Top 9 Baby Shampoos for Sensitive Skins Reviewed

The Best Baby Shampoos for Sensitive Skins

Any new parent will tell you how nerve wracking it can be to use a new product on a young baby. A babys skin is much more sensitive than an adults and can react adversely to harsh chemicals. It can be tempting to use nothing but plain water for the first few months to wash your child.

Sometimes, water alone doesnt cut it (such as after a dreaded poonami). If were being honest, newborns arent always clear skinned, clean smelling, smooth skinned bundles of loveliness. They can have milia, cradle cap, milk theyve dribbled dried in their hair, eczema or shedding skin, just to name a few. So here are 9 of the best gentle shampoos for babies, suitable for sensitive skin.

Hopefully, this overview of 9 of Amazons bestselling baby shampoos will help you decide which is best for your little one. All of them are formulated to be gentle enough to be used on sensitive skins.

Whether you are looking for a product thats natural, vegan, or fragrance free, one of these will be perfect for your baby.