, you do not want to spend a lot of money only to find you do not like the way it smells. Again fragrance free beard products help if you have sensitive skin to consider.

Grooming BeardJust like your head-hair, your beard needs to be moisturized and hydrated. You also need to remember you need to look after the skin beneath the beard too. The oils and balms contained in most offerings will address both your beard and skin needs. These are helped to disperse into your beard by when brushing or combing.

Cleaning your beard is one of the most important parts of keeping it healthy and shiny, a good beard shampoo is one of the most essential items in your kit. What is the use of having a big beard if it does not look clean and healthy?

If you are growing only a goatee beard, you need to consider if you need a shave beard care lotion in your kit. Even if you are going to have a full grown beard, grooming it in the way of trimming will be one of the tasks you need to perform in order to have the best looking and neatest beard around.

Finally having a high quality brush is important. Brushing out your beard regularly to avoid knots and tangles. Oils and balms will only take you part of the way to keep your beard neat and tidy. These will also help to disperse the beard oil you are using, as well as your natural oils throughout your beard keeping it well moisturized. Read the customer reviews on Amazon to see what your fellow beards-men say about the various products that are available for 2019.

What is the best way to take care of your Beard?

If you already have a beard then you need to look after it, if you are staring out with growing a beard it is very important to look after it in the beginning stages or you will just give up and shave it off. Irritation of the skin and patchiness sometimes lead to the early death of beards.

Having a great beard caring regime is vital and as every beard is unique, different types will require custom upkeep and maintenance. There are two major aspects to looking after your beard. These are trimming and cleaning.

Trimming your Beard

The secret to having a great looking and styled beard is having a great product that comes with a shaving kit. These two items should be tools you have at your disposal when growing a beard. Trimming your beard is one of the things you will have to do in order to keep your beard well maintained. Make sure your new kit comes with a shaving beards kit!

Some beard lovers say that the only way to do this is have it professionally done, however others will never let anybody else trim their beards by themselves. The choice is yours.

Trimming your beard or mustache yourself if easy if you have the right tools. Some of the best male grooming or beard care products will include a pair of barber scissors which are recommended if you intend to trim either beard or mustache. A wide-toothed or fine-toothed comb and electric beard trimmer is useful. Remember to always trim your beard when it is dry. Wet hair tends to be longer and when it dries you may find you have trimmed too much off of your beard.

To trim your beard you would usually start at one ear and trim down to the chin, then start on the other side and repeat. Beard trimmers usually come with an adjustable trimming guide. This will help you to control how close you will trim your beard and keep it the same all through. You can use the beard trimmer to maintain the shape and style of your beard as well.

To trim your mustache, start in the middle of your mouth and trim towards the one side, then repeat on the other side. You would normally leave a mustache to grow up to the nose and not shave or trim the top. Remove any stray hairs with a trim razor, plucking errant hairs is not recommended.

Cleaning your Beard

Your beard or mustache is just hair, and like your hair, you need to shampoo your beard on a regular basis. You should use a mild shampoo or a specifically formulated shampoo. You need to take into consideration the skin beneath your beard as well, which is not as hardy as your scalp. A gentler shampoo will help to alleviate skin irritations under the beard.

You can use conditioner after washing you beard. As beard textures are generally very coarse, using a conditioner can help to make your beard feel softer. Make sure that your rinse the conditioner off, unless it is the stay-in-conditioner specifically formulated for beards.

Once you have completed washing, you should pat your it dry with a soft towel. You can blow dry your beard, especially if it is long, however this can be very hard on your skin if you do.

Once your beard is dry, brushing and combing will remove tangles and knots. You can also at this point apply beard oils and balms, or beard wax in order to control your beard, keeping it looking neat tidy and smelling good. Check out the best available in 2019 now.

Does Regular Grooming of your Beard Assist with Growth?

When growing a beard the thing you most need is patience and time. However there are some things you can do to aid with the growth of your beard. The truth is that you cannot make your beard grow any faster than it will naturally. However there are ways to help make it look shiny and to grow fuller and more luxurious. This is where a good product comes into the equation.

Man looking out of window with beardApplying beard oil from the start of your beard growing journey will moisturize not only your beard, but also your skin. In this way you will avoid a lot of the itchiness that is associated with beard growth. The beard oil will also help give you hair a nice feel and healthy look.

Brushing or combing of your facial-hair is very important in order to assist with growth. This will also eliminate dead-hair and stimulate the growth of new hair. It aides your facial hair in growing fuller naturally.

The only way to fix patchiness in a beard is by trimming your facial hair down where the patchiness starts. This will stop your beard from growing out quickly, but the upside is that it will improve the hair growth consistency, and make your facial hair a little fuller on regrowth. To get your facial hair in the best shape ever check out Amazon for the amazing offerings they have for 2019 now.


Choosing the ultimate beard grooming products that are right your beard or mustache can be difficult. There are many good kits available. Do your research, read the reviews and then make your decision on which one is the best beard care set for you. We trust our reviews on the top offerings have given you an insight as to what is available on Amazon.com.  Whether you are looking only for  combs or brushes or a fully comprehensive kits, we have covered them all in our list of Best kits for 2019.

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

Top Pick

A brand on the market the Mountaineer Brand Beard Kit has everything you may need to control your beard and make it look at its best.  It is complete beard care kit containing WV Timber Scent Beard Oil. The Magic Beard Balm will hold your beard in the shape you want it to be. With a good lathering soap and a military-styled oval brush included you could not ask for a better beard care kit than the Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit and that makes it our top pick for 2019.

Big Forest Beard Gift Set

Premium Choice

The Big Forest Brand Premium Beard Grooming Kit one of the top – of – the – range premier kits that will have your beard looking and smelling good. You can clean your beard with the soft pine scented wash that is included. The wooden handled natural boar hair brush so your whiskers will not have tangles or knots. The OneDTQ formula oils will moisturize your facial hair and skin and keep it shiny and soft. Add the leave-in-conditioner with slight hold in conjunction with Big Forest Balm your facial hair will never look in better condition or better styled. This kit also comes in a lovely gift box and makes an excellent gift for your husband, present for a boyfriend or a beardsman, be it husband, brother or son. That makes the Big Forest our premium choice for 2019.

Repsol Care Beard/Comb Kit

Great Value

A very well priced quality offering. Every beard needs to be combed or brushed daily so it will not have tangles or knots, and looking great. It gives you the option of both. The Wooden Thick Fine Tooth type is excellent for grooming your mustache and the 100% boar hair brush works wonders with your beard. The grooming kit is packed in a luxury and durable gift box making it a thoughtful gift for dad or husband. Great price and great quality makes this our great value pick for 2019.

Beards look great, but do you know the science begin them? Read about it here. Intrigued about the history of the beard? Click here.