Baby Swing Weight Limit


Newborn babies need plenty of loving and nurturing in those first few weeks outside the womb.  It is just as big an adjustment for baby as it is for new and very tired parents. Free standing baby swings mimic the rocking motion of the womb which can soothe a cranky baby.  Not all babies love being in these swings so it would be a good idea to test one out before purchasing it.

Swings for Babies over 25 Pounds

Swings for Babies over 25lbsBaby swings can be a very useful tool in providing some hands free nurturing during your baby’s first few months of life. The usual weight limit goes up to 30 pounds but depends greatly on the type of swing and manufacturer’s instructions. Most manufacturers suggest you stop using the swing when your baby reaches 15 -25 pounds. This is mostly because baby is now big enough to wiggle around and could easily tip over a swing designed for a lighter infant.

When you are shopping for a baby swing you will notice that there aren’t many on the market for larger babies. This is because these swings are designed to be very lightweight and easy to set up. Bigger babies would need a bigger swing and that would just equal more hassles you do not need. Regardless of what the swings manufacturers say, if your infant is a wiggly worm, or is able climb out of the swing, then they should not be in it in the first place.

These swings do come equipped with harnesses and you should always opt for a 3 or more point harness to ensure baby stays put. The heavier the baby, the more restraint he or she will need and anything less than a 5 point harness is not going to provide the additional and very important upper body support.

Baby Swing Weight Limit, Fisher Price

My Little Lamb Cradle ’n Swing from Fisher Price will keep your baby entertained when you need a break. It surrounds her in a cosy and soothing hug that will cradle her gently from side to side. The swing is also able to change to a forward and backward rocking motion so that they do not get bored with just one direction. To keep baby entertained, the swing has a mobile which features a mirror, fluffy floating clouds and little white lambs which all rotate slowly to the sound of a nature soundtrack.

This swing includes 6 soothing swing speeds to choose from as well as a removable tray and bead bar. The sturdy steel frame has legs that fold in for easy storage and portability and the unit runs on 4D batteries. This cradle swing should be used from birth but should be discontinued once the infant becomes more active or is able to climb out of the seat.

The weight limit for the My Little Lamb Cradle ’n Swing is 25 pounds or 11.3 kg. This swing has a choice of three different positions in one swing. This provides variety for baby and peace of mind for mom when you prefer your baby facing you. The swing converts easily form one position to the next and folds away quickly for tidy storage and portability.

Baby Swing Weight Limit

Some baby swings have so many features they resemble little UFO’s. Are all these bells and whistles really necessary when all you really want is a safe swing? If you are using the swing as a sleep aid then there is no way in hell you are going to want music and toys around to keep baby from sleeping. You need a swing that is safe and reliable with enough movement to help baby go to sleep.

Full sized swings are the best swing option for your baby because they have a good full-range swinging motion which is most effective in helping cranky babies off to the Land of Nod. They do not come with timers which means they will not suddenly stop just as baby begins to dose off. Some swings are battery operated but others do come with electrical plugs which are safe and will save you money by not having to buy batteries.

Full sized swings can safely hold a baby from birth to 8 months of age or until baby becomes mobile enough to climb out of the swing. These swings are much larger than travel sings but you can fold them up easily and store them until they are needed again.

Baby Swing Age Limit

Baby Swing Age LimitParents to newborns will all agree that a baby swing is a lifesaver but some things should be considered before placing your infant in one. These swings can provide frazzled parents with some hands free time but expert’s advice against long-term use. You should already be monitoring the amount of time your infant spends in a baby swing but you should also consider the following reasons to stop using a baby swing.

  • If your baby exceeds the manufacturers recommended weight limit, you should stop using the swing. Babies do not all grow at the same rate and they will not weigh the same at any given age. Stick to the manufacturers guide and you won’t have any problems.
  • When your baby is old enough to start crawling or can reach the highest point of the swing, you should discontinue use to avoid having the swing topple over onto your infant.
  • In general, baby swings have a weight limit of 25 pounds. 50% of boys will reach this weight by the time they are 16 months old and girls will reach that weight at round about 20 months.
  • Newborns and infants under the age of 4 months should be in the most reclined position possible so as to prevent slouching which can lead to suffocation


Each baby is different, they grow at different rates and some are more active than others. The bottom line is that if your baby treats its swing like a rodeo bull then it is no longer safe to have him in it. Regardless of what your baby weighs or how old they are, these swings should never take the place of human contact for extended periods of time.