Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap Review


The Belly Bandit is an abdominal wrap that helps with a tighter waistline after delivering a baby. Belly Bandit Original is elastic and made of latex-free material. Therefore, it is comfortably wrapped around your tummy, waist and the lower portion to give you a slim look. To get maximum benefit, you should wear the Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap immediately after delivery for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

You should put it on daily, for the entire period. You can even sleep in it because it is comfortable enough. For faster results, you have to wear it for a more extended period.

belly-bandit-image-4Who Are Belly Bandit?

Belly Bandit is a top manufacturer of pregnancy and post pregnancy wraps, and bands by physicians. It is a woman product-based company that produces a variety of bands. Belly Bandits are firmly committed to their customers, and they usually strive to make products of good quality that fit any woman’s needs.

Some of their products are lightweight, and you can easily hide them under your clothes. Others are bulkier for proper support for your back. Some are eco- friendly, and others are budget friendly to last you more than one pregnancy. Whether you want a wrap or a band, during or post pregnancy, you will get it at Belly Bandit. You will be much impressed by the quality and the ease of using them.

Benefits of Belly Wraps

Helps the Stomach’s Natural Ability to Revert to Shape

Abdominal wrapping has always been used post-pregnancy. They help reduce swelling of the abdomen and encourage the muscles and tissues to bounce back to shape as you were before pregnancy. If you have undergone C-section, belly wraps add excellent incision support and accelerate your healing process.

Belly wraps are getting popular for weight reduction. After giving birth, most ladies do develop baby fat around the abdominal area thus encounter weight gain. Wearing the wraps help ladies reduce weight and remain slim. The wraps help in shrinking the waistline. They also give you the much-needed support.

Supports lower Back

The wraps help with posture and relieving lower back pain. They add immense support to the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. Some time back, people were using wraps as a remedy for a backache.

Boosts Confidence and Self-esteem

After delivery, you may tend to feel like you are not as beautiful as you were before conceiving. Some think that they are not in their best shape as they were because of the extra fat. By wearing the wraps, it helps you get back to shape. Therefore, helps boost your confidence. The wrap helps the uterus to get back in shape much faster.
However, wearing the wraps alone can’t help you much. You also have to maintain a healthy diet and doing some exercises. Wearing it makes you look slimmer by reducing the weight around the belly, hip, and waist.

 Support your Upper Body While Breastfeeding

For support while breastfeeding, the wrap is very useful as it supports your back and your flatten spine. It helps you feel less pressure on your legs and back. It also helps in relaxation and encouragement of muscles.

Comforts the Midsection after a C-Section and accelerates healing

After C-section, you may feel some slight discomfort before the wounds get entirely healed. The wraps give you the much-needed support by creating some good posture and make you feel comfortable. It also accelerates the healing process of the wound. The wrap helps to fix Diastasis Recti, a condition whereby the abdominal two halves get separated when delivering.

Adds Support to the Back and Legs

After delivery, you need support because of back and stitches pain. By wearing a belly bandit, it reduces back pain by providing support. You will also get support in your legs and thus can move easily.

Aids in less Water Retention

belly-bandit-5After childbirth, women usually appear swollen. If you wear the wrap as per the medically proven pressure, its firmness helps compress blood vessels and tubes which in turn helps reduce swelling and bruising.

It also helps flush out fluids as it reduces the size of the uterus as well as controlling enlargement of the fat cells.

Reminds You to Utilize Your Core Muscles

The wraps are useful in muscle reminiscence which makes them rebound easily. Wearing these wraps helps you get in shape fast as your body is usually flexible just after birth.

Gives you some Comfort

Maybe you think that wearing the wrap makes you feel tight and uncomfortable. But if you get a good one, you will feel ok and continue with your activities usually. You won’t feel like your body parts are moving around in the extra space!

Some Other Benefits are as Follow:

  • It provides support while bending and walking.
  • It helps in changing the baby diapers.
  • It helps in carrying and handling the baby.
  • It assists with the tightening of loose skin.
  • It offers support to pelvic by filming them as they get loosen during pregnancy.

How It Can Help You

When you are pregnant, the uterus expands. The womb supports the growing baby, and that’s why it enlarges to fit the developing fetus. Therefore, your body organs shift during this entire process. Your abdominal muscles get stretched and strained. Your hips, as well as ribcage, spread out.

With all these changes, your body will have weakened abdominal muscles after you have given birth. The weak muscles may strain your back. Your organs may have not yet gone back to where they are supposed to be, and your uterus is still enlarged.

Compressing your belly with a good belly wrap helps provide support. It also encourages your body to revert to its usual state. Through compression, it also helps speed up the removal of fluids through the body & may help with muscle memory and body shaping. The Power Compress Core is designed to work with Relaxin, your body’s natural hormone found in the blood after delivery.

Belly Bandit technology hastens the healing process and gets you back to your pre-pregnancy size or smaller. Relaxin allows your pelvis and ligaments to become soft for childbirth. It stays in your body for a short period after delivery. This is the best opportunity for you to help your body shrink, tighten and shape your belly, waist, and hips.

The medical pressure from the belly bandit enables you to get back in body shape and lessens the stretch marks. It helps flush out the extra body fluids by compressing the blood vessels. It, therefore, results in less swelling and bruising of the body. Compressing the waistline, tummy, and hips helps you get those that you used to put on pre-pregnancy.

Wearing a belly bandit helps in getting shape quickly. Belly Bandit has medically accepted elastic which mollifies the lumbar and thus helps in supporting the spine. It is of compress fabric which makes you look fantastic and fabulous.


Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap adjusts to accommodate your changing post-baby shape. Nobody wants the band too tight which makes you uncomfortable. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it will be of no help to you. It will also appear bulky under your clothes. Some women may need two Belly Bandits to maintain a good fit. Even if your tummy is still jiggly, the large Velcro band is firm enough to hold it well such that it looks somehow flat.

belly-bandit-image-2It may also help you get into some of your pre-pregnancy clothes faster. Belly Bandit company says that the band helps you heal faster after ac-section. The Belly Bandit can support the healing muscles and skin. The wrap can accelerate healing, minimize stretch marks, and help reduce swelling by moving fluids through the body.

New moms get their flat tummy within a few days after giving birth, which makes them feels good, emotionally belly. Bandit wraps are comfortable to wear.  It does not have rough tags or seams. The material is also firm, and the wrap doesn’t dig in when you are sitting.

It, however, does feel somehow strange when you wear it at first, but it isn’t uncomfortable. You get used to it with time. The Belly Bandit Original Belly wraps come in various colors and patterns. It is also budget friendly. You may either go for the simple, solid color styles, a designer couture type, or a silky bamboo material. The cost varies depending on the kind that you choose.

They are also available in different sizes. Plus-size moms should not shy away from purchasing the wraps. They will find that it is comfortable and stays in place well without rolling up. Unless pour is putting on something very thin, nobody will ever know that you have your belly bandit wrap on.


If you are a mom, who needs extra support and flattening of your tummy after your baby arrives. Belly Bandit is your best option. Buy one, and get to treat yourself with this fantastic belly flattener.