Top 9 Best Bathrobes for Him & Her

In need of a good Bathrobe? Does getting out of a warm shower or steamy bath seem like daunting task this winter? Fret no more, we have put together a list of the best bathrobes on the market right now and any one of these luxury bathrobes will be the first thing you’ll want to jump into after a nice soapy scrub, keeping you nice and warm!

Bathrobes make great gifts and another benefit of owning a cotton bathrobe is that it can replace a towel. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, a bathrobe should be essential to your bath or showering routine. I’m sure you’ll agree, there is nothing quite like having a hot bath or shower and then slipping into your favorite bathrobe.

Our Top Picks For The Best Bathrobes of 2019

best overall rating

1. Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe, Plush Microfiber Bathrobe


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Del Rossa ’s “Soft Plush Microfiber Fleece Bathrobe” is soft and light weight, and very easy to wash and maintain. It has superior water absorption to keep you dry and long-haired microfiber to make sure that it feels softer for longer. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and you can order it in any size, and five different colours.

Why We Like It
  • Durable
  • Water Absorbant
  • Supler Plush
  • Double Belt Loops
  • Large Front Pockets
premium choice rating

2. UGG Duffield Deluxe Robe, Bathrobe for Her

UGG Women's Duffield Sleepwear, -charcoal, M


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When it comes to comfort and best value for your money, this is the best you can get. The cotton-blend deluxe robe from UGG Australia makes it to the top of our best bathrobes list.

It is stylish with double knit fleece knit and made up of 94% cotton that offers a luxurious feel. The long robe almost covers your whole body (with 41 inches centre back length) and includes oversize patch pockets that add a stylish look.

All in all, if you are looking for a stylish but luxurious bath robe from one of the top brands in the world, this is the one that deserves your money.

Why We Like It
  • Luxurious
  • Super Soft Fleece
  • Shawl Collar
great value rating

3. TowelSelections Women’s Robe Turkish Cotton Hooded Terry Bath robe

TowelSelections Women's Robe Turkish Cotton Hooded Terry Bathrobe


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The “Turkish Cotton Hooded Terry Robe” by TowelSelections is imported directly from Turkey, and it’s at the top of our list. Turkish cotton is famous for its soft and long-lasting texture, so this product will last you a good few years.

The robe is medium weight and has a hood, which means that it will keep your head warm and your pillow dry when you curl up on the bed after your shower or bath. This bathrobe comes in three different sizes and six different colours.

Why We Like It
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hooded Terry Cloth
  • Unisex
  • Double Stitched for Durability
  • Front Pockets

4. 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Robe Kimono Spa Bathrobe For Him & Her

100% Cotton Waffle Weave Robe Kimono Spa Bathrobe Made in Turkey Diamond Pattern Unisex


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These Kimono style bathrobes from Turkish Linen is made from 100% authentic Turkish cotton. It is double stitched for durability, and has an elegant diamond sewn patterning. It is medium-weight, which means that you won’t feel the cold, but you’ll also be able to move with ease. The material is high quality, and you won’t see it fading any time soon.

Why We Like It
  • Kimono Collar
  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Double Stitched for Durability
  • Diamond Pattern

5. Luxor Linens Luxury Egyptian Cotton Terry Spa Robe For Women & Men

Luxor Linens Luxury Egyptian Cotton Unisex Terry Spa Robe White


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Next up we have the “ Luxury Egyptian Cotton Terry Spa Robe”, which can be personalised with a custom monogram. If you want to spoil that special someone you love with a robe that has their very own name on it, this is definitely the bathrobe to go for.

It has two patch pockets and a tie-belted waist, but it comes in one standard size to fit all. If you’re a smaller sized person, this may be something to be wary of, but it will give you head to toe cover!

6. UGG Men’s Robinson Shawl Collar Robe For Him

UGG Men's Robinson Shawl Collar Robe Granite Heather Robe MD


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When our first option was a perfect choice for women, this bathrobe is a great choice for men. Again the stylish bath robe feels very comfortable with a cotton-blend fabric and adds a unique touch with shawl collars and tie closure.

This relaxed fit bathrobe is made up of 92% cotton and blend of 8% spandex. This easy to clean machine washable bath robe covers your body till your knees. It is a perfect option for men who are looking for a great value for their money and want to add a stylish new addition to their wardrobe. If you enjoy staying for long hours in your bathrobes, this is a must to try.

7. Superior Unisex 100% Premium Terry Bath Robe

Superior Unisex 100% Premium Long-Staple Combed Cotton Terry Small Bath Robe, White


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Superior’s “Unisex Egyptian Terry Cotton Small Bath Robe ” is an authentic 100% Egyptian cotton robe with 2 patched front pockets and adjustable sleeves. You can order these in many different sizes and colours, and they are good at absorbing any extra moisture left after showering.

It’s quite a heavy robe, however, so if you’re looking for something that feels nice and weighty on your shoulders this will fit like a treat.

8. Simplicity Plush Unisex Bath Robes


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The “Luxurious Plush Kimono Bathrobe” by Simplicity is the best travel item you’ll buy. It comes in convenient retail packaging, and it is easily made compact for taking on holiday or to a friend’s house.

The robe has long sleeves and doesn’t restrict your movement, and it also has double belt loops for a great custom fit.

9. Soft Touch Linen 100% Pure Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

Soft Touch Linen 100% Pure Turkish Cotton, Shawl Collar Terry Unisex Bathrobe for Woman and Men, Made in Turkey


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Made from 100% pure Turkish cotton, the “Shawl Collar Terry Bath Robe” by Soft Touch Linen will definitely make you a happy shopper. It is extremely absorbent and gets softer every time you wash it, and should you choose one of the brighter colours they will not fade. It features a double belt loop and double stitched pockets.

10. NDK New York Chenille Full Length Robe


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The “Chenille Bathrobe” by NDK New York is made for style and durability, with 100% pure cotton and four track stitching on the facing, cuffs and pockets. It is a medium weight robe in the full length style, and it has decent water absorption as well. This product is great for wearing around the house, or right after you jump out the shower.

11. Ekouaer Spa Robe Flannel Plush Microfiber Fleece Bathrobe

Ekouaer Spa Robe Flannel Plush Microfiber Fleece Bathrobe


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Wearing Ekouaer’s “Super Plush Microfiber Fleece Bath Robe” feels like hugging a giant fluffy teddy bear. This robe is made up of 100% polyester which means it is light weight, but its microfiber design keeps you cosy and warm. It has 2 pockets, a shawl collar and long sleeves. If you’re looking to feel pampered for a good price, this is the robe for you.

These cosy bathrobes will make sure that you’re never shivering when you jump out of the shower, and give you that feeling of regal elegance as you stride around your house. If you’re wondering whether you should replace that old tattered gown in your dresser, the answer is yes! While you’re at it, you can pick up a gift for that special someone, or stock up on your guest room and treat your friends to some class when they come and stay over at your place.

Best Bathrobes Buying Guide

What could be more relaxing than being wrapped up in a comfortable bathrobe? It is a great body wrap for getting some lazy lone time or cuddling with a loved one.

With the rising trend of bathrobes, there are various materials, sizes, and types available widely all over the globe for men, women, and children.

Making the right selection could be a rather mind-boggling experience, with so many options, designs, styles and fabrics they are available in. This guide will help you make the right choice by informing you about all the mini details and technicalities involved in making the right choice of bath robe for yourself or as a present.

Let us first go through the basic material or fabric these bathrobes are made of.

  • Best Bathrobes With Water Retention Abilities

There are certain bathrobes that can retain water. These are particularly made to be worn after a bath. Manufactured from a pure cotton material, they are made with huge loops in the fabric, which makes it stay together and absorb the maximum amount of water.

These bathrobes can easily be washed in the washing machine and dryer, as they will respond to care and maintenance in the same manner just as the other cotton clothes.

  • Best Bathrobes Made From Silk

These are the most luxurious bathrobes, made from pure silk. They carry sheer elegance and grace and are very smooth to the touch. Available in a wide array of colors, these bathrobes require a certain care when it comes to washing and cleaning.

They should never ever be washed in the washing machine, however, they can be dry cleaned or hand washed only if the need arises.

Similarly, the washer dryer can wreak havoc to the fabric, it has to be air dried by hanging it on the clothesline. Silk material is more suited for the summers, as the fabric is quite cool, unlike the warm, fuzzy material the other bathrobes may be made of.

  • Best Bath Robes Made From Cotton, Acrylic Or Yarn

These are often termed as ‘Chenille’, they are primarily made from yarn. These are very soft to the touch, feather light and very comfortable.

However, it requires a lot of care to wash them. This fabric cannot be washed whether, through the machine or hands, it has to be dry cleaned only. Furthermore, the bath robe should never be hung on the clothesline, as it will leave permanent marks and lines, and ruin the look of the bathrobe for good.

  • Velvet-like

Made from the very soft material, these are highly demanded due to their beauty and softness. Made primarily from cotton, these include part polyester and other variants to give it the warmth it requires for the maximum comfort.

They are a lot easier to maintain too, you can easily wash them in a machine and place these in the dryer. However, never try to iron this, it will completely take away the softness and it will not return any time afterward as well.

Once you’ve decided on the right material for your robe, you need to look into the usability of the robe; or simply answer the question, where will you wear it?

There are a number of styles of bathrobes suited for different occasions, places, and activities. There are the simple bathrobes to be worn around the house, spa, kimonos, etc.

Here we will go through a few to see how they can be differentiated:

  • Simple Bathrobes

These can be distinguished by their length. For women, these are quite shorter than the rest and go up to the knees. Usually, these can be worn at home, after a bath or even before one.

The bathrobes are made from good absorbent materials to keep the body dry and are usually available in lots of color variants. Amongst men, the Turkish towel types are the most popular ones, due to their fluffy fabric and a great level of comfort.

  • Robes For Spas

These can be seen worn at the spas, but they can also be worn around the house. These are very relaxing and soft, and usually long enough to cover the knees and even the ankles. Very warm and comfortable, these can be coupled with a zipper or belt, for ease of wearing them during the day.

  • The Kimono

Named after the Japanese traditional dress, these robes look like the spa robe, in style, but, are made from silk material. Silk gives the robe a more refined shape and adds to the style of it. Although Japanese Kimonos have a knot at the back, people these days usually tie the belt at the side or at the front.

Although most of these are available in white and beige, you can find some great color options as well. There are often many colors and design patterns available for you to choose from. You can find most of them as a single color design, but there are a few others, especially the kimono robes that are available in nice subtle or loud prints as well. It all depends on your preference and liking, you can get a robe for any occasion, color and size.

An important consideration, however, is the Cost or Price of the bathrobe.

It is primarily determined by the fabric used in the making them. The higher end, luxury robes especially the Silk robes are the more pricey ones. Then there are the top brands, which also have generally higher prices than the generic ones. For instance Lacoste, Nautica and Del Rossa etc. are the ones priced at a premium in the bathrobe category.

For more guidelines on selecting the right bathrobe, read on here.

How to Select the Right Size of Robe?

The bathrobe size chart is always available when you are looking for one at the online stores. These sizes are based on the individual’s height and weight.

For a greater comfort, we advise that you should select one size larger than the actual one; this way, even if the bath robe has a tendency to shrink after the first wash like the cotton robes, it will still fit right.

However, since the bathrobes are not designed to fit the body to perfection, they are considerably much easier to purchase than the other apparel. For men, the size charts are available where a measurement of the chest sizes are taken along with the length and weight capacity. This way it gets much easier to have a good idea about the actual size of it and getting the perfect fit.

In the unisex category, it is the best to select the right length. The robe will be a loose fit, but the length has to be right.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Egyptian And Turkish Cotton?

Most of the widely available bathrobes are made from either Egyptian or Turkish cotton. The basic difference between the two is that the Turkish cotton bathrobe has a shine to it. It may need a couple of washes to get you the softness and comfort you need from it.

However, the Egyptian cotton is already too soft and comfortable. It can be worn immediately and get you in a relaxing mode. Egyptian cotton is considered to be of the highest quality, all over the world.

It is really soft, and comfortable and ideal for towels and bathrobes. It has the ability to absorb water very quickly, however, drying it can be an issue and since it can absorb a huge amount of water, it needs to be dried quite frequently.

On the other hand, the Turkish cotton dries up really quickly and does not get that damp, dewy smell, the Egyptian cotton is more prone to get.

Both types make good bathrobes, it really is a matter of preference and personal opinion when it comes to choosing between the two.

How Should the Bathrobe be Washed? 

As discussed above, care must be taken in cleaning and washing the bathrobe. Again, depending on the material, the robe must be washed or dry cleaned. Usually, a set of washing instructions comes with the bathrobe either placed inside the package or tagged with the robe.

However, as discussed above the silk robes can only be dry cleaned or washed gently with care. The robes which can retain a lot of water can handle the washing machine and dryer well and may be washed with much ease as compared to the silk robes. However, the yarn or acrylic material bathrobes should be dry cleaned to keep on the safer side, and should not be left on the clothesline to dry, as it will leave stubborn lines and markings. We recommend instead, leaving it to dry on a heated towel rail.

However, for a safer side, we recommend that you always use a mild detergent and hand wash the bathrobes. Also, avoid over-drying of the bathrobe, and never attempt to iron it.

If ever, a loop is pulled out of the bathrobe and looks unappealing, just cut it off instead of trying to pull it out and cause a further stretching of the material. These simple instructions will help you in making it last for longer and retain its quality.


With so many options and styles to choose from, it is of utmost importance to know about the different materials and the washing instructions that come with each to make the most out of your bathrobe.  Make a wise choice and look for the right length, comfortable style, and the color which brings out the real you.

With this article as your guide, you can rest assured that you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge you need to make the right decision. There’s one out there just for you, waiting to give you the comfort, love, and care you deserve.


If you aren’t sure how to correctly fold up your bath robe, take a look at the video below from the experts at a famous hotel.