Aaron Leather Canvas Messenger Bag Review


Genuine leather bags are a rare commodity to find. You will purchase a product thinking it’s legitimate but within days, the material is peeling off. It becomes difficult to trust any other company that claims to make genuine leather products. Aaron Leather is a brand that has stood out even in this craze in the market. If you are in need of women’s or men’s bags for formal or casual wear, the company has a diversity of products to choose from. You will get all these services by a click or visiting their premises and worldwide distribution premises.

Who Are Aaron Leather?

You can only create a brand by developing a name that is distinct, and how you present yourself to your customers. Aaron Leather is a leather goods manufacturer. The firm is known for offering high-quality top notch leather products worldwide. Aaron as a brand shines brighter each new day. The tagline “Vendimia Estilo” reflects the core category of Aaron Leather product line.

The designs on Vintage handmade Leather are the first range of products which demonstrate the firm’s product line. The full manufacturing setup is in Kanpur, India. Aaron Leather offers employment to more than 100 people. They also give back to the society by helping the less privileged people through education and sports Its core values are responsibility, excellence, and integrity.

The firm ensures that strict quality standards are put in place. It also takes care of the work environment and aims at creating social and economic empowerment to not only its customers but also to their works too. All products by Aaron Leather are handcrafted as they go through bare hands before stitching and finishing.

If in need of any value added service like customization, bulk quantity at wholesale price, on the products, you are free to contact them at aaronleather.sales@gmail.com before you make any purchase. The firm also has a dedicated customer care service department.

In case you want any assistance, you only need to contact them. Most items will be shipped within 3-4 business days after receiving the payment. You will get your shipments as per the address on your invoice unless otherwise specified.

Benefits of the Messenger Bag

Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger bags are unique and classy women’s and men’s bags. This bag from Aaron Leather is made using high-quality standards enforced throughout the manufacturing process. The shoulder bags are handcrafted before giving it the final and unique look. You may use the messenger bag to carry personal items including computer or laptop to work or school. You may even carry it out on the weekend. Let’s now look at some reasons why PU leather Messenger bag by Aaron Leather is an ideal bag for you.

Neat Arrangement

You may need to carry some items such as office supplies, laptop, and phone with you to your place of work. A messenger bag has enough pockets to ensure that you stay organized all the time. It gives you quick access to items within your pack as everything is neatly arranged, therefore, easy to locate. If you keep your environment organized, you also boost your time and self-management capabilities.

The shoulder bags have pockets both on the inside as well as outside and are made out of vintage canvas with some little variations in the real leather element

Storage for Tech Accessories

Messenger bags are built in such a way that you can store all your wallets, phones etc in their respective multiple compartments. The bag has plenty of space for all your devices, and may even have specified areas to accommodate each item, like the laptop sleeve which makes it so easy for you to move around.

Available in Various Sizes

The real leather laptop messenger bags come in multiple sizes. They are often large enough to hold the essentials like a laptop, books, and pens. It is not bulky. You could be having a marketing executive meeting with a client away from your office and need your laptop for presentations and other tools. Your messenger bag will save your day.

Comfortable to Carry

The handles are padded. The aspect makes it easier to carry the leather laptop bag or leather macbook bag. The bag by Aaron Leather is fashionable, thus giving you confidence when carrying it.

Biker Friendly

It is much easier for professionals who use a bike to and from your place of work to move with their shoulder bags. You may as well choose one that has a mounting loop made of a daisy chain for long distant bike rides.

Classy and Stylish

Some bags are fashionable, but the leather laptop Messenger Canvas is on its level. If you are looking for a bag that is cool and at the same time you want to look classy, the messenger bag is your perfect companion. Choose the bag that suits the style that you like, be it office smarts, or adult casual. You can also match your outfit with your bag.

Customized Messenger Bags

You can also place an order on messenger bag with unique initials, patterns or pictures. If you are doing door to door delivery of goods or services, you may customize your messenger bag with a bright logo of your firm on its flap. The logo may act as an advertising strategy. Once it sticks in the memory of your client, you will end up winning their hearts and promoting your company as well.

You may customize real leather messenger bags for small business enterprises into recyclable materials to win over the customers who are friendlier to the environment. You may also want to give out the messenger bag as the perfect gift to your loved ones with their names or pictures engraved on the bag. If you are out on a picnic and you don’t have a bottle opener, do not worry.

The leather laptop bags and leather macbook bags have some quick release buckles that double up as bottles openers. Their external compression adjustable straps ensure an oversize luggage’s safety, a feature that makes leather laptop bags or leather laptop messenger bags more reliable. Most messenger bags, or laptop briefcase bags come with weatherproof outer shells.  Some come with military grade weatherproofing aspects and are suitable for long and adventurous journeys.

Messenger bags are available in various designs and colors. Getting the right one requires you to identify what you need. Meaning that if you’re going on an adventurous trip, you may need the vintage canvas types that are usually big and dark in color.They may help you to carry more stuff and keep away dirt. The leather types are ideal for work-related meetings.

Materials Used

Aaron Leather uses high-quality top notch materials for their leather messenger bags. The materials are crafted from a Durable Canvas and Superior Cowhide Crazy Horse Leather. The following are some qualities of the materials.

• They are long-lasting.
• The materials are easy to clean and to maintain.
• Reinforced seams are added for strength and durability.
• Sturdy Metal Zippers and Antique brass fittings.
• Constructed out of water-resistant waxed canvas.


Bags, no matter how small or big, are useful assets in your closet. They hold most valued items while keeping them safe from theft and damage. At present, there are so many options than ever before with so many different color combination, types and price range. When you do a proper search before purchasing, you can never miss one that fits your needs and preferences.

Once you see the need to own a bag, you have several options. Some of the things to consider include: The Intended Purpose- Is the bag for traveling or carrying your laptop? You need to be sure of what you intend to use it for and how you will take care of it with leather care products. Do you have enough space for storing your bag when not using it?  You need to know the options that you have for storing your bag even before you decide to purchase one.

You will not be moving around with it every day. Size- Leather messenger bags come in multiple sizes depending on your purpose. The bigger ones can carry all your stuff including your essentials. You may use the smaller laptop bags or laptop briefcase bags for carrying your laptop or leather macbook bags for your macbook, your camera, books, and other essentials. Material- It is of paramount importance considering the material of the bag that you will purchase.

Man holding Aaron Leather BagYou should opt for durable messenger bag if your use is rugged and rough. Hard-sided accessories and leather are more on the durable side hence suitable for you. Quality of the strap- The quality of adjustable straps of your Messenger bag is also crucial. Ensure that the straps are wide enough.

It should be well sewn on the bag and have the ability to carry some considerable weight. The adjustable straps should also be comfortable to carry. Also, they should be durable and long-lasting. You don’t want a situation where the strap breaks down while the bag is still in intact.

Price- A bag should never make you break your bank. The costs may vary depending on the size, material, or any other accessories used in finishing up the bag.


When you want to purchase a classy, quality and durable bag, Aaron Leather has the best. You can place an order, and your Messenger bag will be delivered to you.