The Best Beard Balms in 2019

best overall rating
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients.
  • No synthetic chemicals and preservatives and no artificial aromas.
  • Excellent for styling, conditioning, and strengthening of facial hair.
premium choice rating
  • Made of all natural ingredients.
  • Styles, moisturizes, conditions and grows your beard.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
great value rating
  • Excellent for facial hair growth and repairing.
  • Handmade in Detroit, USA.
  • Uses completely organic ingredients.

Keeping your beard under control throughout the day can be a bit challenging if you aren’t using beard balm. And some point, you would definitely have considered giving beard balm a shot. And, why not?  It is an excellent product specially formulated for adding moisture and volume to your beard whilst taming it. If you still haven’t selected the one you are going to buy then have no worries.

In this detailed review article, we have listed some of the best products for you, along with a buying guide that can help you make the most informed decision. Take a look at our list of the 10 best beard balms of 2019 and take your pick.

Our Pick of The Best Beard Balm for 2019

best overall rating

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Honest Amish


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Let’s begin with our top pick which is the beard balm from the renowned company Honest Amish . Needless to say that the products from Honest Amish are always great and show spectacular results and this beard balm is certainly a proof of that greatness.

If you are tired of using oil for your beard and want to switch to something far better than that, then you can’t go wrong with this beard balm. Honest Amish has used a blend of multiple ingredients of the finest qualities in this balm. There are over 15 different kinds of botanicals instilled into the mixture of base oil, butter, and essential oils.

All of these unique and completely natural ingredients blend together to form a high-quality beard balm that does not only hold your beard together but also nourishes it. While using other beard balms, you will definitely need to use some beard oil for conditioning your facial hair. But, with this balm, you do not need anything else.

This balm is going to make your beard ultra soft and easy to control. Just use a little bit of amount, and you can style your beard as you desire, without putting too much effort into it. In comparison to other beard balms, this one still manages to stay soft and velvety at room temperature instead of getting completely solidified.

The amazingness of this beard balm doesn’t end here. It also aids in the growth of your beard at a quicker pace. Once you start using it, not only will your beard grow fast, it will also grow much tougher. The balm has a very subtle natural scent that also uplifts your mood. However, if you don’t prefer that, you can also go for the unscented one.



When the manufacturer himself claims the product to be the guaranteed best and offers a refund in case you don’t agree, then you can’t question the product’s functionality. But we didn’t just fell for the claims; we tested and actually found it to be the absolute best. The balm, due to being completely chemical free, is sure to make your whiskers smoother, softer, stronger and manageable.

Why We Like It
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients.
  • No synthetic chemicals and preservatives and no artificial aromas.
  • Excellent for styling, conditioning, and strengthening of facial hair.
  • Refund policy if it doesn’t work for you.
  • The most trusted name for beard products in the whole world.
  • Keeps the facial skin healthy and itch free.
premium choice rating

2. Beard Balm by Liberty Grooming

Liberty Grooming


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Moving further into the list, let’s take a look at the second best beard balm, which is by Liberty Grooming. This premium quality balm took the second spot by just a slight margin, which means that it is almost equally awesome.

If you are aiming not just to style your beard but also to improve its quality, then you are definitely going to love this balm. It is not just going to make your beard stronger and softer; it will also take care of your facial skin problems.

Just like the above one from Honest Amish, this balm also uses only natural ingredients that are skin friendly. And they are also good for the health of your facial hair in the long run. The beard is especially hand formulated in the USA, that’s what makes people especially fond of this balm.

The gentle yet manly scent that this balm leaves on your beard, makes you feel amazing all day long. This natural scent will also make you feel closer to nature. The Balm contains a mix of shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils that, in addition to nourishing, help you style your beard as well.


This especially handmade beard balm by Liberty Grooming has everything that can qualify it to be one of the best beard balms in the market currently. This premium balm features a mix of some very high-quality natural ingredients. Those ingredients also include the rare babassu oil that nurtures and hydrates your beard to a whole new level while improving its growth.

Why We Like It
  • Made of all natural ingredients.
  • Styles, moisturizes, conditions and grows your beard.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
  • 100% Gentleman’s Guarantee – Refund in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Especially good for stiff and brittle beards.
  • Has babassu oil in it.
great value rating

3. Beard Balm – All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner

Beard Balm - All Natural Easy-to-Use - Handmade in Detroit


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This balm is for those people who are seeking a great quality made in US beard balm that uses the finest quality ingredients. If you are also one of those people, then stop right here, because this is the end of your search.

Handmade in a small store in Detroit, this balm will become your instant favorite product for managing and nourishing your facial hair. The best thing about this balm is that it offers the similar performance as any other great quality alternative to that, but it is a much more pocket-friendly option.

This balm is especially beneficial for you if you want to boost the growth of your beard. The balm is pretty easy to use, and it seamlessly spreads into your whiskers without much effort. For people with short beards or the ones who are thinking along the lines of growing a beard, this balm would be a good place to start with.

The high-quality ingredients in this balm result in making your beard soft and adding moisture to it. The balm also kicks away the frizz and stops the formation of split ends. The company uses best of the best organic ingredients that are not just beard and skin friendly but also environmental friendly.

And if you want to experience a special aroma then try their original scent that comes from a combination of geranium flower, eucalyptus leaf, and lemon peel.

This USA made Beard Balm is a tremendous product that uses the top quality pure organic ingredients to make your beard stand out. The balm’s beard growth and repairing properties in such a small price make its value much greater for its worth. And we really love the original scent of this balm that makes you fall in love with nature.

Why We Like It
  • Excellent for facial hair growth and repairing.
  • Handmade in Detroit, USA.
  • Uses completely organic ingredients.
  • Kicks away split ends and frizz.
  • Features a beautiful original scent.
  • Value for money.

4. ArtNaturals Beard and Mustache Balm/Oil/Wax/Leave In Conditioner


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Next one on the list is the ArtNaturals Beard and Mustache Balm that is also a natural product for styling and nurturing your beard. This beard balm is particularly formulated for people who are suffering from a lot of beard related issues like frizziness of beard, dryness of facial hair, facial skin irritation and other such problems.

If you are also suffering from any of these issues, it is about time you added this amazing formula into your beard care regimen. The organic ingredients of the balm include argan and jojoba oil that help in keeping your facial hair smooth and moisturized. They also stimulate the growth of your beard.

The balm also contains mango butter in it, which is packed with vitamins and nutrients that help in locking the moisture into each hair strand. This also results in the restoration and repairing of the split ends. And the best part is, this balm is not only great for your facial hair, but it is also equally beneficial for your skin as well.

If you are experiencing itching or dryness on your skin, this balm will help in soothing and moisturizing your skin. This balm is completely safe to be used by anyone, and by anyone we mean even those who suffer from nut allergies.

In addition to all these properties, you get a super strong and beautiful hold of your beard by this organic balm. The aroma of the balm is quite pleasing and leaves off a subtle hint of orange oil. And above everything else, this beard balm is highly economical.


A lot of people suffer from highly coarse and dry hair with so many other related problems. But, thanks to ArtNaturals, all of these problems can be easily solved with this miracle beard balm. Where other beard balms fail to provide a strong enough hold to such type of beards, ArtNaturals not only holds your beard well but it also provides nourishment to it.

Why We Like It
  • Completely natural ingredients.
  • Excellent for people with dry and frizzy beards.
  • Contains mango butter that helps in rejuvenation.
  • Serves as a natural deodorizer for your beards.
  • Pomade like texture.

5. Beard Balm With Shea Butter & Argan Oil

Beard Balm With Shea Butter


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Now is the turn of the beard balm by Smooth Viking. This balm also uses a combination of various high-quality organic materials that result in moisturizing, hydrating and styling your beard. The use of olive oil in this beard balm not only helps in maintaining and boosting the health of your beard, but it also aids in making your skin supple and beautiful.

The other ingredients that are used in this balm include jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil and a few others. All of these oils are known for their nourishing and revitalizing abilities for both your hair and skin. Apart from oils, the balm also contains shea butter that results in the deep-conditioning of your facial hair, without adding any grease.

The shea butter also helps in calming your irritated or flaky skin, which often comes as a winter surprise. This balm is a great choice if you are trying to grow out your beard because it provides all the core nutrients to the roots of your facial hair. This also aids in a better blood flow to your face and hence results in a fuller and stronger beard.

That’s not it! While making your beard smooth and soft, it also lets you style it as per your preference. The balm provides a firm and yet natural looking hold to your beard that helps you shape it in whatever way you like.

We love this beard balm because it is very easy to use and makes beard management a piece of cake. The mix of multiple organic ingredients results in gorgeous looking whiskers. This balm is especially excellent if you want to thicken your beard. So, if you are unable to grow a beard or your beard hair is too thin, this will work wonders for you.

Why We Like It
  • Made of natural and organic ingredients.
  • Made in the US.
  • No artificial fragrances or chemicals.
  • Easy to use, non-messy formula.
  • Excellent choice for promoting facial hair growth.
  • Pocket-friendly.

6. Beard Balm – Rocky Mountain Barber

Rocky Mountain Barber


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Rocky Mountain Barber beard balm is yet another great product made of 100% natural and organic ingredients for making your beard outshine all others in the room. All the ingredients in this balm are sourced locally from the suppliers in North America.

Therefore, people who are in favor of giving our local suppliers a chance, they will specifically love this beard balm. The premium quality ingredients used in the balm ensure that your beard holds its position all day long while simultaneously providing it all the core nutrient.

The balm uses coconut oil which makes the application procedure a piece of cake without leaving any oily residue on your hands. And it also helps in sealing the moisture deeply into your hair follicles. The balm also offers minor manly scents that make you feel more macho.

The balm comes in an aluminum package that you can easily fit into your bathroom cabinet without taking up a lot of space. It is also very travel-friendly.

This fairly priced beard balm features 8 essential oils that make your beard look awesome while adding a beautiful mild aroma to it. The ingredients used in this balm are all natural and are sourced mainly from the local suppliers only. The aluminum packaging of the balm is tightly secured and can be easily placed in your travel bag without any risk of spilling.

Why We Like It
  • Features over eight essential oils of the finest quality.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • All the ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.
  • Features a very enchanting and masculine fragrance.
  • Secure packaging that makes it travel-friendly.

7. Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm

Grave Before Shave Bay Rum


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For those of you who want a beard balm that has a distinctively charming fragrance then you have to try out Grave Before Shave beard balm. This is the only beard balm brand that produces bay rum fragrance.

For those people, who develop a deep liking for this scent, the company also offers a beard oil with the similar scent, but a bit stronger. The balm feature tea tree oil that makes it ideal for you if you have to deal with acne on your face, especially in the surrounding area of your beard.

And while dealing with your skin, the balm will also work its magic on your whiskers by making them stronger and softer. This balm is an excellent source of providing moisture to your beard, and it surely deserves a try.

You may find a lot of other great beard balms out there, but this one has a distinguishing quality that makes it unique from the others. That distinguishing feature is its aroma that comes from the bay rum. For people who are big fans of scents and fragrances, this balm is going to make them really happy. Apart from that, it is equally amazing for conditioning your beard and controlling your acne.

Why We Like It
  • The only beard balm featuring bay rum scent.
  • Moisturizes and styles your beard.
  • Features Vitamin E, aloe vera, and tea tree oil for healing and calming your skin and fighting acne.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Uses a variety of ingredients.

8. Seven Potions Beard Balm

Seven Potions


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Seven Potions is known for its great quality products related to beard grooming and management. The company offers a wide variety of quality products that includes both oils and balms for your beard. Environmentalists and vegans are particularly going to love this balm because this company only makes products that are safe for environment and vegans.

This balm is quite renowned because of its natural yet masculine scent that comes from sandalwood and cedarwood. The balm is made of multiple natural ingredients that result in a soft creamery textured final product, which deeply conditions your beard.

The balm, besides softening your facial hair, also holds it all together strongly without making them look unnatural. The balm also uses vegan-friendly glycerin for keeping your skin soft. The scent of the balm is very mild and stays there for quite a while.

Why Do We Like It?
This balm works great for people who get the dry and flaky skin. The application of balm is easy, and it easily spreads all over your beard. The multiple essential oils used in the balm not only make it smell nice but also keep your skin and beard moisturized.

Why We Like It
  • Made of all natural ingredients.
  • Safe for environment and vegans.
  • No animal testing.
  • Bigger sized container than many other brands.
  • Features 4 essential oils.

9. Scotch Porter – All Natural Men’s Beard Balm

Scotch Porter - All Natural


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If you are looking for the best beard growing balm, then Scotch Porter has something of your interest. The organic and natural components of this balm work together to give you the best beard you have ever had in your life.

This balm contains a lot of moisturizing elements that not only condition your whiskers but also provide moisture to your skin. The balm kicks away any kind of itching or irritation and soothes your skin. It also fights against the dryness on your skin and makes it supple and smooth.

Just as good for your skin, it is equally great for frizzy beards. The components of the balm quickly work together towards the restoration of that damaged hair and make it look smooth and soft. The balm doesn’t contain any synthetic color or ingredients and is one of the best products for beard conditioning in the market.

For best results, use it with the Scotch Porter beard wash, conditioner, and serum for getting a gorgeous beard ever.

For people who follow a proper beard care regimen, this formula is going to work best. By using its complete beard care package including the balm, conditioner, serum and wash, you will take your beard grooming to a whole new level.

Why We Like It
  • Most of the ingredients are natural and organic.
  • No harsh chemicals are used.
  • Encourages beard growth and kicks away frizz.
  • Gets rid of itching and irritation.
  • Features unique ingredients that include nettle leaf, silk protein, marshmallow root etc.

10. Beard Bolt XL | Facial Hair Growth Stimulating Beard Balm

Beard Bolt XL


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The last one on our list is the Beard Bolt XL beard balm which is known to be one of the best solutions for encouraging the growth of your beard. The balm contains a number of fine quality essential oils that help with both the beard growth and skin problems.

In addition to being great for your beard, this balm is equally beneficial for your mustache. The balm is very easy to use and creates no mess. Once you apply it into your beard, you will not feel even the slightest weight.

This balm, with its natural ingredients, is an ideal option for conditioning your beard and mustache. The balm has a very light and fascinating aroma that will make you fall for it. It may look a bit waxier to you before application, but once you start applying, it easily spreads everywhere.

This lightweight formula is specifically formulated to help you grow your beard at a quicker pace. The balm is equally ideal for your mustache and is very skin friendly. In fact, it makes your skin smoother than you can imagine. The balm quickly gets absorbed into your facial hair without making any mess or leaving a greasy film.

Why We Like It
  • Doesn’t create any mess.
  • Very lightweight formula.
  • Ideal for both beard and mustache.
  • Encourages beard growth.

Beard Balm Buying Guide

What is Beard Balm Used For?

Men use beard balms for all the different kinds of reasons.  The first and most common reason for which a beard balm is used is the styling and maintenance of your beard. While your beard grows, you often witness the tips spreading into all kinds of directions.

The waxy balms help in keeping all those wild beard tips set in their place.  Beards also lose their shine as they grow.  The balms help in restoring the shine and gloss of your beard without giving it a stiff look. You can also use beard balm for deep conditioning of your beard as a lot of them come with conditioning properties as well.

You can use this balm, especially the one with essential oils, for keeping your beard mildly scented. It is also used for pampering the skin underneath your beard for soothing and calming it. The natural ingredients take care of all the overall health of your facial skin.

The beard balm sticks to your beard all day long and does not need any reapplication throughout the day. And by the end of the day, you are left with super soft and glossy beard. The regular usage of beard balm prevents your skin or your beard hair from drying out or getting damaged.

Selection of Beard Balm

Selection of a bread balm is a complete doddle – we are absolutely aware of that. But, you have to understand that one wrong decision can totally mess up your beard or your skin. Therefore, you need to be mindful while picking your beard balm. And you shouldn’t just select the first thing you lay your eyes on.

There are a few things that you should chew on before you make your final selection. Here they are:

  • Ingredients

The most important thing to put into consideration before selecting a beard balm is the list of its ingredients. Although the beard balms are generally made of natural ingredients, it is still advisable to go through the actual components that make up the balm.

Just reading the “natural” label isn’t enough. You need to know which exact ingredient is in there. In oblivion, you might end up buying a beard balm with ingredients that you are allergic to. So, by checking the main ingredients, you will make sure that you are choosing the correct balm suitable to your skin type. And hence, you won’t fall prey to any allergies.

Other than that, you have to check the ingredients because of your intended usage. Like we mentioned above, if you want something for just styling and taming your beard, you will need a more waxy beard balm. And if you want to make your beard and skin healthy looking, you should select the one with essential oils as the major ingredients.

  • Material of the Packaging

This might not sound like a thing worth considering, but believe us, it is a highly concerning matter. If you are a regular beard balm user, you would be aware of the solid creamy consistency in which this balm comes. This happens especially if the balm is wax based.

While packaging, the balm is first melted and then transferred into its packaging container. The balm then gets back to its solid state as the temperature drops. You must be thinking why are we telling you all this irrelevant information? Trust us – it’s anything but irrelevant!

The molten balm can react to the container’s material and may become toxic. And this generally happens with the plastic containers. This is not very frequent though, but the risk is always there. Therefore, we’d suggest you go for the containers that are either made of glass or aluminum.

  • Packaging size

You will find these beard balms in different sized packages, from very small to very big. The general sizes in which the beard balms are found in a range between 30 to 120 ml packages. You can select yours as per your preference and frequency of usage.

Ideally, you should pick small sized containers. The reason is that the small containers give you the freedom of experimenting with new products every now and then. And even if the experiment doesn’t go well, you wouldn’t have wasted too much money on that.

On the other hand, the bigger size lasts for a very long time and you have to stick to it before trying out anything new.

  • Price

Beard Balm is not a pricey item, and so everybody can afford it easily. Generally, the majority of the good quality beard balms have prices that range from $10-17. If you are looking for lower prices, then you can find a lot of them at a price of $3 or below as well.

However, we would strongly recommend you to compare the sizes and prices of different balms to see which one offers better volume for lesser price. Since the construction of all of these beard balms is almost similar, it is always good to choose the one that offers you value for your money.

Nevertheless, do not compromise the quality for quantity, as you wouldn’t want to damage your beard in the long run. Keep everything balanced.

What is Beard Balm?

A beard balm is made of several natural ingredients for keeping your beard moisturized, healthy and fragrant. Since the past few years, grooming products for men have been gaining significant popularity, and a beard balm is no exception.

The beard balm prevents your beard from giving off a frizzy and wild appearance and makes it look neat. The consistency of a beard balm is usually creamy, and it is used in the same way people use oil for their hair or beards.

Apart from the other several benefits of beard balms, they are also beneficial for the facial skin that is beneath your beard.

What’s the Difference between Balms and Oils?

As we mentioned above, a beard balm acts as both conditioner and a styling agent for your beard. It doesn’t only moisturize your beard but also adds volume to it for shaping and styling purposes. Beard oil, on the other hand, is also used for almost the similar purpose, except that it is in the form of oil.

Beard oils are also used for adding the lost moisture to your facial hair while boosting its growth. Beard oils also help in keeping your skin healthy and soft. Beard oils, due to the use of multiple fragrant oils, also act as a beard perfume. However, one thing that they do not do is style your beard.

So, if both of them are so good for your beard, which one should be preferred? We understand that it may get pretty confusing to decide which one is better, considering all the benefits from both. Bit, we’d say that it majorly depends on your personal inclination. So, you can use any of the two as long as long as you are satisfied.

However, the length of the beard does matter in this case. So, if you are still confused, the below-mentioned information will help you decide better.

  • Beard with Short Length

If your beard length is short, then it is best to use the oil instead of balm. As you just read above, the major use of beard oil is to encourage the growth and provide nourishment to your beard hair. It has nothing to do with styling or shaping of your beard.

The maintenance of shorter beard is pretty easy as it doesn’t give off a wild or rough look in the first place. That’s why; you hardly need to use anything for especially keeping it fixed into its place because it already doesn’t move much.

For that very reason, it is more convenient to go for beard oil instead of balm because it will not add any excessive weight to your beard. Also, if you are aiming for a longer beard, the oil will help you achieve it quickly. And once your beard is long enough, you can switch to beard balm.

  • Beard with Long Length

Longer beards are hard to manage and maintain, especially if you have to stay out for work for extended hours. If you have a beard that is longer than a few inches, you’d know pretty well how disturbingly annoying it can get to keep it all fixed at one place. And if you want to look decent, it becomes more of a necessity to tame your beard for keeping it under control.

In such like case, beard oil won’t be of much use because it won’t be able to hold it all together. So, for this scenario, only the beard balm is going to work best. After using the beard balm, you won’t have to worry even the slightest bit about the appearance of your beard for all day long.

However, it again comes down to your own personal preference. If you do not fancy the stiff look and weight that comes with the balm, you can opt for oil for keeping a lighter feel. But, if your beard is kind of a wild beast that keeps drifting into all sorts of directions, then we’d suggest you go for the beard balm.

If you are looking to style your beard further, take a look at our review of the best beard trimmers of 2019.

Beard Balm gives best results when applied with a specialized beard brush made of boar’s bristles. These natural bristles aid in the smooth application of the balm. And it also helps in keeping all the disorderly hair set into one place. This pairing is especially useful for you if your beard is too lengthy, as the longer beards are more prone to create a mess.

If you still feel muddled about it and want to enjoy the best of both, then there is nothing more ideal than using both of them. For longer outdoor periods, stick to the beard balm and for shorter outdoor periods, use beard oil. You can also apply the beard oil before going to bed to help your beard absorb all the nutrients from it overnight.

That way, you will be able to reap the benefits from both of these. For finding out more about the differences between both you can go to rugged fellows guide.

How do you Use Beard Balm?

Even if you have never used it before, you will find its application to be very simple and easy. However, not all people get it correct the first time. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are following the proper technique for the even application of balm on your beard.

First of all, you need to do the obvious thing i.e. hold the container. Then scoop out the right amount of balm from your thumb. Now, the right amount varies according to your beard size. But, around a half teaspoon is enough for a beard below 2 inches. So, you can do the math. Also, it is something that you’ll be able to figure out correctly after 1-2 applications.

Alright, moving towards the next step, place the taken out amount of balm on your palm and rub it between your hands. Keep doing so until the balm takes a liquid form and make sure no solid lumps are left behind. Once you are done with melting the balm, apply it on your beard by rubbing your hands gently all over it.

While rubbing, start from the roots and make your way down to the tips. This will ensure that your facial skin is also getting all the necessary nutrients from the balm. After completely covering your beard with the balm, style your beard as per your will or just simply run a comb through it.

  • Usage of Applicator for Beard Balm

We understand that a lot of you might be thinking if an applicator can be used for applying the balm in your beard. Well yes! Of course, you can use an applicator. In fact, you should prefer it over using your hands. What kind of applicator though? Use the combs or brushes that are specially designed for the beard. They are constructed in a different way than the regular combs or brushes.

These applicators can be used for both beard balm and oil. It is always better to use them instead of your hands because the bristles of these brushes can absorb the extra amount of balm. And so, your beard gets only the required quantity. In addition, these applicator brushes uniformly spread the balm in every inch of your beard and make it appear more natural.

The beard combs, on the other hand, are great if you are too much into styling and shaping of your beard. These are used with the waxy balms because waxy balms have the ability to hold up the shape of your beard. Just a teeny tiny amount of beeswax balm along with this comb can make your beard look like you got it styled from a salon.

However, you need to keep in mind that just like beard brushes, beard combs also significantly differ from the regular combs. These combs are specially tailored to be used solely on beards because their teeth carry a smoother finish. The smoothness is developed by special cutting and polishing of the comb, and it prevents any sort of damage to your beard hair.

What Ingredients are Found in Beard Balm and are They Safe to Use?

Beard balms use a variety of multiple ingredients that define their usage and benefits. Generally, there are 4 major categories of components/ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of beard balms. Those ingredients include carrier oils, essential oils, butter, and wax.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this to find out all about them.

Carrier Oils

The most vital and common ingredient used in the creation of these balms is the carrier oil. Carrier oils are majorly famous for the nutritional value they provide to your beard and hair. Carrier oils are a brilliant source for keeping your facial hair stay hydrated. These oils also help with the irritated facial skin underneath your beard.

Carrier oils are available in several forms that you can select as per your preference. The various types include jojoba oil, argan oil, and others. About every carrier oil that is present in the beard balms is completely natural and is taken out from plants and other resources of nature.

For the first timers, it is always best to choose a balm that uses jojoba oil as its key ingredient. The reason we are recommending it is because it is high in the essential nutrients that are required for maintaining the health and shine of your beard.

Jojoba oil mimics the effect of the natural oils that our skin releases, making it easier for our skin to accept it. That’s why your skin will not develop any reactions from it because it suits almost 90% of the people.  As a matter of fact, jojoba oil also takes care of the overall condition of your skin and fights off acne and blemishes by regulating the production of sebum.

So, even if you are suffering from severe acne, your balm is not going to kick it up a notch. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to do a patch test before using it to learn if you have an allergic reaction to it. And if the allergy test turns out to be positive, there is an abundance of other options to pick from that are both mild and natural. Let’s have a quick look at the other carrier oils that we see in beard balms.

  • Argan Oil Argan oil is a God-sent gift to us all because of its impressive ability to provide the needed nutrition to our hair as well as to our beards. The multitude of nutrients, that this oil contains, result in smooth and shiny hair. This oil not just deep-conditions your facial hair but also increases its health and strength.
  • Grapeseed Oil Grapeseed oil is not just great for nurturing your beard, but it also has a very light feel to it. This oil quickly gets absorbed into your beard and leaves it extremely smooth and soft. However, if you choose a balm containing grapeseed oil, you must keep in your mind that it can go bad pretty soon. Therefore, make sure to opt for a smaller container size.
  • There are so many other oils as well that you will find in these balms. Those oils include avocado oil, castor oil, almond oil, and more. All of them are pretty famous for their hair nourishment properties.

Essential Oils

Essential oils contain multiple beneficial properties for your facial hair. There is a wide variety of essential oils available everywhere, and these beard balms sometimes use a blend of a couple of them to provide maximum results.

If it’s going to be your first experience with the beard balm containing essential oils, you can select as per the scent that seems more appealing to you. There is a wide variety of aromas that you can pick from. Generally, the beard balms add the fragrances that are associated to manliness such as cedar.

The balms containing essential oils function as beard cologne and keep your beards scented for many hours. Apart from the scent, there are so many other major benefits that you can gain from the beard balms containing essential oils.

For example, tea tree oil is recognized for its acne fighting properties due to being a natural antibacterial agent. So, if you are suffering from facial acne, a beard balm containing tea tree oil will be suitable for you.

You will see a wide variety of many other essential oils that boost the blood circulation to your face, resulting in better growth of your facial hair. If your skin is highly sensitive and delicate, due to which you are uncertain of which beard balm would suit you best. In such like case, it is better to opt for a balm that is not flooded with ingredients and features just a few essential oils that are sensitive skin friendly.

While deciding on a beard balm for delicate skin, make sure to avoid the ones having citrus essential oils, because they are going to irritate your skin.


The third type of ingredient used in the manufacturing of beard balm is none other than the butter. Butter works together with the above two oils to result in softer whiskers.It also results in better and easy coverage of your facial hair.

Don’t worry – these butters are nothing like that you use for eating purposes, and they don’t smell like them either. In fact, these butters give away a very refined scent that leaves your whiskers smelling so fresh.

Here are the major forms of butters that these beard balms contain.

  • Cocoa Butter – This is one of the most commonly used forms of butters that you will see in the beard balms. Cocoa butter is famous due to its beautiful and enchanting scent that it adds to the balm.
  • Shea Butter – This is the most widely used type of butter used in the manufacturing of beard balms. Shea butter aids in keeping your beard moist. It also aids in the overall spreading of the balm.
  • Coconut Oil – Ok, so this is not exactly butter, but it has a buttery texture and properties when left at room temperature. It also helps with the conditioning and even distribution of balm into your beard.


Beeswax aids with the styling and shaping of your beard by strongly holding it together. Due to this property of the beeswax, you can set your beard in any form or shape of your choice. And it won’t lose its shape for the whole day.

We know what you must be thinking right now. Yes! The gel also serves the same purpose. But, it leaves your beard with a strong crisp and doesn’t offer any kind of nutritional value. In fact, it robs it off of its natural oils with the passage of time.

Conversely, a beard balm, with its high nourishing properties, not only styles your beard but also keeps it soft and natural looking. Not only that, but a waxy balm is also quite beneficial for your skin and guards it against any kind of damage.

Beeswax also helps in sealing the moistness inside the hair sacs that comes from all the components combined.

Which One to Go For?

Honest Amish ConditionerTop Pick

The Honest Amish beard balm is the absolute best option for you if you are looking for quality ingredients and exceptional results in a reasonable price range.

The balm uses 100% natural ingredients that are safe for the environment.

The balm is light with a mild scent and is excellent for keeping your beard and facial skin healthy, which is why it is our top pick.


Liberty GroomingPremium Choice

The Liberty Grooming beard balm is our premium choice because of multiple reasons. This beard balm is particularly made for those people whose beards need conditioning and moisturizing more than styling. The balm uses babassu oil, which makes is unique from rest others.

The balm keeps both your beard and your facial skin hydrated and moist. It also offers a gentleman’s guarantee, which means you can get a full refund if the balm disappoints you.


Great Value

All Natural Easy LeaveOur choice for great value product is the beard balm from Detroit.

This pocket-friendly product is a great option for you if you want excellent results without crossing your budget limit.

This balm moisturizes your beard, restores split ends, and keeps away the frizz while leaving a beautiful aroma in your beard.