All there is to know About Riding Lawn Mowers?


These are not your average lawn mowers and they have many different functions and features to make your job that much easier. For Ride on lawn mower reviews click here. A better understanding of riding lawn mowers will help you achieve those perfectly manicured lawns each and every time.

What does CC mean in Riding Lawn Mowers?

A cubic centimetre is a measure of volume, which in this case is the displacement of the engine. This is the total volume of the swept area of the cylinders. To get this number you will multiply the number of cylinders by the cylinder volume. Smaller engines such as riding lawn mowers will have their capacity expressed in ccs and larger engines in litres. A large displacement can burn more fuel and air mixture which will produce more power per cylinder stroke. A higher cc engine will produce more power while using less fuel.

How to Adjust Steering Wheel on Riding Lawn Mowers?

Driving over uneven terrain or going through holes will affect your riding lawnmowers steering ability after a while. When this happens, you will need to manually adjust the front wheels and steering wheel to align the front end and stop yourself from driving off into the bushes.

  • Park you’re riding lawn mower on a hard, level surface and make sure to set the parking brake and disengage the mower blades. Take out the spark plug and place bricks behind the rear wheels of the mower.
  • Remove the plastic cover of the steering wheel to expose the lock nut. Remove the locknut and flat washer to expose the steering adaptor.
  • Turn the steering so that the front wheels are facing forward. Use your hands to move the wheels into position and then move the steering bars into a horizontal position.
  • Now that the steering cross bars are in a horizontal position and the front wheels are facing forward, you can fasten the washer and locknut again.
  • Reconnect the spark plug and test drive the riding lawn mower. If the steering is still off to one side then you can repeat this process till the steering is aligned to your liking.

What is a fab deck on Riding Lawn Mowers?

There are two different types of decks used in riding lawn mowers; fabricated mower decks and stamped mower decks. Fabricated mower decks are built from heavier and sturdier material such as plate steel. Fabricated mower decks are typically welded. Stamped mower decks are much lighter because they are made from lighter materials such as durable plastic.

Stamped mower decks are like a shell which is formed from by large presses and moulds. Fabricated decks are used in commercial applications because of their stronger and more durable components. The fact that they are welded also lends to their durability and superior rigidity. Stamped mower decks have a better air flow and are more flexible and versatile in their capabilities.


Riding lawn mowers are a great machine to have if you have a large area that needs to be mowed and kept in shape. They save on time and are less strenuous than the push variety. Take a look at what your needs are when buying a riding lawn mower to ensure that you are looking at the right size and speed needed to complete the job.